Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire: The Dark Knight (Week 19)

Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire: 

The Dark Knight (Week 19)


By Muntradamus



We are gearing towards the end of the Fantasy Basketball Season.

March is a pivotal month to get in Playoff position, but most importantly stash injured players like Andre Drummond who will return soon and make a fantasy impact.

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Marcus has been abused by Keith Smart all season.  Finally in a couple of blowout situations, Marcus has been able to showcase his skills and remind us that he is one of the most dangerous scoring guards in this league.  He will rack up 3PTM quicker than any player in the league, and after a week where he averaged 25/game including an 8 3PTM game against the Heat…

It is time to add little buckets who could continue his unconscious run.  He is DYNAMITE in a bottle.

VERDICT: He should not be on any Waiver Wire in any league!





Bradley Beal is banged up, Martell Webster is inconsistent.

When you add those two things together, you could see Trevor Ariza as a possible sleeper candidate from time-to-time this season.  He is not the dynamic Fantasy Player he once was with Houston, but he is a quality forward who can give you good 3PTM and steal numbers.

Definitely keep Ariza to deep leagues only.

VERDICT: Good Add in 12 Team Leagues as a reserve.




Donatas is really showing the Rockets that he deserves a full-time 30 minute gig per game.  The Rockets like his outside shooting and crafty post moves, and he makes an excellent backup Center for Omer Asik when Asik needs a breather.

For now Donatas is the starting PF with the emerging Thomas Robinson behind him.  Carlos Delfino also eats up the minutes of D-Motie, which makes him an extremely risky option outside of 12 Team Leagues.  Regardless, he is putting up numbers now, and this guy can flat out score when he is hot.  If you are looking for 14 Points/5 Rebounds, do not look further.

VERDICT: Good Add in Deep 10 Team leagues for depth.




Salmons is starting to put up some decent numbers with the Kings.  His potential for 15+ Points a game is on the rise, which is surprising for someone who was scoring less than 10 Points every night.

The emergence and rise of Marcus Thornton is a giant risk for Salmons, but they still manage to find 30 Minutes for him a game since he is a great facilitator.  There are Lebron James’s of the worlds, there are Nicolas Batum’s, there are Kyle Korver’s, and the Kyle Korver range is where you will find Salmons.

VERDICT: Good add in 12 Team Leagues for depth.




An interesting option at the PG spot while Tony Parker is out for a month with a calf injury.  Nando De Colo in my mind is the better player for this offense.  Almost an exact duplicate of Beno Udrih.  But Joesph makes this team more athletic as he is a young PG who could gather 8 Point/8 Assist games with ease.

Manu Ginobili is the player you really want to own during this no Tony Parker spree, but Cory Joesph is a great assist guard to get


VERDICT: Good Add in 12 Team Leagues




Brandon Knight started out this season like another Bust Year was on the horizon.  But the last three games before Sunday, he has yet to score less than 20 Points, which include a 30+ point performance.

The pistons are desperate for offense from the guard position.  Jose Calderon rather get 5 Assists, than score 15 Points.  Rodney Stuckey was good for one week three years ago, and Kyle Singler is only good if you ask him to make a YouTube video.

Brandon Knight is the future guard of this offense, and he is starting to show it.  B-Knight is Must-Own in all leagues playing this well.

VERDICT: MUST OWN in 10 Team Leagues.




Many of us are excited about Tobias Harris because of his huge muscular body.

Before you get excited about his back-to-back 20+ Point games, do know that he is a rollercoaster type of player.  He will see 25+ Minutes a game, which is easily enough for him to be productive most nights.  When he is in the game, the Magic look to him as a go-to scorer over Arron Afflalo at times.  But here’s the downside.

We have not seen him play with Jameer Nelson.  Jameer Nelson could make Tobias a better player, but Jameer also likes to shoot the ball.

If you add Tobias Harris, you are aiming for 14 Points/6 Rebounds/2 Steals a night.  Which is not bad, but those consistent 20+ Point games are not on the horizon quite yet.  Unless Jameer proves otherwise.

VERDICT: Good Add in 12 Team Leagues. With the Potential of being a starter in all leagues.




If you want a 3PT specialist and Marcus Thornton is gone.  Danny Green is going to be lighting it up with shot attempts every single night.  The Spurs are going to need some scoring from their guards, and with Ginobili coming off the bench.  It will be up to Danny Green to be the man for San Antonio early on.

Green will score 15+ a game every game.  He will get you at least 2 3PTM and could be good for multiple steals.

VERDICT: Must-Own in 10 Team Leagues


Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his second season as a Pro on FantasyPros coming off of an impressive Rookie Campaign where he landed the #10 Overall In-Season Fantasy Football Rankings Expert.  Which also included #1 WR of all Expert Sites.  He is also one of two people to qualify for allDRAFTSTREET CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2012. Most Historically, Muntradamus was the #1 Fantasy Football Expert of IDP & Overall Rankings in One Week, first time in Fantasy Sports History.


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