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In this article Sir Fantasy Drake will headline a few key fantasy basketball players he would sell, or buy.  You can ask questions about other players value and either Sir Fantasy will answer your questions.


*Players that have value that will go up as the season rolls on.

Emeka Okafor (C) HORNETS

With the inevitable departure of Chris Kaman from New Orleans, Emeka Okafor can now be seen as a fairly consistent double-double guy. Okafor is already averaging 9 points and 8 rebounds per game while splitting time with Kaman, now that he’s gone expect these averages to rise. The other thing to think about is that with Eric Gordon still out for a while, there is no true go-to-guy for the Hornets, this means more shots for a player like Okafor who on a good team might see less shots. BUY Emeka Okafor.


Anthony Morrow (G) NETS

With MarShon Brooks out, make way for Anthony Morrow. Albeit on a god awful team, Morrow can put up numbers, he’s a good 3-point shooter (43%) and a solid scorer overall (almost 14 PPG). However, since Brooks has been injured, he has scored 15 or more points in 5 of his last 6 games, highlighted by a 28 point performance against the Pacers, including 5 3PT. BUY Anthony Morrow.


Darren Collison (G) Pacers

As little as I trust fantasy players on the Pacers, with the injury to George Hill, it’s finally time for Darren Collison to show what he can do. He is only averaging 11 points and 5 assists a game, but that was because of splitting time with Hill, now those numbers should inflate. Collison is a very good player with incredible speed and good passing ability, and the pieces are in place around him for Collison to rack up the dimes. BUY Darren Collison.



*Players that value may not get any higher and you should cash in now.


Chris Bosh (F) HEAT

With the return of Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh can officially go back to the third option for the Miami Heat. And while it was fun while it lasted if you have Bosh on your team, it is now over and time to sell Bosh as his value has gone into a free fall. SELL Chris Bosh. Go for a player such as Carlos Boozer in return because even though Boozer is less talented, he is still a higher scoring option on his team, and the scoring opportunities will be more consistent.


Hedo Turkolgu (F) MAGIC

SELL Hedo Turkoglu. Since returning from injury, Turkoglu has failed to top 11 points in a game besides Wednesday.  He has really struggled with his game overall (as has the rest of his team outside of D-12). The Magic are a sinking ship, jump ship while you still can and target Caron Butler in return, who is on a better team so he will have more consistent scoring opportunities.


John Wall (G) WIZARDS

John Wall is enormously talented. But unfortunately he is on a horrible team and has a knack for turning the ball over, a lot (4 or more TOs in each of his last 6 games).  Wall only has 1 3PTM on the season as well. Though Wall is such a stat sheet stuffer that he is a very good fantasy player, so I’m not going to say you should definitely sell him, but if you could package him in a deal to get a real stud like Carmelo Anthony or Dwight Howard.  It’s certainly something worth looking into.


  1. In the long term, Should I stick with David West or try to go for Okafor?

    Also should I move Ryan Anderson because of the trade deadline(Dwight) coming up and his inconsistencies, if so, who should I target in return?

  2. Gotta go with Vasquez on this one.

    The Hornets could easily end up playing Vasquez at the 2 guard full time until Eric Gordon returns. Last night they tried DeJuan Summers…Vasquez would be an upgradge.

  3. andre miller or kris humphries…pretty much given up on assts….can humph keep it up when brook comes back?

  4. Garnett because he is more consistent. Also when 2 players are close generally go with the one on the better team because there will be more and better scoring opportunities.

  5. I think Hump losses some value when Brook Lopez returns.

    Lopez will take more touches away down low, and he gives the Nets another big body to snag rebounds. Humphries was a double-double guy barely last season, and you can expect similar numbers when Lopez returns.

    If you are giving up Andre Miller now would be a good time, his value looks to be heading in the wrong direction as the Nuggets seem committed to Ty Lawson. Miller is however still getting his minutes.

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