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In this article Sir Fantasy Drake will headline a few key players he would sell, or buy.  You can ask questions about other players value and either Sir Fantasy or Muntradamus will answer your questions.

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*Players that value may not get any better and you should cash in now.



With the additions of David West and George Hill, plus the added scoring of Collison, Hibbert, Hansbrough and Paul George, the shots simply aren’t there anymore for Danny Granger to put up the kind of numbers we’re used to seeing from him. He is only averaging around 15 PPG so far this year and has only topped 20 twice, including a 6-point performance against Miami. He also seems to be having trouble fitting in with this group, as he is shooting a miniscule 30.4% from the field. Target Luol Deng in return for Granger. Deng is a better rebounder, plays more minutes and gets more assists. SELL Danny Granger.


The king of 3-pointers has come out on fire this season, shooting a ridiculous 63.4% from beyond the arc and averaging a little over 20 PPG. But as great as Ray Allen is, not even he can keep this up. Remember, Allen is 36 years old and he has worn down in seasons past, this process will only speed up with all the games he’s about to play. His 3 point percentage will inevitably come down as will his PPG, especially with Paul Pierce returning. His stock may be peaking right now so SELL Ray Allen and look to acquire James Harden, or Ty Lawson if you need more assists on your team.



If he’s on your team, there will never be a better opportunity in his career to trade Mario Chalmers for a consistent fantasy contributor. With Wade sitting the last couple games and LeBron out against Atlanta, Chalmers had a career night on national television, with 29 points, 8 assists and even adding 7 rebounds. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out this was an anomaly because first of all, when they’re back James and Wade will take over the scoring, and also because Chalmers simply isn’t that good. Trade him now while his stock is soaring for another guard who has a bigger role on his team such as Nick Young.



*Players that have value that will go up as the season rolls on.



D.J. Augustin is the real deal this year. He has improved every year of his career and he is now the best player on a bad team. And for a point guard this means when he wants to score, that’s what he’ll do, and when he wants to pass, he can rack up assists. His shot has also improved this year (40% from 3) and he plays just about the whole game. BUY D.J. Augustin.



It’s hard to believe that right now Danilo Gallinari is a top ten fantasy player for his position, but he is. He plays in a run n’ gun system in Denver where he gets a lot of easy shots to score on (except against the Lakers), and everyone knows about his 3-point shooting prowess. But interestingly, he is only shooting 24.4% from deep, but still averaging 17 PPG. This tells me that his scoring will go up once he finds his range again. BUY Gallinari.



Finally, if your team needs a solid double-double guy, don’t be afraid to turn to Kris Humphries. Especially with Brook Lopez out for a couple months, Humphries will see increased minutes, rebounding and scoring opportunities. He is averaging a solid 13 and 11 so far this year, including a 25 and 12 game against the Heat.. This is what you get for marrying the hot Kardashian (even if it didn’t quite hit the 75-day mark).. BUY Kris Humphries.



*Player that have value is low now, but will bounce back soon.



Don’t let an ankle injury make you believe Devin Harris isn’t the same player anymore. Because of this injury, his minutes and production are way down, but when he becomes healthy again he is still a 15 and 7 player that can help any fantasy team. He’s also just 28 years old so it’s not as if he’s breaking down. HOLD Devin Harris.


*Feel Free to ask any questions about trades, and trade values, and our experts will be there for you.


  1. Trading: Nick Young, Nene, Andrew Bogut

    Getting: Kevin Martin, Kris Humphries, Marcin Gortat

    Is this a good trade?

  2. Hey,

    I was wondering if you could comment on Markieff Morris’ value going forward in comparison to players like Bogut and Nene.

  3. Morris is playing really well right now but don’t forget that he’s just a rookie and will eventually hit a rough patch. Couple that with the fact that he’s on a bad team and I don’t see him having great value in the future, if you could unload him now while his value is high I would do that. Bogut is a proven double-double guy when healthy, and it looks like he’ll be back and playing tonight. Nene is more durable than Bogut but also less consistent.

  4. There’s really no reason to make this trade. You gain a little bit with Martin over Young and your giving up 2 solid centers for 2 less proven players and only one is a center. So unless your real worried about Bogut’s health in the future, I would advise against making this deal

  5. Can you give me some feedback on my team, and tell me what I do need and the possible trade combinations that can make it happen?

    G Kyle Lowry
    G Jose Calderon
    G Ty Lawson
    G Jason Kidd
    G Ramon Sessions
    G Iman Shumpert
    G Marshawn Brooks

    SF Caron Butler
    SF Al Harrington

    F Udonis Haslem
    F Blake Griffin

    C Spencer Hawes
    C Javale McGee
    C Ryan Anderson

    Util Tyler Hansbrough
    Util Antawn Jamison

  6. I’m having a hard time trading Ray Allen. I’m tied for the lead in my league for 3PTM and I’d hate to give that up. A guy like James Harden brings more all-around stats, but he’s a bench player and I don’t know if I like that. Ty Lawson would help me out with assists, but he’s only made 8 3-pointers this year. With either of those players, I know I won’t be in the lead anymore for 3PTM as no one else on my team makes that many 3-pointers. Would you recommend holding Ray Allen in this case, or do you still think I should trade him?

  7. I am in Head-to-head points league

    Trading: Eric Gordon

    Getting: Paul Pierce

    Is this a good trade?

  8. Well the only thing that’s slowing me down in this trade is
    Nene for Humphries.
    If you believe Nene will be able to put up a double double every night, then I’ll keep him. I just thought that with all the other scorers on Denver, he’d get less touches. Plus Humphries has no competition for playing time either

  9. I still think you want to keep Nene for the long run because if he’s not a consistent double-double guy he’s pretty close to it, and remember he plays in a high-tempo offense, so there are lots of shots for everybody. The other thing is you’re right about Humphries having no competition now. But his scoring and rebounding wil both take a big hit in a few weeks when Lopez gets back.

  10. I like your team a lot, you have great balance at every position. The only thing I might suggest is trading Jason Kidd because of his name recognition and lack of real good production so far this season. If you could get Devin Harris for him that would help you out a lot.

  11. I would still suggest keeping Eric Gordon. Even though he’s hurt right now, he is still a great scorer which he has shown in limited action this year. With all the scoring options on the Celtics, coupled with Pierce’s age, you should just hang on until Gordon returns.

  12. First off, don’t let Harden coming off the bench turn you off from him. He gets starters minutes and is always in at the end of a close game. As for Allen, him being your top 3-point shooter and your team leading your league in 3s makes him even more valuable. So trade him and aim even higher than my article suggests. Possibly Brandon Jennings. You may not lead your league in 3s but youll be real close to the top and youll be way better in other areas like assists and steals. As great as he is, even Allen can’t keep up this torrid pace.

  13. Should I drop Chris Kaman for Byron Mullens? Also i recently dropped Dorrell Wright for Anthony Morrow, was this a good decision or should i pick Wright back up? Will he start to be more consistent after his big game on tuesday against the Heat or was it just a fluke?
    Anything to improve my team?
    PG John Wall
    PG Jarret Jack
    PG Mike Conley
    SG Dwayne Wade
    SG James Harden
    SG Anthony Morrow
    SF Jared Dudley
    SF Jonas Jerebko
    PF Demarcus Cousins
    PF Boris Diaw
    PF Brandon Bass
    C Spencer Hawes
    C Chris Kaman
    thanks in advance

  14. Can you give me some feedback on my team?
    I was think of trading for other SG like Joe Johnson but I don’t know who
    to offer?

    PG Darren Collison,
    PG Ricky Rubio,
    PG Brandon Jennings,

    SG Eric Gordon
    SG, SF Andre Iguodala,

    SF Carmelo Anthony,
    SF Rudy Gay,

    PF Kevin Love, Min

    PF, C Greg Monroe,
    PF, C Nene,
    PF, C DeMarcus Cousins,

    C Spencer Hawes,
    C Marcin Gortat,

  15. He is not really fitting in with his team and has yet to find his place in the NBA. But who could blame him? His team plays like its a bad mens league. So to answer your question, I dont see Vesely being worth much.

  16. Leave your team as is, you don’t need Johnson. Rudy Gay will start to pick up his production.

  17. I would advise you to pick Wright back up because he will play the way he’s capable of down the stretch and while Morrow is a decent-pretty good player, it looks like your team needs more forward help than guard help. See what you can get in a trade for Morrow. And keep Kama, he’s a proven solid big man in this league and especially with Eric Gordon down he can put up points.

  18. no, paul is way too valuable. both of those guys are good players but not in the same league as paul.

  19. I’m in a h2h league

    I have Kevin Love on my roster right now. Someone offered me Derrick Rose. Should I take this deal?

  20. No Deal.

    Kevin Love would be the #1 overall pick in all leagues that started today. He is a beast when it comes to rebounds, he scores 20+ and he knocks down 3’s and FTs. Derrick Rose does not even dominate in assists and Love scores more. Do no make the trade.

  21. In a trade scenario like that I feel Mullens has a lot more upside than Ridnour.

    Luke has been pretty consistent, but not a whole lot of upside. While Mullens on the other hand had a huge week, and is not proven. The Bobcats lineup can shift at anytime, especially with Bismack making his way into the rotation, but all in all. I think the trade works in your favor as there are plenty of guards like Ridnour on waiver wires.

  22. no stick with aldridge, more points and more boards.

    Aldridge is also far more valuable because of his center eligibility, and would be drafted in all leagues ahead of Gallinari.

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