Fantasy Basketball Trade Market (Sell): This Is Getting Li-Lillard-Ness (Week 10)

Fantasy Basketball Trade Market (Sell):

This Is Getting Li-Lillard-Ness (Week 10)

By Muntradamus



A new policy for the Daily Rankings.  On Saturday and Sunday of each day, once the first tip-off occurs.  The Rankings will be released to the public on those two days.  I want everyone to win their championship, and it all starts with getting Wins now.  Use those Rankings to help find the best players on the Wire and contemplate possible upgrades.


Kardashian Curse (Trade Market: Week 3)








DeMarcus is the best Center in the NBA fantasy wise right now.  While that is not a huge shocker, and it could very well stay this way.  I would take the chance that it does not.  When Tyreke Evans returns, DeMarcus will see less shot attempts.  When Marcus Thornton returns, that is another shooter who will take away shot attempts.  Cousins is currently the #1/#2/#3 option on offense, and his numbers are duplicating that success.  Sell now while you can get the world.

Target: James Harden. Carmelo Anthony. Kyrie Irving. Chris Paul. 




While O.J. has been an amazing source of 3PTM.  We can all see that come to an end with the return of Dirk.  The Mavericks are so deep at the Guard/Forward spot, it seems nearly impossible for O.J. to get that same PT when Dirk Nowitzki becomes an official 30 Minute per game player.  Whether it is Vince Carter playing SG, or Dirk taking more shots.  O.J. owners should certainly expect a decline.

Target: Joe Johnson. 




If anyone watches Pau Gasol, you know he is the softest player in the NBA.  If you are taking the time to read this, the password for Saturday’s Rankings is. pauisgarbage.

Pau knows how to make his stat sheet not look terrible, because he produces numbers that are no indication with how bad he really is.  Whether it is points allowed, or weak plays that make you want to push him to the ground.

Wait for Pau to string together a few good games, and get rid of him for anyone with value.  You can even grab Kevin Garnett for him now, and come out way head.

Target: Kevin Garnett. Chris Bosh. Joakim Noah. Anderson Varejao. Dirk Nowitzki.




Parsons had Stud written all over him.  Instead, he turned into a decent player that is clearly not as good as Carlos Deflino.  Delfino is making it rain, and the Rockets are not afraid to give Carlos more minutes on a consistent basis.  Parsons does offer some nice stat sheet-filler material.  But his consistency reminds you of the new SNL episodes.  Some sketches are good, some sketches you wish you never wasted your time with.

Target: Joe Johnson. Evan Turner.




This whole season Vasquez has been the pride and soul of the Hornet back court.  With Eric Gordon out, Vasquez had the ball in his hands at all times.  Now with Gordon back, you can expect far less scoring.  The assists could and should still be there, but you can also get a Superstar with a bigger name.  A player that you will have more faith in come Fantasy Playoff Time.

Target: Rajon Rondo. Deron Williams. Kyrie Irving. 




This is getting Li-Lillard-Ness.  The All-Star PG is averaging 38 Minutes per game as a rookie.  I was trying to find the record for most minutes per game as a rookie, but I am sure this has to be right up there.  To give you some reference  he is #9 in the NBA at minutes per game.  While this is all impressive, he is due to slow down at some point.  That is a lot of basketball for any rookie who has never gone through a full 82 game season.  He is an All-Star, he is the next Stephon Marbury, but now is the time to move him.

Target: Rajon Rondo. Deron Williams. Kyrie Irving. 




Kemba is dynamite in a bottle.  He can explode for 30 Points on any given night, and the Bobcats trust him to be their future star.  The only problem with Kemba, is the Bobcats extremely amazing Guard Depth.  Kemba Walker/Gerald Henderson/Ben Gordon/Ramon Sessions, is easily the best 4 guard rotation in the NBA.  There will be nights where the second unit plays better than the first, leaving owners with a bad Kemba experience.  He is a superstar, and you can get a superstar for him.

Target: Rajon Rondo. Deron Williams. Brandon Jennings.




Booz Crooz is hot and cold throughout his career.  Just when you think he has it together, he could collapse and turn into an inconsistent 25 Minute per game player.  His recent hot streak has been due to the abscense of Joakim Noah.  Now with Noah back, and Taj Gibson coming off of his best week in 2012.  Boozer is primed to go into a slump sometime soon.  Trade him now, while people are blind of his negatives.

Target: Rudy Gay. Omer Asik. 




J.R. Swish has been lighting it up.  No reason to think that is going to stop this season, but what could stop is his consistency at this rate.  While J.R. is clearly the #2 scorer on this Knicks team as of now, his role will diminish quicker than Johnny Knoxville’s career.  That was a little drastic, but J.R. is a player who is reaching his ceiling now, and making a move to trade for equal value could win a championship.

Target: Rudy Gay




The Hornets are a team that has shown they will go to Anthony Davis as a 35+ Minute guy per game as a rookie.  Which is a great thing.  The bad thing is, the Hornets are extremely deep at the PF/C spot, and they just got a bit healthier with Jason Smith returning as a player who could easily eat 14 Minutes a game.  Not to mention Ryan Anderson who is heating up, and a much improved Robin Lopez.

The real kick on Anthony Davis, is the return of Eric Gordon.  With Eric Gordon, comes less shots for his teammates.  Anthony Davis will score less and less as the season continues.

Target: Paul Pierce



Glad to see my Sleeper Guard of the Preseason turned out to be a superstar at his position.  While his numbers are among the best at his position for how late he went in drafts, he is due to see a sharp decline in value when John Wall returns.  The Wizard’s are too guard heavy with Garrett Temple/Shelvin Mack/Bradley Beal.  Not to mention Martell Webster and Trevor Ariza will be eatting a lot of minutes at the SF position.  While Jordan can succeed with all of his mediocre talent around him, his consistency will be nothing like it is today.  Time to move on.

Target: Joe Johnson. DeMar DeRozan. Evan Turner.


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  1. Sorry for a double post, but one thing that threw me off is the targeting joe Johnson. In my 9 cat 12 team league I just got offered JJ for JJHix straight up and I’m pretty sure I’m going to decline it. You think joe is going to pick it up that much?

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