Fantasy Basketball Trade Market (Sell): Rhino Extinction (Week 12)

Fantasy Basketball Trade Market (Sell):

Rhino Extinction (Week 12)


By Muntradamus


I hope you are all enjoying the way BEAST DOME is being ran for Fantasy Basketball.  Seasonal content is now daily to help you win your leagues.  Rankings are released to the public after the 1st Tip-off each night.  This article talks about the players to Sell in Fantasy right now to get an upgrade to win you that Championship.

If you have Fantasy Questions for others including myself.  Check out the BEAST NATION CHAMPIONSHIP JOURNEY.  Feel free to ask questions in this article as well and I will answer.


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DeMar is the future of the Raptors.  With Toronto searching for their next Tracy McGrady/Vince Carter, DeRozan is the closest thing this franchise has had in years.  The only problem with that statement, is that DeRozan is not even close to talented enough to dominate this role all season.

Kyle Lowry is getting healthier, Bargs is returning, Jose Calderon needs his minutes, Terrence Ross is developing, Alan Anderson is stroking it, and Landry Fields eats up minutes because of his defense.  All this adds up to a good reason to sell DeRozan now before his value really drops.

Target: Wesley Matthews. Andre Iguodala. Danilo Gallinari.



Nikola is enjoying time as the only big man in Orlando.  With the return of Big Baby Davis, Nikola should see a sharp decrease in production across the board.  Glen Davis not only eats up rebounds, but he eats up shot attempts.  He not only eats up shot attempts, but he eats up minutes where Gustavo Ayon could now be subbing in for Vucevic.  Nikola has emerged as one of the Top Centers in Fantasy Basketball after this short period of time, and now is the time to cash in.

Target: Brook Lopez. Nikola Pekovic. Joakim Noah.



I have been telling you to sell Indiana Pacers in nearly every Trade Market article.  Now we are approaching the reason leading up to all of this.  The Pacers will soon have Danny Granger back.  While most of you are familiar with his BUST season in the 2011-2012 campaign  Danny is one of the most talented SF’s in the game.  He will not only eat up minutes, he will eat up shot attempts.  He will turn Paul George into a great SG, but a SG that is not nearly equivalent to what he is now.

Target: Paul Pierce. Blake Griffin.



He may lead the league in 3PTMs.  That is not enough when you really look at Ryan Anderson as a whole this season.  He is coming off the bench for a terrible Hornets team.  With budding star Anthony Davis playing inconsistent, that has opened the door for Anderson more recently as of late.  With Robin Lopez not really a future for this Hornets team, but 100x the defender Ryan Anderson will ever be.  Anderson is going to leave you some very cold inconsistent nights where you were better off playing Earl Clark.

Target: Tristan Thompson. Andrei Kirlenko.



Finally Ty Lawson is starting to show some consistency and play like the 2nd round guard most of you drafted him as.  Well now is the time to sell him as he clearly has not shaken away Andre Miller from playing major minutes every night.  Ty Lawson does have huge upside as a Fantasy PG in this league, but his inconsistency and the threat of Miller being the PG on more nights than one would hope, makes Ty an immediate player to trade.

Target: Damian Lillard. Greivis Vasquez. Deron Williams. Steve Nash.



Big. Ancient. Old.

Three things that scream, “I am going to slow down at some point this season.”  While we always think this about Duncan, he always continues to prove us wrong.  Which is why you should trade him now since you can get MAX value for a player who does have a chance to decline.  When you look at the options that you can grab for Duncan.  There is no reason to hesitate passing on 20/10 PFs.

Target. Blake Griffin. Josh Smith. Zach Randolph. Dwight Howard.



Now that John Wall is back.  You can now fear a timeshare between Jordan Crawford and Bradley Beal.  While Beal may have not done enough to warrant trade consideration to other teams, he is a good player to throw in at the end of the deal to push what you really want.  He has been scoring 15+ Points a game consistently, but this was with Jordan Crawford injured.  Now that John Wall is getting his legs under him, it is time to move on from both players as they will be splitting time, and the hot hand each night.

Target: Andre Iguodala. Metta World Peace. Arron Afflalo.



While David Lee is maybe a Fantasy MVP candidate thus far.  His amazing numbers will take a small decline with Andrew Bogut returning.  The rebounds will go down, and the post will have another big body in the way.  David Lee will still be able to make it happen, but right the world is your oyster.  You can choose just about NBA Superstar for David Lee, and now is the time to grab him.  Wait for it..

Target: Kobe Bryant. Dwight Howard. Chris Paul. Russell Westbrook.



While we all want to believe Kemba is going to be a version close to his 30 Point per game self.  Those days are over.  The Bobcats have the strongest backup Guard combo with Ramon Sessions.  I will keep preaching this before it’s too late since I mention Kemba in every Trade Market Article.  Unload him quick, his value is dropping by the day.

Target: Steve Nash. Ty Lawson.



Thaddeus is a BEAST.  The man can tear it up and put up amazing numbers.  What he cannot do, is consistently be the BEAST he is when Andrew Bynum returns.  Right now continue to roll with Thaddeus for the rest of the month, but when you feel there is a time you can target Blake Griffin, Josh Smith, or even Zach Randolph.  Jump on it.  Because the 76ers a great team with a lot of good players.  They don’t need Thaddeus to be a STAR every night.

Target: Josh Smith. Blake Griffin. Zach Randolph.

Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his first season as a Pro on FantasyPros where he is the only expert to have Adam Dunn, Chris Davis, Mark Trumbo, Ian Desmond, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and Wilin Rosario in his top 20 at each position. Muntradamus not only leads many to championships with his great advice, and outlooks into the future. He is also consistently on the top of leaderboards in DraftStreet. He was also the #1 Fantasy Football Expert of IDP & Overall Rankings, first time in Fantasy Sports History.  To check his Preseason Fantasy Football Rankings Click HereHe also won a 1,000 person tournament in Fantasy Football to qualify for a trip to Vegas to play for $500,000 in Prizes. To Check his Week-By-Week Progress to being the #1 Expert. Follow the Journey.


  1. How’s My paul george and thad young for his Paul pierce and Larry Sanders?

    Thoughts? I could use the better %’s and blocks. 12 team H2H, yahoo 9 cat, daily changes league.

    My squad:

    PG: CP3, Jameer, Calderon
    SG: Harden, George Hill
    SF: Paul George, Matt Barnes
    PF: Thad Young, Amir Johnson, Ilyasova
    C: Gortat, M. Gasol, Pekovic

    I’m in 1st place, ahead 10 games, and trying to build for the playoffs.

    1. That is giving up too much.

      Larry Sanders will be getting a decline in value as he is not a consistent center. For those two players, you can get BEASTS. Offer those two for Dwight Howard and a something small and see what happens.

  2. Hey munt, it’s been while.. haven’t really been on much since chat went down. Anyways, who do you think would be a good target for Anderson if I need steals in an 8-cat roto league? I’m top 3 in every other category so this is really the only one that needs a boost.

    1. Boom Working on getting the chat back up and running this month.

      Andrei Kirlenko would mean the world to you if you can get him for Anderson. With no Kevin Love, Minnesota needs Andrei to be big every night.

  3. Munstras, I have several of these plyers, been offering to trade people and not even getting a bite, any advice as to how get a trade in 2 leagues where players just won’t trade. I put Melo on the trading block last week and didn’t even get a offer, just that bad.

  4. Rev long time no talk buddy. Gotta get that chat up and running again soon.

    If your league has a lot of quality free agents. I am talking quality on a Tristan Thompson/Ed Davis level. Then you throw a 2-4-1 where you give up two great players to get one BEAST.

  5. I have Ed Davis, he’s not appealing to anybody in this league other than me. I drop him, pick him back up and drop him over and over so he’s always available. But I’ll figure out something. I know for sure that some of the teams in one league are just there, no owner and not active. So trading with at least 3 teams is just plain out. Gone Commish my own league next year,.

    Anyway, I make some more offers see what happens. But my team doesn’t have a lot of players that anybody seems to want. Rose and Love are hurt and IMO both don’t have great value because of that. I put Carmelo on the trading block to see if anybody would make a offer, and nothing, really? That’s the situation I’m in right now in both leagues. But I’m not a quitter, I’ll come up with something. Always do

  6. How’s Paul George for Rondo or John Wall or Wade?

    Amir Johnson, Brand, Kawhi leonardi, Korver. or IT rest of season?

    Should I pick up felton this week?

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