Fantasy Basketball Trade Market (Sell): Don’t Be A Pau Baby (Week 13)

Fantasy Basketball Trade Market (Sell):

Don’t Be A Pau Baby (Week 13)


By Muntradamus


Hope you all had a great MLK day.  This article today tells you what players to sell high as a sharp decline in value is expected at anytime.  As always remember to help each other in the..


Rankings are coming for Wednesday.





While we all may be excited about these 20/10 Performances with assists and other intangibles.  Those good times will come to an end when Andrew Bogut returns.  Bogut is going to eat up the middle of the paint when he is in the game, and make David Lee be a player that is closer to 14/10.  Right now David Lee is the Hansel from Zoolander of Fantasy Basketball, and other owners will pay the price to get him.

Target:  Blake Griffin. LaMarcus Aldridge. DeMarcus Cousins. Kobe Bryant. Kyrie Irving.



Tyreke has never been a consistent 20 Point game scorer for more than a couple of weeks for the Kings.  I even suggested you trade him during his first hot streak earlier this season.  If you were so lucky to got rid of him then, you would have avoided a month long injury on your roster.  With Marcus Thornton not back to his old-self, Tyreke has been thriving like he was a Rookie.  But with Isiah Thomas still playing well, and DeMarcus Cousins being the best player by far on the Kings.  Only time will tell when Evans takes another sharp decline of inconsistent numbers.  Sell now while you can.

Target: Monta Ellis. Greivis Vasquez. Eric Gordon. O.J. Mayo. Joe Johnson.




It is not everyday you get a chance to forget how soft Pau Gasol is.  But with Dwight Howard getting an early Double-T, than foul trouble against Chicago.  Pau Gasol is putting up numbers of old as he even eclipsed 25 Points then follows it up with a double-double.  If you can get some nice value for Pau, now would be the time to do it.  Dwight is going to get his game back, and Kobe is going to re-watch his 81 Point game on NBA TV Tuesday 1pm PST.  Those two combined, fact with the Lakers losing both games when Pau was productive could only mean.  A sharp decline in the near future.  Pau is however auditioning to every NBA team for a Trade.

Target: Thaddeus Young. David West. Dirk Nowitzki. Ed Davis. Monta Ellis. Nene Hilario.




Kemba is blowing up like he did earlier this season.  30 Point game here, 30 Point game there, 30 Point games everywhere.  While this is great and would be amazing if it could last a season, but history shows us that Kemba goes Hot to Cold quicker than you can read this sentence.  Other owners love his upside and will likely give you top dollar now.  Give me Top Dollar now for Kemba instead of worrying about Ben Gordon/Gerald Henderson/or Ramon Sessions getting too hot taking up his PT.  Not to mention the blowout potential Charlotte faces every game.

Target: Greivis Vasquez.  Steve Nash. 




While it is nice to see Galo get hot and score 20 Points consistently like we know he can.  These trends do not tend to last as the Nuggets are as deep as ever.  With Wilson Chandler and Corey Brewer needing PT, and there being no way Andre Iguodala has his minutes cut long-term.  Gallo is likely the odd man out when it comes to being a consistent star.  While the high scoring games are coming frequently this season, now is the time you can cash in with a player who will not let you down.

Target: Nicolas Batum. Luol Deng. Paul Pierce. Rudy Gay.




Hard to find a more exciting player in Fantasy Basketball than Paul George.  While his flash may get you excited, he is nothing more than a great streaky shooter surrounded by stars.  While Roy Hibbert has been struggling all year, David West is looking like his best-self since the Hornets Chris Paul days.  George Hill is capable of scoring a lot at the guard position, but the real damage is Danny Granger who is expected to return in less than a month.  When Granger hits the court, you can expect Paul George to see his shot attempts go down.  While he is still good enough to have ELITE games, Paul George will not be the star you once had.

Target: Nicolas Batum. Carmelo Anthony. Paul Pierce


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  1. Thanks for the trade info Muntras. Gonna try and get a couple trades done today. All I can do is offer. I have Tyreke, would Greivis be the best out of all those you have targeted? How would u rank them?


    Making moves today to make the playoffs tomorrow.

  2. Hi Munt. Once again another great article. Do you ever publish a Buy article, targeting players not performing well but could be cheap buys?

    Also, what the hell is up with iguodala? hes playing like garbage. Try to trade him or keep him? If trading seems to be the better idea, who would be some realistic targets?

  3. Keep doing your thing Rev.

    Out of the players I put to get for Reke.

    Vasquez/Monta/Joe Johnson/Eric Gordon is how I would rank that group.

  4. The last article with Rudy Gay on the cover was for “Buy.”

    Expect another Buy Article coming soon..

    Keep Iguodala. While he has been inconsistent and sometimes plays like a SG/SF you never wished you drafted. He still does have his breakout games with intangibles you can only dream of.

    If you sold on Iggy now, you would hurt yourself long-term. His value is less than Eric Gordon at the moment.

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