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March 15, 2012 – 1:12 pm
Gerald Wallace also has a new home. He was traded for Mehmet Okur, Shawne Williams, and a 2012 top-three protected first round draft pick.

March 15, 2012 – 2:09 pm
Anyone think the coaching change in Portland will revive Jamal Crawford’s playing time and fantasy value?

March 15, 2012 – 4:07 pm
@tallenjones3: I believe that he’ll play a larger role as the sixth man of the team, especially if Felton continues to play poorly.

March 15, 2012 – 4:28 pm
Jamal is great as a 6th man… proven to contribute a decent stat line… and with a nice share in playing time, he’s good coming off the bench…

March 15, 2012 – 5:27 pm
Will there be an article on the impact of the trades that happened?

March 15, 2012 – 5:41 pm
I’m thinking of dropping DJ Augustin and Trevor Ariza and add Nate Robinson and Ramon Sessions on my roster… What do you think?…

March 15, 2012 – 5:46 pm
I would pickup Nate right now, I would like to see how Sessions plays in the Kobe-Gasol-Bynum Offense

March 15, 2012 – 5:48 pm
@Andy: Yes, Muntradamus said that an article would be posted later analyzing the trades and how they affect players’ values for the future.

March 15, 2012 – 6:19 pm
I think Session would be a beta version of Rondo, with Kobe, Gasol and Bynum around… We’ll see if he fits in perfectly…

March 15, 2012 – 8:08 pm
@sarapmoboy: If Klay is still available, add him and Nate.

March 15, 2012 – 10:12 pm
I got Nate and dropped Augustin. Klay got picked up already… For now, will stick to Ariza… He’s a contributor across the board anyway…

I am not going to talk about who the winner of each trade was from a team stand point.  What I will say is the big winner on trade day was the Lakers.  If any team improved their chances of making a run at the NBA finals, it was the Lakers.  Did they do enough to grab the necessary pieces to win the title?  All I can say is Michael Beasley would have been a nice addition.  Stay tuned for the (TRADE ANAYLZER) which will have everyone’s new fantasy value.  This is just for analysis on what to expect with each player on each team, and what their new value will be like.




Wallace was having a nightmare fantasy season.  Now he moves to a similar situation that he was in at Charlotte where he can be a leader of the team.  Gerald Wallace should flying high as he knows that he is the big name on this team next to Humphries and Deron Williams.  I expect Wallace to return to his “crash” version where double digit rebounds and nice steal/blocks numbers come every nightHis scoring will be more consistent as well.


With Nick Young out of the picture Jordan Crawford should be able to run 35+ Minutes a night with no restrictions.  Last year’s FANTASY BASKETBALL PLAYOFF MVP is in a prime position to recapture the reward.  Jor Craw should not be a FA in any league!


Wall now has one less guy who put up shot attempts now that Nick Young is gone.  When Young was in the game, it would take away from the offensive prowess Wall has.  One less guy involved means more freedom and more John Wall monster numbers.


Nene was on a team that had many scoring options which led to inconsistent scoring numbers.  Playing in Washington he should get 30+ Minutes a night consistently with double-double numbers.  Nene should dominant playing in the Eastern Conference.  Much less quality of fantasy center competition.


Sessions was a great backup option even in fantasy leagues coming off the bench.  Now that he moves to the Lakers, a team that was desperate for a PG, his value goes way up.  It is still Kobe’s offense when it comes down to it, but now with a PG who can play 30+ Minutes in this offense gives them a real threat for someone to get double digit assists and points.  Sessions should not be a FA in any league as his potential is too high as a starter.


Kyrie now has no Ramon Sessions breathing down his neck every night.  Irving was still doing great before the trade, but now with no Ramon you can expect 35+ Minutes every night more consistently, which means more everythingKyrie is in the running for fantasy playoff MVP.


Jackson lands on the perfect team for him to put up the numbers we would expect.  He should be able to be plenty involved in an offense that has really been looking for a good scoring forward all season long.  Stephen will get nice all-around numbers and is a MUST ADD in all leagues.  30+ Minutes is expected soon.


A new coach may be the better news for Aldridge, but with Gerald Wallace out of the picture, and Marcus Camby leaving the center position vacant.  There is no reason to believe that Aldridge will not play Center for this team right away and rack up 20-10 games like it is nothing.  Wallace and Camby were great rebounders, so expect a huge boost in the rebound department for LaMarcus.


With Gerald Wallace and Camby gone, that leaves an open spot in the starting lineup for Matthews.  He now has one less forward to compete with for shot attempts when he is in the game.  There is no reason to believe Matthews will not hover the 15 Point range with some decent intangibles every night.


With Gerald Wallace and Camby gone, that leaves an open spot in the starting lineup for Crawford.  It also brings a good possibility he finds his way back into the starting lineup alongside Felton at the guard spot.  This is Portland’s best chance of winning and if the situation plays out, Crawford could score around 18 Points a night with decent assist numbers and a 3PTM every game.


Felton now has less competition for playing time with Matthews and Crawford entering the starting lineup.  With nobody to really back up Felton, he should feel no pressure as he will be expected to run 30+ Minutes and grab 7+ Assists a game.


Batum is happy to see that Gerald Wallace is out of his way.  Now those 9 Point games should erase as his role on the team is much clearer.  Batum should have his rebound stats see a huge boost with no Gerald Wallace or Marcus Camby to snatch up every loose ball.


With the addition of Ramon Sessions, Kobe does not have to guard the best guard on the opposing team.  He also gets to save his energy bringing the ball up as often and running the offense as much.  He is still Kobe Bryant and the offense will run through him, I just expect to see a much more efficient player who will last the whole season.


With not being traded at the deadline, that only means that Tawn will continue to be the man for his team.  His fantasy value would not have gone any higher with a trade, and now you can expect those 20-8 numbers with a 3PTM and block or steal consistently the rest of the way.


Young moves to a situation where he can be the start the Clippers need to save their season.  He will get every chance he can handle at the SG/SF role.  His leash may not be long, but if he succeeds, 30+ Minutes and 18+ Points a night can be expected.


With Javale McGee now part of the Nuggets, Lawson will have plenty more chances to get easier assists if he can throw him the perfect lob pass.  McGee is good for a lot of alley-oops, and that means much more assists numbers for Lawson in his future.


With Nick Young joining the Clippers, Chris Paul now has another target on the team that can put up more points.  No more Caron Butler ruining all of his assists with open.  Expect a small increase in assists, and possibly a decrease in his scoring.  His fantasy owners got him for his assists which have been lousy if you look at it.


Deron Williams needed a guy who can run the court and create fast break opportunities.  Gerald Wallace is that guy.  Deron should easily gather more assists as he can run a much faster tempo offense.  Everything else should be fine for Deron as this is his team, and his offense.


Watch that video if you have not seen Javale McGee’s bloopers.  Hilarious.  Anyways on the Nuggets he gets a chance to revitalize his image as he will be playing for a playoff team.  This could be a bad thing, but it could also be the chance for him to step up his game overall as a player.  If he plays his cards right, 30+ Minutes consistently every night is in his future, which will mean much more blocks/rebounds and consistent scoring.


With no Leandro Barbosa, the Raptors got rid of another scorer off the bench who was eating into all of the guards and forwards PT.  DeRozan has a bit of a longer leash and that should lead to more consistency going forward.


With no Leandro Barbosa, the Raptors got rid of another scorer off the bench who was eating into all of the guards and forwards PT.  With DeRozan having one less guard to sub in for him, that leaves one less potential player to sub in for Johnson.  Which will lead to more minutes, and more consistency.  You should add him if you have the roster space.


With no Leandro Barbosa, the Raptors got rid of another scorer off the bench who was eating into all of the guards and forwards PT.  With DeRozan having one less guard to sub in for him, that leaves one less potential player to sub in for Johnson.  With one less player to sub in for Johnson, that means one less player to sub in for Bargnani.  Expect Andrea to be a more consistent fantasy basketball option.


With no Leandro Barbosa, the Raptors got rid of another scorer off the bench who was eating into all of the guards and forwards PT.  Calderon will now not be subbed out for Barbosa which will leave him as a more consistent fantasy option when he returns as soon, which could be this weekend.


With no Leandro Barbosa, the Raptors got rid of another scorer off the bench who was eating into all of the guards and forwards PT.  Bayless will now have one less guy either subbing in for him, or other guard option coming off the bench.  Bayless is now a safe add in all leagues for the long-term, even when Calderon comes back.  He should see around 30 minutes a game consistently.


The departure of Nene means one less PF body to compete with for playing time.  Kenneth Faried has been great, but Harrington should be able to get an extra 7 Minutes, which could mean extra 3-5 Points a night.


With the Warriors trading away Stephen Jackson, that officially meant they have given up.  That is good news for Robinson as the announcement of Steph Curry ending his season should happen at any moment.  Nate is a MUST ADD fantasy option as he can put up stats with the best of them in starters minutes.


Hill gets a new scenery which could be nice for his fantasy value.  He was starting to pick it up right before leaving with a 6/8 game from the field off the bench.  His minutes should be limited, but if he can have a big game here and there, he can see 20+ Minutes consistently.  Especially with the Lakers wanting to rest their big’s before the playoffs.  You can still leave him on the waiver wire, but he can be useful later.


David Lee is officially the only proven offensive weapon on this weak Warriors team.  20+ Points a night is expected from here on out.


With the Warriors trading away Stephen Jackson, that officially meant they have given up.  That is good news for Thompson who should continue to see 40+ Minutes a night.  The team is all his, and this is his chance to put up 20+ Points with great 3PTM numbers.  If he is still a FA in your league, grab him.  You are probably too late at this point.




Bynum now has more of an excuse to take some nights off with the addition of Hill.  Bynum is still a beast and will perform as one of the top fantasy centers, but just expect a game here and there that leaves you disappointed because Jordan Hill blew up off the bench.  This hurts Pau way more than it hurts Andrew.


With no BroLo, Humphries had all the rebounds to himself.  With Gerald Wallace joining the team, you can expect Wallace to be a candidate for 10+ every night, which will cut right into Humphries numbers.  His scoring will also take a minor hit as Gerald Wallace will want to put up points if he is going to be playing for a losing team.  Humphries should still be solid, and his stats will remind you of Humphries before the Lopez injury.


With Stephen Jackson joining the team, that gives the Spurs one more option of a guy who really wants the ball in his hands.  Jackson will also take a lot of shots and could really dive straight into Parker’s assist and point totals.  Parker should still be solid, just a minor hit.


Ginobili is a similar player to Stephen Jackson in how he wants the ball in his hands and create.  Manu will now have to compete with one more guy as Richard Jefferson before would quietly stand in the corner waiting for his 3PT shot attempts, that is not the case with Jackson.  You can expect Manu to take a hit across the board with his move.  He should still be a startable fantasy option, just with a little more inconsistency.


Duncan now has another player on the team that will actively compete for shot attempts.  Duncan was always a bit risky going into every night as you never knew if he was just going to break down, but now he has one more option to decrease his numbers.  I expect Tim Duncan to take a hit in the scoring department.


With Barbosa joining the rotation, that just means one more option who will go out there and take shots at will.  That means less shot attempts for Hibbert on a consistent basis, which should to less scoring.


With Barbosa joining the rotation, that just means one more option who will go out there and take shots at will.  That means less shot attempts for West on a consistent basis, which should to less scoring.


With McGee, the Wizards could get away with using Booker at the center position which would have freed up minutes for Blatche.  Now that Nene is going to man the position for now, and the future.  There is a good chance that when Blatche is ready to start getting his starter minutes, Booker moves straight to the bench with no spot for him in the rotation.  For now he is still useable, but soon Booker will be waiver wire material.


With Barbosa joining the rotation, that just means one more option who will go out there and take shots at will.  That means less shot attempts for Granger on a consistent basis, which should to less scoring.


Blatche could have seen more minutes at the center position with McGee handling the job.  Now that Nene is there to play 30+ Minutes every night, Blatche has to get his minutes through Booker.  However long it takes, the bite is worth the chew.  Soon he will be startable in fantasy leagues, but he will always have Booker breathing down his neck.


Blake was already having problems scoring 20 Points consistently.  Add in another scoring option who is not afraid to take 15 attempts a night, and you have yourself a problem for Griffin owners.  It is rare we will see the consistent beast we saw last season as the Clippers were a far weaker team, with less scoring options.


Danilo will have to deal with Wilson Chandler entering the rotation.  That could cut directly into his minutes which will leave Danilo as bit of a risky play any given night.  The Nuggets have a lot of depth, and they will not be afraid to use it.  Danilo should still be solid, just expect some inconsistency along the way.        


Wilson will be playing for a crowded Nugget team that really does not want him from a fantasy basketball perspective.  He should battle Gallo and Afflalo for minutes every night.  Not a good situation for Chandler who should be picked up because of his potential, but only if the move makes sense.


The Clippers added another offensive weapon making DeAndre an afterthought going forward offensively for the Clippers.  Too bad, as it was a nice season while it lasted for DeAndre who is close to waiver wire material.  You will probably not see double-digit scoring anytime soon consistently.


Camby had a nice situation for him in Portland where there was no competition for his center spot.  In Houston he faces a probably more athletic, taller version of himself in Dalembert.  This should be a complete timeshare which means less minutes for Camby.


Marcus Camby entering the rotation will hurt all Rockets in the rebounding department.  You are also looking at a complete timeshare which can only mean less minutes for Dalembert.


Marcus Camby entering the rotation will hurt all Rockets in the rebounding department.  There is also a chance the Rockets try to go big with both Camy and Dalembert in the same time.  Either way you look at it, Scola will lose even more rebounds in a season where he has failed to perform like his usual self in that department.


Dragic had the PG spot all to himself while Lowry sat out with the foot infection.  Now that Fisher joins the squad, you can expect Goran to be a less consistent fantasy option during this 2-4 week span.  It is too bad as Dragic was playing really well.


The signing of Derek Fisher gives the Rockets another guard to toy with.  It is unlikely Lowry would ever be benched for Fisher, but it is not impossible to see him take some minutes off every night.  Lowry should still be owned in all leagues and will be a fantastic option.


Camby is just another player who will be in the rotation along with Courtney Lee, and Goran Dragic when Lowry returns from injury.  That is more of an excuse to bench Kevin Martin and give him a short leash the rest of the way if he puts up bad nights.  The roller coaster season for Martin is about to hit it’s free fall.


Marcus Camby entering the rotation will hurt all Rockets in the rebounding department.  Parsons will not lose PT, but rebounds should go down.  He is still a nice low-end fantasy option in deeper leagues.


Afflalo will have to deal with Wilson Chandler entering the rotation.  That could cut directly into his minutes which will leave Aaron as an inconsistent fantasy option.  Afflalo was struggling a bit before the signing, but now his value will take a real hit.


Nick Young will make Caron Butler a more inconsistent fantasy option than he already was.  Young can easily play the SF role if Caron struggles any given night.  Lately he has been struggling consistently which will make his leash that much shorter.


The addition of Wilson Chandler brings Andre Miller one more guy who should be on the court in crunch time.  Miller is not the fantasy option he was at one point earlier this season.  Now would be a  good time to trade him if you can, if not leave him on your bench until he proves he can handle the competition for PT.


Gerald Wallace is another offensive threat to take away shot attempts from MarShon Brooks.  We already saw Brooks does not deal with other scoring options very well, and Gerald will not hesitate to take 13+ shot attempts a game.  MarShon is a bad performance or two away from being waiver wire material.


Jordan Hill brings a threat to Pau’s consistency.  If Hill has a big game off the bench, and Pau looks soft which is usually the case.  The Lakers will be interested to see what Hill can give them as their one of their new franchise stars.  Gasol should still be solid, just expect a clunker every blue moon.  This will be more evident later in the season.


The news of Stephen Jackson getting traded, and Nate Robinson looking great in another start.  Just adds to the fact that there is little reason for Curry to keep re-aggravating that ankle injury.  He will be waiver wire material sooner than later when the trade is announced.


Mo Mo is a 3PTM machine who now gets to see another player be added to a rotation his owners were not very excited about to begin with.  Nick Young should leap frog him on the depth chart which makes Mo a bit of a risky option going forward.  He should still be able to get his nice games, but he will probably be less consistent in the process.


George was due to see a small decrease in minutes with the emergence of Hill.  Add Barbosa to the picture and you got yourself a player who will be even more consistent than he was before.  George should still have his nice games, it is possible he sees less than 30 Minutes more often than his owners would want.


Darren Collison was already starting to feel the heat from George Hill.  Add Barbosa to the picture and you got yourself a player who will be even more consistent than he was before.  Collison is very close to waiver wire material.


Just when George Hill was start to looking good, Barbosa joins him in the backcourt off the bench.  This will create a log jam at the guard position leaving George Hill as a waiver wire option with nice potential.  Even if he somehow leap frogs into the starting lineup, there is so much competition for that ball on a well-rounded team.


Although it is nice for Barbosa to get out of that crowded backcourt in Toronto, he just went to another crowded backout in Indiana.  Barbosa will still get around 15-20 minutes and put up 8+ shot attempts, but he is not a fantasy option and should be on your waiver wire.


Morrow would usually come in for MarShon Brooks and that would be his main competition for playing time.  Now with Gerald Green emerging, and Gerald Wallace in the picture.  It is very unlikely that Morrow will be a consistent fantasy option going forward.  He can still give you a decent amount of 3PTM inconsistently, but that is all you can count on.  Very close to waiver wire material.


Just what Randy Foye needed.  Another player that can easily take away his fantasy value any given night.  Foye may continue to start, but he will not play starter minutes if he does as he is automatically behind Mo Williams and Nick Young for playing time.  Randy Foye can be dropped in all leagues’.


Brandon may or may not adjust well to Monta joining the team.  Either way, his value is probably going to go down as he has to share more shot attempts, and less ball handling responsibilities.  He should still be a solid fantasy option, but if you thought he was inconsistent before, just wait and see.


Monta goes to a similar situation where he plays alongside a star PG.  However this time around, he has no chemistry with his mate.  Jennings is very similar to Curry where he wants to shoot the ball a lot, and make plays on his own.  Monta should still be able to get his 20+, just expect some bumps along the way.  Ersan Ilysova and Drew Gooden give Ellis some new targets to work with.  It will be interesting to see if he continues his ball hogging ways, or gets them involved and becomes a consistent 7 Assist option.  That will be the key to his value.


Mike was doing great as the only perimeter scorer on the team besides Jennings.  Now with Delfino most likely moving back to the forward position, Dunleavy will go from 35 Minutes a game, to 25 Minutes a game.  He is one bad game away from being waiver wire material for good.  Unless somehow Delfino proves he cannot handle 30 Minutes on this squad.  A timeshare is likely with Delfino.


Carlos had a comfy situation where he knew he would never get benched.  Now he has Mike Dunleavy breathing down his neck every night with Monta moving to the 2 guard.  Delfino could crack under the pressure making it a complete timeshare with Dunleavy, but for now Delfino is still the same fantasy option who could see more 3PT attempts.  It will be interesting to see if he has the Dorrell Wright effect now that Ellis is with him.


Gooden went from being the #1, #2, or #3 option some nights, to now possibly the #3 or #4 option.  He should still be a solid fantasy option, but expecting 20 Points consistently may not come like it used too.  The Bucks also added another big man in Ekpe Udoh who has proved he can handle big minutes and put up some nice stats.  This adds a bit more pressure for Gooden to perform and look like he is fresh out there.  His leash is a bit shorter, though he should still remain a decent fantasy option who can put up (12 Point, 9 Rebound) performances.


Ersan was getting consistent fantasy production on a Bucks team that was desperate for a go-to-guy.  Monta is now the full time go-to-guy, which is a problem because the Bucks had 3 other options who were all consistently getting their points.  Somewhat consistent.  The headache will now be existent for Ilysova owners who are really going to have to count on those rebounds every night to remain a good fantasy option.  I still see him being a starter in all leagues, but expect less than pre-trade David Lee numbers at this point (13 Points, 8 Rebounds).


Just when you thought you found fantasy gold.  You were fooled.  Udoh goes into a bad situation where he will come off the bench and most likely play around 20 Minutes a night.  That is not enough to depend on consistent fantasy production.  He is droppable in all leagues with the move to the Bucks.


Richard Jefferson is terrible for Dorrell Wright.  If Dorrell Wright has an off shooting night, his leash will be shorter than ever.  He still has potential for some nice games, but he also has the potential to be a terrible fantasy basketball option on a consistent basis.  His leash should be short on your roster.


The Warriors are not a good fit for Richard Jefferson, but he will try to ruin everybody’s fantasy value anyways.  Richard is basically like Dorrell Wright who just wants to shoot 3PT attempts, and he is just like Brandon Rush being a solid defender who just wants to shoot 3PT attempts.  Jefferson should be very inconsistent and cannot be trusted in any league.


Richard Jefferson is a similar player to Brandon Rush, but he has a bigger name.  On a team that is trying to sell tickets to end the season, the bigger name guys always seem to win.  Rush’s days as a fantasy option are coming to an end as his path to the course is getting smaller.





SAM YOUNG (76ers)















  1. The following players are available in my league. I kinda need help with FG% and steals.
    Is Nicolas Batum less valuable than any of these players. If so which ones?


  2. Wow. Your FA market is stacked.


    should be owned in every league.

    If Batum is your worst player, your team must be in great shape. If Batum has a bad night tonight, I would not hesitate to grab Gerald Wallace in what is now a great situation for him to put up the numbers that make him a 3rd round pick. Though Jordan Crawford is probably going to be the more consistent fantasy beast with no Nick Young to compete with for PT. Tough decision, and the safer option is Crawford. Both are game changers and you need to find a way to add a majority of these guys.

    Who else is on your team?

  3. Who would you say will hold greater value the rest of the way: Klay Thompson or Manu Ginobili? Klay will probably play more minutes to get more 3’s and points, but that’s it. Meanwhile, Manu will play less minutes, might be at risk of DNPs, but has a better all-around game. I’ve been holding Manu from the beginning, but I’m worried he’ll get dinged up again, or Popovich will just limit his minutes to keep him healthy for the playoffs.

  4. Or I could drop Dalembert… What do you think are the top two from this group of four: Dalembert, Deng, Ginobili & Thompson?

  5. Drop Dalembert, trade Deng, and keep Ginobili and Thompson. Ginobili does get hurt quite often, but when healthy, he can fill up the stat sheet. Klay is also going to get30+ minutes now that the Warriors have basically giving up this season and preparing for the future.

    Target someone like Marcus Thornton or Andrea Bargnani for Deng. It also depends on your position need.

  6. Currently my team is Ty Lawson,Mike Conley, Monta Ellis, Chris Paul, Nicolas Batum, Kevin Love, Ryan Anderson, Marc Gasol, Al Jefferson, Bismack Biyombo.

    Also on my FA market are:
    Danilo Gallinari,
    Drew Gooden,
    Rodney Stuckney
    Jameer Nelson
    Trevor Ariza,
    Isaiah Thomas

  7. Well put D-Rock. Definitely drop Dalembert, he is soon worthless when Marcus Camby joins the squad.

    Ginobili is also heading in the wrong direction, you can package him and Deng in a trade together to pickup a superstar. Klay Thompson could easily finish ahead of those 3.

    You can look at the trade analyzer to help figure out a 2-1 or 2-2 trade.

    *Reminder I will be live on the chat room tomorrow to answer all fantasy basketball related questions from 7-10pm.

  8. Your team is so stacked I cannot recommend dropping any of those players.

    I do not see a weakness, and although Biyombo is not doing that well compared to those FAs, he is still getting 30 Minutes a game and can block 7 shots at any moment. You do not want an opponent to have him.

    *Reminder I will be live on the chat room tomorrow (Sunday) to answer all fantasy basketball related questions from 7-10pm.

  9. Mike Conely is hurting my FG% and does not seem to help me.
    Is there anyone I can replace Conely with

  10. Sorry! I meant Nicolas Batum is hurting my FG% and does not seem to help me.
    Is there anyone I can replace Batum with. (Especially someone who does well in assists, steals and has a decent shooting percentage)

  11. I would not be so quick to drop Batum. You can check out the newest article “week 13 Waiver wire” that is posted on the homepage. You have to have a worse option than him or your team is too stacked..

    If you want those three categories, I recommend Luke Ridnour, Jerryd Bayless, and maybe Goran Dragic for his one week of value. Ramon Sessions would also be a very interesting add. Though I personally like Batum more than any of those options, he is still getting 40 Minutes.

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