By: Muntradamus

In this article you can see what your player is ranked out of 10, and figure out what type of player you can get in return.

These rankings are their current trade value and it can fluctuate with consistent bad/good performances.

For details about each player check out the, FANTASY PLAYER UPDATE.  Which will be released Sunday.


Andre Iguodala (7.8/10)
Jrue Holiday (7.4/10)
Louis Williams (6.9/10)
Evan Turner (5.8/10)
Elton Brand (5.7/10)
Thaddeus Young (5.8/10)
Spencer Hawes (5.6/10)



Kemba Walker (7/10)
Boris Diaw (5.5/10)
Gerald Henderson (5.3/10)
D.J. Augustin (6.5/10)
Tyrus Thomas (6.2/10)
Corey Maggette (6/10)
Bismack Biyombo (5.5/10)



Brandon Jennings (8.6/10)
Mike Dunleavy (6.5/10)
Stephen Jackson (6.7/10)
Drew Gooden (7.5/10)
Ersan Illysova (6.4/10)
Carlos Delfino (6/10)



Derrick Rose (9.5/10)
Luol Deng (8/10)
Joakim Noah (7.5/10)
Carlos Boozer (7.7/10)
Rip Hamilton (5.7/10)


Kyrie Irving (8/10)
Ramon Sessions (6.7/10)
Anderson Varejao (7.1/10)
Antwan Jamison (8.5/10)
Daniel Gibson (6.2/10)


Paul Pierce (8.9/10)
Kevin Garnett (7.8/10)
Ray Allen (7.5/10)
Rajon Rondo (8.4/10)
Brandon Bass (6.3/10)



CP3 (9.7/10)
Blake Griffin (9.5/10)
Mo Williams (7/10)
DeAndre Jordan (7.4/10)
Caron Butler (7.3/10)
Randy Foye (5/10)


Mike Conley (7.8/10)
Rudy Gay (8.3/10)
Zach Randolph (7.5/10)
Marc Gasol (8.7/10)
O.J. Mayo (6.8/10)



Jeff Teague (6/10)
Joe Johnson (8.1/10)
Josh Smith (9.3/10
Zaza Pachulia (6/10)
Marvin Williams (5/10)



Dwayne Wade (9.6/10)
Lebron James (10/10)
Chris Bosh (8.2/10)
Mario Chalmers (5/10)



Jarrett Jack (6.7/10)
Greivis Vasquez (6.5/10)
Emeka Okafor (6.5/10)
Trevor Ariza (6.5/10)
Eric Gordon (7.3/10)
Chris Kaman (6.1/10)



Al Jefferson (8.7/10)
Paul Millsap (8.3/10)
Devin Harris (6.8/10)


Tyreke Evans (8.5/10)
Marcus Thornton (7.8/10)
DeMarcus Cousins (8.6/10)
John Salmons (6.2/10)
Jason Thompson (6.9/10)



Jeremy Lin (8.2/10)
Carmelo Anthony (8.5/10)
Amare Stoudemire (8.4/10)
Tyson Chandler (7.8/10)
Iman Shumpert (6.7/10)



Kobe Bryant (10/10)
Andrew Bynum (9.2/10)
Pau Gasol (9.1/10)



Dwight Howard (10/10)
Jason Richardson (6.3/10)
Jameer Nelson (6.8/10)
Ryan Anderson (8.2/10)
Hedo Turkolgu (6.5/10)



Dirk Nowitzki (8.6/10)
Jason Kidd (7.4/10)
Shawn Marion (7.3/10)
Jason Terry (6.5/10)
Vince Carter (6/10)
Delonte West (5/10)



Deron Williams (9.8/10)
Brook Lopez (7.6/10)
Kris Humphries (8/10)
Anthony Morrow (7/10)
MarShon Brooks (6.8/10)



Ty Lawson (8.1/10)
Andre Miller (7.7/10)
Nene Hilario (7.4/10)
Danilo Gallinari (6.1/10)
Aaron Afflalo (6.1/10)
Al Harrington (6.8/10)



Danny Granger (8.7/10)
Darren Collison (7.4/10)
Paul George (7.5/10)
Roy Hibbert (8.2/10)
David West (7.5/10)
Tyler Hansbrough (6.2/10)
George Hill (5.5/10)



Brandon Knight (7.8/10)
Greg Monroe (8.9/10)
Rodney Stuckey (6.7/10)
Ben Gordon (6.5/10)
Tayshaun Prince (6.8/10)
Austin Daye (5.8/10)



Jose Calderon (7.4/10)
Jerryd Bayless (6.8/10)
DeMar DeRozan (7/10)
Andrea Bargnani (6.7/10)
James Johnson (6.8/10)
Amir Johnson (6.2/10)
Ed Davis (5.7/10)



Kevin Martin (7.3/10)
Kyle Lowry (8.3/10)
Samuel Dalemert (6.3/10)
Luis Scola (7.4/10)



Manu Ginobili (8/10)
Tony Parker (8.6/10)
Tim Duncan (8.1/10)
Tiago Splitter (6.2/10)



Steve Nash (8.7/10)
Jared Dudley (7.1/10)
Marcin Gortat (8.5/10)
Channing Frye (7.7/10)
Grant Hill (6.5/10)
Markieff Morris (5.7/10)



Kevin Durant (10/10)
Russell Westbrook (9.6/10)
Serge Ibaka (7.9/10)
James Harden (7.8/10)



Gerald Wallace (7.8/10)
Raymond Felton (7/10)
Wesley Matthews (6.3/10)
LaMarcus Aldrdige (9.4/10)
Marcus Camby (6.7/10)
Jamal Crawford (7.6/10)
Nicolas Batum (6.8/10)



Ricky Rubio (8.1/10)
Kevin Love (10/10)
Nikola Pekovic (7.4/10)
Michael Beasley (7.7/10)
Derrick Williams (6.4/10)
Luke Ridnour (5.7/10)



Monta Ellis (8.4/10)
Stephen Curry (8.9/10)
David Lee (8.5/10)
Dorrell Wright (7.6/10)



John Wall (8.7/10)
Nick Young (7.2/10)
Trevor Booker (6.4/10)
Javale McGee (7.7/10)
Jordan Crawford (6.2/10)
Andray Blatche (5/10)



  1. Hey M,

    Thanks so much for this. This is incredibly useful. So based on this, I have set up the following trade:

    Jeremy Lin and Caron Butler for Kevin Martin and Monta Ellis

    I feel reluctant to give up Lin because he has been such a beast, but I have hope that Martin will come out of his funk and Monta will get hot and produce consistently.

    How do you feel about this?

  2. Player A trades Russel Westbrook, Monta Ellis, and Kevin Love to Player B for Andre Iguodala, Kevin Durant, and Ricky Rubio. Which one would player would you rather be. Why?

  3. Great Trade.

    Lin has been a beast, but Carmelo is getting paid $100 Million. Melo is going to take his 20+ Shot attempts per game, on top of Amare needing his. There is no way this does not affect Lin one way or another.

    You will win in the long run with this deal.

  4. The team receiving Kevin Love, Westbrook, and Monta is the winner hands down.

    Love for Durant is fair.
    Westbrook for Iguodala= Huge advantage Westbrook.
    Ellis for Rubio= Big advantage for Ellis.

    Rubio and Iguodala are not at that elite fantasy basketball level of Westbrook, Ellis, and Love.

  5. Hello I was wondering what you thought of this trade? I give up Nash and Deng For Monta Ellis and OJ Mayo?
    I would say my weakness is points, and rebs

    My current line up is

    James Johnson
    Marc Gasol
    Kyrie Irving
    Jeremy Lin

  6. I would not make that trade.

    Assist guards like Nash are not going to be avaible in free agency, but rebounds and points will.

    Monta has been a bit inconsistent as of late, and O.J. Mayo may never get the real opportunity to breakout this season with Zach Randolph returning shortly.

    If you want to trade a PG for some points or rebounds you can use Jeremy Lin and is his enormous trade value that should decline once the Knicks regain to 100%

  7. You can go ahead and drop James Johnson for Nikola.

    Your team is so stacked that he is maybe your worst player next to J-Rich and Camby. J-Rich is too hot to be on the waiver wire so that is the appropriate move. Camby is too valuable when he is hot.

  8. ten team 7 cat league
    j jack
    kevin martin
    rudy gay
    paul george
    hedo turk
    i’m thinking of trading nene (once he’s back and has a solid game) for monta, who else should i throw into the deal? the guy needs a big bad, who would you throw? what is your input?

  9. Sir! Who wins in this trade? Team A gives Demarcus Cousins, Louis Williams while Team B gives Caron Butler and Paul Millsap.

  10. I traded Pau Gasol for Dwade, was that a good move? Also, ray allen for Kevin Martin be a smart trade to do?

  11. I just traded away Ricky Rubio for James Harden. I picked up Jeremy Lin to help with the PG loss and I also have Kyle Lowry & John Wall at the PG position as well. At SG, I only had Jared Dudley before the trade. I think this was a pretty good move. Do you agree?

  12. If I were the other owner and you were giving me Nene. I would also ask for Paul George or maybe even Manu Ginobili to complete the deal.

    See if you can get rid of either Turk or George to make the deal happen, otherwise you may be giving up too much.

  13. That’s a fair trade for the most part. If I had to pick a winner right now, it would be the team receiving DeMarcus Cousins. Cousins is a fantasy beast, and should continue to be the rest of the season. Easily the best player in this deal.

    Millsap has not been the same player with Al Jefferson looking so good, but still that team receives a nice package. Lou and Caron are close to a wash.

  14. Wade will be a joy to have on your fantasy basketball team. I remember you were trying to get him earlier, and now you finally have. The dream team continues.

    If you are getting Kevin Martin for Ray Allen, then yes go ahead and make that trade. Martin is the Rockets best shooter, Allen is the Celtics 4th option some nights.

  15. Ehh, Assists are the hardest thing to come by in fantasy basketball. Harden does give you a huge scoring edge, but I would have looked for a more consistent proven shooter such as Joe Johnson/Kevin Martin. Either way you came out ahead as Jeremy Lin was a great pickup, and it does not sound like you need assists.

    I expect Harden to get better as the year continues. If he does, you will be the winner of this trade.

  16. In my efforts to add a solid PG to my lineup I offered Jrue Holliday, DeMar DeRozen and Emeka Okafor for Ty Lawson and Landry Fields. This felt like a lock to go through considering the other guy is sitting on Lopez and Varejao, but we’re matched up this week so it may get put of until next week. I am now considering offering Carmelo Anthony and Holliday for Stephon Curry and Jared Dudley. Would you make this trade?

  17. Player A trades Russel Westbrook, Monta Ellis, and Marc Gasol to Player B for Dwayne Wade, Brandon Jennings, and Carlos Boozer. Which one would player would you rather be. Why?

  18. I personally rather acquire the Melo and Holiday package.

    Melo and Curry is close enough to a fair trade. But Holiday for Dudley gives the Holiday owner a lot more upside.

    I like Dudley, but I’m not expecting him to last this high all season.

  19. I rather get the Westbrook package.

    Westbrook>Wade…Wade sometimes gets no minutes in the 4th quarter because of blowouts.
    Ellis>Jennings..Jennings has been a huge disappointment and does not seem capable of carrying this terrible squad.
    Gasol>Boozer..Boozer may score more, but Gasol qualifies at center and that makes him more valuable.

  20. Currently, my team is Chris Paul, Monta Ellis, Al Jefferson, Manu Ginobili,
    Marc Gasol, Ryan Anderson, Kevin Love, and DeAndre Jordan.

    Which THREE of these guys will help improve my team: James Johnson, Paul George, Landry Fields, Jason Richardson, Antawn Jamison, Ersan Ilyasova, Mike Dunleavy, Tony Parker, Vince Carter, Carlos Delfino, Mike Conley, or Jose Calderon.

  21. Antwan Jamison
    Mike Conley
    Tony Parker
    Jose Calderon

    Should be owned in 100% of leagues.

    I do not know your lineup format, but if DeAndre Jordan is your worst player and is on your bench. You should drop Jordan and pick up Antwan Jamison right away. With no Anderson Varejao he is going to be a fantasy basketball machine. He is already one of the hottest players in the league.

  22. I have Jeremy Lin, but I don’t like the prospect of Carmelo coming back and Lin’s turnovers are killing me. Who should I try trading Lin for? I need somebody who gives me a combination of points and assists.

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