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In this article you can see what your player is ranked out of 10, and figure out what type of player you can get in return.  Perfect for trade advice in fantasy basketball.

These rankings are their current trade value and it can fluctuate with consistent bad/good performances.

For details about each player check out the, “Fantasy Player Update.”  Which will be released soon

*Updated 3/3/12


Andre Iguodala (8.4/10) +.1
Jrue Holiday (7.5/10) +0
Louis Williams (7.4/10) +.1
Evan Turner (6.1/10) +0
Elton Brand (6.8/10) +.4
Thaddeus Young (7.5/10) +.4
Spencer Hawes (5.9/10) +0



Kemba Walker (7.6/10) -.2
Boris Diaw (5.8/10) +.1
Gerald Henderson (6/10) +.7
D.J. Augustin (7.6/10) +0
Tyrus Thomas (4.7/10) +0
Corey Maggette (7.7/10) +0
Bismack Biyombo (7.4/10) +.1
Reggie Williams (6.5/10) +0



Brandon Jennings (8.6/10) +.1
Mike Dunleavy (6.5/10) +.2
Stephen Jackson (5.7/10) -.4
Drew Gooden (7.8/10) +.7
Ersan Illysova (7.8/10) +.3
Carlos Delfino (7.1/10) +.1



Derrick Rose (9.7/10) +.3
Luol Deng (8.5/10) +.1
Joakim Noah (8.5/10) +0
Carlos Boozer (8.1/10) +0
Rip Hamilton (6.1/10) +.4


Kyrie Irving (8.5/10) +.1
Ramon Sessions (7.3/10) +.1
Anderson Varejao (7.1/10) +0
Antwan Jamison (8.6/10) +.1
Tristan Thompson (7/10)


Paul Pierce (8.6/10) +0
Kevin Garnett (8.5/10) +.1
Ray Allen (7.7/10) +.1
Rajon Rondo (8.9/10) +0
Brandon Bass (7/10) +.7
Chris Wilcox (6.2/10) +.2



Chris Paul (9.7/10) +.1
Blake Griffin (9.4/10) -.1
Mo Williams (7.6/10) +0
DeAndre Jordan (7.4/10) +0
Caron Butler (7.5/10) -.2
Randy Foye (7/10) +.3


Mike Conley (8.4/10) +.3
Rudy Gay (8.5/10) +0
Zach Randolph (7.8/10) +.3
Marc Gasol (8.7/10) +0
O.J. Mayo (7.1/10) +.3
Tony Allen (7.0/10) -.1



Jeff Teague (7.4/10) +.3
Joe Johnson (7.8/10) -.3
Josh Smith (9.7/10) +.1
Zaza Pachulia (7.5/10) +.3
Marvin Williams (5/10) +1



Dwayne Wade (9.7/10) +.2
Lebron James (10/10) +0
Chris Bosh (8.4/10) +0
Mario Chalmers (7.2/10) +.4



Jarrett Jack (7.7/10) +0
Greivis Vasquez (6.9/10) -.3
Emeka Okafor (6.4/10) +0
Trevor Ariza (7.6/10) +.3
Eric Gordon (6.5/10) +0
Chris Kaman (8.1/10) +.3
Gustavo Ayon (7/10) +.2



Al Jefferson (8.9/10) +0
Paul Millsap (8.5/10) +.1
Devin Harris (7.4/10) +.5
Earl Watson (6.7/10) +0


Tyreke Evans (8.8/10) +.2
Marcus Thornton (8.2/10) +0
DeMarcus Cousins (8.8/10) +0
John Salmons (5.4/10) +0
Jason Thompson (7.3/10) +0
Isaiah Thomas (8/10) +.6



Jeremy Lin (8.3/10) +0
Carmelo Anthony (8.6/10) +0
Amare Stoudemire (8.4/10) +0
Tyson Chandler (7.9/10) +.2
Iman Shumpert (6.6/10) +0
Landry Fields (6.9/10) -.1
J.R. Smith (6.9/10) +.1



Kobe Bryant (10/10) +0
Andrew Bynum (9.3/10) +.1
Pau Gasol (8.9/10) -.3



Dwight Howard (10/10) +0
Jason Richardson (7.1/10) +.3
Jameer Nelson (7.6/10) +.3
Ryan Anderson (8.4/10) -.1
Hedo Turkolgu (7.6/10) +.4



Dirk Nowitzki (8.8/10) +.1
Jason Kidd (7.3/10) +0
Shawn Marion (7.6/10) +0
Jason Terry (7.1/10) +.4
Vince Carter (6.2/10) +0
Delonte West (5.3/10) +0



Deron Williams (10/10) +.1
Brook Lopez (8.6/10) +.7
Kris Humphries (8/10) +0
Anthony Morrow (7.1/10) +.3
MarShon Brooks (7.3/10) -.3



Ty Lawson (8.6/10) +.5
Andre Miller (7.6/10) -.1
Nene Hilario (7.4/10) +0
Danilo Gallinari (7.8/10) +.7
Aaron Afflalo (7.1/10) +.4
Al Harrington (6.6/10) +0
Wilson Chandler (6.6/10) +0



Danny Granger (8.8/10) +0
Darren Collison (7.1/10) -.2
Paul George (8.2/10) +.2
Roy Hibbert (8.5/10) +.1
David West (7.9/10) +0
Tyler Hansbrough (5.9/10) +0
George Hill (5.8/10) +0



Brandon Knight (7.9/10) +.1
Greg Monroe (8.9/10) +.1
Rodney Stuckey (7.8/10) +.4
Ben Gordon (7.3/10) +0
Tayshaun Prince (7.5/10) +0
Austin Daye (5.8/10) +0



Jose Calderon (8/10) +0
Jerryd Bayless (7/10) +.2
DeMar DeRozan (7.6/10) -.1
Andrea Bargnani (6.7/10) +0
James Johnson (7/10) +.2
Amir Johnson (6.4/10) +0
Ed Davis (6.1/10) +.4
Linas Kleiza (6.3/10) +.5



Kevin Martin (8.4/10) +.2
Kyle Lowry (8.6/10) +.1
Samuel Dalemert (6.9/10) +.2
Luis Scola (7.6/10) +.1
Chandler Parsons (6.9/10) +0



Manu Ginobili (8.1/10) +.1
Tony Parker (8.6/10) -.1
Tim Duncan (8.1/10) +.1
Tiago Splitter (6.6/10) +0
Richard Jefferson (6.7/10) +0
Dejuan Blair (6.4/10) +.3



Steve Nash (8.8/10) +0
Jared Dudley (7.4/10) +.1
Marcin Gortat (8.7/10) +0
Channing Frye (7.7/10) +0
Grant Hill (6.9/10) +.4
Markieff Morris (6.5/10) +0



Kevin Durant (10/10) +0
Russell Westbrook (9.6/10) +.1
Serge Ibaka (8.1/10) -.1
James Harden (8.3/10) +.3



Gerald Wallace (7.5/10) -.2
Raymond Felton (6.5/10) -.3
Wesley Matthews (6.7/10) +.3
LaMarcus Aldrdige (9.2/10) -.1
Marcus Camby (6.8/10) +0
Jamal Crawford (8.3/10) +.1
Nicolas Batum (8.3/10) +.1



Ricky Rubio (8.1/10) -.1
Kevin Love (10/10) +0
Nikola Pekovic (8.3/10) -.1
Michael Beasley (7.3/10) -.2
Derrick Williams (6.7/10) +.3
Luke Ridnour (6.3/10) +.7



Monta Ellis (8.6/10) +.1
Stephen Curry (8.5/10) -.1
David Lee (8.8/10) +.1
Dorrell Wright (7.2/10) -.3
Ekpe Udoh (7/10) +.2
Brandon Rush (6.8/10) +.4



John Wall (8.9/10) +.2
Nick Young (7.7/10) -.2
Trevor Booker (6.6/10) +.4
Javale McGee (7.8/10) -.1
Jordan Crawford (7.6/10) +.2
Andray Blatche (6.2/10) +.6



  1. Hello I am in a tight situation again, my team is

    Chris Paul
    Kyle Lowry
    Jose Calderon
    Monta Ellis
    Paul George
    Manu Ginobili
    Josh Smith
    Ryan Anderson
    Chris Bosh
    Andrea Bargnani
    Al Jefferson
    Marc Gasol
    Andrew Bynum

    Someone had dropped Danilo Gallinari and his stats looks pretty appealing to me (FT%, 3 ball, Rebs for a SF and steals). The problem is that I am very confused over who to drop. Paul George is like a mini version of Durant, chipping in stats all over in small portions and manu will be good when he is back (let’s hope). Please give me some suggestions

  2. Im not an expert on this site, i would just like to give my opinion.. I think you should maybe trade calderon and marc gasol for someone like greg monroe..gasols numbers will go down once randolph gets back and calderon is a good sell high person anyways.. its like your trading calderon and gasol for galinarri and greg monroe which is a good trade for you in my opinion.

  3. That is a great suggestion trade as I have been preaching both of those points throughout my articles.

    I do think you should grab Danilo before it is too late since he returns Monday. The problem is you really have nobody to drop, the worst player on your roster is probably Bargnani value wise. The problem with dropping him is someone will pick him up very quickly.

    Try the 2-1 trade. Those two are definitely the best sell high candidates on your team, if not Monroe settle for Tyreke Evans who is now an elite option at the forward position in fantasy. Either way you will gain in the end if you can add Danilo.

    Reminder. I will be live on the chat room in all articles at 4:00PM pacific time if you have immediate fantasy basketball questions.

  4. Hi Muntra,

    Should I drop MarSon Brooks or Kemba Walker for Andrea Bargani? Andray Blatche is also available.
    I’m leaning towards dropping Kemba because he’s getting less and less playtime. I know Brooks isn’t scoring as much but he does play 34+ minutes which gives opportunities. Thanks for the help!

  5. if it does not go through then wht do u suggest me dropping to grab Danillo? I cant drop calderon coz i only have him there for assists. If i drop Marc then there is a big void in my center position as of now. So paul george or Manu??

  6. I would drop Marshon for Bargs. I had Blatche for a while, he put up bad numbers even when healthy. Keep Kemba

  7. Hey M,

    So he cancelled the Mike Conley/Chris Paul trade for LBJ. Now he offers Chris Paul and Rudy Gay. Do you still think its not worth it?

  8. Marshon has been struggling lately. I’m not sure if that’s because of BroLo or if he just had a rough week, but either way im i need results ASAP. Notable FA available are bayless, tayshaun prince, brandon knight, devin harris, oj mayo, pachulia, and maggette. Thoughts?

  9. Paul George believe it or not is more valuable than Manu Ginobili.

    George brings more intangibles to the table and he will be snatched up immediately.

    You cannot drop Marc, he is a top 10 center option.

    A 2-1 Trade is the only way for your team to logically grab Danilo.

  10. MarShon does appear to have his value heading straight down with Lopez emerging. Bargs may not come back until Wednesday, but when he does he will automatically be must-start.

    I agree with Mike on keeping Kemba. When the Bobcats head into late March-Early April, Kemba will be getting 35+ Minutes a night and the Bobcats want to see what their future holds.

    You can go ahead and make the move..Drop Brooks and Bargs.

  11. Very tempting.

    You’re looking at two combined players of 38 Points. 13 Assists. 7 Rebounds. 5 Steals. 1 Block.

    In return for LBJ who can get you 30 Points. 8 Assists. 8 Rebounds. 2 Steals. 2 Blocks.

    I personally would rather have one dominant player than two good/great ones. Especially when you combine Lebron with the guard CP3 would be replacing in your lineup, you are probably getting a small downgrade.

    Keep the fantasy MVP.

  12. Brandon Knight is doing well now, and he will be even more dominant as the season progresses. Plus he should not be a FA in any league.

    When the Pistons are officially eliminated, you can expect Knight to be more aggressive all-around. MarShon is definitely struggling because BroLo is shooting the ball 20+ Times a game. The volume is not there for Brooks anymore, and you will be getting an immediate and long term upgrade with Knight.

  13. So I just got offered Rondo, Josh Smith, and Greg Monroe for Derrick Rose and Dwight. Should I do this trade because I would only be dropping steve novak? I added up the value numbers and im getting more value but dwight and rose are the two best at their position should i still make the trade?

  14. Thanks for all the help. I just made a big trade by dealing Dwight Howard and Derrick Rose for Rondo, josh smith and Greg Monroe. First, was that a good move?

    Guards: Deron Williams, Rajon Rondo Tyreke Evans, Jordan Crawford
    Forwards: Andre Iguodala, Paul George, Shawn Marion, Josh Smith
    Centers: Greg Monroe, Roy Hibbert, Demarcus Cousins, Nikola Pekovic, Zach Randolph

    The other thing is the waiver wire. I want to get Biyombo, Varejo and possibly sessions. I was thinking of making a 2 for 1 trade so i can go pick up one of these free agents. Should I trade Hibbert and Marion for a point guard like John Wall, Brandon Jennings or tony parker? then pick up biyombo or Varejo.

    Thanks for all the great advice in advance… its very much appreciated

  15. You are getting an elite guard, an elite forward, and an elite center. For two of the top players.

    Essentially 3 2nd round picks for 2 1st round picks.

    If your team will upgrade tremendously with Josh Smith entering the forward position, then you can make this trade. Otherwise if your team is already in 1st, don’t fix what isn’t broken. Josh Smith should be an elite option all season, especially with the attitude Joe Johnson has been carrying lately.

  16. Bismack Biyombo will be a must-add player by the end of the week. I have a little something special cooked up for him that I will be releasing soon. The block rate on Bismack is not comparable to any current fantasy option.

    Looking at your roster, that was a great move. You can try that 2-1 trade, you are probably going to have to settle with Kyrie Irving, which would be more than fine.

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