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The Mavericks have traded away Dennis Smith Jr, DeAndre Jordan, and Wesley Matthews to the Knicks for Kristaps.

Interesting move to be making for a Knicks team that finds themselves in last place in the East. With no chance of making the playoffs, the Knicks traded away a Superstar and too early to say Hall of Famer but there is definitely some upside for that. Traded away this superstar legend, all for three players that are very strong role players.

Dennis Smith JR is a talented PG and you can argue the Lakers would have been much better off drafting him instead of Lonzo Ball, however DSJ is not light years better than Mudiay or Trey Burke. Wesley Matthews is at the end of his career, and DeAndre Jordan is a BEAST, but he is also nowhere near the same sentence as Porzingis. His contract does expire at the end of the year, but Porzingis is a stud anyone would love.

All three Knicks could have a hard time producing a lot of Fantasy value after the trade. Log jams at every position and the Knicks are evaluating talent

As for Porzingis going to Dallas, he now gets a chance to learn from Dirk Nowitzki before Dirk retires. The amount of knowledge Porzingis will have learning from Dirk will take Kristaps game to the next level. The Mavericks have given up this year with this trade, but that is okay, they were not going to win it anyways. The PG situation can easily be replaced in the draft, and the Mavericks are now easily in somewhat contention with Luka and Porzingis for 2020. They will at least grab the international fan base very quick. Smart business move by Mark Cuban.

The Knicks made a bad move making this trade. They gave away a superstar for a group of solid players that look good on a fantasy roster, but not players that are going to take to them to the playoffs nor make this Franchise take the next step forward.

The winner of all this in the Fantasy Basketball World.


Brunson has always shown a low-end triple double mentality, and with no more Dennis Smith JR, the Mavericks will have a chance to really see what he’s got. Brunson was the Player of the Year in NCAA last season, and his time to shine with 30+ Minutes every night.

Harrison Barnes & LUKA DONIC

Both players will be instant consistent BEASTs. Both players should average 20+ a game to close out the year as they are the heart and soul of the Mavs.

Dwight Powell/Dorian Finney Smith/Max Kleber will all get a nice spike up in value, but Brunson is the guy you will be able to rely on every night.

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