Congratulations to all the owners who took home the hardware, as the motto of this year’s Fantasy Basketball was.


To say thank you for my advice..

Please write a little something special on the bottom of this article, it would be greatly appreciated as it will be used to attract more attention to BEAST DOME in the future.

Thank you BEAST DOME NATION for continuing to comeback day after day reading my analysis and taking my advice.


Come back in August when FANTASY FOOTBALL comes back.  I will have you covered like Charles Woodson on a high scool WR.


“You definitely helped calm a weary mind. Thank you for your advice. It was solid… I loved the benching CJ2K in favor of Bell. It certainly goes against what we want to believe, but you’re able to put that aside and your gut instinct is pretty spot on. Thanks again for taking the time to respond to desperate people!! I have bookmarked you for next year as well.”


“I gotta give credit where credit is due – Your advice helped me navigate the playoffs to collect the championship by one point, even though I got a a big fat zero from Tony Romo and had to go against Brees, Colston & Turner last night. Based on your comments and rankings, I benched Blount & A.Brown in favor of K.Bell & D.Bowe. Made a huge difference. Keep up the good work. I’ll be stopping by for pre-draft prep in 2012. I have bookmarked your site for next year.”


For all you Fantasy Owners who are still competiting for that Championship this week..

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  1. Wow I don’t even know where to begin haha. This was my first season playing fantasy basketball with my friends. It was a 14 team league so you would imagine that pickups are limited and tough to come by, yet I was able to stay ahead of the game thanks to Beastdome. I came across BeastDome through a random web page one day and I found the information helpful enough to bring me back the next day. Eventually I came to check everyday and it made a huge difference in terms of putting me one step ahead of the competition. Predictions, trends before they trend, injury updates, game reviews and summaries, everything you needed to be successful was all located here.

    I was able to pick up quite a few successful waiver wire players such as Lin, Pekovic, Brooks, and especially Dragic throughout the season and this really helped me position myself for the playoffs(1st seed,Otherwise I would have lost). Whenever my players got injured, or when I needed reassurance on a trade, Munt’s advice was exactly what the doctor prescribed. I had the best team by far in my league, and even after injuries to critical players such as Rubio, Pekovic, Brooks, and Drose who only played 1 game throughout the whole playoff for me, I was still able to win my championship through the advice of Munt and his waiver wire.

    All in all it has been a great experience for me playing fantasy and winning it all in my first season, and I definitely couldn’t have done it without the help of Muntradamus and Beastdome.Thank you for the great advice throughout the season and thank you for helping me win my championship!

    P.S. Expect to see me back next season to protect my title haha

  2. not gonna lie i made some beautiful moves this year to win my league, and a lot of my moves this year were guided and developed through your advice, much respect. you would have been proud of my managing i swooped dragic klay thompson seraphin and lester hudson for key games in the playoffs, it was def one for the books. back to back ships in my first two yrs goin for a three peat next yr!!! anyway thanks munt keep doin ya thang, much love

  3. Hello Muntradamus,

    I want to personally thank you for this site and your timely advise given everyday. Because of your advice I took a struggling, injury ridden team from the basement to the championship! I started reading your post one day, and making some moves and my teams started to turn things around and becoming winners. This didn’t just happen in one league, but I played in 3 and I finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd in them. And if I would have made moves earlier, when you suggested them, I would have won the others as well. But it’s all good, I’ll get all 3 next year. So thank you. And as I move on to a championship in baseball. I will be taking your advice more often, like right now, lol.

    Thank you again

    Da Champ – RevClyburn

  4. I only started looking at your site past mid way through the basketball season so my team was pretty much bad. This was my first year watching basketball and I did some bad trades that hurt my team. Ever since I started taking your advice I jumped 5 spots in the standing to the 2nd seed where i got a bye. The trade deadline passed so my team wasn’t great. I ended up losing in the second round but your advice definitely was the reason I even made the playoffs. My draft was terrible too so thanks for giving me great advice and making it super easy for me to get that advice. I’m doing baseball now so I plan on taking all of your advice to get me a championship. I enjoy all the articles you post and hope you keep on going because it is really helpful. thank you!

  5. Hey Muntradamus,

    I gotta say, your advice has been superb. I won my first fantasy basketball title this year and your advice has helped me tremendously. I’ll be here for fantasy football for sure. Keep up the good work, you are officially my fantasy guru!

  6. Hello Muntradamus,
    Firstly, I would like to forewarn everyone that I will be writing a rather lengthy post in my appreciation to the number one fantasy professional for fantasy sport’s analysis. Making that bold statement, I shall back it with an immense amount of evidence of my fantasy basketball team. To briefly mention Fantasy football, I partook in my very first fantasy sport-not really knowing much about players. After learning from Muntradamus’s articles day in and day out, he allowed me to pull up a 13 to 2 (Win to Loss) season in a H2H “raw score fantasy” 8 person league for Fantasy Football. My Fantasy Football testimonial may be found here under Garrett:
    Now onto the more pertinent sport at hand, Muntradamus assisted me from the very first day of Fantasy basketball season as shown within his first article on guards: (under Garrett)
    After winning my Fantasy Football league, I decided to join a friendly 8 person H2H “raw score fantasy” league for Fantasy Basketball. Extra note, I was not present for either snake drafts and happened to obtain first pick in both luckily. Here was my team from after the draft: Tyreke Evans, Andre Iguodala, Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki, Marc Gasol, Jason Kidd, Carmelo Anthony, Nene, Andrea Bargnani, Tyson Chandler, Channing Frye, Marcus Thornton, and Antawn Jamison. From the getgo, Muntra discussed how Jason Kidd and Andre Iguodala would lose value as the season would progress which was true with their slumps. Although I dropped the almighty Tyson Chandler (whom was unpredictable at the time) for Toney Douglass, I made up for it later on with your trade advice and strategic trend watching. Honestly, I did not even know what UTIL mean’t at the start of the season as shown in: (under Garrett)
    Without a doubt, I would have been hopeless without Muntradamus’ amazing guidance throughout the year and defining of basic terms as well. Even more, I would like to make a shout out to Sir Fantasy Drake for his great articles on “Buying High and Selling Low” and “Fantasy Basketball Trade Market”. Also, thanks again Muntradamus and SFD for the trading advice on giving up Dirk Nowitzki ( during his slump) for Pau Gasol (whom was heating up), trading Kevin Durant for the almighty MVP LeBron James, taking a risk with giving Andrea Bargani and Carmelo Anthony for Kevin Love, picking up Ricky Rubio at his hot streak, Carlos Boozer for Greg Monroe, Pau Gasol for LeMarcus Aldridge, Marc Gasol and Kyrie Irving for Dwight Howard, and so forth…
    Here is my dream team at its peak: PG Deron Williams SG Dwyane Wade SF LeBron James PF Kevin Love C Dwight Howard G Kyle Lowry F Dirk Nowitzki UTIL LeMarcus Aldridge, Greg Monroe, Carmelo Anthony Bench: Ricky Rubio, Isaiah Thomas, and Kevin Martin AND DEVELOPED INTO PG Deron Williams SG Dwyane Wade SF LeBron James PF Kevin Love C Dwight Howard G Ty Lawson F Dirk Nowitzki UTIL: Greg Monroe, Carmelo Anthony, LeMarcus Aldridge Bench: Antawn Jamison, Rodney Stuckey, Nikola Pekovic (right before playoffs). Then during playoffs, my team deteriorated due to injuries and rest days; thus, M came to the rescue with daily waiver wire articles and chat box advice before major games were played. To give you an idea, check out this link: AND AND (under Scream this time) . When it came down to the line, I won the Championship with a 13-1 (Win to Lose rate). Thus, I clearly only loss one matchup by a mere couple points, and won the majority with this pro’s help. Here is my league to check out the year: Moreover, you really cannot go wrong with this amazing professional “official” analysis expert just look: … He is truly a remarkable person whom benevolently will help anyone at any given time. Join the chat box for even faster responses as well. To give you an idea of how many of my posts that received comments from Muntradamus, read all of the following…
    Therefore, he truly cares about his community and would do anything to promote your team in the most positive way. Also, an update on my fantasy baseball team, I am now 2-0 at the moment in a 14 person H2H “raw fantasy score” league. (2nd place). Follow M’s guidance, and you will not be let down. I most definitely recommend him to anyone desiring a legit analysis (Plus, he is doing this all for free!). Wonderful person, Knowledgeable articles, BEASTDOME will not let you down! Join Today!
    Kind Regards,
    Scream, otherwise known as Garrett

  7. All you can ask for regarding fantasy advice is for someone to back up said advice with words that make sense to you so that you can make a decision that is right for you in a given moment. I’m only starting to get to know Muntradamus (Muntz) and he is already my most trusted fantasy advisor…period…and this is just with being on the BEAST DOME chat boards for about a week. He helped me win my fantasy basketball season. I will admit, I was in pretty good shape to win heading into this final week BUT I did not have to do all the work trolling around the internet to tidbits of advice, Googling here and Googling there. Right now and in the future, whenever I have a fantasy dilemma, in any sport, I know where to go to help me pull the trigger on a deal or a transaction. I must say what I like most about Muntz thus far, and I hardly know him, is his willingness to help, when he can (and I can’t believe how much he makes himself available) but more so that he’ll tell you like it is. He’ll call it like he sees it, backing it or up with facts and with gut. He’s not wishy washy or apologetic. In the end we all make our own decisions and regardless of how those (fantasy) decisions may or may not turn out, I feel that Muntz will be with you in the morning to help with: “OK, what do I do next?”…and that speaks volumes to me. Keep it up Muntz and I am looking forward to winning all of my fantasy leagues (or at least being in a position to win them…lol) for years to come. Thanks Muntz!

  8. Dear Reader,

    If you didn’t already know, Muntradamus is a fantasy genius. He sees trends before they happen and analyzes statistics that no other experts look at. Munt will always respond to all of your questions and take your team from average to champion status. I had never tried any fantasy sports before a few months ago, and yet I won all 3 of my ESPN basketball leagues with his help. There is a plethora of useful content on and I highly recommend it to fantasy amateurs and experts alike. Thank you for everything so far Munt, and I look forward to many more happy days of fantasy dominance with your guidance!

    Mike from San Francisco

  9. Muntradamus got me to the finals. Hands down. I don’t want any of my friends to ever find out about him or BeastDome.

  10. Actually, I’ll recommend him to all of my friends! Just not anyone in my league lol

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