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Sunday is answer to question days that was posted on Daily Rankings.  Starting now, there will be new articles published daily instead of one long article with updates.

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  • Will Derrick Rose finally play, if so what kind of performance?
    • He played.  He dominated.  38+ Minutes, 26 FG attempts, 29 Points, 4 3PTM.  Get him active.  All other Bulls failed to be solid fantasy options.


  • How about J.R. Smith, is he going to break out?
    • He did.  22 FG Attempts, and 2/11 3PT shooting shows he is ready to have a 40 Point game sooner than we think.  Get him active if you need a 3PTM boost.


  • Donald Sloan or Lester Hudson?
    • Both are fine.  Cleveland does not have a SG, so Sloan will get you the assists as he did tonight with 14.  Hudson has the offensive firepower as he took 22 FG attempts, and 6 3PTM.  Both are solid sleepers for this upcoming scoring period.


  • Will Anthony Morrow prove he is a fantasy option?
    • He did.  He took 17 FG attempts, and hit 3 3PTM on his way to 17 Points.  He is not a bad sleeper option if you are struggling for 3PTM from the forward spot.


  • Rodney Stuckey vs. Ben Gordon vs. Brandon Knight?
    • Ben Gordon is back to the bench.  Rodney Stuckey should resume his role as the go-to-guy in this Pistons offense to close the season.


  • Will Chris Bosh go 20-10 or 12-3?
    • He went 22-9.  Good enough, and we will see if the consistency holds true for this week.


  • Which 76er will be the player of the day?
    • Nikola Vucevic with 13 Points and 14 Rebounds.  Just when you thought there was no way another bench player could make a big impact.  You were wrong as he played a team high 28+ Minutes off the bench.


  • Can Brandon Bass put up good numbers with Ray Allen back?
    • Yes he can, only because he went 8/10 from the field.  18 Points, 6 Rebounds, 1 Block will get the job done.


  • Will Andrea Bargnani continue to shoot the ball well?
    • He got injured early, so DeMar DeRozan should put up a show in all the games Bargs misses.


  • Can Serge Ibaka play 30+ Minutes?
    • He can, but he only played 23 Minutes.  Serge had 8 Points, 6 Rebounds, and 5 Blocks.  The lines are amazing for his limited minutes.


  • Will Al Jefferson continue to dominate against the Spurs?
    • 19 Points, 10 Rebounds, 2 Blocks.  I would say he did his job.  Big Al went 9/23 from the field, and showed he is ready to be a huge fantasy threat down the stretch.  Paul Millsap was 1/8 from the field.


  • Which Spur will get the DNP?
    • If you guessed Stephen Jackson, then you are one step ahead of coach Pops.


  • Goran Dragic or Kyle Lowry.  Big game either way, Dragic needs to be elite.
    • Kyle Lowry played 18 Minutes off the bench.  He went 0/3 from the field but had 7 Assists.  Goran Dragic was solid with 15 Points and 9 Assists.  This does not look good for either player.  Lowry should get his job back however.


  • Will Marcus Thornton return, and will the Kings get something going?
    • No, and No.  The Kings only scored 87 Points.  The two leading scorers was Terrence Williams who led the way with 21.  And Jimmer Fredette the sharp shooter who had 17 Points along with 3 3PTM in the start.


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