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It is great that the NBA is kicking off Christmas day, a week before the regular season ends for Fantasy Football.  It is a long season here at MaddenArena, and we will be providing fantasy basketball articles nearly daily.  Leading up to opening day, I will cover each position.  First the Guards.

(Forwards Rankings)
(Center Rankings)

Guards I’m targeting:

Jrue Holiday He does it all, even knocks down the 3.  Could be a breakout year for the franchise player of the 76ers.

Toney Douglass
Points guards thrive in mike D’antoni’s offense.  He already was a 3PT beast and now doesn’t have to compete with Chauncey Billups for playing time.

Marcus Thornton
The Kings are all in on him, as should you.  He was a monster getting over 20 points a game, sometimes much more, and knocking down a plethora of 3’s.   Kings should be a very high scoring team this year.

James HardenHe is ready to take his game to the next level.  He was a star in college, and is now very comfortable star 6th man on an OKC  that is ready to take their team to the next level.  Harden should be a huge source of 3’s this season and could surprise you in other categories.

Guards I will Draft Late:

Jerryd BaylessHe has potential star guard written all over him.  He can take it to the rack with the best of them, and should find a way to get nice assists and steal numbers.  If Calderon plays bad, or anything happens injury wise.  Bayless would be a must own.

Brandon Knight Knight will have to carry the Pistons to a new level at some point this season.  They do have a log jam at guard, but Knight is their franchise guy.  I’m looking forward to his last month of the season.

Kemba WalkerHe may not do much besides scoring, but on a Charlotte Bobcat team that has no scoring, he could easily be a dark horse to average 20 points per game through a good stretch of this season.

Guards I will Avoid:

Jason KiddWhen will it end for Kidd?  I don’t know, but it will be sooner rather than later.  The Mavericks are a deep team this year, and they won’t need Kidd to run more than 30 minute per game early or late in the regular season.  All about keeping him fresh for the playoffs.

Stephen JacksonComplaining about a bad back, complaining about a bad hamstring, complaining about a new contract just after signing one.  I don’t like complainers, and Stephen Jackson is giving the Bucs a bad first impression.

Tony ParkerHe really doesn’t do much besides give you points and assists.  He will even hurt you in the other categories.  I do not want a player who can’t hit a 3, or get a steal.

Onto the rankings..

Tier 1- Top of the Line Players.  Star performances every night.

#1. Derrick Rose– You know when you get a guy like Rose you’re going to have potential 30-7 nights on the reg.  He hits the three and is solid everywhere else.  Nothing Rose does disappoints.

 #2. Chris Paul– With Blake Griffen and DeAndre Jordan catching alley-oops, Paul should lead the NBA in assists.  He will get his steals, and everything else to go along with it, as well as a 3PT/PG.  The only thing that puts Paul at #2 is the potential injury risk with his leg, and the nights he could disappear from scoring.  Chris Paul will be a fun guard to own.

#3. Kobe Bryant– I’m expecting Kobe to bounce back for a huge season.  It’s a shorter season, and he is their only true scorer that can handle the ball now that Odom is gone.  He fills up the stat sheet every night.  Even with a torn wrist, Kobe is still going to put up 20+ shots a game.  Last season he was a top 20 fantasy option and only played 33 minutes a game.  Expect that to go up this season.

#4.Russell Westbrook–  He will get his 20, he will get rebounds, 7 assists, steals, blocks, the only thing he won’t do is give you any three pointers.  You can manage if you have a talent like Westbrook, just grab Ray Allen.

#5. Dwayne Wade– D.Wade is a poor man’s LeBron as far as stats go.  Wade looked better as the season went on, as he got more comfortable with his teammates.  Wade is a talent that is simply too hard to pass up.  Bad FT and 3PT #’s, but what guard gets you a block per game and has the chance for a 25+ points and 6 assists while giving you decent rebound numbers.

#6. Deron Williams– Deron really struggled through a wrist injury, and adjusting to a bad team.  Now that he’s healthy and dominated in Turkey, he should be ready for an immediate impact as the star for a weak New Jersey Net squad.  He will still manage a way to get assists despite losing Lopez.  Deron should score more this year than he has in the past, as he is already in mid-season form and Anthony Morrow is the #2 scoring option.

#7. Stephen Curry– 3’s, Assists (5), Steals, if he can stay healthy he can be a fantasy MVP running the show on a high scoring, no defense Golden State Warrior team.  He already has a sprained ankle, but it’s a long season and once he’s healthy again, you will wish you didn’t let him slip in your draft.

#8. Monta Ellis– Monta gets 2 steals a game and he puts up HUGE scoring nights, last year he found a 3PT shot and hit over 130.  It is great to have Monta on your fantasy team, he will hit you in the FT% (>80%), but he will throw you 5 assists a night as a little bonus.

Tier 2- Something is holding them from Tier 1.

#9. Rajon Rondo– Rajon gets enough steals (2), assists (8), rebounds (5) to be a difference maker.  But he will hurt you in every other category.  If you get Rondo, make sure you get a big time 3 Point Shooter at another position.

#10. Steve Nash– Nash is only getting older (37), but he is still putting up elite #s.  A shortened season will help him, but the Suns have said he will sit out back-to-back games.  That will happen twice this season.  If you get Nash, you have a solid foundation of FT%, Assists.  He only averaged 1 3PT per game but I expect him to rebound now that he is fully healthy again.  The Suns are a worst team this season, but Nash should still manage to get people open looks.

#11. Tyreke Evans– Tyreke is going to be the man for the Kings this season, easily 20+ PPG.  He will be playing his original position in PG as well.  Sacramento should be scoring lots of points and Evans could break out.  He doesn’t give you 3PT’s or FT%, but he makes up for it giving you the occasional block, steals and rebounds and at least 5 assists.

#12. John Wall– Wall is supposed to take his game to the next level.  He has the talent to be the top PG, question is would you reach for him that high?  He will get you a lot of steals, and assists.  The real question is will he start shootings 3PT’s, because he hurts you enough in FT%.

#13. Eric Gordon– Gordon is the man for the Hornets.  CP3 was essentially traded for role players and this guy.  Gordon is easily someone who can put up 25 PPG, and should be targeted early on draft day.  Great 3PT, and good FT%, will chip in a steal, along with some rebounds, and dimes.

(More about Eric Gordon)

#14. Joe Johnson– With Jamal Crawford gone, Joe Johnson should get back into his old groove with one less threat that wants to shoot the ball every time he touches it.  JJ is a great bet to rebound after a poor season where he failed to scorer over 20 PPG for the first time since 2004.  He’s only 30, wouldn’t worry about age decline.

#15. Kevin Martin– Kevin Martin is a star, he will get over 25 PPG, knock down a couple 3PT’s, and make over 90% of his high volume Free throws.  Martin is a solid offensive player to carry you so you can have a guy like Rondo.  Played 80 games last year.

Tier 3- Guys ready to join the upper tier.

#16. Jrue Holiday– Jrue Holiday is a combo of Rajon Rondo and Russell Westbrook.  He will get you the intangible block and couple of steals, but he lacks in the scoring department.  He also needs to get his assist range closer to Rondo’s 10 than Westbrook’s 7.  I would take this guy because of his upside.  He’s only 21, and he is starting to make more 3’s.  Great Sleeper.

#17. Brandon Jennings– Jennings is the franchise guy for Milwaukee, they depend on him to lead their team and since he had a bad season last year, so did the Bucks.  Jennings is only 22, and he is going to get better and will build upon his 15 PPG, and 5 assists.  He will give you a lot of 3PT, and is a solid FT shooter.  Grab him with confidence.

#18. Raymond Felton– Felton on the Blazers is a good situation for him.  They need a veteran PG who can score the rock, and Felton is that guy.  He will get you over 6 assists per game, and chip in a modest 15 points while hitting a 3 and a steal.  He is only getting better every season, and should thrive on a playoff basketball team.  Grab Raymond.

#19. Toney Douglass– Douglass is a 3PT machine (143 last season) with no Billups, Douglass will be shooting at will and getting good assist numbers when throwing the ball to Carmelo and Amare.  Mike D’Antoni offenses let PG’s thrive.  Just ask Felton and Nash.

#20. Devin Harris– Devin Harris is a great PG with post players like Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap to turn basic passes into easy assists.  He averaged 7 of them a game, and he scores pretty decently but won’t give you that many 3PT.  Harris is a solid pick who can really help you in assists, and he is capable of 20 PPG.

#21. Kyrie Irving– With no Baron Davis can you say next John Wall?  I don’t think he’s as explosive but should put up good numbers in a place where he will play until the sky falls.  He is their #1 option and the new face of the future for the Cavs.  16 points, 7 assists, and a 3PT is not too much to ask for.

#22. Kyle Lowery– Out of nowhere Lowery was a 15-5-5 with a couple of steals type of player.  Now that he has had some success, he should have some confidence coming into this season.  This guy doesn’t hurt you in any category, and he makes more than a 3PT per game.  He has the potential to be a 7 assist guy and a huge steal on draft day.

Tier 4- Last source of solid starters.

#23. Mike Conley– Steals and assists are what you’re drafting with Conley.  He’s a guy that won’t really hurt you anywhere else, as he pitches in a 3PT per game and a mediocre FT%.  Good value with some upside to potentially break out now that Memphis is such a good team.

#24. Jameer Nelson– A little inconsistent but Nelson is really coming into his own as a PG in the NBA.  His 3PT shot is there as he will get at least 1 per game, he gets assists to Dwight Howard all day, and is the #3 scorer after J-Rich and Dwight.  Nelson is a solid Guard to have on your fantasy roster.

#25. Jason Kidd– Kidd is 38 but he still averages around 8 assists per game with a 3, 5 rebounds and good steal #s.  He scores less than 10 points per game, but his intangibles to go along with good FT% make him a solid guard to have on your team.  Mavericks should score a lot of points this season.

#26. Marcus Thornton– If you had this guy last year, you already know how good he is.  He single handily took teams deep into the fantasy playoffs. He does it all, and he scores like an elite guard.  Way undervalued in all leagues because of the emergence of Fredette.  Don’t be scurred, he will get his 20 PPG with heavy 3PT volume and a little bit of everything else, just signed a big contract extension.

#27. Ray Allen– 3 PT machine, elite FT%.  With Jeff Green out for the season, and Kevin Garnett not an offensive threat anymore.  Ray will have to carry this team with Pierce offensively.  Ray Allen should lead the NBA in 3PT shooting.

#28. Jared Dudley (F)- Dudley is a guard who can get you blocks, steals, 3PT, and rebounds.  That’s a rare thing to have, and someone you definitely want on your fantasy team.  He is either going to get his minutes at SG or SF, and reports are he is the best player in camp.

#29. Jarret Jack– He’s a solid PG and with no CP3, it’s his show to run.  He will get you around 6 assists and 15 points per game, and he can really light up the stat sheet.  He’s a good guard to snag late in drafts.

#30. Ty Lawson– Lawson has the potential to be a star PG in this league, easily a guy that can get you 7 assists per game and some good steal #s.  He does have Andre Miller breathing down his back, but Lawson has a lot of upside and you should draft him if he falls late.

(More About Ty Lawson)

#31. Jeff Teague– This is the Jeff Teague show in Atlanta now.  They are going to let their season ride on him making plays for this team, he can score 20, he can get you 5 assists, a steal.  Just don’t expect the 3PT shot (18 last season).

#32. James Harden– He is truly ready to break out in a big way in his junior campaign in the NBA.  He is the 6th man which only means he doesn’t get a cool intro during the starting lineups.  I’m not afraid of him, and I want him as a solid guard who can contribute 3PT, a steal good FT% and someone who can truly breakout.

#33. Manu Ginobli– As much as I hate Ginobli as a player he is a great fantasy guy to own.  He will get 17 points with a few rebounds and assists.  He will also get you a great FT%, around 2 3PT a game, and maybe 2 steals.  Good guy to grab if he slips.

#34. Stephen Jackson (F)- Jackson is the veteran for the Bucks.  Though he complained about his contract, has a bad back, an ailing hamstring, and doesn’t appear to be motivated to take his team to the next level.  He is a great player with a lot of risk.  If healthy, expect a little bit of everything and a lot of 3PT’s.

#35. Tony Parker– Tony Parker is good for only two things.  Points and assists.  If you draft him as a #4 guard then he is good value, if you’re depending on this guy as an all around player…then you’re going to be disappointed.  Less than a .5 3PT per game, low rebound, less than a steal, mediocre FT%.

#36. Anthony Morrow– A 3PT shooter with nobody behind him, and nobody in front of him.  I would take him with confidence knowing he could easily put up a Ray Allen type season.

#37. Chauncey Billups– Don’t write this guy off.  He is the starter and will be playing at a high level with a team that will score lots of points.  Billups could have a huge season at SG this season and should be owned in all leagues.  He will still get a few assists but he should get major 3PT numbers.  Elite FT shooter.

#38. DeMar Derozan– He will absolutely do nothing in 3PT (5 total last season) category, and not much in assists and rebounds.  But he is the #1 scorer on the Raptors and if his athleticism helps him increase to 5 rebounds per game, along with a block and steal then you can get great value from D-Roz this season.  Expect the 3PT Field goal attempts to go up this season.

#39. Jose Calderon– He gets assists, but he will be looking over his shoulder all season at a better PG off the bench in Bayless.  If you’re drafting someone for stats now then Calderon is your guy.

Tier 5- Guys who look to make an impact when the lineup goes their way.

#40. OJ Mayo– As the Grizzles got better so did Mayo.  Unfortunately now they are a very solid team and Tony Allen plays a lot of minutes as the defensive stopper.  Take into account that Rudy Gay is healthy and Mayo appears to be the odd man out.  He is still a great offensive player, and it won’t be before long he plays starter minutes.  Good Steal on draft day, especially if he took Allen’s spot entirely, which could happen.  Great 3PT shooter and chips in everywhere else.

#41. Evan Turner– He is a good all around player that can fill out up the stat sheet in different categories.  Playing time will be an issue, but they will find minutes for this guy as he is a big part of the 76ers future.  Won’t give you 3PT, but he will chip in everywhere else.

#42. Aaron Afflalo– He is a great defender, he will hit a lot of 3’s and make his FTs while getting some rebounds and steals.  His season all depends on JR Smith and Wilson Chandler.  If they stay in China, then Affalo is the sleeper of the year in fantasy basketball.  The Nuggets will look for him to be their consistent 2 guard.

#43. Brandon Knight– The new franchise player for Detroit.  Knight is a prolific guard who can fill the stat sheet.  Once the Pistons get eliminated from the playoffs, they are going to see what this kid can bring to the table.  He can bring you a fantasy championship.  Good 3PT numbers, good assists.

#44. Wesley Matthews (F)- Good 3 PT shooter, FT%, and a steal is what you want out of Matthews.  He is good, but his ceiling appears to be Ray Allen.

#45. Kemba Walker– His scoring potential is great, and Charlotte is the perfect team for him to get lots of minutes towards the end of the season.  His 3PT shot is a question mark, but a good candidate to be the next Marcus Thornton, without the 3’s.

#46. DJ Augustine– Augustine can get you some cheap assists, and 3’s.  But there’s time where he plays terrible, hopefully he’s a bench player on your team.

#47. Jason Terry– Ray Allen version .7.  Not quite the same thing, but still a great shooter.  This guy is a threat to get you 3’s and FT% if you’re looking for more, you’ve come to the wrong place.  He will be fighting for a lot of minutes and could have the occasional bad game.

#48. Mo Williams– 3PT, 3PT, 3PT, he should make it rain off the bench.  Minutes could be scarce, but if he gets 25+ that should be enough for a good impact game.  He will really go up if anything happens to the bad knee CP3 or aging Billups.

#49. Darren Collison– Inconsistent and has George Hill ready to take his job.  He showed great potential in New Orleans, but he was awful in his first season with Indiana.  If he has the job long term, expect good FT and assist #s.  I don’t expect him to last all season.

#50. Jason Richardson– He will get you 3PT, Steals, and solid production everywhere else.  He is a true scorer and will be looked upon to lead the Magic behind Howard as long as he holds off JJ Reddick all season.  J-Rich will go a lot later than he should.

#51. Mario Chalmers– The starting PG on a team that doesn’t need a PG.  Chalmers could be good for a few 3PT per game, but not much upside.  He will throw a lot of clunkers on the stat sheet.

#52. Nick Young– Great 3 PT shooter who will be coming off the bench fighting for minutes.  He could get hot, he could do nothing.  Interesting battle between him and Jordan Crawford all season.  Early edge, Crawford.

#53. Shannon Brown– The highflying Ex-Laker guard should make a nice impact on a Suns squad that hasn’t had a young athletic shooting guard in a lot of years.  His potential is high as he could do what Barbosa did for the Suns a few years ago, 3PT, steals, points.

#54. Andre Miller– Need assists?  Miller will be your guy if Lawson goes down.  If not he can still average 6 a game.

#55. Jimmer Fredette– Jimmer is coming off the bench this year, but he looks to be immediate offense.  I expect him to be the JR Smith of this season, and if there is an injury he would be a must own.

#56. Ben Gordon– At some point this guy is going to put it all together again and be that scorer he once was.  His shot is elite, and he could be the dark horse 3PT shooter of the year.

Tier 6- Draft if it’s a very deep league.  Lack of PT at the moment.

#57. Jordan Crawford– He was the man during fantasy playoffs last season.  The Wizards are a lot healthier and will not depend on his scoring.  He does make a nice sleeper and could explode, but for now expect modest all around production while he battles Nick Young for playing time.

#58. Aaron Brooks– If anything happens to the aging Nash, Brooks would be a great fantasy plug-in-play.  He looked terrible as a Sun, maybe that will change as he gets more comfortable with the team after a half season.  He use to be a top notch fantasy guard for Houston a year ago.

#59. Jarred Bayless– His potential is a top 20 fantasy guard.  His minutes are the amount of a backup guard.  If Calderon under performs or Bayless shows he is too good, everyone will be scooping this guy up.  He can put up 20 a game, and a handful of assists in the right situation, could be sleeper  of the year.

#60. Rodney Stuckey– Need a good backup G who can put up good enough numbers while someone’s hurt?  Check this guy out.

#61. Ricky Rubio– The upside for this guy to get a lot of assists is there.  He should get better as the season goes on and will make a solid bench player for now.

#62. Ramon Sessions– All he does is get assists, if you’re desperate you can get him, but he could turn into a forgotten man on a terrible Cavs team.

#63. Rip Hamilton– Pure scorer with no 3PT shot, you could do a lot better unless you need points at the end of the season.

#64. Gerald Henderson– If I’m in a really deep league and I need some all around BLK,STL,REB potential I would stab at Henderson.  Questionable to start the season with a hip injury.

#65. George Hill– Should be a starter at some point this season.  When that happens you will want this guy on your team.  He scores, he passes the ball well, and he has potential that most guys don’t have.

#66. Paul George– This guy is all upside and he could come out of nowhere and be a good fantasy option.  If you’re drafting reserves it wouldn’t hurt to get this guy.  Too hard to predict how his game will be, but he could turn into a 3PT, a steal, and some rebounds to go along with 15 points type of player.

#67. Gordon Hayward– Hayward could easily turn into the top premiere scorer for the Jazz.  He could also be buried on the bench, he makes a good low risk medium reward type of player.

#68. Kirk Hinrich– Slow, doesn’t do much, is bad at D, people will draft him based off his name.

#69. Raja Bell– A starter, a 3PTer, and a steal.  That is all you can expect from Raja.

#70. Tracy McGrady– Maybe there will be production from him, he is an elite talent who is past his prime.  If Joe Johnson went down, T-Mac would become a must add.

#71. JJ Barea– His defense alone will make him lose minutes.  I don’t know how much PT this guy will get, and I wouldn’t draft him to find out unless it was a last reserve.

Stay Tuned for a busy weekend of Fantasy NBA at MaddenArena.  Each day I will rank the positions leading to the full rankings released on Sunday.

Ask any questions and debate with me who you think should be ranked higher.  Good luck in Fantasy Basketball and stay tuned to MaddeArena as it is a long season..We got your back.

-Muntradamus is the senior chief editor of  He has been playing fantasy sports in high stakes league since 3rd grade.  He played varsity sports in HS and studies fantasy sports hours upon hours a day.  For questions, or looking for advice sign up for the forums to talk to Muntradamus and all of the Fantasy experts at MaddenArena.


  1. Hello Muntradamus,
    I am fairly new to the Fantasy basketball, just won my fantasy football league with your help so I was wondering if you could take a quick look at my line up for this first round of basketball..


    Tyreke Evans, Sac PG, SG

    SG Andre Iguodala, Phi SF, SG

    SF Kevin Durant, OKC SF

    PF Dirk Nowitzki, Dal PF

    C Marc Gasol, Mem C

    G Jason Kidd, Dal PG

    F Carmelo Anthony, NY SF

    UTIL Nene, Den C DTD

    UTIL Andrea Bargnani, Tor C, PF

    UTIL Tyson Chandler, NY C


    Bench Channing Frye, Pho PF, C

    Bench Marcus Thornton, Sac SG DTD

    Bench Antawn Jamison, Cle PF

    Could you let me know if I should trade some for better players or adjust the lineup? Thanks so much!
    Kind Regards,

  2. Thank you Garret I appreciate the kind words.

    Your team is solid for the first part of the season.

    I expect Jason Kidd and Andre Iguodala to lose value as the season goes on. Kidd because of age, Iguodala because the 76ers don’t count on him like they use to. Right now both players are fresh and should be solid. Look to trade them as the season goes on.

    Your forwards are beastly, and I really like your bench.

    Marcus Thornton should have a huge season, and he can easily enter your lineup for Tyson Chandler (probably should do that) he will give you 20+ a game easily with 3’s. Antwan Jamison is another guy I’m going to be talking about heavily. He is a great option as he is the proven veteran who can also score 20 a game on a bad Cavs team with no offense. Frye will give you cheap 3’s.

    At Center you have bodies that will get the job done. All are solid options, nobody stands out, and they all do their things.

    Thanks again Garret and I hope to see you come back for a long season of Fantasy Basketball, articles will be coming out on the reg as we gear up for the season.

    Glad you won your Fantasy Championship in Football. Good luck in basketball.

  3. Yes..His upside is too great to let him sit as a FA. From your roster you showed me earlier, I would probably drop Chandler. He gets about 10 points-10 rebounds a game. He won’t see many shot attempts in that offense, and will have the occasional clunker.

  4. Awesome thanks just made that adjustment and put him in my starting line up in UTIL. Should I make any other rearrangements, such as moving someone off my bench into my startup? I appreciate it!

  5. Sorry if I am asking so many questions… I truly appreciate your help. Atm out of your last source of solid starters, three are still on the Free agents list including Jared Dudley, Jeff Teague, and Athony Morrow. Should I consider picking up any of these guys, or do you think my line up is solid still without them. Also, a majority of the “impact when line up goes their way” players are available, needed? or not? Thanks again!

  6. I would watch the Toney Douglass situation early. Jared Dudley could be a more solid player for the duration of the season, if Baron Davis at any point starts to outperform Douglass I would switch to the safe option of Dudley. He will get you steals, rebounds, and 3’s.

    Morrow will be a 3PT gunner all season, Teague is Douglass without the 3’s.

    What makes Douglass so good is he gets the 3’s, assists and steals. It does not sound like your league is that deep with amount of teams. There should be good key free agents all season. All those guys are solid, and you have a solid team.

    Good Luck this season and please post in my testimonials page, and check out my other position rankings.

  7. Thanks again! Your words of wisdom always help me out with my choice decision. Also, I will most definitely write a testimonial!

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