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Every month I re-evaluate each position and update the player rankings.  The number indicated in the “(#)” is the players previous rankings.  The number goes in order from original ranking, to latest ranking.  All rankings are grouped into tiers.

(Guard Rankings)
(Forward Rankings)


NOTE: All Player Analysis is analysis from the beginning of the seasonNone of it was edited.

Tier 1- Must Starts/Great Options

#1 (1). Dwight Howard– Howard has 20-20 potential every night with steals and blocks.  The problem is his FT%, it’s hard to get by it in rotisserie leagues.

#2 (16-7). DeMarcus Cousins (F)- I like Cousins to break out and be the player he should be.  He has more talent than most tier 2 centers and easily be a 20-10 guy on the reg.  Hopefully he puts it all together, will have to deal with plenty of depth though (Hayes, Hickson, Thompson).

#3 (2-3). Al Jefferson– The safe version of Dwight Howard, Big AL is a always a solid 20-10, sometimes he has the huge nights, but he shoots 76% from the free throw line (way better than Dwight).  May not get as many steals, but he will come close in blocks with nearly 2 a game.

#4 (15-6). Greg Monroe (F)- He is the Pistons.  He improved as a rookie tremendously and is ready to take his game to the next level.  Solid 10-10 guy with a  block, has the potential for way more as the Pistons need him to be that.

#5 (6-4). Andrew Bynum– He’s only getting better and better every year.  With no Odom, Bynum will be asked to play more minutes.  He’s due to break out.  20-10 is easily in reach and will wow you with some games.  Could be a top 3 center by season end.

#6 (5-2). LaMarcus Aldridge (F)- Aldridge only has one concern, if he stays healthy he will be an easy all-star.  20-10 with a block every night.  With no Brandon Roy he will get a lot more shot attempts.

#7 (20-5). Marc Gasol– The more physical Gasol has good value, but is not a superstar.  He will fall asleep some nights, but should be good for 10-10 with a block when it is all said and done.

#8 (19-8). Marcin Gortat– Gortat will be playing with a bad hand, he is the Polish hammer for a reason and should easily get 12-10 with a block per night.  Will not hurt you in the FT category either.

#9 (4-9). Pau Gasol (F)- Pau needs to step up and get his 20-10 every night, the potential is there easily with Odom gone, but it may not come so easy.

#10 (21-19). Brook Lopez– When Lopez comes back he will be needed for 20-10 right away.  Do not drop him, wait for his return and should be solid as he gets more comfortable with Deron Williams.

#11 (9-14). Joakim Noah– The thing he has over Bynum is you know you’re going to get 100% every night from him.  He’s a beast, he can get 20 rebounds a game if he wanted to, but his offensive skills have him limited.  Should be a nice year as Noah gets better every season.    Mediocre (73%) FT shooter.

Tier 2- Great Players but not elite

#12 (27-11). Roy Hibbert– Hibbert is soft but is getting better.  His weight lost was weird to watch him play, maybe he stays consistent and gives you 12-10, best case scenario.  Hopefully some blocks and good FT% as well.

#13 (NR-NR) Kevin Garnett- Gaining Center eligibility gives his fantasy value a huge boost.

#14 (3-10). Amare Stoudemire (F)- Amare could have a bigger season now that he does not have to play center.  The defensive pressure will be on Tyson and Amare can play his regular position at PF.  He should be healthier than he was a year ago, making Amare a great draft day pick.

#15 (17-21). Serge Ibaka (F)- Ibaka is a block specialist, and at times can be a 10+ rebound type of guy.  Take him with upside as he is very young and only getting more comfortable in the NBA.  A star in his home country.

#16. Andrea Barginani– Andrea is still the man the Raptors need to lead them to the next level.  He has a big 3PT shot which is huge for his position.  Definitely a guy to nab in rotoleagues.  Great FT%, not such a great rebounder.  The points will make up for it.

#17 (NR-39). Nikola Pekovic

#18 (18-27). Chris Kaman– Kaman is back to prove that he is a 18-10 guy.  Being on a Hornets team with not a lot of offensive weapons I fully expect Kaman to bounce back.  He is a solid FT shooter as well.

#19 (14-28). Channing Frye (F)- Frye is valuable for 3’s and blocks.  He will have the occasional clunker, but he is very solid and should be among the league leaders in his categories, and lead some teams to fantasy championships.

#20 (28-17). Tyson Chandler– On the Knicks Chandler will get to duplicate his 10-10 with a  block+ per game.  Always solid, nothing special.  Tyson Chandler.

#21 (NR-20) Drew Gooden-

#22 (37-15). Anderson Varejao– A poor man’s Noah, that should be enough for some good cheap stat lines especially with no other big bodies to compete with.

#23 (13-12). Nene Hiliario– Nene is the Luis Scola of centers.  He gets the hustle points, and will help in rebounds,  blocks, steals, FT%.  Playing PF should help Nene thrive as he can play against players smaller than him.

#24 (8-13). DeAndre Jordan– Jordan has high expectations, but with CP3 lobbing alley-oops it should be an easy season for Jordan.  15-10 with 2 blocks is easily in reach.  Shoots less than 50% from the FT line.

Tier 3- Serviceable Players

#25 (7-16). Javale McGee– McGee could also be a center who takes his game to the next level.  McGee is a block machine and should lead the league.  17-10 would be nice to get.  He will hurt your FT%

#26 (NR-NR) Bismack Biyombo-

#27 (23-22). Marcus Camby– When healthy Camby is blocks, steals, rebound beast.  He is not healthy to start the season, but there will be a stretch of the season Camby will be valuable.

#28 (24-24). Jason Thompson– He has the body to be a great NBA player, the skill is there and he should find his groove at some point this season.  I am expecting 10-10 and a block from the powerful PF.

#29 (35-25). Brandon Bass (F)- Bass has a chance to get some good sleeper games if Jermaine O’Neal and Kevin Garnett don’t stay healthy all season.  He is a great player and will be must own if something happens to the aging guys above.

Tier 4- Guys who will not wow you, but should be solid when they are ready.

#30 (22-18). Samuel Dalembert– Samuel is the guy for Houston, but he will have to make sure he performs like he usually does because Jordan Hill is ready for his chance to shine.  8-10 with 2 blocks is easily in reach.  Will not kill you in FT%.

#31 (NR-41) Zaza Pachulia

#32 (26-23). Emeka Okafor– Emeka is a good block shot center, and he will get you almost 10-10 a game.  His FT% will hurt you though.

#33 (NR-29). Spencer Hawes

#34 (40-38). Ekpe Udoh– If you want a cheap source of blocks at the end of the season this could be the guy to get late.

#35 (25-26). Ed Davis (F)- The Dennis Rodman of fantasy basketball.  If you need a rebound stud that could get the block, look no further.  Center eligible as well.

#36 (NR-NR) Tiago Splitter-

#37 (39-30). DeJuan Blair– The starter for San Antonio, he does not do much and has Tiago Splitter ready to jump in.  Duncan’s age helps with Blair getting playing time, 10-10 would be great.

Tier 5. Waiver Wire

#38 (30-31). Kendrick Perkins– Perkins lost weight, but at the same time he is not a great fantasy player to begin with.  If you think he will be a better defender then take a risk, because 10 points is not guaranteed a night.

#39 (31-33). Brendan Haywood– With no more Chandler, Haywood should be a lock for 10 rebounds a game and enough opportunities to get a lot of blocks.  Don’t count on points, consistency will be key.

#40 (33-34). Jordan Hill (F)- As a Center Jordan Hill as tremendous potential to jump in the second tier if he out plays Dalembert early.  The potential is there.

#41 (34-35). JJ Hickson (F)- JJ is coming off the bench but is a solid player.  He will be battling for minutes, but at some point he is going to be very valuable.  15-10 with a block when he has no competition for playing time.

#42 (36-36). Taj Gibson (F)- He would be great if there was an injury, without he’s too risky to consider a fantasy starter.

#43 (38-37). Chuck Hayes– Chuck is a nice hustle guy who will get you some 10-10 games.  The Kings are too deep to expect solid production all season.  But he is good for the first week or two.

#44 (29-32). Darko Milic– Darko was solid when he was starting last year with nearly 15-10 nights on the reg.  He is starting early this season, and could be a nice play if he proves well early.

#45 (NR-40) Byron Mullens

Injured- Fell out of rankings

#10. Al Horford (F)- Again, you want guys who are growing as players.  Horford is an athletic Center who gets assists, good FT, blocks and rebounds.  The Free throw could be near 80%.

#11. Andrew Bogut– Bogut is the man for the Bucks and they will need as many 20-10 efforts they can get.  He is good for blocks, bad for FT%.



  1. Personally, I’d like to think Chuck Hayes and Hickson can take that starting role away from Thompson. He was horrible against the Clippers last night! Only maybe 1 free throw made in 7 attempts, only 2 points, and 3 fouls!

  2. Good Point. Thompson does appear to be heading in the wrong direction and if he continues to struggle then either Hickson or Hayes will take away his value instantly.

    None of the above will be safe fantasy options for the rest of the fantasy season unless an injury occurs, or Thompson channels his inner DeMarcus Cousins.

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