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I desperately need help on assists for my team. If I didn’t pick up Ricky Rubio, I would have been in dead last. Are there any other guys that have a lot of assist potential like Rubio that I can pick up?

Brendan, I have your answer.

Owned in just 1% of CBS Sportsline leagues, fantasy owners are overlooking a veteran PG who has made his NBA career based off of getting assists.

Earl Watson (JAZZ)

Obviously if you have not learned by now, Assist guards do not stay on waiver wires for long as it is one of the most coveted categories in all of Fantasy Basketball.   You either have to grab a back up PG with potential, or hope for an injury.

Luckily a player like Earl Watson stays under the radar and has been quietly averaging 5 Assists per game in the month of January.  While getting 7 Assists in 3 of the last 5 games.

Usually you would not make a big deal about a backup PG, but when you look at how Devin Harris has been performing over the month of January; 8 Points, and 5 Assists per game.

You are better off counting on Dog the Bounty Hunter to run his squad, than Devin Harris putting up a decent fantasy game with his 2-1 Assist/Turnover ratio.

Especially because those numbers were bumped up after his Wednesday Night performance; 24 Points, 6 Assists in Double OT.

Harris has hit rock bottom this season, and is only three games separated from a 1 Point, 2 Assist night against Dallas.  The Jazz lost by 3 in that game.  Believe it or not Harris has scored 3 points or less 4 times this month.

IF Devin Harris continues to struggle, the Jazz will have to turn to the hot hand at the PG spot.  Utah is one of the best teams in the West for the first time since the John Stockton, Karl Malone days and they are not going to put a bad lineup out there.  The Jazz have the best low post duo in Paul Millsap, and Big Al Jefferson who need a pass from their PG to set them up in the paint, and so far Earl Watson leads the team in Assists with 4.8 per game.

Earl Watson is a great sleeper and he should be added in all leagues If you are desperate for assists.  IF Devin Harris continues to struggle, and Earl Watson continues to look great off the bench, something will change in Utah.  Once upon a time Earl Watson averaged 11 Points, and 7 Assists per game with Seattle back in 2007.  Will Devin Harris force Utah to turn back the clock?

Other Assist Sleepers Include:

Isaiah Thomas (Kings)–  He has had 5 Assists or more in the past three games.  Those numbers however should take a dip once Marcus Thornton returns from his quad injury.

Nate Robinson (Warriors)– If Stephen Curry goes down, Nate Robinson will hold major value and should be picked up in all leagues as he is an offensive juggernaut.



  1. Thanks for answering my question. Should I be worried that Jamaal Tinsley just started a few days ago a got 13 assists, where Earl Watson didn’t even play? Would it be a good idea to pick up Tinsley instead if he puts up another good stat line?

  2. It would be a lot better of an idea to get Ramon Sessions if he is available.

    Earl Watson now has competition from both sides and is clearly in the middle of this sandwich. (Tinsley and Harris are the two slices of bread)

    I would avoid all of them at the moment until this situation clears up a bit. If Greivis Vasquez is available you should grab him.

  3. I grabbed Jeremy Lin. for right now. Hopefully he can continue his streak, and if not, you have given me some good ideas of who to pick up instead.

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