BY: Muntradamus

(Player Update Part 2)
(Fantasy Trade Analyzer)

Every fantasy player that has any implications on any lineup will be listed in this article.  This is my perspective of what is currently going with every player.  If you have a question about a player, and a player only I will share my opinion on him.

For those that are new to the site, I spend hours upon hours of research and I man handle multiple high stakes fantasy basketball leagues at once.  I am here to help you win your league.  The ranking with the player name is their current trade value.

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Let’s get to it..


Andre Iguodala (8.1/10)- Iguodala does not take enough shots consistently to be an elite fantasy option.  His assist numbers are amazing for the forward position, but they are not good enough to carry him every  night consistently with his low scoring.  The 3×2 are great when they happen, but that is how he fools his fantasy owners into thinking he is worth more than he is.

Jrue Holiday (7.6/10)- The good news about Jrue is that he continues to see the most minutes out of the 76ers guards.  He does miss a lot of shots, and shooting 50% from the field is very rare.  He is so talented that you just have to wait for him to breakout.

Louis Williams (6.9/10)- Lou is a scoring machine no doubt.  The problem with him is his consistency.  If Lou has a poor shooting night, and Evan Turner is on.  Then you got yourself what would be a bench player in a majority of fantasy leagues.  He does not offer much outside of 3PTM, and Points.  Everything else is just a bonus.


Evan Turner (5.8/10)- Turner needs an injury to someone in the front court for him to gain value.  The  potential is definitely there for a fantasy stud, but the minutes are not.

Elton Brand (6.1/10)- Brand is putting up decent numbers recently.  The problem with Brand is the fact he is aging quickly this season, and we are not even halfway yet.  The schedule is only going to get more intense, and Spencer Hawes will eventually affect Brand’s fantasy value.

Thaddeus Young (5.8/10)- Thaddues could score 17 Points on a lot of different teams.  With the 76ers he is a great option off the bench who is not a consistent fantasy basketball threat.  Hard to know when that will change as his value was the same when Brand was out earlier this month.

Spencer Hawes (5.6/10)- Hawes is having trouble staying healthy this season.  The schedule will only get more intense, which could leave Hawes as a droppable option in one center leagues.



Kemba Walker (7.2/10)- Consistency will be a problem for Kemba this season.  However once the Bobcats are eliminated from the playoffs, I expect Kemba to be an excellent fantasy option in all leagues.  I’m thinking Must-Start material.  He will be a seasoned pro, and younger legs will succeed in a lockout season.

Boris Diaw (5.5/10)- The window to trade this guy has come and passed twice.  Expecting a third time would be like expecting Jeremy Lin to come out of nowhere and be a good fantasy option…

Gerald Henderson (5.3/10)- Value is toast with all the Bobcats getting healthy.  Reggie Williams is a new threat to add along to the healthy Corey Maggette.  Did I mention D.J. Augustin will also be back.


D.J. Augustin (6.5/10)- Eyeing a Monday return.  Fantasy owners will be watching him closely.


Tyrus Thomas (6.2/10)- His value is fading, but I do expect Tyrus Thomas at some point to put it all together.  He is too athletic and long not to be getting Serge Ibaka numbers.

Corey Maggette (6/10)- Maggette is back and he’s going to be trouble.  That is to all Bobcat fantasy basketball owners who cannot figure out who to play of this bunch.  This guy will put up Michael Beasley type numbers as far as field goal attempts per minutes go.  He may not get the FG attempts, but he will be a good asset for FT%.

Bismack Biyombo (5.5/10)- One week there will be an opportunity where you can play this guy confidently.  That week is not anytime soon.


Reggie Williams (5/10)- Reggie’s fantasy value has struck midnight now that D.J. Augustin is returning. 


Brandon Jennings (8.6/10)- Jennings has the chance to be a star PG in the fantasy basketball world.  Andrew Bogut is gone, Stephen Jackson is a headcase, and nobody else on this team is a proven all-star.  Brandon has not taken advantage of the situation,  and is now one of the least consistent star guards in fantasy basketball.  Lately he did have one big 24 Point, and 8 Assist performance.  That was sandwiched by four games where he averaged 7 Points, and 4.5 Assists.  I expect him to get it together and is an excellent buy-low candidate.

Mike Dunleavy (6.5/10)- Dunleavy is one of the finer shooters on this team averaging 15 Points in his last four games.  I expect him to play a more prominent role in the offense once they figure out this whole Stephen Jackson dilemma.

Stephen Jackson (6.7/10)- Will this guy get traded already.  He is starting to get more minutes recently, but it does not seem like he is playing for his team.  He is trying to boost his own ego and remind everyone how good he is.  Which he looks like a player that is over the hill and wants to get traded.

Drew Gooden (7.5/10)- Gooden is averaging nearly 22 Points a game in his last five games.  Who would of thought he would resurge his career heading into his 10th campaign as a backup center in Milwaukee.  Destiny.

Ersan Illysova (6.4/10)- Ersan is a rebounding machine grabbing 12 or more in four of the last six games.  His fantasy value is crawling quickly, and is slowing building his averages to 10 Points, and 10 Rebounds a game on the season.  True fantasy sleeper right here. 

Carlos Delfino (6/10)- Delfino went “unconscious” and had a huge 25 Point, 4 Steal, and 6 3PTM  performance earlier in the week.  Then he quickly went to his old ways making owners unsure what to do with him.  I would keep him if I had the bench space.



Derrick Rose (9.5/10)- The back injury is a concern.  For now just wait and do not trade Rose unless you are getting an elite player in return.


Luol Deng (7.8/10)- If you read my article for Question of the Week about Deng.  I said to trade him as soon as he has a good performance.  Since his first two games,  he is having a tough time cracking 12 Points.  At least he is healthy and has some value, but when RIP returns it is only going to get tougher.


Joakim Noah (8.2/10)- Since January 23rd, Noah has averaged 19.75 Points, and 11.1 Rebounds.  Mix in his random block and steals outbursts, and you got yourself a very desirable center.  No reason to think he cannot keep up his performance, as he is a player who creates for himself with pure hustle.


Carlos Boozer (7.7/10)- Booz Crooz has been solid throwing up some games over 20+ Points recently.  Luol Deng’s return does affect his consistency a bit, but nothing that should make you lose sleep over.  Boozer is back to being a good solid option at the Forward position.


Rip Hamilton (5.7/10)- Rip is a slow healer.  Eventually he will get back to healthy, but by then the Bulls are so stacked it would be tough to consider starting him.  Rumor is a return in a week.

Ronnie Brewer (5.3/10)- Brewer is benefiting from all this missed Luol Deng and Rip time.  With the news that Rip should be back in a week, leaves Brewer as one more week of a good steals source.

C.J. Watson (5.8/10)- Rose’s back injury could be very serious, which could result into C.J. being a very hot waiver wire claim.  The guy will perform consistently if he gets the starts.


Kyrie Irving (8/10)- Kyrie should return this week and show that he is passed his concussion problems.


Ramon Sessions (6.7/10)- Sessions had a great run as the PG, but now will be bounced back to bench duties.  Do not be surprised to see him eclipse 26+ Minutes consistently.


Anderson Varejao (7.2/10)- Varejao out for 4-6 weeks at least.  Then he has to prove to us all over again that is really the legitimate center he showed us he is.  All it will take is one good game to know he’s back, but still a tough situation for his fantasy owners.


Antwan Jamison (8.5/10)- Jamison is playing like a fantasy MVP averaging 23.5 Points, and nearly 10 Rebounds per game in the month of February.  With the news that Varejao is out, only means Jamison should continue to be a consistent rock on this fantasy team.  I would ride out the Jamison wave for the rest of the month, before consider selling high with the recent injury to Varejao.


Daniel Gibson (6.2/10)- Gibson’s big test comes this week with Kyrie returning.  Let’s see if he is a good fantasy option.

Tristan Thompson (6.1/10)- Thompson is going to get more playing time with Varejao out.  Thompson is 6’10 and long, but most importantly way more talented than the center options the Cavs are running now.  Once Cleveland is eliminated, or Jamison gets traded to a contender.  I like Thompson to be a big impact fantasy player.


Paul Pierce (8.9/10)- Paul Pierce is still performing as a one of the top options at the forward position.   However now that Rondo looks healthy, Pierce does not get as many touches and is slowly decreasing in fantasy value.  There are not many forwards who put up the numbers Pierce do, so his trade value remains high.


Kevin Garnett (7.8/10)- The fountain of youth gave KG another break.  With the news that Bass is out, Garnett is going to have to play more minutes, more consistently.  Only gaining center eligibility is missing from this story book season.


Ray Allen (7.5/10)- Ray has lost a bit of consistency, but for the most part he will give you a couple 3PTM per game, with some nice point numbers.  At times.


Rajon Rondo (8.8/10)-Rondo’s 32-15-10 game puts him right back as one of the elite fantasy guards.  The points felt like a fluke, but 15 Assists and 10 Rebounds is the type of production which makes him special.  Everything else was a bonus.


Brandon Bass (6.3/10)- Out about two weeks, fantasy owners should hold onto him.  Serviceable centers are not easily to find in fantasy basketball.



Chris Paul (9.7/10)- CP3 is the most exciting fantasy PG to own.  He is consistent, and remains an elite option.  His 9.1 Assists per game, are a little on the low side for my liking.


Blake Griffin (9.5/10)- While CP3 is the most exciting fantasy PG, Blake is the most exciting NBA player.  He throws down huge dunks every night, but most importantly he is racking up monster double-doubles.  His steal and block numbers are both up this season.  FT% at 53.


Mo Williams (7/10)- Mo has yet to take full advantage of the no Chauncey Billups situation.  All it takes is Mo to have one 30 Point game before he fully gains that role that is missing.  Until then, Randy Foye has the chance to make some noise.


DeAndre Jordan (7.4/10)- Jordan is still showing some inconsistency, but as a freak athlete his owners will continue to believe.  He should be solid every night for rebounds and blocks, eventually the scoring will come.


Caron Butler (7.3/10)- One of the most good inconsistent fantasy basketball players, Caron still gets it done.  He may score 10 Points one night, but he will make it up with a 20 Point performance later on the week.  Besides Points, he helps his owners in 3PTM, and steals.


Randy Foye (5.3/10)- Foye has not exactly impressed since filling in for Billups, but he is doing enough to be a starter.  He makes a good waiver wire add for the time being, but do not be surprised when it time to waive this guy soon.  Especially if Eric Bledsoe starts to make some noise coming off the bench.


Mike Conley (7.8/10)- Conley has been getting solid assist numbers (7) and elite steal numbers (2.4).  His 3PTM has been down recently, but when the Grizz get Randolph back, Conley should be an even better option.  His assists will go up, his 3PT shot will be more open as they lose track of perimeter players when Randolph has it in the post.


Rudy Gay (8.3/10)- Gay had a good run with no Zach Randolph.  I personally expected the numbers he put up now, to be the numbers he would put up with Randolph in the lineup.  Now that he is returning I do not feel the same way.  The team has gotten very deep with scoring options.


Zach Randolph (7.5/10)- Randolph will return this month and be an immediate fantasy basketball impact player.  Make sure he is not lurking in your waiver wire as this guy is Must-Start material when healthy.


Marc Gasol (8.7/10)- Gasol has been elite, and I expect it to come to an end soon.  He will still be a solid fantasy center, Roy Hibbert type value.  I just don’t see him consistently putting up big performances sharing touches down low with ZBo.


O.J. Mayo (6.8/10)- O.J. is making it worth coming off the bench.  His scoring has been good, but his consistency has not.  If he was on a different team where he was a top option, he would probably be averaging 20+ a game.



Jeff Teague (6/10)- Teague is hitting the bottom of his fantasy value.  His minutes are not consistent, Kirk Hinrich is playing at the same level, and Teague is just not that great of an offensive player.  His hot stretch was great while it lasted, but it will likely take an injury to Joe Johnson or Josh Smith for him to regain that value.


Joe Johnson (8.1/10)- The Hawks need Joe Johnson to be a threat in the scoring department.  They currently stand 12-1 when Joe Johnson scores 20+ a game.


Josh Smith (9.3/10)- Josh Smith is back to showing he is an elite fantasy option.  He is angry he did not make the All-Star team, and will be out to prove the rest of the season that he is one of the best.  His fantasy owners have a lot to look forward to.


Zaza Pachulia (6/10)- Low end double-double numbers.  Not terrible for a center option in deeper fantasy leagues, but you can do better.


Marvin Williams (5/10)- Waiver Wire material.  Getting 15+ Points in a game would call for a celebration by itself.



Dwayne Wade (9.6/10)- Wade is starting to get his rhytm back and easily has 1st round value.  The problem with all Heat players is their blowout potential.  Sometimes the second half is not kind to Wade because there is no reason for him to play.


Lebron James (10/10)- The #1 overall player in fantasy basketball.  Players do not rack up the Assists, Points, Rebounds, Blocks, Steal numbers like him.


Chris Bosh (8.4/10)- Bosh is starting to get hot again.  The Heat are good enough to have three elite fantasy options, but sometimes he has disappeared.  If he has a consistent stardom week, his value will sky rocket.


Mario Chalmers (5/10)- Chalmers has inconsistent value, but playing for the Heat makes him a lot more attractive than he is.  In deeper leagues he can be owned, but there is no reason to put up with his 8 Point, 2 Assist numbers in 10 team leagues.



Jarrett Jack (6.7/10)- Out another week.  His knee injury is really hurting his fantasy value, and as an owner I am not excited about Eric Gordon’s return.  His value was nice while it lasted.


Greivis Vasquez (6.5/10)- Greivis has to go wild in this time with no Jarrett Jack.  So far he has, and he could really hurt Eric Gordon’s value if he continues to play out of his mind.


Emeka Okafor (6.5/10)- Emeka has been a consistent fantasy option since Carl Landry got hurt.  He is not a bad option in any fantasy league right now, especially with Chris Kaman sidelined as well.  He will hurt you in FT%, but will give you solid production everywhere else.


Trevor Ariza (6.7/10)- Ariza has been showing off his inconsistency.  Despite being inconsistent he did score 23 Points twice in the last five games.  That is enough to give him attention, and be someone who should be on your waiver wire in most leagues.  He does have good potential, but we can only say that for so long.  With Eric Gordon returning as well, his value will look to take a hit.


Eric Gordon (7.3/10)- The knee injury+ the emergence of Vasquez is hurting Gordon’s value.  Soon the Hornets will be eliminated, and it would be ridiculous to see Gordon finish out the season on a terrible team playing for lottery balls.


Chris Kaman (6.1/10)- Kaman was starting to look decent racking up a nice double-double with two blocks earlier in the week.  Then he sprained his ankle.  Kaman is probably the best post player this team has, but when Gordon returns it is uncertain what type of role Kaman will play.



Al Jefferson (8.7/10)- Big Al is one of the best scoring big men in the NBA.  His minutes are down a little from a season ago, but the production is pretty much the same.  Expect him to get better down the stretch, as this is the first time he has had a chance to show off his skills on a playoff team.


Paul Millsap (8.3/10)- Paul is definitely a better fantasy player when Al Jefferson is out.  But while Big Al is in the lineup, expecting 16-10 is definitely a possibility.  He is a great player, and should get better as the season continues.

Derrick Favors (6.5/10)- Favors will have excellent fantasy value if anything happens to Jefferson or Millsap.  In the meantime, you can stash him in all fantasy leagues.


Devin Harris (6.7/10)- Harris is not the fantasy option his owners were hoping for.  Earl Watson and Harris split time, and expecting a 20 Point, 7 Assist performances will just not happen.  For now at least.



  1. Hi Muntra,
    Thank you for your help recently. Another question. Should I start Ariza or Vasquez tonight? Who will have bigger short term value? We get 2pts for steals and blocks btw. Thank you!

  2. Would you suggest picking up Drew Gooden and then trying to package him with Kemba Walker in a deal for Z-Bo and Ray Allen? Or should I try targeting D-Wade and Z-Bo? I need points and steals, and I just lost Varejao for the moment and Gallinari is on the shelf also.

  3. Hey M,

    Wondering if you could recommend some trade targets to help improve my team. Been trying to move Hump for a while but no one is biting (though I think I can grab Scola for him straight up…) I’m tied for 2nd but sure could use a scoring boost going forward.

    PG Rajon Rondo
    SG Demar DeRozan
    G Paul Pierce
    SF Andre Iguodala
    PF Kris Humphries
    F Kevin Love
    C Marcus Camby
    C Marc Gasol
    UTIL Grievis Vasquez
    UTIL Trevor Booker
    DJ Augustin
    Jerryd Bayless
    James Johnson

    I think I have an opportunity to swipe Kobe, Wade, Boozer, or Duncan for cheap if I can make the right offer, as their owner desperately needs some depth. Appreciate your help,


  4. You gotta roll with Vasquez especially since Jack is out until most likely the weekend. Vasquez can put up a couple 20 Point 8 Assist performances in that time, which would outshine Ariza’s whole week.

  5. Gooden should not be a Free Agent in your league.

    When you pick him up and offer those deals, I would definitely try the Wade package first. If that does not work then the Allen package sounds good.

    Good luck fixing up those injuries, I think Gooden should be fine if you need to stick with him.

  6. I would watch Augustin closely during his return. Once he has a big game, package him with Hump quickly before Lopez comes back and attack an upgrade F such as Jamison.

    If you want Kobe or Wade it will probably take a Hump+Iggy or DeRozan deal to make that happen.

  7. Hey Muntra

    Thanks for all the updates! In a competitive league where current wins matter but more importantly I also want to be stacked for the playoffs, would you recommend keeping Varejao?

    Thanks a bunch

  8. Go for it.

    Hump will lose value soon enough with Brook returning. Boozer will score more points, more consistently. Rebounding edge may go to Hump but not by much.

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