Roses Are Red (Preseason) 

By Muntradamus


Fantasy Basketball season is upon us.  Preseason has already kicked off which means it is time to get your game faces ready.  BEAST VIP this season is all about making money through Daily Fantasy and Handicapping games.  Details on the Package is coming soon, there will be a Package for Season long as well.



Jeff Teague will have a larger offensive role with no more Josh Smith. He was already turning the corner last season.

Kyle Korver will be a 3PTM specialist with more PT now that Lou Williams is out for a while.

DeMarre Carroll/James Johnson are the same player, both will split time.

Paul Millsap is on a mission to prove he is a consistent 20/10 Monster.

Al Horford is the man of this Franchise, he has to lead the way.


Deron Williams has more ways to get assists this season.

Joe Johnson is feeding the rock with too many superstars for his game.

Paul Pierce is a Fantasy Killer, but this team does not allow him to be the man.

Kevin Garnett is a role player on this team.

Brook Lopez will see no double-teams on this offense.


Rajon Rondo is the man of this team, keep an eye on his knee.

Courtney Lee/Jordan Crawford/Marshon Brooks = Fantasy Nightmare.

Gerald Wallace will get the chance to put up decent numbers.

Jeff Green could be the leading scorer on this team.

Kris Humphries should be a rebound machine, has to put off court drama to the side.


Kemba Walker has the chance to take the next step this season. Pure scorer.

Gerald Henderson is improving quickly, Ben Gordon stops him from being consistent.

MKG does not put up big scoring numbers, but the intangibles are there.

Cody Zeller/Josh McRoberts = Timeshare.

Al Jefferson will be a monster on this squad.


Derrick Rose appears to be healthy, should mean he returns to form.

Jimmy Butler will get a lot of PT this year, hopefully he improved scoring.

Loul Deng comes into this season not the same player after health issues.

Carlos Boozer will be inconsistent, but he has his moments.

Joakim Noah fills up the stat sheet.


Kyrie Irving owns this team.

Dion Waiters is a scoring machine, consistency is his problem.

Earl Clark brings a good all-around numbers guy to this team.

Tristan Thompson will have Anderson Varejao and Andrew Bynum hurting him.

Anderson Varejao and Andrew Bynum hurt each other.


Jose Calderon is the leader of this team, no competition for PT.

Monta Ellis will free roam score this year.

Shawn Marion will have Vince Carter eatting him all season.

Dirk Nowitzki is healthy and ready to return to form.

Samuel Dalembert brings a Tyson Chandler 0.5 version to this team.


Ty Lawson still has Andre Miller breathing down his back.

Randy Foye will likely give up time to a lot of players.

Danillo Gallinari/Wilson Chandler will hurt eachother all season.

Kenneth Faried now has J.J. Hickson bothering his PT.

Javale McGee is supposed to take the next step this season.


Brandon Jennings will have the green light often.

Rodney Stuckey will lose shot attempts with all of this talent around him.

Josh Smith will be a machine with all these big men to free up mismatches.

Greg Monroe is going to be scoring often.

Andre Drummond has all the tools to let him blossom quickly.


Stephen Curry is quickly turning into a household name.

Klay Thompson makes it rain from 3PT range.

Andre Iguodala will put up similar numbers that he did in Denver, more consistency this season.

David Lee is going to be an automatic 15/10 on this team.

Andrew Bogut is 100% healthy and will make an immediate impact.


Jeremy Lin showed a lot of promise last season with Houston, he is for real.

James Harden is the best fantasy player at the guard position.

Chandler Parsons puts up good intangibles.

Greg Smith is there to take up space.

Dwight Howard will be a Monster this year.


George Hill will not get a lot of shot attempts this season.

Danny Granger is on comeback mode this season.

Paul George will lose some production to Granger, but not much.

David West is a BEAST down low, addition of Granger hurts.

Roy Hibbert will have his big games, and busts.


Chris Paul leads another dynamic group.

J.J. Redick/Jamal Crawford/Jared Dudley/Matt Barnes = Fantasy Disaster.

Blake Griffin kills you in FT%

DeAndre Jordan looks to be scoring over 12 a game this season.


Steve Nash is now going to have a team he can run the D’Antoni offense with.

Kobe Bryant will likely miss a month of the season, Gronk 2.0.

Nick Young is going to be scoring often with this team.

Chris Kaman will have a good chance to be productive on this team.

Pau Gasol has to be the leader for this team, that is asking a lot for a player on his downside.


Mike Conley is going to have to score a lot on this team.

Jerryd Bayless will take away Tony Allen’s minutes.

Tayshaun Prince is not a fantasy player.

Zach Randolph. First name 20. Last Name 10.

Marc Gasol is starting to ware down, still a force at the center position.


Mario Chalmers is a role player.

Dwayne Wade is out to send a message to Kevin Durant.

Lebron James cannot be touched.

Haslem and Birdman will split time.

Chris Bosh had a huge dunk on Parks and Rec. Most aggressive play since being a Raptor.


Ricky Rubio is a Fantasy Machine if he can stay healthy.

Kevin Martin will return to vintage form.

Corey Brewer will give way to Shabazz at some point.

Kevin Love is healthy, that is all you can hope for.  Fantasy Monster.

Nikola Pekovic will get his double-doubles.


Brandon Knight is their PG, that is bad.

O.J. Mayo will shot the ball at will this season.

Caron Butler is not the player he once was.

Ersan Illyasova should get a lot of shot attempts.

Larry Sanders is the man down low for the Bucks.


Jrue has to lead this franchise, a lot of talent around him.

Eric Gordon is going to shoot the ball a lot this season, but still injured.

Tyreke Evans will have trouble finding his role on this team.

Anthony Davis is going to take the next step to greatness.

Jason Smith will be nothing special.


Raymond Felton is once again the PG for this team.

J.R. Smith will look to continue his big-time scoring ways this season.

Carmelo Anthony will be a scoring machine like always.

Andrea Bargnani and Amar’e Stoudemire are going to eat eachothers value.

Tyson Chandler is a low-end double-double.


Russell Westbrook joining the Gronk 2.0 Collection.  Could miss 1/4 of season.

Reggie Jackson is the low-end guy to target to draft if you get Westbrook.

Kevin Durant will be a Fantasy Dream with no Westbrook.

Serge Ibaka has to step it up this season with no Westbrook early.


Jameer Nelson is a solid underrated Fantasy PG.

Arron Afflalo will have to score a lot for this team.

Moe Harkless will have his moments, but he is not going to be consistent.

Tobias Harris took the Fantasy Basketball world by storm last season.

Nikola Vucevic is a double-double machine with upside.


Michael Carter-Williams will not be a Fantasy Option you must play.

Evan Turner is always a good versatile Fantasy option, inconsistency is his problem.

Thaddeus Young has Fantasy Monster potential.

Lavoy Allen will put up some numbers until the 76ers are healthy.

Spencer Hawes is going to be inconsistently good.

Nerlens Noel is a player to grab late with huge upside.


Goran Dragic will be the heart and soul of this team.

Eric Bledsoe is going to head down a very similar Shannon Brown path.

P.J. Tucker is not a fantasy option.

Markieff Morris will split time with his brother, Marcus.

Marcin Gortat should bounce back after a bad 2012.


Damian Lillard is a Fantasy Beast.

Wesley Matthews will be a good role player in Fantasy.

Nicolas Batum has Fantasy upside like no other.

LaMarcus Aldridge is a Fantasy BEAST when healthy.

Robin Lopez will bang, bang, and bang.


Tony Parker returns to bring Duncan a ring.

Danny Green and Manu Ginobili cancel eachother out.

Kawhi Leonard will have his inconsistent moments, good upside.

Tim Duncan always proves to still have it, even when we doubt.

Tiago Splitter is a low-end double-double.


Isiah Thomas is the real deal, hopefully Vasquez plays SG to open up full potential.

Grevis Vasquez will look to compete with Thornton and McElmore for PT.  Bad situation.

John Salmons will likely be on the bench if the Kings can go small.

Jason Thompson is inconsistently good.

DeMarcus Cousins could BEAST if he stays out of foul trouble.


Kyle Lowry has no more competiton for PT.  Time to go.

DeMar DeRozan will look to continue his 16+ Points per game.

Rudy Gay should jump a level leading this team.

Amir Johnson has good low-end double/double potential.

Jonas Valanciunas looks to be much improved this season.


Trey Burke could be this years Damian Lillard, I would not draft him high to find out.

Alec Burks is going to get the chance to make something happen of his career, he can jump.

Gordon Hayward should see a lot more scoring with no more Foye/Mo Williams.

Derrick Favors has the green light to dominate now that Jefferson/Millsap are gone.

Enes Kanter has the green light to dominate now that Jefferson/Millsap are gone.


John Wall will look to run the show once again, no 3PTM hurts him.

Bradley Beal was the lone bright spot for this team last season.

Trevor Ariza will loose his role to Otto Porter at some point.

Nene Hilario still has fantasy greatness built inside, undervalued being on a bad team.

Kevin Seraphin has low end-double-double potential as a starter.



Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his second season as a Pro on FantasyPros coming off of an impressive Rookie Campaign where he landed the #10 Overall In-Season Fantasy Football Rankings Expert.  Which also included #1 WR of all Expert Sites.  He is also one of two people to qualify for allDRAFTSTREET CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2012. Most Historically, Muntradamus was the #1 Fantasy Football Expert of IDP & Overall Rankings in One Week, first and only time in Fantasy Sports History.

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