Fantasy Basketball (2012-2013): Guard Sleepers

Fantasy Basketball (2012-2013): Guard Sleepers

By Muntradamus

Fantasy basketball is still slowly creeping up on us.  I will continue to get you ready for everything you need to know to dominate your draft.  Excited to get the Basketball Group back together.  This article will go over Sleepers at the Guard Position. Players I will probably target in all of my drafts.

Feel free to debate and talk about players you are targeting.  Let’s get that Basketball Fire back in the DOME.








Muntradamus Guard Rank: #16
Expert Consencus Rank: #48 

Can I get a FBPMVP?  This guy is a stud.  I love him more than everyone, and anybody who followed my content last season was happy that they took the advice and picked this guy up.  Good news this season for JorCraw.  Nick Young is GONE.  That means no worrying about inconsistency or loss of PT.  Jordan Crawford is the man for Washington, he can give you 20+ Points a game with intangibles across the board.  Do what you can to snag this guy on Draft Day.  Watch my ranking for him move up quickly this next week as he could be more valuable than Monta Ellis when it is all said and done.



Muntradamus Guard Rank: #17
Expert Consensus Guard Rank: #28

Last season Kevin Martin was in the dog house all year.  So what do the Rockets do?  How about re-sign him to a contract that would make you think last season never happened.  The truth is Kevin Martin is one of the best 3PT shooters in the NBA, he gives you an incredible amount of 3PTM/Steals/and amazingly high FT%.  With Kyle Lowry/Goran Dragic/Luis Scola all no longer with the Rockets. Kevin Martin should remind us why he is so and can easily give you 2nd round value in the first place.  He is injury prone, but not as much as you think.



Muntradamus Guard Rank: #19
Expert Consensus Guard Rank: #27

Another player that could reach the next level is the superstar guard Brandon Knight.  Knight has been working very hard this offseason, and that is good news because last season everyone saw his potential to be a 17 Point/10 Assist guard.  Will he reach that level this season?  Hard to say, but his upside is very high and you do not want him to slip too late.



Muntradamus Guard Rank: #10
Expert Consensus Guard Rank: #20

Talking about FBPMVP.  (For all of you new to BEAST DOME = Fantasy Basketball Playoff MVP).  Dragic was one of the best players in Fantasy Basketball last season when Lowry went down.  20 Points/10 Assists/Steals/3PTM he did it all.  Now Dragic moves to a familiar city where his career started in Phoenix.  The Suns roster is very raw right now missing a lot of talent, including Steve Nash.  Look for Dragic to take over this team and give a full season of dominating stats.



Muntradamus Guard Rank: #24
Expert Consensus Guard Rank: #46

People are worried he will not come back 100%.  I have heard nothing but encouraging news.  When this guy is on you basically have Steve Nash in your lineup.  He does it all and will even surprise you with steal and rebound numbers.  The upside for Rubio is huge as he gets highlight reel dimes every game.  Assists/Assists/Assists.  Do not undervalue what he brings to the table.



Muntradamus Guard Rank: #27
Expert Consensus Guard Rank: #49

Matthews is a clone of Jason Richardson.  The Blazers this season have no depth, amazing after they were a team that ran 7 relevant Fantasy Players deep last season.  With Matthews having no pressure behind him, he can hit those 3’s and get those points.  A very safe option who has 18 Point/4 3PTM games locked up in him.



Muntradamus Guard Rank: #31
Expert Consensus Guard Rank: #44

The Magic need scoring.  After losing D12, Jason Richardson, and Ryan Anderson this summer, the only thing going for the Magic is the emergence of Big Baby Davis and Afflalo.  Aaron showed that he has potential to score 30 Points in a game, but playing on that deep Nuggets roster it was hard to trust him.  Aaron will be one of the premiere scorers on this roster and will have every chance to succeed.  Not a bad late round pick for a solid all-around fantasy guard who also get steals.



Muntradamus Guard Rank: #32
Expert Consensus Guard Rank: #40

Mark Cuban wants Mayo to thrive.  Whatever Cuban says goes these days.  With an aging Mavericks roster that lost Jason Terry, Mayo has the SG spot all to himself.  When he was a rookie he was a guy that could score 30+ Points in a game.  Lately Mayo’s value has been capped with the emergence of all the Grizzle players, as well as splitting time with Tony Allen.  With OJ Mayo having his spot to himself, expect him to be a guard you can count on.



Muntradamus Guard Rank: #35
Expert Consensus Guard Rank: #53

Ray is still the best 3PT shooter in the game.  If I had to pick one guy to take a shot a 3 at the end of the game, Allen is one of the first names that comes to my mind.  All-Time I would pick Glen Rice (Favorite Player).  Playing on a Heat team where you can not led Dwayne Wade or LeBron James be guarded one on one, chances are Ray Allen’s defender has to sag off a little bit.  You cannot sag off of Ray Allen even an inch.  Expect him to have one of his best 3PTM seasons of his career.



Muntradamus Guard Rank: #42
Expert Consensus Guard Rank: #55

Another guard that can move way up this list during the preseason.  Lillard has the lead to be the starting PG in Portland.  Nolan Smith is a threat, but Nolan is not a guy who you think of us a premiere PG at all.  Lillard has a lot of shooters he can pass the rock to on this team, which could lead to 6 Assists easily every night.  It will be interesting to watch his preseason, you know I will be to give you a better scouting report on how good he can really be.



Muntradamus Guard Rank: #37
Expert Consensus Guard Rank: #56

Jarrett Jack is gone, which means Vasquez finally has his chance to be a full-time starter.  When Jarrett Jack went down, Vasquez was putting up near triple-double games, huge assist numbers, and looked like a #2 quality fantasy PG.  Austin Rivers is the backup, and you can expect the Hornets to be excited to see what he can bring to the table.  For now Vasquez is a steal similar to how Jarrett Jack was last season.  Do not sleep on a player who could be a solid guard for you all season.

Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his first season as a Pro on FantasyPros where he is the only expert to have Adam Dunn, Mike Aviles, Mark Trumbo, Ian Desmond, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and Wilin Rosario in his top 20 at each position. Muntradamus not only leads many to championships with his great advice, and outlooks into the future. He is also consistently on the top of leaderboards in DraftStreet. He was also the #1 Fantasy Football Expert of IDP & Overall Rankings, first time in Fantasy Sports History.


  1. Wow I gotta say I reached for the basketball article first after 24 hours away from beastdome! Having 3 fantasy championships under my belt, I’m ready to dominate again. All these guys are good, never heard of Lillard though. J-Craw worries me on shooting percentage. B Knight never seemed to put up a lot of big games, even near the end of the season. Same with Afflalo, might change with less competition in Denver. I really still like J Craw, also Dragic, W Mathews, Rubio….Mayo and Allen are good, Greivis will be beastly too! He looks really undervalued (steal of the draft!) Gettin excited!

  2. Love that Love was your 1st pick.

    Assists is your downfall. This is a team I would let play out and see my weaknesses as I go. You have great tools all-around, I will already tell you that you should look to trade DeRozan the second you can to get assists.

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