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March 12, 2012 – 2:54 pm

Daily Rankings are now released


March 12, 2012 – 2:54 pm

Just been offered Iguodala and Turner for Irving and Jennings should I take it? (Give up Kyrie and Jennings)


March 12, 2012 – 3:22 pm

@Andy: I personally wouldn’t take Iggy and Turner. Iggy gives you near 3×2, and evan turner will do fine. The only problem is that turner can be very inconsistent and streaky. I’d stick with your 2 stars.


March 12, 2012 – 3:26 pm

Thanks, just trying to upgrade my team before the deadline, do you think I should drop Trevor Ariza for Biyombo? Mainly to upgrade in SF/C


March 12, 2012 – 3:35 pm

@Andy: Make that move now. Ariza has been too inconsistent and Biyombo will get a chance to run free once the Bobcats give him more minutes.


March 12, 2012 – 3:43 pm

Done, anyone wanna rate my team?


March 12, 2012 – 3:44 pm

PG-Derrick Rose


March 12, 2012 – 3:51 pm

Derrick Rose Tyreke Evans Brandon Jennings Danilo Gallinari LaMarcus Aldridge Zach Randolph Al Jefferson Ersan Ilyasova Carlos Boozer Jamal Crawford Stephen Curry Kyrie Irving Ty Lawson KevinLove Bismack Biyombo Its a PG,SG,G,SF,F,PF,C,C, 2 Utility League 9 stats H2H


March 12, 2012 – 4:01 pm

That’s a very good team. The only player I see worth dropping is Jamal unless Bismack endures an extraordinary slump. If you could possibly get Joakim or Marcus Thornton for Gallo, you’re team would be absolutely dominant.


March 12, 2012 – 4:02 pm

@Andy: Do it! Biyombo will help you so much in the next couple of weeks. I added him several days ago.


March 12, 2012 – 4:23 pm

D-Rock I’ll send an offer to the team that has Noah hopefully they accept


*Anyone else find it ironic that the cover photo for DAILY RANKINGS, is an image of the Warriors vs. Bucks?  Anyways.

The Warriors have officially lost hope on this season.  Trading away Monta Ellis, and the up and coming Ekpe Udoh, (And I guess Kwame Brown).  For the injured Andrew Bogut, and  Stephen “Don’t Call it a Comeback” Jackson.  The Bucks now have a great complimentary guard who can take over games and give them a good shot at making a playoff run.  Let us analyze this from a fantasy perspective.


  • ADD: S. Jackson/N. Robinson/K. Thompson/D. Wright
  • DROP: E.Udoh/M.Dunleavy/S.Curry (Not Yet, but Soon)


STEPHEN CURRY: (VALUE DOWN) Word on the street is he may be shut down for the season.  The Warriors showed that they do not care anymore and are looking to grab the best possible draft pick.  It is going to be tough to even watch this team play out the rest of the season with no Curry, or Ellis.   All rumors for now, but it does not sound like he is going to finish the season out regardless.

NATE ROBINSON: (VALUE UP) If the Warriors continue to give Nate starters Minutes, aka Steph Curry is done for the season.  Pick up Nate Robinson!  He can score 20+ Points, and rack up 7+ dimes.  He is an explosive offensive player who would make an immediate impact on your fantasy team in the 3PTM, and steals department.  You may be too late if you wait another game, but the risk is worth it.  The Warriors have to sell tickets some way.  The Warriors also keep their 1st round draft pick if it lands in the top 7.  Playing Nate Robinson the rest of the season is the guaranteed way to do that.

DAVID LEE: (VALUE UP) Lee is now a top tier forward in fantasy leagues.  He becomes the first and second option offensively every game.  20+ Points is expected every night, anything less will have me worried about his value going into next season.

KLAY THOMPSON: (VALUE UP) With the Warriors in give up mode, Thompson may actually carry some value.  There are rumors that he could be the starter going forward, and that is enough to make him worth the add if you desperately need 3PTM.  There is a good chance he does not live up to the expectations and goes back to the bench, but for now this is his time.  19 Shot attempts in 42 Minutes shows that he has fantasy potential.  It would not be a bad idea to add him now.

DORRELL WRIGHT(VALUE UP) If Dorrell Wright could not catch anymore breaks being the biggest bust in all drafts.  Well his value just got a huge spike up.  Dorrell should get plenty more opportunities to be the go-to-guy from the perimeter.  He will probably still be inconsistent, but we may see those 4 3PTM games more frequently.  Do not let him be on your waiver wire.  However, this all sounds great but it could all end if Stephen Jackson gets his act together, and becomes the full-time starter who sees 30 Minutes.  Just another chapter in the Dorrell Wright story.

BRANDON RUSH: (VALUE UP) Brandon seems to put up better games with no Curry.  Now that he may be gone for the season, along with Monta Ellis.  There is a good chance Rush becomes a nice fantasy option to use at some point this season.  It will either take a Klay Thompson choke, or Dorrell Wright to continue the most miserable fantasy season of all time.  Either way, keep an eye on Brandon Rush who can really fill up a stat sheet if given the minutes.  It is uncertain how much of an affect Jackson will have on the rotation.  He could be a head case, or he could play like a fantasy superstar.

STEPHEN JACKSON: (VALUE UP) Jackson did not have any fantasy value to begin with before this move.  It is uncertain if the Warriors are going to treat Jackson as the fantasy option he once was, or if Jackson decides the Warriors are not a good enough team for him.  Either way you have to pick him up before you pick up Klay Thompson.  If Jackson gets back on the good side of the Warriors faithful who loved him during that epic playoff run a few years back.  Then there is a good chance he will be a must-start option who gets assists, 3PTM, Points, and steals from the forward position.  With the chance of Curry being out for the season, it increases the chance it becomes Stephen Jackson’s team for the time being.

ANDRIS BIEDRINS: (VALUE UP) I do not recommend picking up Andris.  If you are desperate for a guy who can potentially get you double-digit rebounds with some steals and blocks, then Andris is your guy.  However knowing the Warriors, they could work a rotation where David Lee plays center for nearly 40 Minutes while Rush, Jackson, or Wright play the PF.  Either way, Andris is a low end option and if your team has to use him, chances are your season is already over.




BRANDON JENNINGS: (VALUE DOWN) Brandon may or may not adjust well to Monta joining the team.  Either way, his value is probably going to go down as he has to share more shot attempts, and less ball handling responsibilities.  He should still be a solid fantasy option, but if you thought he was inconsistent before, just wait and see.

MONTA ELLIS: (VALUE DOWN) Monta goes to a similar situation where he plays alongside a star PG.  However this time around, he has no chemistry with his mate.  Jennings is very similar to Curry where he wants to shoot the ball a lot, and make plays on his own.  Monta should still be able to get his 20, just expect some bumps along the way.  Ersan Ilysova and Drew Gooden give Ellis some new targets to work with.  It will be interesting to see if he continues his ball hogging ways, or gets them involved and becomes a consistent 7 Assist option.  That will be the key to his value.

MIKE DUNLEAVY: (VALUE DOWN) Mike was doing great as the only perimeter scorer on the team besides Jennings.  Now with Delfino most likely moving back to the forward position, Dunleavy will go from 35 Minutes a game, to 25 Minutes a game.  He is one bad game away from being waiver wire material for good.  Unless somehow Delfino proves he cannot handle 30 Minutes on this squad.  A timeshare is likely.

CARLOS DELFINO: (VALUE DOWN) Carlos had a comfy situation where he knew he would never get benched.  Now he has Mike Dunleavy breathing down his neck every night with Monta moving to the 2 guard.  Delfino could crack under the pressure making it a complete timeshare, but for now Delfino is still the same fantasy option who could see more 3PT attempts.  It will be interesting to see if he has the Dorrell Wright effect now that Ellis is with him.

DREW GOODEN: (VALUE DOWN) Gooden went from being the #1, #2, or #3 option some nights, to now possibly the #3 or #4 option.  He should still be a solid fantasy option, but expecting 20 Points consistently may not come like it used too.  The Bucks also added another big man in Ekpe Udoh who has proved he can handle big minutes and put up some nice stats.  This adds a bit more pressure for Gooden to perform and look like he is fresh out there.  His leash is a bit shorter, though he should still remain a decent fantasy option who can put up (12 Point, 9 Rebound) performances.

ERSAN ILYSOVA: (VALUE DOWN) Ersan was getting consistent fantasy production on a Bucks team that was desperate for a go-to-guy.  Monta is now the full time go-to-guy, which is a problem because the Bucks had 3 other options who were all consistently getting their points.  Somewhat consistent.  The headache will now be existent for Ilysova owners who are really going to have to count on those rebounds every night to remain a good fantasy option.  I still see him being a starter in all leagues, but expect less than pre-trade David Lee numbers at this point (13 Points, 8 Rebounds).

EKPE UDOH: (VALUE DOWN) Just when you thought you found fantasy gold.  You were fooled.  Udoh goes into a bad situation where he will come off the bench and most likely play around 20 Minutes a night.  That is not enough to depend on consistent fantasy production.  He is droppable in all leagues with the move to the Bucks.


  1. Yes. Now is the time to take advantage before anyone finds out he might be shut down. Target someone like David Lee or DeMarcus Cousins depending on your position needs.

  2. Nate may be more explosive with starter minutes, however Luke Ridnour will be more consistent.

    If you’re feeling risky go with Nate. If you want the safe option, go with the force and Luke Ridnour.

  3. As Derek mentioned, “Yes. Now is the time..”

    What you are going to get, probably not much. But if you can land someone like Marcus Thornton, Danilo Gallinari, or even the injured Kyle Lowry. You are getting yourself an upgrade. Anything and anyone at this point would help you as it sounds very unlikely Curry has more than a week left, if anything at all.

  4. Hey Munta. A team dropped Raymond Felton.
    Should I drop OJ Mayo for him? The assists may help a little, but I’m worried about Felton’s consistency.

    PG-Steve Nash, SG-Ray Allen, G-Brandon Jennings
    SF-Marcus Thornton, PF-Luis Scola, F-Nick Young
    C-Dwight Howard, C-Javale McGee
    UTIL-DJ Augustin, Lou Williams, O.J. Mayo, Evan Turner, Trevor Booker

  5. Oops, gonna fix the question.

    If you would keep 2 of the 3 following PGs, which 2 would you choose?

    DJ Augustin, OJ Mayo, Raymond Felton?

  6. Since I do like OJ Mayo’s playoff schedule, so I may consider choosing between Augustin or Felton.

  7. I would keep Felton and… OJ Mayo just because Augustin is getting less minutes now that the Bobcats have realized Kemba is their franchise player. Less minutes for Augustin = mediocre stats. Unless Augustin gets traded before the deadline tommorrow, I would drop him.

  8. If I drop Monta Ellis, should I pick up Luke Ridnour, Nate Robinson, Klay Thompson, or Brandon Rush?

  9. Do NOT drop Ellis. I repeat, do NOT drop Ellis. Wait and see how well he does on his new team before doing something like that. Plus, if you drop Ellis, someone will immediately swoop down and pick him up, thus giving you back nothing in return and giving up a possible top-tier PG/SG.

  10. Should I drop Marshon Brooks for Nate Robinson? I also have Dragic but I don’t know if I should ride him out or not. Should I drop him for Robinson instead?

  11. i’m going nuts with this situation should i drop knight for nate, klay or stack jack? knight just had a couple nice games finally but you know this what do you suggest? no real stat preferences just whoever can provide the most overall value. thanks

  12. The most overall and safest fantasy option from here on out between that group is…..Brandon Knight.

    The Pistons will continue to run Knight 35+ Minutes a night, and when Rodney Stuckey finally snaps out of his amazing hot streak, then Brandon Knight will be a solid 15-10 option the rest of the season. Nate Robinson has the potential to put up better numbers than Knight, and Klay Thompson may have extremely amazing value, but the safe play is to keep rolling with Brandon Knight.

    If you do have weaker options than Knight, I would pick up Nate Robinson then Klay Thompson. Nate is a very dynamic fantasy option, and can really thrive given 30+ Minutes a night. Klay Thompson will probably be picked up before his next game as 40+ Minutes is too hard to ignore. I would wait to see how S-Jack fits into that G/F rotation.

    Keep Brandon Knight.

  13. Make the move.

    MarShon Brooks has to be performing at a higher level with no Deron Williams. The fact he is struggling to break double digits, if he does at all is very alarming. Nate Robinson is fantasy basketball all-star and can put up huge numbers every night.

    Drop Brooks and Add Nate the Great.

  14. If Nate Robinson is still a FA in your league I would add him to that group.

    Of those 4 I would keep Nate, and Felton. I expect Felton to be traded to a contender, or the Blazers just figure out a way to get him back to being effective. I do not like D.J. as he does have what it takes to be a good option in this stacked Bobcat team with no real talent.

    O.J. does have a great playoff schedule, but when Zach Randolph and Rudy Gay return it will be very rare to see those 20+ shot attempts again. Tony Allen is also playing better which will make it tough for Mayo to be consistent.

    If Nate Robinson is not a FA anymore.

    I would go with Felton and D.J.

    The reason I would go D.J. over Mayo is the assists.

    Nate is definitely #1 as he is a fantasy beast who can light up the box score. D.J. or Mayo are waiver wire bait for your next move if you decide to keep either of them.

    *Derek great analysis! I agree with your theory on D.J. I think both Mayo and D.J. hold little value. I do see Kemba as more of a 2 Guard than a PG, but the Bobcats will be desperate to try anything out.

  15. As Derek said.

    “if you drop Ellis, someone will immediately swoop down and pick him up..”

    Monta Ellis can still easily average 17 Points, and 6 Assists with the intangibles. Every now and then also explode for 30 Point games. Monta will make sure he gets his before anyone else does which will always keep him as a dangerous fantasy threat. He can easily be the star of that team.

  16. Hey all,

    I can only make one more move this week. trying to decide between these FAs: Klay Thompson, Nate Robinson, Alonzo Gee, Chandler Parsons, Jordan Crawford, Isiah Thomas

    I’d drop Camby or Brooks or Augustin I suppose. Thanks!
    12team 9 cat h2h league

    PG Rajon Rondo
    SG DeMar DeRozan
    G Andre Iguodala
    SF Paul Pierce
    PF Kevin Love
    F Kris Humphries
    C March Gasol
    C Marcus Camby
    UTIL D.J. Augustin
    UTIL Evan Turner
    Goran Dragic
    Bismack Biyombo
    MarShon Brooks

  17. thanks muntra i was leaning towards that, your right stuckey will come back to earth eventually and that will open things up. i have dragic and lowry which is obviously a wait it out thing and i really can’t drop anyone else. very interested to see how the warriors play out we’ll see.

  18. You’re stacked at SG and SF, so Gee would not be an add for you. I suppose picking up Nate couldn’t hurt as he’ll be getting starter minutes now considering Curry is most likely being shut down for the season now. You can drop Augustin with hesitation as he will get 25 minutes at most now that the Bobcats have given Kemba more minutes. Camby can also be dropped as he’s now playing behind Dalembert and Scola.

  19. As Derek said, you can drop Camby, D.J. and now MarShon Brooks with the news of Gerald Wallace joining the team.

    You can also drop Goran Dragic who losses his value with Derek Fisher part of that PG rotation.

    With those 4 players I would add in this order:


    Make sure you get those three, as that is where the drop off begins. The three players above the line are must-start material in a majority of fantasy leagues.

  20. You can go ahead and drop Dalembert now that Marcus Camby is in town.

    Either or Thompson or Nate. Nate is more explosive, but Klay should be more consistent and it really is his team right now. The safe play is Klay.

  21. In an attempt to stir some things up with my team I managed to use every acquisition but one.

    Basically my team now is:

    Al Jefferson
    Brandon Jennings
    John Wall
    Carmelo Anthony
    Tyreke Evans
    Chris Bosh
    Klay Thompson
    Jerryd Bayless
    Mike Dunleavy

    I’ve managed to drop Udoh and Steph Curry after hearing the news. Should I keep Curry and drop Dunleavy/Bayless?

  22. Keep Bayless. He should still see plenty of time, probably near 30 Minutes when Calderon returns. James Johnson is the one who will lose minutes with DeRozan moving to SF most likely.

    I would not use your last move on Dunleavy for Curry. It is very likely Curry will not play another game this season. Although Dunleavy will have a tough time producing consistently when Ilysova returns to this stacked Bucks lineup.

    Players to Pick up and beat the Pack:
    Tristan Thompson- New Starting Center.
    Alonzo Gee- Nice gap filler if you need a solid 15-6 every night.
    D.J. Augustin- Probably owned, if not he has to put up strong games like Saturday for the Bobcats to stay competitive.
    Jared Dudley- I am assuming he is owned, just making sure.
    Jameer Nelson- I am assuming he is owned, just making sure.

    If you list the FA’s in your league I can help you out a bit more.

    *Reminder I will be live on the chat room tomorrow (Sunday) to answer all fantasy basketball related questions from 7-10pm.

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