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I love Fantasy Football, no doubt about it, nothing better than a Football Sunday. However Fantasy Basketball is like Thursday Night Football, everyday. Way better matchups and more exciting. Thursday Night Football when it was Eagles/Packers.

Daily Fantasy Basketball is definitely a lifestyle, and it is a lifestyle that I no doubt fall into. Locks me into the fantasy sports matrix. I have Qualified for the DraftKings/FanDuel Championships in NBA, ended up in the Playboy Mansion for the FanDuel Championship. Why I did not take a picture is a question I can ask a different lifetime.

Why do I love Fantasy Basketball so much, so much more than Fantasy Baseball. It is predictable. The stars perform nearly at a strong clip of every night, you do not have to worry about blowing your bank roll on a Mike Trout to go 0-4 with 2 Ks. You know how many minutes each player is going to get, once the rotations come into shape. You can analyze the matchups, you can figure out a lot of variables that I put a lot of time focusing on.

Last season was an easy win for the BEAST DOME Fantasy Basketball Strategy.


Next week, I will be shooting a High Quality Fantasy Basketball Show with my entire Draft Preview!

For now, here are a couple Busts to look out for and avoid at all costs.


The Washington Wizards are horrible this year. They will be blown out by 30 Points often this season, and Beal will be asked to carry the entire squad. Other teams know this going in, as the second best player on that roster might be Thomas Bryant, a man the Lakers cut for zero reason at all before the start of last season, only to giveaway a high upside high energy center. Lakers now have Dwight who was on the Wizards roster last season, so the universe equaled that one out pretty quickly. When one door closes, another one opens. For both teams, and players.

Regardless, Beal will be double teamed, he will not have easy shots, and the Wizards are going to suck. When the Wizards are down by 30, Beal will not get 4th Quarter playing time and lose out on 1/4 of his value every night. Do not draft Bradley Beal in the 1st or 2nd Round. He will have a nice season, but he will hurt your FG% and you are passing up superstars to take him.

Including Mr. Triple Double Russell Westbrook (ADP #12). Amazing Westbrook falls to the 2nd Round, we have been spoiled by someone averaging a triple double two years in a row.


Mitchell is a stud talent, but taking him in Round 3 is a mistake. Rubio is gone, which could lead to more assists, but Mike Conley is not about to give up being a PG, in fact he is a better PG than Rubio was. So take away that thought. The Jazz also brought in Boj Bog from the Pacers, another sharp shooter to go with Joe Ingles. The court will be spread, a lot of players need their shots, and Gobert is going to eat all the rebounds.

Solid 20+ Point Potential with a good amount of 3’s.

Little assists, Little Rebounds, Little Steals, and almost Zero Block Potential.

Grabbing Donovan Mitchell at Pick #25, you might as well grab Andrew Wiggins at Pick #93. There is your first, BEAST DOME sleeper.


You want one more to hold you over until the show early next week.

Stay tuned to BEAST the ODD$!

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