Fantasy Basketball Draft Strategy (2012-2013): Mock Draft Vol. I

Fantasy Basketball Draft Strategy (2012-2013):

Mock Draft Vol. I

By Muntradamus



Fantasy Basketball is still 24 days away.  To make the time go faster I will be giving you content to keep your mind filled with hours of thoughts to run through your mind.  Here is the first Mock Draft I have not only looked at, but the way I would go about doing during my draft.


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12 Team League. Roto category.





Why should you take Kevin Love #1?  Read this article right here.


If LeBron shot 80% from the FT line, he would probably be the #1 Pick.  Since he shoots around 70% with no positive outlook that his FT% is going to drastically improve in the right direction.  I do not want a Dwight Howard as my #1 pick.  Too risky.  Everything else is dominant across the board, FT% is a sour note.  He is also going to shoot less 3’s this season, he says.


K-Dirty could be scoring 40 Points a game in the NBA if Russell Westbrook was not a ball hog.  This season look for Durant to be more assertive and put himself in a position to be a vital role every night on this team.  Last season it was the Westbrook show, this season we could easily see Durant average nearly 40 Points a game.  Amazing player to own.


With a full training camp, and not the uncertainty of where he was going to play.  CP3 is in a perfect position to not only improve on his 18 Points/10 Assists a game.  He is in a position to take it to the next level.  Look for him to score 20+ Points per game more often, while also dishing the rock to be one of the assist leaders in the NBA.  CP3 is just getting started with his new team.


D-Will is a ROCK.  He will always get his 20 Points/10 Assists/ and a couple 3PTM.  The Nets did get more talent on the team this season, which could limit his scoring.  If one thing, it will definitely boost his assists.  D-Will is one of the best Fantasy PGs to build your team around, no shame in drafting him as a top 5 pick.


Turnovers kill you.  He will not even make that many 3PTM, and his assist total took a big hit last season.  So why draft Russell so high?  Because we still have not seen how good he can be, and he is scoring over 30+ Points a game more consistently than any guard in the NBA.  Westbrook is an ELITE talent who will some nights get over 5 Steals, while other nights he will get you 3 Blocks.  Westbrook is an exciting player to own, one you do not want to let someone else get too late.


Aldridge is as solid as they get from the Center position.  The 20+ Points are already locked up, the Rebounds should be at 10 per game now that Camby is not with the team.  His FT% and Blocks will leave you more than satisfied.  He is a steal for going as late as #7, but people will take the big names first instead of the Championship quality big men.


40 Points/20 Rebounds.  Sometimes DeMarcus Cousins can put up Fantasy Basketball numbers that leave you breathless.  Other times he will get in foul trouble and leave you with a nothing performance to show for it.  With Cousins showing up to camp 15 Lbs less, Cousins should be able to move quicker which means less fouls.  It also means possibly more block shots which could lead to big numbers across the board.  Either way, his EGO which appears to be gone, is the only thing holding him back from being a top 5 pick.


The 76ers are going to need Bynum to be a consistent 20 Points/10 Rebounds with Blocks.  He should dominate in the EAST that does not have the size the West did.  The EAST is more of the athletic finesse centers like Chris Bosh/Amar’e Stoudemire.  While the West is more burly like Marcin Gortat and Nikola Pekovic.  Either way, Bynum will put up big numbers and be heavily involved in the game plan for the 76ers.  His knee over the course of an 82 game season is the only thing that is worrisome.


Who knows how good D12 can be with Nash.  Chances are they are an amazing combo and D12 should get 20 Points a night off of alley oops alone.  His FT% really kills your team, but the Blocks and Rebounds are second to none.  He averaged 18 Points a game as the star of the Magic, now he is on a Laker team that has plenty of people who can shoot.  I am sure they will still runt he offense through Dwight to get the points.


This team is too good for Nash not to get 18 Assists a night.  He gets assists by running Steve Nash style Fast Breaks, with Ron Artest and Dwight Howard on this team, there will be plenty of transition basketball.  Expect Nash to not only lead the NBA in Assists, but also give you 2 3PTM and over double digit points to be a vital fantasy basketball option.


J-Smoove is in his contract year.   He also does not have Joe Johnson around this season to take a lot of bad FG attempts.  This is Josh Smiths’ team he will take them as far as he goes.  His Block/Steal/Assist/Rebound numbers will leave you satisfied across the board, he even scores nearly 20 a game.  He is a Poor Man LeBron James, but not by much.  Even this late is a bit of a steal for how good J-Smoove can really be.  




Rondo will kill you in FT% and 3PTM.  He may even hurt you in points this season unless there is a drastic upgrade.  Although reports are his jump shot does look better, I personally will take the wait and see approach.  He should easily continue to get better, which means those crazy steal/assist numbers can easily go to 4 per game with steals, and 13 Assists.  He is a great player who will take care of your assist needs right away.


Last season the Knicks went through Melo.  They lost.  They had a great playoff team, but they could not get it done because Melo made them a worst team when he was doing his one-on-one plays.  With Raymond Felton now the starting PG for the Knicks, expect Amare to be used how he was before Melo joined the team.  Amare should be a lock for a solid 20+ Points, around 8-10 Rebounds, and blocks.  Amare is too good not to bounce back, the fact he falls in the second round is great value.


#15. PAU GASOL – F/C – LAL

Pau is going to see a very nice increase in value with Dwight Howard.  The Alley-Oops from the high post position will be right there, but most importantly Gasol is going to be wide open as defenses have to double Dwight Howard in the Post.  Gasol will have open jump shot after open jump shot.  Make sure to get him on your team as 15 Points/10 Rebounds/5 Assists looks like a very realistic line.


With Wade already complaining about a knee injury, things are not looking good for him to last a full 82 game schedule.  When Wade is out there he can play like a Fantasy MVP, but the Heat are more stacked than ever this year with Ray Allen as the backup SG.  Wade will still get his superstar numbers, but I would rather take the big men who you know are going to be Rocks for your team every night.  Easier to find guards than F/C combo players with extreme value.


Kobe is going to see a decrease in Minutes and Field Goal attempts with all the Offseason moves by the Lakers.  Kobe is still a good bet for his 20+ Points and near 4 Rebounds and 4 Assists.  In fact he should be ranked higher, but the truth is he is not as valuable as he once was to the Fantasy Game.  The Lakers should now be Dwight Howards team, Kobe just wants to win a championship.

#18. RUDY GAY – F – MEM

Rudy is now more than a full season removed from that brutal shoulder injury.  With Gay healthy, he will need to be the Glue for this Grizzle team.  OJ Mayo is gone, which means Gay is their best wing man offensive player, 20+ Points a night with intangibles across the board should be in store for Gay.


Last season Melo blew it for the Knicks.  He tried to win every game for them, instead he shot way too much, he made bad plays.  Most importantly he made everyone around him worst.  This season the Knicks are bringing Raymond Felton back to run the offense.  Raymond will spread the court and Melo will be able to take better shots, or at least be in a better position to score.


Bosh was great as a center last season for Miami averaging 19 Points/14 Rebounds/2 Blocks per game.  The Heat have now gained that chemistry and broke past that championship wall last season.   Miami does not have any other big men, so this means Bosh will have to be their man every night.  Expect him to be more consistent this season and he should remind us of his Raptor days where he would get 20 Point/15 Rebounds/3 Blocks.  To qualify at Center is a huge bonus.


The ankle is reportedly doing great.  While there is of course a small possibility he does tweak it, there is a large probability he will help carry your team to a championship.  Steph Curry was a late 1st round pick in Fantasy Basketball last season, even with Monta Ellis on the team.  Now that Monta is gone, Steph Curry will have to be the MVP of this squad.  Look for him to do just about everything you can imagine for your guard.  Draft him with confidence, worry about the ankle later.  Draft Jarrett Jack as a backup.



Bargs is the Raptors team.  When he is healthy he can put up 30 Points nearly every game. His 3PTM skills are second-to-none at the Center position and he added over 15 lbs of muscle to give him more bulk for those rebounds.  Bargs is not only the Raptors team now, he is their future as well.  This is the season Bargs puts it all together for us to watch.



The Nuggets are going to run-run-run.  Andre is in a perfect position to be the Most Important Player on this roster.  The Nuggets are not as deep as they were last season, so Andre will not only be a vital part of the game plan each night, he will be a more consistent scorer and all-around players as his PT will not take a hit. Last season his point total was inconsistent, this season the Nuggets need him to dominate.


Blake will kill you in FT%.  Everything else makes him a great value at this pick, I personally would wait this long as there are far better players out there who help you all-around than Blake.  While the highlight dunks make him fun to own, he is more or less a solid Carlos Boozer.


Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his first season as a Pro on FantasyPros where he is the only expert to have Adam Dunn, Mike Aviles, Mark Trumbo, Ian Desmond, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and Wilin Rosario in his top 20 at each position. Muntradamus not only leads many to championships with his great advice, and outlooks into the future. He is also consistently on the top of leaderboards in DraftStreet. He was also the #1 Fantasy Football Expert of IDP & Overall Rankings, first time in Fantasy Sports History.


  1. Just drafted got Love with 3rd pick H2H 12 teams OR DR and reb all cats so happy to get Love. Here is my team weak at pg a bit and maybe pts Love, M Gasol, Cousins, E Gordon, Ilyasova, Holiday, Z Randolph, K Walker, D Wright, K Leonard, G Hill, Ridnour, Hickson, Morrow Thanks for input

  2. Team looks strong. Stay tuned for more basketball content and you can learn more about your guys.

  3. Applies mostly for roto leagues since FT% is a category you can punt and dominate the others.

    For instance, you can draft Josh Smith and Dwight Howard on your team. You will win Blocks/Steals/Rebounds, but lose FT%. Worth the trade.

  4. Somebody to get towards the back of your draft, and hopefully he can show that 30+ Minutes a night consistently is possible. I don’t think it is right now at this point. He definitely will not play all 82 games.

  5. #2 lotto for a mock draft and here’s what I got Munt. What do you think?

    1. Kevin Love (Min – PF,C)
    2. Dwight Howard (LAL – C)
    3. Steve Nash (LAL – PG)
    4. Chris Bosh (Mia – PF,C)
    5. John Wall (Was – PG)
    6. Andrea Bargnani (Tor – PF,C)
    7. Raymond Felton (NY – PG,SG)
    8. Michael Beasley (Pho – SF,PF)
    9. DeAndre Jordan (LAC – C)
    10. Jose Calderon (Tor – PG)
    11. Brandon Knight (Det – PG,SG)
    12. Shawn Marion (Dal – SF,PF)
    13. Hedo Turkoglu (Orl – SF,PF)

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