FANTASY BASKETBALL Daily Show: Week 2 (Jan 2nd-Jan 9th)

FANTASY BASKETBALL Daily Show: Week 2 (Jan 2nd-Jan 9th)

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Last Updated: 1/6/12 (am)

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Monday (1/2/12)

  • Dorrell Wright, is losing trade value by the game.  Now you have to wait for a couple big ones before unloading him for any talent.  He feels the heat of Brandon Rush.
  • Steve Nash, woke up with 21 points and 9 assists.  Let us see if he can do it two games in a row.
  • Rasual Butler, is doing just well enough to keep James Johnson from seeing all the playing time in the world.
  • Toney Douglas, is the perfect time to sell high on.  He had his big games with Amare out, once Baron Davis comes back he will get his shot at the PG role as well.
  • Andre Blatche, welcome to the 2012 season.  Do not trade him, he is too good.
  • Brandon Bass, with no KG he played 31 minutes.  But he did collect 5 fouls.  He is must own after seeing that.  His value will get higher as the season rolls on.
  • Tracy McGrady, is ruining the consistency of the other Hawks Fantasy Players.
  • Ben Gordon, is back.  And that will keep Brandon Knight on the bench a little while longer before he sees 30 minutes consistently.
  • MarShon Brooks, is now ownable in all leagues.  He has elite scoring potential that he showed at Providence.  Once he gets 30 minutes a game, it will be too late.  ADD BROOKS NOW.
  • Manu Ginobli, broken hand will allow Tony Parker to be a big fantasy guy for the forseeable future.  He is the only player the Spurs will trust with the ball in his hands.
  • Michael Beasley, is back and if any owners wanted to Sell on him.  I would buy.
  • Serge Ibaka, finally got 40 minutes in game.  He only got 10 points, 8 rebounds, 2 blocks, and a steal.  This is not the Ibaka you drafted.
  • Jason Kidd, 9 assists is good enough to sell him now.  He doesn’t do enough of anything else to keep him around too long.
  • Stephen Jackson/Danilo Gallinari, finally broke out of their shells.  Might want to keep them both around a little while longer if you’re trying to get some trade value out of them.  The good news is there is hope.
  • Chris Kaman, is the big man to own out of all Hornets.  He is probably the most talented.
  • Al Jefferson, is a beast.  He is the #3 center in my eyes behind Dwight and Bynum.  For now.

Tuesday (1/3/12)

  • DJ Augustine, is playing the best basketball of his career.  Will it last? Probably not, and it is making Kemba Walker a very cheap Buy Low candidate.
  • Antwan Jamison, is a couple games away from proving that he is a safe play no matter what.  Despite the inconsistent minutes, he puts up consistent numbers.
  • Rudy Gay, enjoyed not having to share the ball with Zack Randolph.  23 points, 8 rebounds with a steal and a block is the reason we drafted him, lets see if he can keep it together.
  • Sacramento Kings, had a bad night.  Maybe Demarcus Cousins is distracting them.  Keep an eye to see how they bounce back.
  • Josh Smith, wins Hawk of the night.  The award will switch every game with Joe Johnson having the best shot to get it.  They are all eliminating each others fantasy potential.
  • Joakim Noah, got in foul trouble and Carlos Boozer did nothing with the opportunity.  It is Derek Rose and Luol Deng’s team. 
  • Portland Trailblazers, defense may be the real deal.  They are shutting down teams and tonight held Durant to less than 20 points on 26 shot attempts.
  • Gerald Wallace, tried being aggressive with his shot.  4-14 shooting, 13 points.  Time to trade him.
  • Stephen Jackson, is finally looking back to the player he once was.  Good time to sell high before he starts missing random games again.
  • Al Jefferson, the man crush continues.  I would own him on every single one of my teams if I could.  The man is a beast.  26 Points, 10 rebounds, 3 blocks, 2 steals.
  • Luis Scola, continues to not rebound.  Only 5 Tuesday night, and only 5 per game for the season.
  • Pau Gasol, had his days.  Bynum is the clear #2 and it is time to trade the soft European.

WEDNESDAY (1/4/12)

  • Andre Blatche, is starting to be the Demarcus Cousins of Washington.  If you don’t want to deal with the headache wait for a few solid games in a row before trading the stud.  10 points, and less than 6 rebounds.  That will not get it done.
  • Ryan Anderson, continues his successful season.  He is looking like the steal of most drafts as of now.  If he was even drafted.  23 Points, 15 rebounds.
  • DeMar Derozan, Andrea Bargnani, exploded Wednesday night.  Derozan hit 5 three pointers.  That is more than he had all of last season and continues to shoot the 3 ball.  Bargs 31 points.
  • James Jones, will be a good pickup if anything happens to LeBron or Wade in the near future.  4 three pointers.
  • Corey Maggette, went down with a hammy.  With his age, and his history.  It could be a while before you see Uh-Oh-Maggette-O again.  Boris Diaw is now a solid Sell High candidate as people will be buying into him with the vacant roster space.  Cash in if you can get a 3rd round stud.
  • Toney Douglas, was not happy to see Amare returned.  He still took 17 shots but his fantasy value will slowly start to dwindle.  Especially now that Shumpert is back as well.
  • Paul Pierce, is a beast and will have a big season.  Rajon Rondo’s value has dropped tremendously since his return.
  • MarShon Brooks, is the real deal.  Lets wait to see how long the injury is going to keep him out for before anyone starts panicking. (most minutes, most points, most shot attempts) and he left early.
  • Carlos Boozer, (19 points, 7 rebounds) finally got it going again.  He did this on a night where Luol Deng went 1-6 shooting.  But we will take it anyways.  Maybe his value will start to go up again.
  • Ben Gordon, (2-10 shooting) lets see how the coaching staff handles one bad shooting performance.  Stuckey going down helps hide the numbers.
  • Tony Allen, (8-8, 20 points) had a night he will never forget.  But a week from now fantasy owners will.
  • Ricky Rubio, (12 points, 10 assists) is a stud and should be a must own in all leagues.  Do not sell high, he is for real.
  • Andre Iguodala, (6 points) games like this are going to happen.  The 76ers have too many talented players that can handle the ball.  Evan Turner off the bench had 21 points.  If you can sell high on Iggy, I would.  People will see this as a fluke, I see it as a trend that will continue to happen.
  • Jarret Jack, (19 points, 11 assists) continues to perform at a high level despite Eric Gordon returning.  Jarret Jack is a must own, must start in all leagues.
  • Steve Nash, (15 Points, 12 assists) is officially on a hot streak.  If you want to sell high you can, but it may take a couple more games to get the value where you drafted him.  Keep a close eye on his minutes.
  • Lamar Odom, (15 Points, 5 Rebounds) had a game that will finally give you the chance to trade him.  Now that he’s starting to put it together, you can trade him.  The minutes will not be there consistently all season.
  • Monta Ellis, (38 Points, 7 Assists) had the game that made you draft him so high in the first place.  With Stephen Curry twisting his ankle again, Ellis should put up monster numbers all season.  Wait to hear about Curry’s new status before making any moves.
  • Tony Parker, (21 points) is now the guy I would want on the Spurs with Manu out.  Duncan chipped in an old school 15-11, you can try trading him but you have to get some consistency before anyone makes that deal.
  • Marcus Thornton, (23 Points) is one of those guys that will either do nothing, or blow up.  He will blow up more often than doing nothing.
  • Denver Nuggets, ignore this game from a fantasy perspective.  It was a blowout.
  • Chris Paul, (20 Points, 10 Assists) is having the season we all expected.  His numbers are only going to start going up as he gets more and more comfortable with his new teammates.  LOB CITY!

Thursday (1/5/12)

  • Gerald Wallace, (31 Points, 13-19 shooting) played like the version that made him get drafted so high in the first place.  It is time to sell high on him.  He has to compete with; Raymond Felton, Jamal Crawford, Wesley Matthews, Nicholas Batum, and LaMarcus Aldridge for shot attempts.  This is not going to be an every night type of game, and his value is sky high right now.
  • DeMarcus Cousins, (19 Points, 15 Rebounds) looks to be happy to play with a new coach.  Foul Trouble will be a common problem with him (fouled out again last night), but the big man can definitely play.  His value is high right now, will it get any higher?
  • Drew Gooden (18 Points, 9 Rebounds) is playing like a man who is still in his prime.  He is a good waiver add as Andrew Bogut is far from a lock to be healthy the rest of the season when he comes back.
  • Rodrigue Beaubois, (Filling in for Jason Kidd) could get a lot of playing time in the near future, and forward as Jason Kidd already hit the injury list.  That did not take long at all, and Kidd will continue with his down season.
  • Mario Chalmers, (29 Points, 8 Rebounds, 7 Assists) did enough damage to ruin Norris Cole for the rest of the season.  When Wade and LeBron are healthy, Chalmers will not come close to these numbers.  Don’t be fooled.
  • Tracy McGrady (14 Points, 7 Rebounds, 5 Assists) T-Mac is back, and before you get all excited to add him, just know that when Hinrich comes back in a month McGrady will lose a lot of value.

Friday (1/6/12)

  • DeMar Derozan (3 Points, 1/6 shooting) reminds us that he is human.  If there was a time to try to reach out to trade for him to, now is the time.
  • Anthony Morrow (24 Points, 6 3PTM) MarShon Brooks worst nightmare.  But it’s okay, how often is Morrow going to be red hot.  Not enough to slow down Brooks from seeing consistent playing time.
  • Josh Smith (23 Points, 11 Rebounds, 2 Blocks) is starting to get hot.  Hopefully he stays consistent, because that has been his problem all season.
  • Tyrus Thomas (7 Points, 5 Rebounds, 1 Block, 1 Steal) made his debut tonight.  Pretty solid considering he has been hurt all this time.  Definitely a must add with very high potential.  One year he will put it together.
  • Greg Monroe (22 Points, 7 Rebounds) is putting it together.  Everyone expected it, and now it is officially for real.  He is a great Center to own.
  • Jrue Holiday (5 Points, 9 Assists) the 76ers have too many guards, Jrue will continue to get his minutes.  Do not panic and you would be selling him for too low if you did.
  • Iman Shumpert (10 Points, 5 Steals, 7 Assists, 34 Minutes) Shumpert is looking like he is ready to be owned in all leagues.  He’s got great size (6’5) combo guard.  He could start running the point.
  • John Wall (22 Points, 9 Assists) is maybe the only consistent player on his team.  He will live up to the draft value you got him at.  Solid, Solid player.
  • Paul Pierce (3-17 shooting) it will be interesting to see how he bounces back after single handily losing the game against the Pacers.  In Boston…
  • Danilo Galinari (23 Points, 3 3PTM) Galo has put together a couple solid games together recently.  He could be looking to gain back the value that he once had.
  • Jarret Jack (39 Minutes, 15 Points, 6 Assists) he has formed into a stud with Eric Gordon missing all this time.  Once again he is a must own in all leagues if is not now..Last time I’m going to say it.
  • Ryan Anderson (24 Minutes, 5 Points, 3 Rebounds) Don’t panic.  But watch to see him bounce back, because that is the difference between a fluke and someone who is for real.  Give him a couple games.
  • Luis Scola (2 Rebounds) Scola?  What are you doing out there?  How does he get only 2 rebounds?  His average is down to 4.7 rebounds per game.
  • Ramon Sessions (11 Points, 7 Rebounds, 6 Assists, 20 Minutes) He is a guy to keep on your radar if you want a sneaky waiver wire pick.  He is playing great all season.
  • Darko Millcic (11 Points) he showed signs of life having 9 points after the 1st quarter.  Maybe there is something there if you are desperate for center.  Maybe, he was good for a short while last season.
  • Derrick Williams (26 minutes, 12 Points) is still behind Beasley on the depth chart, but Beasley is playing terribly and it might be time for him to get traded.  D-Will is the future for Minnesota.
  • Tony Allen (6-9 Shooting, 21 Points) Tony Allen is starting to be a scoring machine for the Grizz.  Unfortunately it probably will not last, and it is best to take this game with a grain of salt.  If he gets over 20 again, then we can talk.  The shot attempts are not going to be constant, and his production is going up with Zach Randolph out.
  • Josh Howard (13 Points, 2 Steal, 26 Minutes) is now getting in game shape and is the 6th man for the Jazz.  They need him to step up for the Jazz to take the next level.  Not a bad move to get him on your team in deeper leagues.
  • Markieff Morris (13 Points, 9 Rebounds, 31 Minutes) Played two of his last three games with 30 minutes plus.  Phoenix won both of those games.  The Suns like him, and so should you if that is the case.  He could give you some big lines down the road.
  • Gerald Wallace (1 Points, 2 Rebounds, 1 Assist)  Gerald Wallace ladies and gentleman.  I told you to sell high while you could, there just is not enough shot attempts to go around.
  • Dorrell Wright (10 Points, 2 3PTM) he was heating up in the 4th quarter against the Lakers.  He is about to go on a hot stretch which should allow you to trade him soon.  Watch out for Dorrell while Steph Curry sits with his ankle injury.
  • Pau Gasol (17 Points, 11 Rebounds, 3 Blocks, 3 Steals) Pau is back.  He looks hungry, he actually looks stronger in the arms as well.  He will give you solid lines every night, and is finally playing like the player he was three years ago.


  1. I have the following team and was wondering if I should make room for Beasley or Marshon Brooks. It’s a head to head points league. Both are in free agency.

    Russel Westbrook
    Wesley Matthews
    Boris Diaw
    Al Horford
    David Lee
    DJ Augustin
    Gerald Wallace
    Deron Williams
    Rudy Gay
    Tyreke Evans
    Greg Monroe
    Ricky Rubio


  2. Your team is very solid.

    You could package Rubio, Tyreke Evans, and Boris Diaw for a couple of really nice players. Then pickup either Beasley or Brooks with that vacant spot.

    Ricky Rubio everyone is already anticipating the assists, when he actually gets them people will still value him close to the same as now.
    Boris Diaw had his moments. Tyrus Thomas is coming back, and Maggette is starting to be more aggressive.
    Tyreke Evans people will still value his ability as a star. I would move him now before people realize he really isn’t consistent enough to be a 2nd-3rd round value type of player. It wouldn’t hurt to see him get one more big game before making the move.

    Check out other articles for Fantasy Basketball coming out this week.

  3. I want to pick up MarShon Brooks, but who should I drop in order to get him?

    Jerryd Bayless
    Ricky Rubio
    Tyler Hansbrough
    Al Harrington

  4. Bayless ceiling is what MarShon Brooks is doing now.

    I do think Bayless will be great eventually this season, but Brooks is the real deal right now. Brooks value will also go higher when he reaches the starting lineup.

  5. Dorell Wright?

    Should I give him another week to see if he improves? Or should I drop him?

  6. MarShon Brooks was just dropped in my league, after his injury. I know his injury could be bad, but at the same time, he might return in a week. Should I pick him up if I have an extra space in my bench?

  7. At this point, you will not get any trade value for Wright.

    I would hold onto him, keep him on the bench. Wait until he has a few big nights in a row and then make the trade. Stephen Curry keeps getting hurt which allows some of his shot attempts to be dispersed to Wright.

    But Yes, the Dorell Wright you drafted like I have been saying all along in other articles. Is not the Dorell Wright you drafted.

  8. Yes the guy is the only bright spot on the Nets roster. He is their best scorer, and the Nets need him to be on their team. It would be safe to see how long he is out for, but he is also someone that needs to be picked up immediately, especially if it is only a week.

    Led the team in Points, minutes, shot attempts. This will not be the last time that happens.

  9. Hey there,
    Here’s my team in a 16 team head-to-head league:

    Tony Parker
    Manu Ginobili
    Luol Deng
    Kevin Love
    Wesley Matthews
    Jose Calderon
    Spencer Hawes
    Andrew Bogut
    Marcin Gortat

    I was going to drop Ginobili for MarShon Brooks, but I snoozed and someone else snatched him up. Should I just hold on to him and hope he gets back sooner than later (and that those screws don’t mess with his shot), or drop him for one of these guys:

    Mario Chalmers
    Richard Jefferson
    Delonte West
    Metta World Peace
    Brandon Rush
    Ramon Sessions
    (or anyone comparable)

    Thanks in advance.

  10. None of those guys offer anything special like Manu does when he comes back from the injury. If it is a daily league, the I would drop him for Richard Jefferson on that list. He probably has to step it up more than all the reserves on the Spurs. But if you can hold tight in a weekly league, you will be glad you held onto Manu.

  11. Hey Guys,

    Can you rate my fantasy team? I’m also trying to trade Jason Kidd and Caron Butler for Ricky Rubio and Deandre Jordan…do you think that that is a good trade? Thanks :)

    Here is my team:

    G Kyle Lowry
    G Jose Calderon
    G Ty Lawson
    G Jason Kidd
    G Ramon Sessions
    G Iman Shumpert
    G Marshawn Brooks

    SF Caron Butler
    SF Al Harrington

    F Udonis Haslem
    F Blake Griffin

    C Spencer Hawes
    C Javale McGee
    C Ryan Anderson

    Util Tyler Hansbrough
    Util Antawn Jamison

  12. If you can still trade Jason Kidd pull the trigger. Who knows how long is he going to be out for, and he is a fraction of the player he was last season. Age has finally caught up.

    I’ll analyze your team with no Kidd or Butler.

    G’s: You have enough good young talents to keep your team going all season. Ty Lawson, Calderon, Lowry are great. Brooks will join that group of names before the end of January (as long as his ankle is no problem). Rubio is pretty much already there, (Solid guard who will get you Steve Nash assist numbers). I like Shumpert, especially if Melo ever goes down.

    F’s: Jamison, Griffin may not be good enough to carry your forwards. But Hansbrough, and for now Al Harrington are good guys to throw around your roster. Ryan Anderson should be in your lineup with your other forwards if you don’t have room for him at center.

    C’s: Hawes is the sleeper of the year for now. McGee is always solid and DeAndre Jordan’s value should only grow. FT% sucks but he blocks a ridiculous amount of shots.

    Good team, good depth. Your team should be competitive all season. I would trade Calderon and Lowry while their values are sky high. You will be surprised at the talent you would get in return for them.

  13. Manu Ginobili was just dropped in my league. Should I go ahead and pick him up and wait till he gets back? If so, which one of these guys should I drop? I’m strong at PF and C, but weak at PG so I don’t know if I want to drop either of them, but here are the guys that might be expendable.

    Al Harrington
    Tyler Hansbrough
    Ricky Rubio
    Chris Kaman
    MarShon Brooks
    Toney Douglas

  14. This is my team in a 10 team – head to head league with weekly line up changes.

    PG Steve Nash
    SG Gerald Henderson
    G Westbrook
    SF Rip Hamilton
    PF Lamar Odom
    F Hedo Turkoglu
    C Pau Gasol
    C Andrea Bargnani
    Util Luol Deng
    Util Kyrie Irving

    Dorell Wright
    Michael Beasley
    MarShon Brooks
    Iman Shumpert

    I picked up MarShon Brooks (after he was dropped) and Shumpert in week 2. I followed your advice and I’m gonna hold onto Dorell Wright for at least a week more to see if he gets out of his slump. What are your thoughts on my team?

    I want to drop Beasley because he is inconsistent. These are the list of players I can pick up

    JJ hickson
    gary neal
    richard Jefferson
    Tyrus Thomas
    James Johnson

    Who should I pick up in your opinion? Also, if this were your team would you drop any one else and pick any of the free players up?

    Also should I start Shumpert and marShon brooks in week 3?

    Thank you. Sorry if this is long.

    Thanks man

  15. Thanks for the feedback.

    I feel that if I trade Lowry or Calderon, I will lose my advantage of assists. But if I were to trade them off, what kind of trade offers should I put up? What kind of people can make my team even better, in your opinion?

    Also, do you feel that Al Harrington (maybe even Ty Lawson) will lose their value tremendously when JR Smith and Wilson Chandler return?

  16. Kyle Lowry may have the same value as guards such as. Westbrook/Wade/D.Williams, and maybe even Chris Paul or Lamarcus Aldridge. It would be selling Lowry high not expecting him to continue his success, while buying a superstar low, who is not playing to his expectations. Your right about losing an edge in assists, but at the end of the day you want superstars on your roster.

    Jose Calderon you could get players such as, Tyreke Evans/Rudy Gay/Danny Granger/Paul Pierce. It would be selling high on Calderon as well as his season is going great, and he should continue to do well especially with Jerryd Bayless out. But there will be a time this season when Calderon losses value, either to playing time problems or just a bad night. Get superstars while you can.

    Sessions will help fill that void in assists easily, and Shumpert just reached the next level. You can read what I wrote about him on Friday’s section of the Daily show. But a PG in Mike D’Antoni’s offense will thrive.

    As far as your Nuggets go. Those player do not return until March. You can worry about that later, as there are so many factors that I can’t even begin to touch on when that time happens. Ty Lawson is safe, Al Harrington is playing like he was from 3 years ago. I would hold tight with both of them for now.

  17. If it is a daily league I would hold tight to all of those guys. If it is a weekly league and you have Douglas on your bench then I would make the move. Douglas is going to lose a lot of PT to Shumpert. A LOT!

    Those other guys are all solid and having great seasons (for them) so far.

  18. As bad as Beasley has been he is still getting his minutes, and shot attempts. You have to hold tight with him as he will get it together soon and be shooting 20 point games like he has been doing it all season. Unless he gets traded first.

    If you feel you must drop Beasley, then you can go with J.J Hickson. He should be solid as long as Chuck Hayes is out, and Demarcus Cousins continues to get in foul trouble. 15-10 type of games would be great, and they are now possible for him.

    Dorrell Wright had a huge 4th quarter against the Lakers Friday Night, try to trade him before Curry comes back from that ankle injury. Definitely wait for his value to climb up a little.

    I would start Brooks for Rip’s spot, as long as there are reports that he is healthy by the end of the weekend. If he isn’t then I would start Shumpert for Rip. (you can figure out how to make re-adjust your roster)

    As good as Turk has played, I would still use Beasley over Turk. The consistency factor is not there yet for Hedo to be depended on over good quality players like Beasley who jack up 15 shots a game.

    I would also bench Lamar Odom, and play Dorrel Wright. This will trick your other owners in your league to thinking you want to use him like he’s good again. Curry is out until Thursday, you will have from the Warriors next game until that time to make a move. Wait for one more game before starting to offer him in trade talks.

    Last move I would make.

    Drop: Rip Hamilton. Add: JJ Hickson.

    You can start Shumpert if you’d like, he played 34 minutes last night and is ready to take over. He may be more intriguing than MarShon Brooks, but I want to see a couple consistent games from Shumpert before I say start him. Definitely an A+ guy to have on your reserves for now.

  19. With my lineup, would you drop Tony Parker for Shumpert? I wanted to trade Parker and one of my centers for another player, then pick up Shumpert, but someone else already got him. What do you think?

  20. Beasley is out. You can either use Hickson or stick with Turk.

    Beasley is expected to miss at least the next three games with a mid foot sprain.

  21. Thank you so much Muntradamus!

    So here’s who I’m starting in week 3!

    PG Nash – 4games played in week 3
    SG Henderson – 5gp
    G Westbrook – 3gp
    SF Dorell Wright -4gp
    PF JJ hickson – 4
    F Luol Deng – 5
    C Pau Gasol – 4
    C Andrea Bargnani – 5
    Util Shumpert – 4
    Util Marshon brooks – 4

    Kyrie Irving – 3gp
    turkoglu – 2gp
    Odom – 4gp
    beasley (injured)

    Should I start Odom instead of Westbrook or instead of anyone else? Odom plays 4games versus 3games played by Westbrook! Does a difference of one game matter that much?
    Also, do you think its too risky to start both Shumpert and marshon brooks?

  22. Hey guys…I just finished up a draft…can someone please help me rate my team:

    PS: I accidentally drafted Manu Ginobili :( Any advice on what to do for him? I feel like my front line is weak as well…any advice for improvements or possible “bargaining chip players” would be great :)

    Stephen Curry
    Kevin Martin
    Manu Ginobili
    Andre Miller
    Darren Collison
    Iman Shumpert
    Jose Calderon

    Antawn Jamison
    Lebron James

    Javale McGee
    Andrew Bogut
    Spencer Hawes
    Emeka Okafor

  23. Marshon Brooks is still available in my league…should I pick him up? If so, who should I drop/trade away to make room?

  24. Should I give up on Assists? In a 12-person league, I’m in 9th place in the assist category with only 142 assists. To put it in perspective, the leader in assists in my league has 278 assists. My only sources for assists are Kobe Bryant and Ricky Rubio.

    Should I try trading someone who has helped me lead a certain category for someone who is good at assists (Like trading DeAndre Jordan for somebody) or should I just give up on that category and try to stay in the lead for blocks?

  25. Your G situation is a weak at the moment because of injuries to Manu and Curry.

    Calderon, Miller, and Collison will get you enough assists. While Kevin Martin and Shumpert have a lot of upside once they put it together this season.

    Forwards are good, Twan is the key guy for the Cavs, LeBron is LeBron.

    Great Centers, Great depth. Even with injuries you are covered.

    I don’t know what your lineups are like, but Spencer Hawes is a great trade chip right now as his ceiling is not much higher than this. His value can only go down, especially if he puts up another sloppy game.

    Check out the latest fantasy article where you can read about all your players.

  26. Yes, I would pick him up. Your team has a lot of talent, and there is nobody to drop who won’t be picked up in a NY Minute. Try to trade Hawes and one of your better guards like Calderon for a superstar and then pick him up Brooks with that roster spot.

  27. Never Punt categories in fantasy sports. It is very risky as you may lose by a point or two only because you gave up completly in the position. You may not get 1st but it is important to stay in the pack and there will be a FA guard who will get assists at some point this season. Do not give up yet as we only have played two weeks in the season.

    DeAndre Jordan’s value is very high, but you should wait until you have a commanding lead before dealing him away, as that team you give him up to is a threat to pass you since the season is so young.

    Check out the new fantasy basketball article where you can read about all your players.

  28. That is a tough one. Danny Granger for Ty Lawson seems like whoever gets Granger is getting the better deal. However Granger is on the Sell list of the “Fantasy Basketball Trade Market” article that comes out tomorrow. Nene is also not the easiest guy to own as he misses games on the reg, and the Nuggets have so many options that are ready to jump to the next level. On top of that Al Harrington has been playing great in his place all season. I would definitely trade Diaw, but if you are a believer in Ty Lawson then you can make this trade. You may be giving up a little bit too much, but Ty Lawson owners will not give him up cheap.

    Check out the new fantasy basketball article where you can read about all your players.

  29. If you are getting Kevin Love, I would say yes. Kevin Love is a Fantasy Beast. Calderon and Hawes are doing great, but how much higher can their value you get. You’re getting a top 3 pick for good fantasy options.

  30. You were the same guy that answered my question on YahooAnswers.. thank you…I read the daily review of the players everyday as well as the weekly articles.

    The guy that owns Lawson in my league doesn’t value him as much as I do and he likes Diaw. I could get away with Diaw for Lawson straight up.

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