FANTASY BASKETBALL Daily Show:Week 13 (Mar 19th–Mar 26th)

FANTASY BASKETBALL Daily Show: Week 13 (Mar 19th – Mar 26th) 2012

By: Muntradamus

*Updated 3/26





Beat trends before they happen.


March 18, 2012 – 9:09 pm
OMG I love my team!

March 18, 2012 – 9:09 pm
Going back to the 76ers situation.

March 18, 2012 – 9:11 pm
I see Andre Iguodala losing a lot of fantasy value. He is already taking less than 15 shots nearly every game. That number is inching closer to 10. He is going to have to shoot nearly 60% to have solid games scoring wise. Otherwise he is an assist guy with intangibles.



March 19, 2012 – 4:24 pm
In my other league (shoo-in for playoffs), should I trade LaMarcus for Bynum like you suggested? My centers are Gortat, Big Al, and Aldridge. My PFs are Big Al, Aldridge, J-Smoove, and The Hump.

March 19, 2012 – 5:20 pm
Eric Gordon is set to join the team next week and will start practicing… Is he worth owning?…

March 19, 2012 – 6:31 pm
Pachulia is performing well recently and putting up solid numbers… What do you guys think of him?…

March 19, 2012 – 6:43 pm
@sarapmoboy: Eric Gordon is not worth owning this late in the season. The Hornets will gradually give him more minutes as the season comes to and end, but the most I can see him at is 22 minutes per game. Pachulia is an interesting option considering he has no competition for PT. He is a good short-term option if you need some quick boards.


Now to the fantasy action from around the NBA.


Monday (3/19/12)


  • Danilo Gallinari out 4 Weeks with Thumb Fracture. Wilson Chandler is Must-Add in all leagues.
  • Nikola Pekovic re-injured his ankle.  Stephen Curry owners feel his pain.  He is questionable for the next game.
  • Andre Miller leaves game with shoulder injury.  Helping Wilson Chandler even more.  Miller is questionable for next game.
  • Gerald Wallace, Kevin Love, Deron Williams, Dirk Nowitzki, &Tristan Thompson.  The 5 Fantasy Baseball Stars of the Day.

Philadelphia 105 @ Charlotte 80

  • Andre Iguodala took 4 shot attempts in 30 Minutes.  He is not going to be the great fantasy option he was a few weeks ago as Jrue Holiday is now a very aggressive offensive player.  Jrue had another strong game with 20 Points and 6 Assists.  Two great games in a row, and he is ready to make an impact in the fantasy playoffs.  Evan Turner is seeing his great run slowly come to an end with all the mouths the 76ers need to feed.  3/11 FG in 27 Minutes for 6 Points and 3 Rebounds has him on the way down.  Spencer Hawes looked strong in his start grabbing 11 Rebounds to go with 3 Blocks and 13 Points in less than 25 Minutes.  He may sit out the next game, we will see.  Elton Brand and Thaddeus Young can both exist as they combined for 34 Points and 14 Rebounds.  Both brought their end to the table.  Lou Williams was not the odd man out this time around as he scored 19 Points off the bench.
  • Terrible game for the Bobcats all-around.  Kemba Walker was probably the star going 5/11 off the bench for 13 Points.  Bismack Biyombo is putting up Marcus Camby type numbers with 9 Rebounds, 2 Points, 1 Block, and 1 Steal.  He still got 29 Minutes and they will continue to run him come fantasy playoff time.  D.J. Augustin took a step back with 7 Points and 5 Assists.  One more bad game and I am willing to admit his 20+ Point game the other day was a fluke.  Gerald Henderson put up 14 Points, but that probably had more to do with no Corey Maggette who missed the game with back spasms.  Tyrus Thomas was garbage and is unreliable.

Boston 79 @ Atlanta 76

  • In a game with no offense, Rajon Rondo was able to get 13 Assists with 6 Steals.  The 10 Points is nothing to brag about, in fact he has been terrible scoring the ball lately.  Ray Allen breaks his inconsistency with 4 3PTM and 19 Points.  He did that on 9 FG attempts, kind of alarming.  Kevin Garnett took matters into his own hands with a team leading 17 FG attempts, to have 16 Points and 8 Rebounds.  KG has been solid as the starting center, definitely going to be interesting next season where he goes.  Paul Pierce had a game for his fantasy owners to forget going 4/14 from the field with 13 Points and 5 Rebounds.  Just a clunker.  Brandon Bass almost double-doubled with 8 Points and 10 Rebounds, he did in 37 Minutes.
  • Joe Johnson continues to be a beast scoring 26 Points while gathering 6 Rebounds.  He knocked down 4 3PTM, but also turned it over an alarming 7 times.  Josh Smith continues to be a low-end 3×2 player.  The new Andre Iguodala, 10 Points, 11 Rebounds, and 8 Assists.  Problem with that line is he went 5/20 from the field.  Zaza Pachulia may have been player of the game with 16 Points, 13 Rebounds, and 2 Steals.  It is Zaza’s world, we are just living in it.  Game 1 of 5 has been nice for this week.  Jeff Teague played 40 Minutes, but did nothing besides have the dunk of the night.  Not going to get into the numbers, but he did take 13 FG attempts which is nice.  Kirk Hinrich was the most useless 36 Minute guy on the court doing absolutely nothing with 9 Points, 3 Assists.  Teague’s numbers were not much better than that.  Props for Atlanta with the old school bench of the year award, Jerry Stackhouse & Tracy McGrady.  Does not get sicker than that.

Cleveland 105 @ New Jersey 100

  • Tristan Thompson had his coming out party, and that is why I told you to pick him up in the waiver wire article.  27 Points, 12 Rebounds, 1 Block is just the beginning.  The player that was affected by these numbers was sadly Alonzo Gee.  Gee went 3/6 from the field in 28 Minutes, and with the news that Anderson Varejao is returning soon.  It is hard to imagine Gee being a consistent option a couple weeks from now.  He still may put up good performances for the time being, but if there are better FA’s out there.  Go for them.  Antawn Jamison saved his 5/20 FGs for 13 Points by matching it with 13 Rebounds.  His value is high because he will shoot the ball every night on a terrible team.  Kyrie Irving continues to show that life is good without Ramon Sessions.  Kyrie put up 26 Points, 7 Assists, on 20 FG attempts.  He only saw 31 Minutes.
  • Gerald Wallace exploded with 27 Points and 12 Rebounds.  He went to the FT line 11 times, made 10 of the attempts.  Crash  is back.  Kris Humphries was barley able to stay fantasy relevant with 13 Points and 10 Rebounds.  At half time his numbers were horrible, I will let you be happy with the end result.  MarShon Brooks continues to struggle with the Nets getting healthier, 10 Points on 3/10 FG.  Him and Anthony Morrow are going to make life difficult for eachother, Morrow was not better going 2/6 from the field in the same amount of minutes.  Deron Williams continues to run the team like it is nothing with 28 Points and 8 Assists.  New Jersey has to win these games if they are going to go anywhere.

Chicago 85 @ Orlando 59

  • No Derrick Rose means more Carlos Boozer.  Booz Crooz went for 24 Points, 13 Rebounds, 4 Steals.  A couple good games in a row has him back in the good graces of fantasy owners.  Luol Deng continues to struggle with the opportunity.  5/13 FG for 14 Points and 4 Rebounds is terrible.  Hard to imagine those numbers getting better when Rose is healthy.  Joakim Noah had a disappointing 9 Points, 6 Rebounds, and 5 Assists.  The 5 Assists were nice, but those double-doubles are not nearly as consistent as they used to be.  John Lucas was nice again with 20 Points.  His value will be nothing by next Monday.  Ronnie Brewer will be back on all waiver wires (if he is not already) by the time RIP returns.
  • If you are a fantasy owner of a lot of Magic.  Not only is this a bad week with three games, but your team only scored 59 Points.  You know who I am talking to.  Dwight Howard was the lone bright spot with 18 Points and 12 Rebounds and 3 Blocks.  The rest of the starting 5 combined for 28 Points, 6 Assists, 14 Rebounds, and 4 3PTM.  When the Magic score 59 Points, you cannot expect much.

Dallas 112 @ Denver 95

  • Dirk Nowitzki took his game to the next level with no Shawn Marion tonight.  33 Points, 11 Rebounds, 6 Assists, 3 3PTM.  Merry Christmas.  Jason Kidd put together a nice game with 10 Assists, 4 Steals, and 7 Points in 24 Minutes.  I would say go ahead and add him as he will be an important factor in the Mavs making the playoffs.  The guard situation is however dicey with Roddy B. drawing the start.  He played 36 Minutes with 14 Points and 6 Assists.  Vince Carter started at SF for Marion and played  33 Minutes with 14 Points, 6 Rebounds, 2 Steals and 2 Blocks.  On top of that you have Jason Terry who had another clunker going 4/12 from the field.  He has not been consistent all season.  That situation will get crowded at some point.
  • On a night where Gallo broke his thumb, and Andre Miller left with a shoulder injury.  Wilson Chandler could not have been more blessed as a fantasy option.  27 Minutes, 13 Points, 4 Rebounds, 2 Steals, 1 Block, 1 3PTM in his debut is just the beginning.  He is going to be huge down the road in all fantasy leagues.  Al Harrington scored 12 Points on 12 FG attempts in 25 Minutes.  His value was decent because Javale McGee did not play.  Apparently he is not just going to get the PT everyone was expecting, we will see how it fares out next game before jumping to conclusion.  Kenneth Faried grabbed 5 Rebounds and 9 Points.  He is not consistent enough to trust on an everyday basis.  Ty Lawson has been going downhill for the last week.  11 Points, 6 Assists, 4 Turnovers is just another bad game to add to the pile.  Aaron Afflalo is also a much safer fantasy option with the news that Gallo is out a month.  Aaron scored 24 Points on 10 FG attempts.  Cannot get much better than that.

Minnesota 97 @ Golden State 93

  • Minnesota defeats Golden State to get one step closer to the playoffs.  Kevin Love was a monster with 36 Points, 17 Rebounds, and 3 3PTM.  2nd place in MVP voting for Fantasy Basketball.  A full week of this and I will put him ahead of the 17-8-6 Lebron James.  Luke Ridnour puts up Steve Nash numbers with 11 Points and 10 Assists.  J.J. Barea also came off the bench to put up 10 Assists in 27 Minutes off the bench.  Worth watching.  Nikola Pekovic leaves with another ankle sprain, wait and see with him.  Derrick Williams continues to see great PT off the bench and grabs double digit rebounds once again.  You can almost count on that every game when Nikola goes down.
  • Klay Thompson goes 7/18 from the field and plays 23 Minutes.  He still knocked down 3 3PTM with 17 Points, but there is reason for concern.  The Warriors are apparently interested in what Richard Jefferson and his 19 Points in 29 Minutes off the bench can bring to this team.  I would not be so quick to add Jefferson as he still played less minutes than  Brandon Rush off the bench.  This looks like a fantasy headache in the making, especially with Dorrell Wright in the picture as well.  Dorrell played 35 Minutes, but only scored 8 Points.  This is a wait and see approach.  The good news is Nate Robinson is still solid played 33 Minutes, 4/12 from the field with 13 Points, 7 Assists, 1 Steal, 2 3PTM.  I hyped him up since the trade happened making him the cover man of the article for good reason.  David Lee continues to put up 20+ Points on a team with no real consistent options.


Tuesday (3/20/12)


  • Andray Blatche shut down for a few weeks. Trevor Booker is safe going forward.
  • Tyreke Evans comes off bench.  New role moving forward?
  • Jerryd Bayless suffers hip pointer, and only plays 13 Minutes in Calderon’s return.
  • Goran Dragic, Marcus Thornton, Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire, Marc Gasol.   Top 5 Fantasy Players of the Day.

LA Clippers 89 @ Indiana 102

  • Nick Young moved to the starting lineup to put up 13 Points on 13 shot attempts.  He played 36 Minutes and completely knocked Randy Foye (DNP) out of the rotation.  Mo Williams kept a similar role taking 11 shots off the bench in 28 Minutes.  His consistency has been horrible all season.  Speaking of horrible consistency DeAndre Jordan played 20 Minutes to pick up 10 Rebounds and 2 Blocks.  He is turning into Bismack Biyombo, with less minutes.  Chris Paul was disappointing with 16 Points and 8 Assists, he is going to lose a lot of offensive production with all the mouths the Clippers need to feed.  Including Caron Butler who was an awful 5/14 from the field.  Blake Griffin was dominant scoring 23 Points and 10 Rebounds.  The Clippers are going to be an interesting fantasy team moving forward as players values will change from game to game.
  • Paul George and Darren Collison combined for 10 shot attempts.  Leandro Barbosa and George Hill combined for 17 shot attempts.  This is going to be interesting to watch moving forward as they all cancel each other out.  David West was worthless once again going 0/3 from the field with 2 Rebounds in 20 Minutes.  He is close to waiver wire material if there is a great option in the FA market.  Danny Granger shows that this is his team with 25 Points, 8 Rebounds and intangibles across the board.  Granger is starting to heat up as a fantasy option.  Roy Hibbert continues to be a version of himself from a season ago with 13 Points, 7 Rebounds and a block.  His best days this season are behind him.  Tyler Hansbrough exploded off the bench with 17 Points, this could ruin David West if the Pacers decide to see what the UNC kid has in the tank.

Phoenix 95 @ Miami 99

  • Steve Nash saved his 7 Turnovers with another double digit 10 Assist game.  He has an 8 game 10+ Assist streak or more going.  Jared Dudley is starting to hit a bad level with another poor performance of 10 Points.  I would be a little worried.  Grant Hill leads the team with 19 Points, while Channing Frye put up his first clunker in over a week going 1/7 from the field.  Marcin Gortat has definitely gone down a level as he failed to double-double with 13 Points and 8 Rebounds.  Against a team with no legitimate center.
  • Lebron James suffered a shoulder injury but played through it.  20 Points, 8 Rebounds, 6 Assists, 2 Steals, 2 Blocks, keeps him ahead of Kevin Love for fantasy MVP.  Dwayne Wade was okay with 19 Points, 7 Rebounds, 5 Assists.  Wade should be putting up bigger numbers more consistently, he was not a 1st round pick for nothing.  Chris Bosh was spectacular with 29 Points, and 8 Rebounds.  His value will go up and down throughout the rest of the season.  Mario Chalmers scored 1 Points, but had 8 Assists and 5 steals to show he is still worth owning.  Udonis Haslem surprised with 15 Points and 9 Rebounds.  Continue to watch to see if you should make the move.

Toronto 87 @ New York 106

  • Jose Calderon returned to play 34 Minutes and pickup 11 Points and 9 Assists.  More importantly he held Jerryd Bayless to 13 Minutes off the bench.  Hopefully it was the hip pointer that had him on the bench, I would wait to see another performance like this before comfortably dropping him.  DeMar DeRozan continues to shoot the ball at will with 13 attempts, he had 17 Points.  Andrea Bargnani continues to shoot the ball horribly 5/15 from the field, but always manages to put up good scoring numbers with 15 Points.  James Johnson played 28 Minutes to put up 1 Rebounds, 1 Assist, 1 Steal, 1 Block.  His value is going down quickly.  Amir Johnson and Ed Davis continue to cancel each other out.
  • Jeremy Lin was strong with 18 Points, 10 Assists in 28 Minutes.  If it was not a blowout his numbers would have been huge.  Amare Stoudemire is back in the driver’s seat with a strong 22 Point, 12 Rebound performance.  The gameplan is to go to him and Carmelo Anthony who led the team in FG attempts, and managed a 17 Point, 8 Rebounds, 5 Assist and 3 Steal game.  He is going to be just fine in case you were worried.  Tyson Chandler surprisingly put up 17 Points, and also surprisingly only had 4 Rebounds.  His value remains rock-solid.  Landry Fields and J.R. Smith will cancel each other out in fantasy basketball land.

 LA Lakers 104 @ Houston 107

  • Kobe Bryant continues to fire the ball at will going 10/27 from the field.  29 Points and 4 Assists is not enough, but it will get the job done.  Andrew Bynum got ejected, but not before he had 16 Points, 7 Rebounds and 2 Blocks in 23 Minutes.  Easily the #2 center in fantasy basketball right now behind Dwight Howard.  Ramon Sessions is looking solid playing 28 Minutes with 14 Points and 4 Assists.  He is only going to get more PT.  Pau Gasol put up 21 Points on 14 FG attempts, but only had 4 Rebounds.  He is starting to get soft again.
  • Goran Dragic is the next Jeremy Lin as he goes 16 Points, 13 Assists, and 7 Rebounds.  This is his team for a while longer as Kyle Lowry will definitely be out another week if not more.  Courtney Lee is going to make it tough for Kevin Martin to get his role back as he put up 23 Points and 5 Rebounds in 36 Minutes.  He also had 3 3PTM, 2 Steals, and 4 Assists.  He is not a long-term fantasy option if any at all.  Samuel Dalembert is now going to be canceled out by Marcus Camby every game as neither was truly effective.  Luis Scola was the man scoring 23 Points, but only grabbed 3 Rebounds.  His value is in jeopardy with rebounding now with Camby on the roster who inhales over 1 for every 3 minutes.  Chandler Parsons was solid with 13 Points and 7 Rebounds, as he left Chase Budinger on the bench to go 2/7 from the field.

Oklahoma City 90 @ Utah 97

  • Kevin Durant was awful in the loss scoring 18 Points on 6/22 shooting.  6 Rebounds and 1 3PTM will give Kevin Love more space for 2nd place in MVP voting.  Russell Westbrook has not been elite like he was in the past, 23 Points and 4 Assists is a classic example of what his season has been.  James Harden was big off the bench scoring 17 Points and 3 3PTM, did not bring much else.  Serge Ibaka saw 31 Minutes and recorded a solid 13 Points, 10 Rebounds and 4 Blocks.  He will always be great if he gets 30+ Minutes.
  • Al Jefferson returned to take 16 FG attempts in 29 Minutes.  Unfortunately he only had 16 Points and 6 Rebounds.  Better days will come.  Paul Millsap was nothing too special with 20 Points and 5 Rebounds.  He is much better with no Big Al.  Derrick Favors only played 21 Minutes and is back to being nothing in fantasy basketball land.  Gordan Hayward scored 10 Points, but surprisingly grabbed 8 Rebounds in 31 Minutes.  Worth watching and possibly adding if you need 3PTM.  C.J. Miles was solid with 10 Points, 3 Steals and 5 Rebounds.  His owners should expect more and is definitely worth the add now that Josh Howard is done for the season.  Devin Harris who has no more Earl Watson to deal with scored 15 Points with 4 Assists in 29 Minutes.

Memphis 110 @ Sacramento 119

  • Zach Randolph started and played 29 Minutes while scoring 13 Points and 7 Rebounds.  Better days will come.  Marc Gasol remained very effective with 15 Points, 10 Rebounds, and 8 Assists.  So far nothing to worry about.  So far.  Mike Conley was vintage with 16 Points and 9 Assists.  Two 3PTM to go along with a steal helps as well, his value should be better with Randolph as he will have more open shots.  Some nights it will be O.J. Mayo, but tonight it was Tony Allen who had the better game.  They cancel each other out as fantasy options on a team that is stacked with scorers.  Including Rudy Gay and his 23 Points.  He is looking stronger than ever since Randolph has returned.
  • Marcus Thornton is a beast now that Tyreke Evans is coming off the bench.  31 Points, 7 Rebounds, 6 Assists, 3 Steals, 3 3PTM.  MVP type status.  Evans only played 24 Minutes, and could continue to come off the bench as the Kings are on a winning streak.  Isaiah Thomas has really been playing better of late and is back to vintage form with 18 Points, 7 Assists, 5 Rebounds and 2 Steals.  As long as Evans comes off the bench, he will be fine.  DeMarcus Cousins continues to get in foul trouble.  He fouled out tonight, but still managed 23 Points, 5 Rebounds, 4 Blocks, and 2 Steals in 25 Minutes before doing so.  He will be elite next season more consistently.  Jason Thompson continues his strong play with 14 Points and 13 Rebounds.  John Salmons was whatever with 7 Points and 6 Rebounds.  Both of their value will change drastically if Tyreke Evans gets back involved in the offense like he once was.

Milwaukee 116 @ Portland 87

  • Monta Ellis put up 14 Points, 9 Assists, 2 Steals and a block on 8 FG attempts.  A little worrisome, let us see how aggressive he is in the next one.  Brandon Jennings is not adjusting well to Ellis, taking a team leading 14 FG attempts with only 15 Points and 6 Assists.  We have seen worse from him.  Drew Gooden continues to hit a high percentage of his shots to remain useful.  19 Points on 8/12 shooting with 5 Rebounds is nice.  Better than Marcin Gortat.  Carlos Delfino had 16 Points on 6/8 from the field.  4 3PTMs, and 5 Rebounds really adds nice value to his 38 Minutes.  Mike Dunleavy stayed fantasy relevant with 15 Points on 6/11 shooting.  His value was nice because Ersan Ilysova really struggled scoring 7 Points and grabbing 4 Rebounds in his first game back.  Give him more time before panicking.  Ekpe Udoh continues to show that block potential with 4 of them in 16 Minutes off the bench.  Waiver wire material for now.
  • Just when you thought Jamal Crawford would be fine, he goes 1/8 from the field.  Inconsistency will be a problem all season long.  Wesley Matthews is starting to show off his potential with a 21 Point, 8 Rebound game.  He will have big nights when Nicolas Batum continues to struggle like he did once again with 12 Points, 5 Rebounds on 4/14 shooting.  Raymond Felton is starting to show some fantasy life with another strong 18 Point, 9 Assist game.  His value is going up, just like LaMarcus Aldridge who finally returned to form with 21 Points and 12 Rebounds.  Time to build off of that and be the 1st round pick you were before the ankle injury.


Wednesday (3/21/12)


  • Tony Parker hurts hamstring.  His value could be limited.
  • Ben Gordon puts up 45 Points.  Rodney Stuckey value arrow heading down.
  • Jerryd Bayless cannot tough out the hip pointer. Value is going down.
  • Nene Hilario dominates with 22 Points, and 10 Rebounds with Wizards debut.
  • J.J. Barea grabs double digit assists for the second game in a row.
  • Josh Smith. Kyrie Irving. Ben Gordon. Ryan Anderson. Jarrett Jack.  Top 5 Fantasy Players of the Day.

Chicago 94 @ Toronto 82

  • Luol Deng once again shot poorly from the field going 5/16.  Luckily he ended up with 17 Points and 10 Rebounds thanks to heavy playing time.  He is due for a decrease in value once Derrick Rose returns.  Joakim Noah failed to double-double once again, but he ended up with 5 Assists, once again.  The interesting strange inconsistent season continues.  Carlos Boozer proves that he is still inconsistent with 8 Points and 3 Rebounds.  Playing like a shade of the player he was a year ago.  C.J. Watson and Ronnie Brewer are going to be worthless once Rose returns.  Brewer is decent, but the shot attempts will not be there.
  • DeMar DeRozan continues to be the shooting machine he is scoring 23 Points on 11/25 from the field.  The Raptors are okay with him being the Franchise guy.  Andrea Bargnani continues to miss shots left and right and goes 2/8 from the field.  8 Points and 6 Rebounds will not cut it, but the chances should continue on a weak Raptors squad.  James Johnson aka Gerald Wallace 2.0 had his moments with 16 Points, 7 Rebounds and a steal.  His inconsistency has been a problem of late, and it would not surprise me to see a dud before the week is over.  Jerryd Bayless left after 1 Minute with the hip injury, which allowed Jose Calderon to rack up 8 Assists in 39 Minutes.  It is his offense to run, Bayless is waiver wire material if someone like Klay Thompson, Jordan Crawford or Wilson Chandler are sitting on your wire.

New York 82 @ Toronto 79

  • Carmelo Anthony continues to be an inconsistent option, scoring 10 Points and 5 Rebounds.  Not the first or second round pick you expected this season.  Amare Stoudemire continues his hot play with 21 Points and 9 Rebounds, BEAST MODE for him.  Tyson Chandler looked like two a version of him from two years ago with 4 Points, 7 Rebounds, and 2 Blocks.  Knicks were just terrible offensively.  Jeremy Lin stays hot with 18 Points and 5 Assists.  He has been consistent throughout the Knicks drama.  Landry Fields and J.R. Smith continue to cancel each other out.
  • Jrue Holiday continues to run the show for the 76ers leading the team in Points with 16, and FG attempts with 14.  The Evan Turner show is coming to an end as he goes 1/7 from the field for 2 Points.  Lou Williams and Jodie Meeks each scored 13 off the bench.  Spencer Hawes was outplayed for 19 Minutes by Tyson Chandler.  Andre Iguodala reminds us he still has value with 13 Points, 8 Rebounds, 6 Assists.  Elton Brand double-doubles and holds a clear advantage over Thaddeus Young who only got 7 Points off of a mere 6 FG attempts.

Phoenix 93 @ Orlando 103

  • Steve Nash ends his streak of double digit assists with only getting 2.  He needs to bounce back quickly before owners start to get concerned.  Jared Dudley bounced back with 17 Points on 7/10 shooting.  His confidence will go up after tonight.  Marcin Gortat continues his downfall with 4 Points and 9 Rebounds.  Channing Frye reminds us he is all inconsistent with his second poor game in a row scoring 9 Points and grabbing 2 Rebounds.  Grant Hill had a terrible night with 6 Points.  Bad night for the Suns starting 5 who was led by Dudley.
  • Ryan Anderson woke up from the grave with 7 3PTM and 29 Points.  Once again the rebounds were discouraging with 4, take what you can get.  Dwight Howard was a monster with 28 Points, 16 Rebounds, and 3 Blocks.  He is an animal and his owners have been waiting for some time with a performance like this.  6/10 from the FT is all you can ask for.  Jason Richardson goes 0/7 from the field, while J.J. Reddick scores 10 Points off the bench.  Watch and wait situation.  Jameer Nelson and Hedo Turkoglu were both the same with about 25 Minutes, 2 Rebounds, 3 Assists, and 1 3PTM, each.  The Suns were blown out so the starters did not play much in the 4th.

Cleveland 102 @ Atlanta 103

  • Kyrie Irving continues to be a fantasy beast with no Ramon Sessions.  41 Minutes, 29 Points, 9 Rebounds, 9 Assists, 3 Steals, 3 3PTM.  My favorite for Fantasy Playoff MVP at the moment.  Antawn Jamison had his second strong fantasy performance in a row with 23 Points and 12 Rebounds.  This is his team along with Irving.  Tristan Thompson followed up his breakout game with 13 Points, 5 Rebounds, 2 Blocks, 1 Steal.  His value will take a hit when Anderson Varejao returns.  As will Alonzo Gee who shot 1/9 from the field yet still managed a 9 Point, 13 Rebound performance.  Both are fine options for now.
  • Josh Smith was a fantasy MONSTER tonight playing 51 Minutes scoring 32 Points, 17 Rebounds, 5 Assists, and 3 Blocks.  One of the best fantasy performances from any player all-around.  Joe Johnson was solid with another 20+ point game on 7/19 shooting, he also played 44 Minutes.  Keeping the 40 Minute theme going, Zaza Pachulia saw 48 Minutes with 14 Points and 7 Rebounds, while Jeff Teague saw 44 Minutes with 12 Points, 7 Assists, and 4 Steals.  In a 5 game week, these were HUGE nights.  Both show a lot of promise if they continue to get PT like this, which there is no reason why they will not.  Even Kirk Hinrich continues to see 35+ Minutes with 37.  10 Points, 3 Assists, and 2 3PTM is not enough for him to be trustworthy unless ATL has 5 games.

Washington 108 @ New Jersey 89

  • Jordan Crawford continues to be a nice consistent fantasy option with no more Nick Young.  23 Points, 4 Assists, and 3 Steals are a perfect example of what to expect.  John Wall will have bigger games than 13 Points and 8 Assists.  Nene Hilario has found a home where he can be a fantasy beast, 22 Points, 10 Rebounds, and 13 FG attempts are the perfect start.  Trevor Booker has less competition with Andray Blatche shut down for conditioning.  6 Points, and 9 Rebounds is not good enough.
  • Gerald Wallace failed with 13 Points, and 3 Rebounds on 5/17 shooting.  A+ for being aggressive.  Kris Humphries remained effective with a solid 13 Points, and 16 Rebounds.  He is a double-double machine.  Deron Williams only played 25 Minutes to get 17 Points to go along with 4 Assists, he was ejected early from this one.  Better games will come.  That slogan cannot be said for MarShon Brooks who continues his fantasy downfall going 2/9 from the field with 8 Points.  Anthony Morrow saw more Minutes than Brooks and ended up with 13 Points and 1 3PTM.  Both are inconsistent fantasy options with not too much upside.

LA Clippers 91 @ Oklahoma City 114

  • Caron Butler took the night off to rest.  His fantasy value will take a huge hit.  Randy Foye took advantage of the extra PT to put up 23 Points with 5 3PTM on 9/15 shooting.  Nick Young started at SF to put up 12 Points on 11 attempts, he is not the answer to their problems.  Mo Williams once again 4/10 from the field, he has blown his opportunity to be a fantasy star this season in what was once a crowded backcourt.  Blake Griffin failed to get a double-double with 7 Points, and 7 Rebounds.  Not the player from last season.  DeAndre Jordan played less than 30 Minutes to put up 12 Points and 6 Rebounds.  Chris Paul had a bad shooting night going 3/12 from the field, but still managed 13 Points, 10 Assists, and 5 Steals.  Definitely not the player his owners expected him to be this season.
  • Kevin Durant bounced back from his weak performance to put up 32 Points, 9 Rebounds, 5 Assists on 10/18 shooting.  Russell Westbrook continues to not be the threat he was earlier this season with 18 Points, and again a weak 4 Assists.  These type of games have been happening far too often.  James Harden did a bit of everything off the bench with 10 Points, 6 Assists, and 5 Rebounds.  The key word is “bit” as he has been very inconsistent with his big scoring games.  Serge Ibaka put up a big 15 Points, 8 Rebounds, and 3 Blocks in only 23 Minutes.  Coach Brooks sat him in the blowout.

Golden State 101 @ New Orleans 92

  • Klay Thompson bounced back from his 22 Minutes to put up a career high 27 Points on 24 FG attempts.  Playing 40 Minutes, he managed to grab 5 Rebounds, 5 Assists, and 3 3PTM.  Nate Robinson was strong with 8 Points, 10 Assists, and 2 Steals.  If this is his worst game, then he is doing just fine so far.  Dorrell Wright only saw 17 Minutes, due to poor shooting.  In return Brandon Rush dominated with 16 Points, 4 3PTM, and 2 Steals.  Richard Jefferson was also more effective than Wright scoring 10 Points compared to his 8.  David Lee continues to be a fantasy machine as the only proven player on the squad with 25 Points, and 11 Rebounds.  He is going to be drafted way too high next season because of this stretch run to boost his stats with no supporting cast.
  • Jarrett Jack had a game to remember recording a 3×2.  17 Points, 10 Rebounds, and 11 Assists.  He did it on amazingly 9 FG attempts.  Chris Kaman was strong with 13 Points, 9 Rebounds, and 4 Blocks.  He is their franchise player down low.  All the other Hornet fantasy players are probably best left for the waiver wire, including Trevor Ariza who failed to score 10 Points for the 5th time out of 9 games this month.  James Johnson is probably a better option than the inconsistent Ariza.  Things will not get easier for his production when Eric Gordon returns which could be starting this April.  There is also a risk Gordon could be shut down, but he is preparing to play.  We saw this before with Al Horford, difference is the Hornets are not playing for the playoffs.  They are playing to see what they got next season.

Minnesota 100 @ San Antonio 116

  • Kevin Love started at center for the injured Nikola Pekovic.  Peko should be back within a game or two which will probably limit the chances of Love gaining eligibility.  Of course he double-doubled with 17 and 12.  Luke Ridnour appears to be hitting a down fall as J.J. Barea grabbed double digit assists once again off the bench, to go along with 18 Points.  He did this in 31 Minutes.  J.J. can ball and bring some offensive explosion to this team.  Derrick Williams started, played 37 Minutes, and failed to get double-digit points or rebounds.  His value will go down when Peko returns.  Martell Webster will lose a lot of PT with the emergence of Barea, not worth the add.
  • Tony Parker injured his hamstring which opened up the door for Stephen Jackson to have a bigger offensive role.  16 Points off the bench in 22 Minutes on 9 FG attempts is just the beginning.  Of course Kawhi Leonard has to have a bad game soon, but that can happen.  Tonight Kawhi was sharp with 16 Points and 9 Rebounds.  Manu Ginobili played like a PG with 9 Points and 8 Assists.  He will give you a different version of himself every game.  Tim Duncan was the man with 21 Points and 15 Rebounds.  He has had a very impressive season when everyone counted him as done.  Dejuan Blair was outplayed by Tiago Splitter which comes as no surprise for anyone following the situation.  Both are waiver wire material.

Detroit 115 @ Denver 116

  • Ben Gordon had the game of his life going 9/9 from 3PT land with 45 Points and 8 Assists.  Rodney Stuckey owners can officially be very worried.  Brandon Knight was okay with 16 Points, 4 Assists, and 2 3PTM.  His value will increase soon as the Pistons start telling him to be more aggressive.  Greg Monroe managed to get his double-double besides the Ben Gordon shootout.  13 Points, 11 Rebounds, and 3 Steals is the type of value that will keep him with the elite, but just outside.  Tayshaun Prince goes 2/9 from the field.  PLEASE start using Austin Daye who is a fantasy superstar in the making.
  • Wilson Chandler in his first start saw 33 Minutes to put up 11 Points, 10 Rebounds, 1 Steal, 1 Block, and a 3PTM.  He is just getting started.  Aaron Afflalo was the big winner of the Gallo trade as he has no competition for PT anymore, 23 Points on 8/12 shooting is just another game.  Ty Lawson bounced back with his mini-slump to put up 25 Points and 6 Assists.  It also helps that Andre Miller played 20 Minutes to get 0 Points.  Lawson should go into cruise control and be a top flight option again.  Javale McGee made his debut to play 24 Minutes and gather an impressive 15 Points, 7 Rebounds, 3 Blocks.  His value is only going to grow, especially when he goes 7/11 from the field, and putting up the game winning tip jam off a missed FT.  Al Harrington and Kenneth Faried played the same amount of minutes with 25.  Faried put up 12 Points and 5 Rebounds.  While Harrington put up 16 Points and 8 Rebounds.  Harrington is the better fantasy option, Faried will just hold him back from being must-start.

LA Lakers 109 @ Dallas 93

  • Kobe Bryant scored 30 Points on 11/18 shooting.  Nice to see him make over 50% from the field, first time since March 4thRamon Sessions proved he is going to be a great fantasy option putting up 17 Points, 8 Assists, and 5 Rebounds on 7/8 shooting.  29 Minutes is plenty of time for a talent like Ramon.  Pau Gasol was impressive going 13/16 from the field with 27 Points and 9 Rebounds.  His value has been good recently, mostly due to Andrew Bynum who was thrown out last night, then took 5 FG attempts in 37 Minutes tonight.  A red flag goes up with this performance, hopefully he bounces back with double digit attempts in the next game.
  • The Mavericks are one of the most inconsistent fantasy teams in the game.  Dirk Nowitzki is the only consistent option as he scored 26 Points, 10 Rebounds, 2 Steals, 2 3PTM on 24 FG attempts.  He bounced back proving you should never give up on a superstar in any fantasy sport.  Jason Terry put up a good game with 23 Points on 3 3PTM.  He has been very inconsistent due to all the guards on the roster, as the rest of them failed to score over 10 Points.  When Shawn Marion returns, which could be next game, you can expect more inconsistency.  The guard rotation will get even worse with Vinsanity, J-Kidd, Jason the Jet, and Roddy B.  Vince has been starting at SF.  In Dirk the Mavs trust, though they may not make the playoffs this season.


Thursday (3/22/12)


  • Trevor Booker leaves game with foot injury.  He believes he will miss no time.
  • Kevin Martin out indefinitely.  Looks like he will not be back by this week guaranteed.
  • Trevor Ariza leaves with ankle injury.  Uncertain about his status.
  • Jason Thompson injures ankle, he should be fine for next game.
  • Mo Williams injures ankle, very close to waiver wire material.
  • Paul Pierce, Chris Kaman, DeMarcus Cousins, Chandler Parsons, Al Jefferson.  Top 5 Fantasy Players of the Day.

Indiana 85 @ Washington 83

  • Darren Collison was useless in 33 minutes finishing with 6 Points and 5 Assists.  This on a night where Leandro Barbosa and George Hill were no threats.  The Pacers have 5 games next week so he is worth holding onto.  Paul George was good with 13 Points, 5 Rebounds and 4 steals.  You would hope for more, but he has not been so consistent.  Danny Granger continues to disappoint this season in fantasy with 16 Points and 4 Rebounds.  The Pacers have too many weapons.  Roy Hibbert shot a team high 14 FG attempts to finish with 19 Points, 9 Rebounds, 2 Steals, and a block.  Inconsistent, but the potential for big games are still there.  David West found some form going 6/10 from the field with 13 Points, 4 Rebounds, and 3 Steals.  I would hold off on dropping him for now, unless there was a superstar FA.
  • Jordan Crawford took a team leading 15 FG attempts to get 21 Points, 5 Assists, 3 Steals, and 2/9 from 3PT range.  His fantasy ceiling is very high.  John Wall was decent with 16 Points and 9 Assists, you would expect more when he plays 40 Minutes.  Chris Singleton could be an interesting add if Trevor Booker has to miss time with his foot injury.  For the second straight game Singleton took over 10 FG attempts, and finished with 16 Points, 2 Steals, and a block.  He is a block, rebound, steal machine on most nights.  Gerald Wallace 0.6.  Nene failed to have a strong performance after his breakout game with 6 Points, 5 Rebounds, in 31 Minutes.  His value is still much higher playing for Washington.  Especially if Booker misses time making himself the only post option.

Boston 100 @ Milwaukee 91

  • Paul Pierce found his offensive rhythm with 25 Points on 10/15 shooting, adding 9 Rebounds is nice as well.  Pierce will have nice value down the stretch as he leads Boston to the postseason.  Brandon Bass double-doubled with 12 Points and 10 Rebounds on 16 FG attempts.  Adding 2 steals, and a block really helps as he should not be a FA in any league.  Kevin Garnett was an alien once again with 16 Points, 10 Rebounds, and 3 Blocks.  He is the man this season playing center.  Ray Allen was a pathetic 1/8 from the field, this was bound to happen with his inconsistency all season.  Rajon Rondo was solid 14 Assists, 3 Steals, and 10 Points.  Interesting to note Greg Stiemsma was a beast with 5 Blocks and 4 Steals coming off the bench for 24 Minutes.  He is averaging 2.5 Blocks and 1.2 steals over the last 10 games.  His minutes are too low to count on, but his production is solid.
  • The Bucks fantasy headache continues.  Monta Ellis scored 13 Points and had 7 Assists on 6/18 shooting.  Coach Skiles will not like that.  Brandon Jennings scored a team high 19 Points, but 2 Assists does not get it done on a fantasy level.  Ersan Ilysova bounced back strong with a 12 Point, 14 Rebound double-double with a couple of blocks.  Carlos Delfino once again hit a high % of his shots going 5/9 with 16 Points and 8 Rebounds.  He will continue to hold Mike Dunleavy on the bench who only scored 11 Points.  Dunleavy will have his nights, and Drew Gooden did not.  Gooden was 2/12 from the field with 6 Points and 3 Rebounds.  A Buck in the starting 5 will have a bad night.  Tonight it was Gooden’s turn.

LA Clippers 90 @ New Orleans 97

  • Chris Paul should be ashamed of himself for not winning this game against his former team.  His fantasy line was decent with 16 Points, 9 Assists, but on 5/14 shooting.  Disappointing season continues for CP3.  Nick Young got the start but only had 7 Points in 30 Minutes.  Luckily for him Mo Williams hurt his ankle, while Randy Foye went 1/14 from the field.  Young will still have his minutes.  Caron Butler was terrible as well going 4/12 from the field with 9 Points, his 8 Rebounds kind of save him.  DeAndre Jordan was an effective 7/8 from the field with 14 Points, and 9 Rebounds in 27 Minutes.  Soon the Clippers will just run him 30+ again.  Blake Griffin went into beast mode with 21 Points and 11 Rebounds.  Second big game of the week.
  • Jarrett Jack followed up his 3×2 with 17 Points, 9 Assists, and 2 Steals.  He has been fantasy gold all season long.  Chris Kaman was a beast against his former team with 20 Points, 10 Rebounds, and 4 Blocks.  That win had to feel great for Kaman.  Jason Smith got the start and scored 17 Points on 8 Rebounds.  You can erase the value of Gustavo Ayon.  Trevor Ariza also damaged his value with an ankle injury which will rise the value of Marco Belinelli until Eric Gordon returns.  Either way Ariza will probably not be the same player with a twisted ankle, unless it is nothing.

Golden State 83 @ Houston 109

  • David Lee had an embarrassing 12 Points and 5 Rebounds in 33 Minutes.  He should be dominating with this lineup.  Klay Thompson was a terrible 4/11 with 10 Points in a game where the Warriors had no chance.  Nate Robinson was also a disappointment with 10 Points and 3 Assists.  Dorrell Wright once again saw under 20 Minutes which allowed Richard Jefferson and Brandon Rush to come off the bench and each take 10 FG attempts.  This fantasy situation is looking very unclear as Nate Robinson and David Lee appear to have zero competition for minutes, while everyone else can be hot or cold.
  • Goran Dragic was fantastic in 30 Minutes with 17 Points, 9 Assists and 3 Steals.  Must-Own in all leagues.  Chandler Parsons really busted out with 20 Points and 11 Rebounds.  He will remain valuable if/when Kevin Martin returns.  The same cannot be said for Courtney Lee who had a terrible game going 3/7 from the field with 7 Points.  He has to take advantage of the situation he is given.  Luis Scola was solid with 18 Points, while fixing his rebounding problems with 7.  Despite Samuel Dalembert playing 21 Minutes off the bench, he dominated with 15 Points, 10 Rebounds, and a block.  With Marcus Camby on the squad, who got 8 Rebounds and 3 Blocks in 18 Minutes.  No night is safe.

Memphis 93 @ Portland 97

  • Marc Gasol was great once again with 22 Points and 9 Rebounds.  So far nothing for him to worry about with Zach Randolph in his 5/10 shooting with 12 Points and 6 Rebounds.  I would watch this situation closely.  Rudy Gay finally had a bad game scoring 10 Points with 5 Rebounds.  This was overdue as he was playing out of his mind.  Tony Allen sent O.J. Mayo to the bench with his 17 Points compared to Mayo’s 6.  Neither is a trustworthy fantasy option.  Mike Conley went the wrong direction with 13 Points and 4 Assists.  He will have better games.
  • LaMarcus Aldridge did not build off of his great game and left his owners with 16 Points and 5 Rebounds.  His owners are hoping for more going forward.  Nicolas Batum took a team leading 15 shots to put up 24 Points and 4 3PTM.  That was the game his owners were looking for.  He gets enough PT every night where he should never be benched.  Raymond Felton did his thing with 13 Points and 9 Assists.  That is all you can hope for.  Wesley Matthews continues to break out in his starting role with 18 Points, 9 Rebounds, 3 Steals, 1 Block, and 4 3PTM.  He is very safe going forward.  Jamal Crawford was an impressive 10/10 from the FT line to finish with 17 Points.  Inconsistent player with a ton of potential.  Definitely starter worthy in fantasy leagues, but low-end.

Utah 103 @ Sacramento 102

  • Al Jefferson reminded us why he was the #2 fantasy center at some point last week and pretty much all season.  26 Points, 7 Rebounds, 4 Blocks on 13/19 shooting.  Of course with Big Al doing well, Paul Millsap had a mere 10 Points and 7 Rebounds.  It did not help his cause that Derrick Favors came off the bench to produce 12 Points, 10 Rebounds, and 4 Blocks.  Gordan Hayward was solid with 18 Points, 7 Rebounds, and 5 Assists.  While C.J. Miles was waiver wire worthy with 3 Points in 30 Minutes.
  • Tyreke Evans exploded off the bench with 25 Points, 5 Rebounds, and 3 Steals.  When this happens, Isaiah Thomas finished with 9 Points and 7 Assists, which is not that terrible.  Marcus Thornton scored 16 Points on 7/18 Shooting, that is more his fault than Tyreke.  John Salmons played 32 Minutes and scored 1 Point.  His fault more than Tyreke.  Jason Thompson continued to beast with 19 Points, and 15 Rebounds.  I am a believer.  Somehow and someway, DeMarcus Cousins finally played smart with 22 Points, 18 Rebounds on only 4 fouls.  So all in all, Tyreke can still make his fantasy options around him great fantasy players.



Friday (3/23/12)


  • Bismack Biyombo in line to play BIG MINUTES according to Silas.
  • DeMar DeRozan has a small ankle sprain, should be fine.
  • Kevin Love. Kevin Durant. Russell Westbrook. J.J. Barea.  Josh Smith.  Top 5 Fantasy Players of the Day.


Cleveland 80 @  Orlando 93

  • Tristan Thompson was solid once again for the Cavs.  15 Points, 11 Rebounds, and 2 Blocks are numbers you can expect as long as Varejo is out, which should be for two more weeks.  Alonzo Gee went 3/12 from the field for 10 Points and 4 Rebounds.  He has been cold, but will continue to get his looks.  Kyrie Irving had a disappointing game with 13Points, 6 Assists, and 2 Steals.  He still took his 15 FG attempts in a bad game, which shows he will be a very safe option moving forward.  Antawn Jamison continues his successful week with 16 Points and 9 Rebounds.  He was one of the better picks in all drafts this season. 
  • Dwight Howard was a beast with 16 Points, 10 Rebounds, 2 Steals, and 2 Blocks.  He will have better nights, but at least he continued to get his.  Hedo Turkoglu finally bounced back with for a good game with 15 Points, 6 Rebounds, 7 Assists, and 3 3PTM.  He has been struggling mightily, so this is a good sign.  Jason Richardson made 5/8 shots tonight, but only played 24 Minutes.  He should see more PT in the future knocking J.J. Reddick and his minimal fantasy value.  Jameer Nelson did his thing with 7 Assists, and 2 3PTM.  The 10 Points was nothing special, but he only had to play 28 Minutes in the blowout win.

Milwaukee 112 @ Charlotte 92

  • Monta Ellis struggled with 13 Points and 2 Assists on 4/12 shooting.  Brandon Jennings was not that much more impressive going 6/14 shooting with 12 Points, and 3 Assists.  For some reason they both played 26 Minutes in a game that was not that far from a blowout where Mil was only up 5 Points to start the 4th.  I would be concerned, especially when Luc Richard Mbah a Moute finished with 20 Points and 8 Rebounds, Mike Dunleavy scored 15, and Beno Udrih played 22 Minutes going 4/6 from the field.  The Bucks are too deep.  Carlos Delfino showed if he is not perfect, he will lose a lot of fantasy value with only 2 Points.  Drew Gooden was solid with 14 Points and 12 Rebounds, while Ersan Ilysova was a beast in 22 Minutes with 15 Points and 8 Rebounds.  The Bucks are one of the tricky teams in the NBA from a fantasy perspective with so much talent.
  • The Bobcats have begun playing for the future.  Bismack Biyombo despite being terribly offensively continues to see 32 Minutes.  He blocked 3 shots, and keep in mind the Bobcats have the best playoff schedule in fantasy leagues.  He can single handily carry you in that category.  Kemba Walker came off the bench to take 12 FG attempts which was second on the team.  He only made 4, but he is starting to be very aggressive.  Gerald Henderson signed a big extension and it paid off with 29 Points, 6 Rebounds, 3 Steals, and a Block.  He will continue to see minutes during this, “see what we got” phase.  D.J. Augustin was 0/2 from the field in 20 Minutes, and Corey Maggette was 2/9 for 10 Points.  It will be interesting to see their roles going forward, I imagine Henderson replacing Maggette to leave more time for Walker.  Tyrus Thomas had 10 Points, 7 Rebounds, 1 Steal and a block.  Bobcats should see what he last in the tank.

Phoenix 113 @ Indiana 111

  • Steve Nash was back to elite form with 17 Assists and 12 Points.  His owners are more than satisfied with the numbers.  Marcin Gortat looked back to form as well with 23 Points and 8 Rebounds.  He must build off this game.  Channing Frye continues to put up disappointing fantasy numbers with 11 Points and 5 Rebounds.  He is hot and cold, but tonight did not shoot enough going 5/7 from the field.  Grant Hill showed who was boss going 9/16 from the field with 22 Points.  He did not do much more than that, but then again you do not expect much to begin with.  Jared Dudley is not the stud he was last week and only had 10 Points and 4 Rebounds.  A very streaky fantasy option.
  • Danny Granger went into beast mode with 28 Points.  He did it on only 13 FG attempts which is rare for him, usually a very high volume player.  David West is slowly going back to form with 8 Points and 8 Rebounds.  Roy Hibbert continues to be the man down low with 19 Points, 7 Rebounds and 3 Blocks.  He is the biggest man on the court almost every night.  Paul George scored 15 Points, but did not do much else to supplement that stat line.  Darrren Collison had 7 Assists and 9 Points in 31 Minutes.  Barbosa & Hill 17 FG attempts, George & Collison 15 FG attempts.  Barbosa and Hill are on a two game streak with more attempts.

New York 79 @ Toronto 96

  • Jeremy Lin-Reality might start sooner than later after a 6 Point, 4 Assist effort.  Baron Davis may now get his chance to make something happen getting 8 Assists off the bench.  Carmelo Anthony continues his struggles going 6/14 from the field, he still almost double-doubled with 12 Points, 9 Rebounds, 2 Steals and a block.  Amare Stoudemire was effective scoring 17 Points on 12 attempt, 6 Rebounds and 5/11 from the FT line is not good enough.  Tyson Chandler grabbed 11 Rebounds, and 2 blocks, but his offensive role on this team is not much as he scored only 2 Points.  J.R. Smith and Landry Fields continue to hold each other from being viable fantasy options.
  • Jose Calderon was 0/10 from the field, but still managed 10 Assists in 44 Minutes.  Jerryd Bayless has some life again if he can return next game.  DeMar DeRozan continues to shoot the ball at a high rate with 17 FG attempts, he knocked down 11 for 30 Points.  He has been on fire as the Raptors continue to have him shoot at will.  Andrea Bargnani took 20 FG attempts and finished with 21 Points and 7 Rebounds.  He is not afraid to see what will happen if he keeps shooting.  James Johnson is a better bench player than starter with 8 Points, 6 Rebounds and 2 Steals.  That is all you can hope for.  Amir Johnson and Ed Davis are bench options in fantasy leagues.

Miami 88 @ Detroit 73

  • Dwayne Wade continues to be the man with 24 Points, 9 Rebounds, 5 Assists, and 3 Steals.  Wade has been playing a lot better as of late.  Due to Dwayne Wade playing so great, Lebron James is not being as dominant as before.  10 Assists and 3 4 steals are great, but 6 Rebounds and 17 Points is below his standards.  He is now the #2 player in fantasy behind Kevin Love, Durant is coming close to passing LBJ.  Chris Bosh had another solid game with 15 Points and 9 Rebounds.  He is on his way to being consistent once again.  Mario Chalmers is a waiver wire player with 3 Points, 3 Steals, and 1 3PTM.
  • Brandon Knight led the way for Detroit with 18 Points.  Soon it will be his show to run.  Ben Gordon followed up his breakout game with 10 Points and 7 Turnovers.  Rodney Stuckey your fantasy value is safe.  Greg Monroe had 5 Points and 6 Rebounds in 23 Minutes.  Next year he will be more consistent.  Austin Daye alert 6 Points on 3/4 shooting in 8 Minutes.  If Tayshaun Prince continues his mediocre 11 Points, 6 Rebounds.  Daye should see more PT and be the savior of fantasy basketball.

New Jersey 84 @ Atlanta 93

  • Deron Willaims went trigger happy taking 20 FG attempts, he ended up with 20 Points and 8 Assists.  He has been elite all season, but this was one of his better games in sometime.   MarShon Brooks is completely waiver wire material with 5 Points.  Anthony Morrow took 16 FG attempts, but only converted 5.  His appeal goes up a little, with the decline of Brooks.  Gerald Wallace got a chance to revitalize his season going to NJ, tonight is just another chapter in the book with 3/14 shooting with 8 Points, 9 Rebounds, and 6 Assists.  This line looks a lot better than it really is.  Yet continue to start him as he got 42 Minutes despite the poor effort.  Kris Humphries shows he still has some life with 17 Points and 8 Rebounds.  There is a good chance he loses some value when Brook Lopez comes back in a couple of weeks.
  • No Zaza Pachulia meant Josh Smith had a guaranteed double digit rebounding performance.  30 Points, 12 Rebounds, 4 Assists, 2 Blocks is just another dominating performance by the #4 forward.  Jeff Teague was a beast with 40 Minutes, 17 Points, 6 Assists, and a steal.  He will give you a lot of minutes every night making him an interesting start next week.  Joe Johnson had 16 Points to go along with 5 Assists.  Not one of his better games of late, but still showing he will produce every night.

Minnesota 140 @ Oklahoma City 149 (2OT)

  • Kevin Love was ranked #1 in the daily rankings.  In return he gave his owners 51 Points, 14 Rebounds, 7 3PTM, 1Steal, and 1 Block.  Boom Shokalaka.  He also started at center which is the second time all season.  Nikola Pekovic could come back next game.  J.J. Barea had a huge night with 25 Points, 14 Assists, and 10 Rebounds.  He is officially on fire, and check where he ranks in the (Waiver Wire for Week 14)Luke Ridnour had 13 Points, 8 Assists, in 48 Minutes.  The OT saved his value from looking as bad as it was.  Anthony Tolliver is heating up as a fantasy option, but this could be Anthony Randolph all over again, especially when Nikola returns.  Derrick Williams started and only played 23 Minutes with 12 Points and 2 Rebounds.  His value will be better next season if the T-Wolves make room for him.  For now he is not trustworthy of a fantasy option.
  • If you thought Barea and Love put up big numbers in a double OT performance.  You would hope Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant would perform as well, if not better.  They did not disappoint.  Westbrook put up 45 Points, 6 Assists, 2 3PTM, 2 Steals and 17/28 shooting.  The points were great to see, but everything else was elite with it.  Still his owners will look to see him build off a monster performance.  K’Dirty was more impressive with 40 Points, 17 Rebounds, 5 Assists, 3 Steals, and 3 3PTM.  Huge game still not as impressive as Kevin Love who had 7 3PTM!  James Harden had a great game with 26 Points, 6 Assists, and 6 Rebounds with 3 3PTM.  Serge Ibaka only saw 25 Minutes in a double OT game.  8 Points, 9 Rebounds, 2 Steals, and 5 Blocks is an amazing performance in limited time.  Nick Collison saw 30 Minutes, and Derek Fisher played 36 which has to make the veteran very happy to be playing big minutes on a championship caliber team.  He went 2/11 shooting.

Boston 86 @ Philadelphia 99

  • Rajon Rondo had 6 Points to go along with 17 Assists.  He is a very special/unique fantasy guard.  Ray Allen took the night off.  Mickael Pietrus will be out for some time as he was carried out on a stretcher.  Mickael is tough and we know he will be back out there.  Paul Pierce scored 20 to go along with 9 Rebounds, 3 3PTM and 5 Assists.  He is heating up again as a fantasy option.  Kevin Garnett continues to put up solid numbers with 20 Points and 8 Rebounds.  Playing center has revitalized his fantasy value to a new level.  Brandon Bass had an impressive 18 Points on 18 FG attempts.  He is being more aggressive offensively now than he has his entire career.
  • Evan Turner continues his fantasy downfall with 6 Points, 5 Rebounds, and 4 Assists in 30 Minutes.  Jrue Holiday “Holliday” could be coming to an end as his 5/12 shooting with 15 Points was put into competition with Lou and his 19 Points 13 FG attempts.  He is looking very aggressive out there, and could easy make it his turn to dominant out of all the guards.  Spencer Hawes double-doubled with 12 Points and 10 Rebounds.  He needs to do this again for fantasy owners to be believers.  Andre Iguodala came back to life with 14 Points, 6 Rebounds, and 8 Assists.  He did however only take 10 FG attempts which is not enough for him to be the man.  Elton Brand continues to prove everyone he is not done with 20 Points and 5 Rebounds.  Thaddeus Young came off the bench with 12 Points and 9 Rebounds which shows they can co-exist.

Dallas 87 @ San Antonio 104

  • Jason Kidd was good with 14 Points, 4 3PTM and 7 Rebounds.  He is an interesting option going forward, but not the most dependable.  Roddy B. started and played 27 Minutes, but Jason Terry is the real fantasy option taking 18 FG attempts in 31 Minutes, knocking down 4 3PTM to lead to 18 Points.  Dirk Nowitzki struggled going 5/21 from the field with 16 Points.  A night to forget since has been so solid and consistent since he got in better conditioning.  Ian Mahinmi had 11 Points, and 9 Rebounds in 34 Minutes because of the injured Brendan Haywood, stay tuned.
  • Manu Ginobili had a nice game with no Tony Parker grabbing 7 Rebounds, 7 Assists, and 11 Points to go along with 2 Steals, 2 3PTM, and a block.  That is a vintage Ginobili box score.  Tim Duncan is a pre-historic monster with 15 Points, 12 Rebounds on 18 FG attempts.  People have expected many more DNPs to this point.  They never come.  Kawhi Leonard was his typical self with 12 Points and 8 Rebounds.  Remember when he was a useful fantasy option this season?  That will not last any longer than this as Stephen Jackson played 21 compared to his 26 to finish with, 10 Points and 8 Rebounds.  Spurs will trust the veteran.  Danny Green looks to be a very interesting add playing 36 Minutes to put up 18 Points, 6 Rebounds, and 6 Assists.  He did it on 19 FG attempts, and could be a sleeper in the playoffs if Tony Parker has to miss anytime.  Dejuan Blair had 8 Points with no Tiago Splitter.  Drop him if you still own him.

Portland 96 @ LA Lakers 103

  • Wesley Matthews continues to be a solid 3PTM machine adding 4.  He will range anywhere from 3-5 a game to go along with a point total hovering 15.  Add him as he brings a lot of intangibles to go along with solid scoring.  Raymond Felton and Darren Collison are very similar, tonight Felton had 6 Points and 6 Assists.  LaMarcus Aldridge was his vintage self with 29 Points, 9 Rebounds, 2 Steals, on 12/18 shooting.  Hopefully he continues this.  Jamal Crawford went 3/14 from the field to show he has potential, but only had 10 Points with nothing else.  Nicolas Batum saw 33 Minutes, but only had 9 Points in 33 Minutes.
  • Ramon Sessions made his first Laker start, he had 20 Points, 11 Assists, and 6 Rebounds in 35 Minutes.  GO GET HIM.  Andrew Bynum had a huge 29 Points and 8 Rebounds.  His owners are happy to see he took 20 FG attempts.  Pau Gasol was still effective with 10 Points, 16 Rebounds, 2 Blocks in 32 Minutes.  Kobe Bryant may be dropping in value with Sessions handling a lot of responsibilities Kobe does in the passing game.  He still took 17 shots to finish with 18 Points, 5 Rebounds, and 4 Assists.  Not #1 overall guard quality numbers.

Denver 102 @ Utah 121

  • Ty Lawson went 2/8 from the field to have 5 Points and 6 Assists in 30 Minutes.  Of course the Nuggets lost, and Andre Miller had 14 Points and 6 Assists in 27 Minutes.  Lawson should be in no danger of his losing his PG duties.  Aaron Afflalo had 14 Points in 22 Minutes.  He was yanked because he was 3/9 from the field.  Also because the Nuggets are so deep that his leash will not be so long every night.  Wilson Chandler followed up his double-double debut to put up 13 Points and 2 Rebounds.  He added nothing else, and I would just know he will bounce back in the next one.  Al Harrington was hot off the bench scoring 20 Points and grabbing 10 Rebounds in 28 Minutes.  To a major surprise, Kenneth Faried had 16 Points, 8 Rebounds, 2 Steals, and a block.  In only 22 Minutes!  Serge Ibaka status right there.  Javale McGee played well off the bench to put up 11 Points, 6 Rebounds, and 2 Blocks in 28 Minutes.
  • Al Jefferson continues to beast Utah into the playoffs with a huge win.  23 Points, 8 Rebounds, and a block is just another game.  Paul Millsap continues to show he is much better without Big Al, 14 Points, 6 Rebounds and 2 Steals will not get the job done.  C.J. Miles got the start, but it would not surprise me to see Alec Burks take over with his 6/10 shooting in 18 Minutes.  C.J. had 12 Points, 2 Blocks, and 1 3PTM in 26 minutes.  Gordon Hayward put up a huge game with 15 Points, 7 Rebounds, 7 Assists, 2 Steals, 3 Blocks, and 2 3PTM.  Those lines will win you fantasy playoff game.  Go get him.  Devin Harris was solid with 13 Points, and 9 Assists to go along with 2 Steals.  Not a whole lot of risk with him anymore.  Though Earl Watson got 3 Assists in 2 Minutes in his first game back.  Derrick Favors had 12 Points and 7 Rebounds in 25 Minutes.  Interesting player, but he would be much better if the Jazz had room for him.



Saturday (3/24/12)


  • ·         No Major injuries to report.  Everyone who left will be fine. Robinson/Amare/DeRozan.
  • ·         Tony Parker hamstring still sore, played.
  • ·         CHECK OUT THE WAIVER WIRE & PLAYOFF article.




If you could go back in time and have the 1st pick in fantasy basketball this season. Who would you take?


March 24, 2012 – 7:34 am

Although I was lucky to receive the 1st pick in fantasy basketball this season, and got Kevin Durant (but then traded for Lebron), I think I would have targeted Kevin Love before anyone. He has been so talented all season long. I traded for him by giving up Carmelo and Bargs at the beginning of the season, so I am thankful to have him. What a talented player.



  • Chris Paul (19 Points, 13 Assists, 2 Steals). His owners will take it on a weird season.
  • Blake Griffin (20 Points, 10 Rebounds, 5 Assists). Starting to play like his value.
  • Josh Smith (20 Points, 9 Rebounds, 3 Steals, 2 Blocks). Another night for Smoove.
  • Nene Hilario (21 Points, 11 Rebounds, 3 Blocks). Washington has a Center.
  • Kemba Walker (4/13 FG, 10 Points, 5 Rebounds, 5 Assists). Ready to dominate.
  • Byron Mullens (17 Points, 10 Rebounds). Biyombo owners are holding their breath.
  • Kris Humphries (20 Points, 16 Rebounds, 1 Block). Great value pick.
  • Deron Williams (19 Points, 14 Assists).  #1 Fantasy guard is almost his.
  • Shelden Williams (10 Points, 11 Rebounds, 3 Steals, 1 Block). Might be good for a week.
  • Ben Gordon (20 Points, 4 3PTM). Stuckey has a journey ahead.
  • Tyson Chandler (15 Points, 17 Rebounds, 2 Steals, 1 Block). Big night, not routine.
  • Jose Calderon (20 Points, 10 Assists, 6 Rebounds). Bayless role decreases.
  • James Johnson (47 Minutes, 20 Points, 8 Rebounds, 4 Steals). Needs to build off of this.
  • Luol Deng (23 Points, 10 Rebounds, 2 Steals). Big role with Rose injured.
  • Carlos Boozer (24 Points, 10 Rebounds, 2 Steals). Big role with Rose injured.
  • C.J. Watson (23 Points, 2 Steals, 1 Block). Big role with Rose injured.
  • Tony Parker (12 Points, 10 Assists, 36 Minutes). Hamstring is good for now.
  • Dejuan Blair (23 Points, 7 Rebounds, 2 Steals). Rare great game, not expected again.
  • Jarrett Jack (27 Points, 7 Rebounds, 5 Assists). Huge week coming up.
  • Dirk Nowitzki (31 Points, 7 Rebounds). Vintage Dirk.
  • Jason Terry (24 Points, 2 3PTM). Becoming vital part of offense.
  • Brandan Wright (14 Points, 6 Rebounds, 7 Blocks, 34 Minutes). Worth watching.
  • Goran Dragic (24 Points, 8 Assists, 5 Rebounds, 5 3PTM). Jason Kidd 2.0.
  • Chandler Parsons (12 Points, 11 Rebounds, 6 Assists). Solid all-around player.
  • Roy Hibbert (16 Points, 9 Rebounds, 2 Steals, 3 Blocks). Back to being the man.
  • George Hill (24 Points, 5 Assists). Paul George and Collison lose a lot of value.
  • Ersan Ilysova (22 Points, 8 Rebounds). Will be fine on crowded Buck team.
  • DeMarcus Cousins (28 Points, 18 Rebounds, 3 Blocks). He is backkk.
  • Klay Thompson (31 Points, 4 3PTM). He is the future again 20 FG attempts.
  • David Lee (22 Points, 14 Rebounds, 9 Assists). Vintage Lee on weak squad.


  • Marc Gasol (6 Points, 8 Rebounds, 3/12 Shooting). More Gasol than Z-Bo impact.
  • Rudy Gay (4/9, 11 Points, 2 Rebounds).  Two bad games in a row.
  • John Wall (1/10 FG, 8 Points, 3 Assists, 2 Steals). You have to expect better than this.
  • Gerald Henderson (3/11, 7 Points, 5 Rebounds). The path for Kemba is coming easy.
  • Brandon Knight (9 Points, 6 Turnovers, 2 Assists). Be patient.
  • Greg Monroe (12 Points, 5 Rebounds). Not as consistent as before.
  • Tayshaun Prince (6 Points, 3 Assists). Door to Austin Daye is coming.
  • Joakim Noah (2 Points, 2 Rebounds, 2 Assists). Consistency is long gone.
  • Paul George (4 Points, 5 Rebounds, 14 Minutes). Not worth the risk starting.
  • Monta Ellis (11 Points, 6 Assists). Bust since being a Buck.
  • Brandon Jennings (12 Points, 5 Assists). Matching Monta’s terrible stats.
  • Drew Gooden (3/11 FG, 8 Points, 6 Rebounds). Two bad games in a row.
  • Dorrell Wright (6 Points, 21 Minutes). Not trustworthy for playoffs.



Sunday (3/25/12)

QOD# Will Jason Thompson remain an effective (double-double machine) fantasy option the rest of the season?


March 25, 2012 – 12:14 pm
@Muntradamus: I believe that he’ll still have some off nights, but Thompson has definitely showed that he’s capable of taking his game to the next level.
*Very well put.  I would personally not start him this week in fantasy.


  • Check out the Waiver Wire and Week ahead now that it is updated.
  • Check out the Player Value article.  Each player is valued from a scale of 1/10 to help you make lineup decisions.
  • J.J. Barea has a thigh contusion.  Questionable for Monday making him a risky start.
  • Raymond Felton could miss Tuesday’s game.
  • Kyle Lowry may return mid-April.
  • Andrew Bynum has 30 Points as Kobe continues to lose value with Ramon Sessions.
  • Marc Gasol is officially losing value with Zach Randolph playing.  Different offense.
  • Kevin Love goes for 30 and 21 with 2 steals and 3 blocks.  Luke scores 25 Points on 6 Assists.
  • Ty Lawson continues to struggle with 14 Points and 5 Assists.  Javale McGee double-doubles.
  • Al Jefferson goes for 28 Points, 17 Rebounds, in 4 OT game.  Millsap adds 25 and 13.
  • Zaza Pachulia grabs 20 Rebounds in 4 OT.  Joe Johnson scores 37, Josh Smith goes 22-9.
  • Phoenix blows out Cleveland.  Marcin Gortat slowly molding back to form.
  • Avery Bradley scores 23 in start for Ray Allen.  Ray could miss Monday making him bench material for playoffs.
  • Jordan Crawford scores 20 once again, John Wall is nice with 12 Points and 9 Assists.
  • 76ers have no consistent options.
  • Tony Parker appears back to form with 21 Points and 10 Assists.  Still could get random DNP.
  • Dwayne Wade continues to modestly fill up box score while Lebron falls to #3 in Forward rankings.
  • Russell Westbrook struggles while K-Dirty and Ibaka do their things.
  • Raymond Felton has big game, gets hurt.  Might miss Tuesday, tough to rely on him.
  • Courtney Jenkins blows up with 22 FG attempts.  Robinson could return next game.





  1. Hello Muntradamus,
    My team, as of right now, is as follows:
    PG Deron Williams
    SG Dwyane Wade
    SF LeBron James
    PF Kevin Love
    C Dwight Howard
    G Ty Lawson
    F Dirk Nowitzki
    UTIL: Greg Monroe, Carmelo Anthony, LeMarcus Aldridge
    Bench: Antawn Jamison, Rodney Stuckey, Nikola Pekovic
    Im in a 8 team Head to head, finishing off this last week strong then its playoff times. The only three people I am worried about are Nikola Pekovic & Rodney Stucky (due to injuries), and LeMarcus Aldridge (whom is kinda of declining). Also, the trade deadline has passed so I can only pick up free agents as of right now in which all your waiver wire people are still there. If you could rate my team again, and tell me my weak points (possibly people to drop in order to pick up free agents if needed), that would be amazing. Thanks in advance, looking forward to your upcoming chat this next Sunday!
    Kind Regards,
    Garrett aka Scream

  2. Hello M,

    Wanted your advice on who I should drop for Wilson Chanlder who is on the wire. I’m thinking either Evan Turner who you said is on the downturn or Manu Ginobili (who I could expect some DNPs down the road with so many back-to-backs). I also have Klay on my team as well, but I know your a fan of his…

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Hey M,

    My playoffs are next week , and I need some advice, as Gallinari was one of my better players (Just dropped him). Its a 12 team league, 9 category, and I think it’s called head to head. Right now I have:
    Jose Calderon
    Evan Turner
    James Harden
    Isaiah Thomas
    Demarcus Cousins
    Marc Gasol
    Biyombo (on your advice)
    Greg Monroe
    Ersan Ilyasova
    Jason Terry
    Luke Ridnour
    John Wall

    Some free agents available are Kemba Walker (hasn’t been consistent), Bayless, Jordan Crawford Klay Thompson, Nate Robinson, and Wilson Chandler.
    I think I’ve clinched a bye for the first round, so Sacramento and Charlotte have the most games in the two weeks that matter with 9, Denver Minnesota and Philadelphia 7, and everyone else I have or am watching have 8. (Hopefully I won’t lose this week and have this theory screw me over).
    Do you have any advice? Turner’s inconsistency has me worried, on top of the fact that he has less games and poor FT%. I have solid rebounds, assists, and points, but could use some help on steals (picking up isaiah for gallinari helped threes.) I’m also worried a little about Ridnour. I dont want klay to ruin my FG% too, and there seems to better options. Lastly, are Biyombos blocks worth his uselessness elsewhere, when I have great rebounding?

    Please help as I head into the playoffs! I’ve started reading your sight every day since I dsicovered it a few weeks ago. I love and thanks so much!

  4. I have followed Muntradamus’s advice day in, and day out. Plus, have made some epic trades earlier on with the guidance of M. Listen to the pro, he knows his stuff which will help you win championships! He helped me win my fantasy football as well. Btw, I did not know anything about football, or basketball prior starting fantasy in regards to the best players (my first year playing). Thanks again Muntra.

  5. That’s a good point. He’s available in my league. Honestly, I didn’t get into the nba until the end of last year, so I’m kinda a newb. Should I drop turner for Chandler or Gee, and which one? I’m really open to any advice.

  6. Currently, I have Marc Gasol and Ryan Anderson. Should I drop one of them for Channing Frye, Carlos Boozer, Drew Gooden, Zach Randolph?

  7. Garrett glad to hear you will join us this Sunday Night.

    Good news for your team is LaMarcus Aldridge is back. I do not see any weakness on your team, however if you want to add Goran Dragic who is red hot for Rodney Stuckey I will not blame you. Dragic should be a beast the next week and possibly longer as Lowry’s injury is not looking good.

    You can keep Pekovic, but Wilson Chanlder should be a much better option going forward. With Gallo out a month, Chandler steps into a consistent role without having to prove himself. 15 Points, 6 Rebounds, 3 Assists, 2 Steals, 2 Blocks, 2 3PTM could happen every night.

    Your team does not have a weakness as you have 8 players with 1st round type value. Not including Greg Monroe or Ty Lawson. I do not think you have to worry, but you can make the two moves I suggested. Antawn Jamison is the best bench option I have seen from any team I have rated.

    Good Luck, and the championship countdown continues.

  8. Smeev

    Wilson Chandler is must-own before Klay Thompson. However Klay does worry me now that the Warriors seem so inclined to give Richard Jefferson minutes as well as Brandon Rush off the bench. You can drop Klay, however it seems as if Evan Turner’s time shooting 16+ times a game is coming to an end. Spencer Hawes is back, and Jrue Holiday is just starting his breakout turn. Keep Manu as the DNPs are not guaranteed. Though his value can sink quickly as well.

    If you can wait a day, wait and see how many minutes Klay gets next game. If you cannot wait, then drop Evan Turner who seems to be on the downside of a crowded 76ers team, I did not even mention Lou Williams who is now back to playing well.

  9. Thanks for the kind words Garrett. It has been enjoyable seeing your team develop throughout the season. The championship is near and I will be here with you the rest of the way.

  10. Thank you for the kind words Micah, glad you are enjoying THE DOME. I will definitely give you my advice in what I would do to win the championship.

    I would keep Bismack Biyombo because his block potential is too huge to be on the waiver wire. You do not want to face him in the playoffs as he can block 7 shots in a game and your opponent would claim that category on you.

    Jason Terry and Evan Turner are both droppable.

    Terry has been inconsitent all season and cannot be trusted during the fantasy playoffs. Evan Turner is losing his role with Jrue Holiday stepping up his game, Spencer Hawes returning, and Lou Williams starting to be aggressive again.

    I would add Jordan Crawford who has been a fantasy beast, and will continue to be now that Nick Young is gone. He also provides great insurance for John Wall if he has a poor game. I would also add Wilson Chandler who should see great PT going forward now that Gallo is out for 4 weeks. Even with one less game he can still put up big numbers and has intangibles at the forward position, very rare.

    If you want to switch up Nate Robinson for Luke Ridnour I would not blame you. Nate will probably score more and give you more intangibles, Luke is more guaranteed for 10 Assists with less scoring. I think your team is solid and you may need those assists.

    Let me know if you have any more questions going forward as we enter the playoffs.

  11. I would go with Gerald Wallace. He is motivated and ready to dominate in New Jersey where he should see 35+ Minutes every night. Wilson Chandler will have those odd games every now and then, Wallace is more consistent.

    Alonzo Gee has a big arrow pointing down with his value now that Tristan Thompson is going to be heavily featured. Gee losses shot attempts, and could see a significant downgrade in PT once Varejao returns. I would stay away and go with Wallace before Chandler. Wallace is back to CRASH mode.

  12. @Micah You are going to enjoy watching Wilson Chandler this season. He is a very fascinating fantasy basketball option who fills up the stat sheet like Nicolas Batum when he is playing well.

  13. Have to keep rolling with Gasol.

    Marc has been elite despite the return of Zach Randolph.

    And I would drop Anderson for Zach Randolph. Soon Z BO will be putting up 20-10 games with ease. He provides you insurance for Gasol as well, but both players can truly dominate on the same team. When healthy Randolph is a 2nd round draft pick easily. He is healthy and back in the starting lineup.

    However if you are going to miss the Ryan Anderson 3PTM parade, then keep Anderson. I would find a way to grab Z BO though under any circumstance.

    Is Anderson really your worst player?

  14. im looking to pick up wilson chandler. considering dropping jameer nelson, isiaah thomas, or goran dragic. Possible ilyasova has he appears to be on the down. What do you think?

    Thanks again.

  15. Should I drop Dragic/Brandon Knight/ Nate Robinson/Ariza for Eric Gordon? I’m a lock for the playoffs. Is Gordon a worthwhile investment? Thanks in advance Muntra!

  16. Anderson is my most inconsistent centers (I have Kevin Love, Bismack Byimbo, Marc Gasol, and Al Jefferson).
    I was thinking of picking up Channing Frye to replace Anderson because Anderson is inconsistent and Frye is getting quite a bit of 3PTM.

  17. I’m worried that Crawford’s shooting percentage is so low. What categories do you think he’ll be good in? Terry has more threes and assists and about the same steals blocks and rebounds, from my ignorant point of view. I’ll switch them out if you think it’s worth it. And klay just had another beast game. I just dropped turner for chandler like you suggested. And I like the Robinson for ridnour idea. He has a little more 3s, points, and a beast in steals, but do you think he’ll keep all that up? I could manage losing a couple assists, but he’d have to keep his percentages the way they’ve been recently.
    I guess I’m looking at dropping either terry or ridnour for Robinson Crawford or klay. I don’t want to hurt my threes to much but I could, but I’m good on assists with Calderon wall and Isaiah. What two would you take? Robinson and Crawford?
    I’m excited for Wilson chandler. Thanks for all the help. I wish I found this site earlier, but i can’t complain about being in first.

  18. If I had to drop any of those guys it would be Jameer Nelson. Which you should for the 5th round value Wilson Chandler.

    Dragic will be solid for another week+ as Lowry is not close to returning.
    Thomas is good now, but may lose value once Tyreke Evans starts to see 30+ Minutes. Isaiah has some nice fantasy upside, I would not drop him.
    Jameer has been playing great, but there are times where he puts up duds and you just can never feel too safe about him.
    Ersan is definitely heading in the wrong direction, I would wait to see how he finishes out the next week or so before dropping him as any owner would pick him up quickly.

    Join us Sunday from 7-10pm (pacific) for the Daily Chat if you have any questions as we head into the fantasy playoffs.

  19. Hey Kevin, Glad to see you back.

    If I had to drop anyone from that group, it would be Ariza. His value is no lock and he is failing to be productive as a fantasy option. Gordon is not a great investment, but he is definitely worth the risk over a low-end player like Ariza.

    Join us Sunday from 7-10pm (pacific) for the Weekly Chat if you have any questions as we head into the fantasy playoffs.

  20. Channing only put up 3 good performances before putting up 2 duds in a row. Of course you saw what Ryan Anderson did tonight which reminds you why he is so valuable. You can drop Biyombo for Zach Randolph. Though you may miss those blocks when the Bobcats have a 5 game week coming up soon. Any other weak players to drop for Z-BO and his 20/10 consistent production to come?

    Join us Sunday from 7-10pm (pacific) for the Weekly Chat if you have any questions as we head into the fantasy playoffs.

  21. Crawford will be solid in steals, Points, and 3PTM. Everything else is decent. The FG% is a concern, but everything else will be very consistent. I would switch them out as the Mavs back court is very crowded and once Shawn Marion returns the situation will be even more complicating. Of course the Mavs rely on Terry, but Jor Craw has ZERO competition for PT.

    I do think Nate Robinson will continue his solid production going forward. The Warriors need to lose in order to keep their draft pick since it has to be in the top 7. Nate sells tickets, and he loses games with his defense. He has zero competition for PT as Ridnour now faces J.J. Barea who is looking like the hotter option.

    If you are good on Assists, and you want the 3PTM go with Klay and Jor Craw. You will lose a lot in FG%.

    If you want to take a very safe approach to it, you grab Klay and Kryptonate where if one of them has a bad game, the other was probably outstanding.

    You can in fact drop Calderon for Nate and pickup all three. Calderon has looked good, but once Bayless returns from his hip injury, there is no reason for the Raptors to be shy about giving him 20+ Minutes. Calderon will get you solid assists, but the other three players have a lot more upside than Terry, Calderon, and Ridnour.

    Chandler is going to be a beast, be very excited you have him.

    Join us Sunday from 7-10pm (pacific) for the Weekly Chat if you have any questions as we head into the fantasy playoffs.

  22. Hello M,
    Would you make the move to drop Rodney Stuckley for Ben Gordon’s beast game? Im contemplating this move atm…
    Scream aka Garrett

  23. Hey M.,

    With Evan Turner seemingly getting lost in the shuffle now the Jrue Holiday wants to play, should I drop Turner for Kemba Walker? Courtney Lee is also available (I have Kevin Martin sitting on my bench). Thoughts?

  24. Hey Garrett. Sessions is now getting about 30+ minutes so he will start to put up monster stats. You could call Gordon’s game a fluke, but he is obviously not going to have this kind of game every night. He is fairly inconsistent and not much better than Brandon Knight has been on any given night. If Jordan Crawford is available, he is a more safer pick with Nick Young gone. If he is not, then Sessions is the better option than Gordon.

  25. You should probably wait a little bit longer for Kemba to prove he can be consistent on a nightly basis before adding him. It looks like Kev-Mart could be out a few more games, so Lee is a lock for the starting position right now and will probably give you 16+ points, 4+ assists and 2-3 rebounds per night with 30+ minutes.

  26. Hey Muntra! Playoffs start in a few days, I picked a bad time to take a break. Need some quick advice, tried to read everything but still not sure what to do. This is the first team I ever drafted and I’m in 4th place. Weak on boards, I think I have too many guards.

    Got –
    Javale mcgee
    joe johnson
    rudy gay
    wilson chandler
    chris paul
    isiah thomas
    jordan crawford

    available – al harington, ramon sessions, alonzo gee, jason thompson, james johnson, spencer hawes

    Please advise on any last minute upgrades or moves and as always, thank you so much

  27. The logical move is to take D-Rocks advice in this situation. However with Turner definitely a non-factor in the 76ers offense, I would take a risk on Kemba and his amazing playoff schedule. The Bocats have to see what he can do with 35+ Minutes a game and 15+ shot attempts at some point. It could happen very soon which could make him a HUGE X-FACTOR in the fantasy playoffs.

    I think it is a medium-risk/High Reward move.

    Adding Lee is medium-risk/medium Reward until Kev Mart comes back, which could be next week.

  28. D-Rock could not have said it better himself. I would drop bait on Stuckey as his value is a bit risky, the ankle injury seems serious and it should slow him down.

    Plus it will soon be Brandon Knight’s team. I would definitely add Jordan Crawford before Sessions. But Sessions has the upside to be a must-start player by next week and that is a move that will continue to put you in the driver seat.

  29. Go with Biyombo and his amazing playoff schedule. The block potential is much higher for Bismack, and he should end up with more rebounds by the time the week is over than Bass.

    Good Luck.

  30. Of course Mike glad to help.

    You can upgrade Ramon Sessions for the inconsistent Isaiah Thomas. Thomas has been doing well recently, but that will come to an end with Tyreke looking back to form. Sessions is the PG the Lakers need to win a title, he will get 30+ Minutes.

    Your team looks ready for a nice playoff run, the consistency of Ilysvova, Gooden, and McGee will be key. All your other players are looking good, especially Joe Johnson, Jrue Holiday, Jordan Crawford, and of course Kobe.

    There will be a live chat with me Sunday night from 7-10(pm) pacific time. Hope you can join us.

  31. Hello M,

    Playoffs are in two weeks and I want to pick up J. Thompson due to his recent 2×2 performances and looking at his schedule he has 5 games in the first week of playoffs. I am thinking of dropping Bargs since he has not been playing to his potential since his injury and has little rebounding + shooting % is horrid. Do you think this would be a good drop or is Bargs upside to much to risk. I also have Biyombo but his block potential is nuts and has a great schedule in the playoffs. Other bigs are both Gasol bros and Z. Randolph.

    Thanks in advance.

  32. Is it time to drop Danilo Gallinari? I picked up Wilson Chandler in the meantime and put Gallo on the bench.

  33. I do not realize what you find in Biyombo i picked him up today and he had another terrible game. When is this guy going to break out…. i am losing my patience with this guy

  34. As good as Jason Thompson has been, I am still not completely sold. Players go through hot streaks, and Thompson just saw his. An ankle injury will surely hinder him and Bargs is not droppable because he will shoot the ball 20 times a game. Yes the FG% is bad, but the potential to win you fantasy games in the playoffs is much higher. I would stay put, unless you have another forward you could drop?

    *Join us for the Live Chat Sunday from 7-10(pm) pacific where i can give you instant answers for the fantasy playoffs.

  35. Yes it is.

    But that also depends on the quality of the FA’s on your wire. Give me a list and I will let you know who I think you should drop personally.

    *Join us for the Live Chat Sunday from 7-10(pm) pacific where i can give you instant answers for the fantasy playoffs.

  36. He has one of the best playoff schedules with Two 5 game weeks.
    He still is getting 30+ Minutes a game and coach Silas has hinted he will be getting more as the team prepares for the future.
    He is still grabbing near double digit rebounds every night, even blocked 3 shots tonight.

    He can single handily carry your team in blocks for a week in the playoffs. Do not give up hope.

    *Join us for the Live Chat Sunday from 7-10(pm) pacific where i can give you instant answers for the fantasy playoffs.

  37. My team is Mike Conley, Monta Ellis, Luke Ridnour, Al Jefferson, Marc Gasol, Wilson Chandler, Kevin Love, Ryan Anderson, Chris Paul, Zach Randolph. At first you told me to drop Bismack Biymbo for Zach Randolph and to drop some other players for Luke Ridnour and Wilson Chandler. Then you told me to pick up Ty Lawson and Gerald Wallace and then you told me to not pick them up. NOW I”M REALLY CONFUSED! and playoffs are next week!

    Now… What moves should I make??Some players on my FA market are:
    Bismack Biymbo
    Gerald Wallace
    Ramon Sessions
    Ty Lawson
    Alonzo Gee
    Nate Robinson
    Wesley Matthews
    Elton Brand
    Jordan Crawford
    Jrue Holliday
    Jeff Teague
    Carlos Boozer
    DJ Agustin
    Channing Frye

  38. Hello Vince,
    I would drop Luke Ridnour for Ramon Sessions right now. Sessions is red hot, and now plays for a team that needs him to strive for the best since he is their most reliable PG now. Also, Kobe now has someone who could take some stress off him. To elaborate how much faith I have in Sessions, I dropped Rodney Stuckley in order to snag Ramon Sessions. Remind you, Stuckley had consistent 25+pt games, however, with Sessions playing more than 30mins. You can expect anywhere from 25 up to 40 points from this remarkable athletic player. When given time, he is invincible. Honestly, If you could drop Monta Ellis, whom is undroppable, I would replace him with Jordan Crawford, since he has been going off a lot lately. Monta Ellis plays on a too talented team. Personally, Gerald Wallace is too inconsistent, with some high upside, but a lot of slumps too. Ty Lawson is in an interesting situation since there is some great players on Denver (I have him on my team, but tend to bench him over Sessions). Alonzo Gee is a decent option, but too hot and cold as Muntradamus states. Nate Robinson is alright, however, there are better free agents. Along with the other FAs you have listed, Boozer plays on a very good team, probably the second guy I would pick up after Sessions, because of his upside; as for the rest of them, not worth owning in my opinion unless in a deep league, which does not seem like it. RAMON SESSIONS all the way!
    Kind Regards,
    Scream aka Garrett

  39. Gooden appeared on waiver wire after his pitiful game the other day ago, should I drop Wilson Chandler immediately to pick him up? Or do you think Chandler could have more upside potentially? Thanks!

  40. Gooden is not consistent, stay on Wilson Chandler. Wilson had a good game and it is only beginning. Chandler is a monster while Drew Gooden is not.

  41. Is anyone here or maybe Muntradamus be willing to start a new league with me? My old league is screwed up, commisioner abused his powers D:

    So I should or should not drop Monta for Crawford.
    Also should I pick up Bismack Biymbo. If so, for whom?

  43. M- Playoffs are not next week but the week after. I’m still in 7th place and have clinched a spot. The injuries are not helping though: No good news on Lowry, contemplating dropping Varejao as it might not be worth keeping him for the playoffs, and also Ray Allen and Maggette (who I failed to get any value for) also have red crosses next to their names. Not looking good for the playoffs…

    PG- Ty Lawson
    SG- Ray Allen
    G- Dorell Wright
    SF- Danny Granger
    PF- Kevin Love
    F- Corey Maggette
    C- Serge Ibaka
    C- DeAndre Jordan
    Util- Bismack Biyombo
    Util- Jarrett Jack
    Mario Chalmers
    Kyle Lowry
    Anderson Varejao

    Should I drop AV or Lowry now?
    FA in league: Stephen Curry, Boris Diaw, Chuck Hayes, Jason Thompson, Derrick Williams, Nate Robinson, James Johnson, Landry Fields, MarShon Brooks, Trevor Booker, Ed Davis, Jerryd Bayless, JJ Barea

    Some intriguing options but I need your advice on who I should pull the trigger on. Thanks for all your help this season!

  44. man i really fell asleep on jason thompson thanks for the help bud i will keep you updated

  45. I am not in a 9 catagory league i am in a total points league. Do you still think Biyombo will help me in this type of league?

  46. Great Response Garrett aka Scream. Your details were on point.

    Sorry for confusing you Vince, most leagues have deeper rosters and I would never suggest not picking up Wallace or Lawson in any league.

    Since your team is so stacked, I would definitely add Ramon for Luke, I think Scream sold that point perfectly, his potential was amazing with Cleveland and now it is on blast with the Lakers.

    If you had the option of starting Lawson or Chandler, I would go with Lawson. Although his numbers have not been primed, or consistent. His upside is the type of guy you will go head first with. He can give you 3×2 potential with 20+ Points when he is on. If you want a safer player than Chandler, go with Jordan Crawford. He will give you Chandlers numbers and then some.

    Lawson would be picked by more people, Jordan Crawford will surprisingly be more consistent. If you need a forward to replace Chandler, then go with Wallace. He plays huge minutes, and that is enough to give him potential for some good lines. He seems revitalized playing on a team where he has a bigger role, rather than playing for a winning team.

    Do not drop Monta. He is still finding his groove with the Bucks, eventually he will. You do not want another owner to play him against you.

    Boozer is good, however I would leave him on the wire for the rest of your roster. He is not the most trustworthy guy, especially when D-Rose comes back.

  47. Maybe there will be a Beast Dome fantasy basketball league next season. We will see.

  48. Great comments Temir, I agree with adding Wilson.

    Gooden is starting to lose value as the Bucks become a deeper team. The 10+ shot attempts will not keep coming if he keeps missing, this could be the end for the old man. Wilson offers you a lot of upside in a lot of departments.

  49. Let us spark up your team.

    Wright, is not someone to count on anymore. You can drop him.
    Chalmers, is worthless and offers very little. Hurts you in more categories than he helps.

    Keep Lowry, and Varejao as they could be back for fantasy playoffs in your league.

    With those 2 drops (Wright/Chalmers), I would add Nate Robinson and J.J. Barea. Give your team some spark. Move Biyombo to center, Ibaka to Forward. Bench Maggette. Add Nate in G spot, Barea in the UTL. That should be enough to get your team going, come back next week and we will go from there.

  50. In a total points league, you can kick Biyombo to the curb. He is a block specialist in roto style, nothing less, maybe a little more if he starts getting his act together with rebounds.

  51. I would stay away from Barea now that he has a thigh contusion. One missed game and he becomes a risky option. James Johnson is coming off a huge game and will give you some nice intangibles, blocks/steals. A bit risky for a down game, but a player who can dominate the box score. I would own/start him for over Barea for the week, and then play it out from there.

  52. Terrible luck. I just noticed I recommended Nate for you as well.

    Good thing this was before Monday.

    James Johnson & Trevor Booker who has no competition for PT are the guys to grab. Booker will give you big time rebounding numbers.

  53. Everyone I recommend keeps getting injured, this case flu with James Johnson.

    Drop James Johnson, add Jason Thompson before it is too late!

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