FANTASY BASKETBALL Daily Show: Week 1 (Dec 25th-Jan 1st)

FANTASY BASKETBALL Daily Show: Week 1 (Dec 25th-Jan 1st)

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Last Updated: 12/31/11 (am)

In this column, MaddenArena will share Fantasy Basketball Observations that you can take or leave to help your team get better.  Feel free to ask questions, our experts will answer them. Check this page daily to see what we have to say about your players.

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Sunday (12/25)

  • Brandon Bass will get plenty of playing time.  If an injury happens to O’Neal or KG then Bass will see 30+ minutes easily.  He should already see 25 a game with the other two playing.
  • Ryan Anderson is worth a look in deeper leagues.  Value can go up in Dwight Howard Trade.

Monday (12/26)

  • Ty Lawson is for real and will be fantasy gold all season.  Steals, 3’s, Assists, Points.
  • Kobe Bryant.  What wrist injury, the guy is playing like a top 5 pick.
  • Marcus Thornton owners, you have nothing to worry about. 27 Points/13 shots.
  • Kemba Walker is a great fantasy guard to own now, but especially when we get to March.
  • Tim Duncan’s decline is real.  Jason Kidd may be following.
  • Rudy Gay is ready to play like a 1st round pick again.  He looked fresh.
  • Kyle Lowry was no fluke, nearly triple doubled in first game.
  • Ricky Rubio looks to be the next Andre Miller.  Assist specialist in Roto Leagues.
  • Hedo Turkoglu is playing like his vintage self. 23 Points/4 Assists. Let’s see if he can keep it up.
  • Manu Ginobli is ready to have a big fantasy season.

Tuesday (12/27)

  • Gerald Wallace will be very valuable if anything happens to Wesley Matthews.
  • Demarcus Cousins has now proved that he will be a beast if he stays out of foul trouble.
  • Ron Artest is looking like someone you want to own if you need depth at Forward.  16.5 PPG in last 2.
  • Michael Beasley is just as important as Kevin Love to the T-Wolves winning. 10 Points in the last 6:56 (15/game.) Lost by 3.
  • Brandon Bass 33 minutes.  Celtics 6th man.  Own him (14-10 with a block and steal/PG is possible) as the season continues.
  • Deron Williams hopefully Nets blowouts don’t result into fantasy games like this for Deron.  10 pts, 1asst.  1st round pick?

Wednesday (12/28)

  • Nick Young is fantasy relevant despite coming off the bench. He is the Wizards best shooter, leading scorer in both games.
  • Marvin Williams I want to see a couple more big performances to be a believer.  T-Mac had a good game off the bench.
  • Boris Diaw is a great Sell-High candidate.  As the season continues the Bobcats might trade him, and Tyrus Thomas is coming back soon.  If Diaw continues to have success defenses will find ways to make him non existent.
  • Russell Westbrook, we will chalk this one up in the forgot this ever happened. 0/13 shooting.
  • Manu Ginobli is the engine for the Spurs.  Another 20+ with (5) 3PTM.  Tim Duncan decline continues.
  • Warriors Defense, they are starting to look like a fantasy defensive juggernaut. Bad games vs. GS; Griffin/Carmelo/D-Rose.
  •  Jarret Jack, is a must own in all leagues.  He will be a fantasy beast all season and knows this Montey Williams offense.
  • Nene Hilario is going to have a good season playing PF.  He is looking more comfortable.  Top 5 center potential.
  • Suns really suck.  Steve Nash is old, and the team lacks a go-to-scoring guy to make plays happen.
  • Spencer Hawes, I like what I see. Is this him having his best stretch of the season?  Would not hurt to find out the hard way.
  • Cavaliers, are they running a hockey team?  10 Players played, all between 20-29 minutes.  And they won…
  • James Johnson, is must own.  Nobody will get blocks and steals like this guy.  8 Steals, 5 Blocks +14 Rebounds.  In 2 games.
  • Ben Gordon, 40 minutes!!  The watch is on Mr.BG.

Thursday (12/29)

  • Deron Williams, my trust factor has dropped from a 10-8 with you.  You have to show that you can make the Nets a competitive team.  Blowouts are bad enough in fantasy basketball, but to continue to score less than 10 points?
  • Ryan Anderson, it looks like the bandwagon might be pulling away.  Jump on now, especially in leagues he qualifies at center.
  • Tim Duncan, his decline is real.  Jump ship, or wait until he has one big game before you make a move.  
  • Kyle Lowery, is the definition of solid.  He is the Jason Kidd, that Jason Kidd owners wish they had.
  • Jason Kidd, his decline is real.  Jump ship, or wait until he has one big game before you make a move.  
  • Russell Westbrook, hit a huge shot late in the game and Durant followed it up with a buzzer beater.  The Crowd went nuts, everyone was chest bumping everyone.  Westbrook will be fine, do not panic.
  • Gerald Wallace, the Wesley Matthews theory I came up with on Tuesday might be real.  Matthews takes all of Wallace’s shots making him a good sell high candidate.  The shot attempts may not be there.
  • Andre Miller, is off to a torrid start.  If he is available in your league pick him up.  His trade value is great right now.
  • Demarcus Cousins, consistent foul trouble may be a theme for Cousins.  So far in every game, but he still manages to put up great lines.  I would buy low.
  • Andrew Bynum, everyone in LA is ready for the beast!!!

Friday (12/30)

  • Kemba Walker, now is a good time to buy low.  The guy is a stud and as the Bobcats realize their season is over, they will see what their future holds by playing this guy the whole game.  Coming off back-to-back poor performances.
  • Ryan Anderson, bandwagon should be gone in your league by now.
  • David West, looks healthy again.  No restrictions as he is already playing over 38 minutes.  Good buy low candidate if you can strike  a deal. 20-10 on the reg is in his future.
  • Marvin Williams, came back to life.  What a surprise.  Jeff Teague, is making the Hawks a better team.
  • Deron Williams, showed that if the Nets are competitive, he will put up good numbers.  If they get blown out…nothing.
  • Rajon Rondo, like I said earlier.  Pierce coming back hurts Rondos value.  Pierce plays a lot of point forward.
  • Austin Daye, is looking like he is ready to breakout.  WATCH HIM.
  • Ricky Rubio, should not be a free agent. 12-6-12.  It is only the first week of the season.
  • Steve Nash, got 12 assists.  But it wasn’t pretty and he does not look like the Nash of two years ago. 
  • Jordan Hill, and all of his potential continues to start.  But he is doing nothing with the opportunity.
  • Jordan Crawford, made the competition between him and Nick Young untouchable.  One needs to get hurt for the other to be consistent.
  • James Johnson, had a bad game.  0 blocks, 0 steals, 4 rebounds.  He will be more consistent when he replaces Rasual Butler in the starting lineup.  Any day now.
  • Al Jefferson, rumors of coming off the bench?  This guy is too beastly to do that.  He is a 20-10 guy with blocks, and I would hold onto him.
  • Carlos Boozer, if reverting back to his old ways.  Not the consistent you guy you were hoping to snag a little late.



  1. For now yes. Brandon Bass will gain a lot more value as the season goes on. Bass doesn’t qualify at SF in most forward though, stick with Wright for now.

  2. Yes.

    The Jazz force fed him every single time in the post. If Jefferson didn’t miss shots he usually makes in his sleep, he would have had a monster debut. He blocks shots, rebounds, scores, and won’t hurt you in FT%.

  3. As long as he performs he will be a great source of assists.

    Problem is, the Raptors are ready for the Jerryd Bayless campaign to come full force. Jay Bay Bay is a great guard who can score 20 in a game, and he will give Calderon very little room for error this season. If you can sell high, I would do it now.

  4. Over on Both.

    I am a big Jamison fan this year. The Cavs have no proven scoring threat that can get 20 a game (besides Jamsion). Antwan is their man, and when the Cavs need buckets they will go his way. It’s a nice bonus that he makes 3’s, rebounds, and a block here and there. Should be a good season for the veteran.

  5. Is there any reasonable thing I can do to improve my fantasy basketball team?

    1. Kevin Love (PF)
    2. Al Jefferson (PF,C)
    3. Russell Westbrook (PG)
    4. Monta Ellis (PG,SG)
    5. Eric Gordon (SG)
    6. Gerald Wallace (SF,PF)
    7. Danny Granger (SF,PF)
    8. Dorell Wright (SG,SF)
    9. Paul Millsap (PF)
    10. Raymond Felton (PG,SG)


  6. While Curry’s ankle is worrisome..

    I would feel confident in having him. He puts up elite #’s in 3s, Assists, Steals, FT%, and points. He can easily play like a 1st round value player. Just expect a few DNPs. The ankle may not get healthier after having surgery on it in the offseason, but he is someone you have to still value as top 1st or 2nd round type player.

    If you can buy low, I would. If you own him, let it ride out and hope he comes back next game. If you can get value on him such as Kobe, I would try to make that happen.

  7. Millsap and Wright are two player I do not trust.

    Millsap could be more valuable if he gets traded.

    Wright has to have his game on all season, or else Rush or Thompson will pounce on the opportunity to jump in.

    Other wise strong team, ignore Westbrook’s weak line from tonight and if you can sell high on Gerald Wallace and get a superstar, I would. His big line from the other night was helped by Wesley Matthews early absence.

  8. Do you think my fantasy basketball team can win it all in a 12 team leauge?

    PG: Stephen Curry
    SG: Tyreke Evans
    G: Kyle Lowry
    SF: Danillo Galinari
    PF: Chris Bosh
    F: Andray Blatche
    C: Al Jefferson
    C: Andrew Bogut
    UTIL: Antwan Jamison
    UTIL: Jose Calderon
    BN: Anderson Varejao
    BN: Lou WIlliams
    BN: Anthony Morrow

    it is h2h scoring, how can i make my team better? or should i do nothing?

  9. Yes your team is stacked all around.

    Lets focus on your bench.

    Varejao is a good stoppage gap if anything were to happen to a big man. Long term though, he could be a problem as the Cavs run hockey lineups.

    Lou Williams is a sick player, but playing time will be scarce.

    is more a 3PT specialist in roto leagues, than someone who can fill up a stat sheet in H-2-H.

    I would look to see if James Johnson is available, and pick him up for Morrow. Johnson has some serious potential that is needed on all fantasy basketball rosters.

    -8 steals, 5 blocks in 2 games. Also coming off the bench! He will start soon.

  10. Which two of these players should I start in my Util Spot?

    Jerryd Bayless
    Brandon Knight
    DeAndre Jordan
    Tyler Hansbrough

    I’m trying to pick up Chris Kaman from Waivers so I guess he will be an option, too.

  11. If I were to rank those players in order.

    D. Jordan– He should be a starter on most fantasy teams.

    B. Knight– Already a 20 PT/6 AST game.That was suppose to happen later in the season, not now. Pick him up.

    T. Hansbrough– Beast in rebounds. Kevin Love without the scoring, FT%, 3PT, or playing time.

    J. Bayless– He is going to have HUGE value later on in the season. For now he is a ghost.

    So the answer is. Jordan and Knight are the guys to get.

    Jordan over Hansbrough because he qualifies at center and has HUGE block potential.
    Knight over Hansbrough because it will be hard to find guards that can produce stats such as Knight.

  12. Actually let me just post my team. What positions should I switch around, and is there anyone I should sell high, and do you see any weaknesses on my team? Also, how do you think I will do this year?

    PG: Toney Douglas
    SG: Kobe Bryant
    G: Ray Allen
    SF: Antwan Jamison
    PF: Al Jefferson
    F: James Johnson
    C: JaVale McGee
    C: Andray Blatche
    Util: Jerryd Bayless
    Util: Brandon Knight
    BN: DeAndre Jordan
    BN: Tyler Hansbrough
    BN: Brendan Haywood (I think I will be dropping him for Chris Kaman)

  13. Toney Douglass could be the guy for the Knicks PG situation, but if Baron Davis comes back healthy and makes an impact. His value will diminish, you can explore his trade value.

    Jordan is a better player than Bayless for now. Bayless minutes are too sporadic for him to be dependable at the moment.

    Definitely move Haywood for Kaman. I’m pretty sure you can stick an Apple Tree at the Mavericks Center position, and they would get more production.

    Besides those moves, your team is solid and you have BEASTS at the scarce center position. Especially when you add Al Jefferson to the mix.

  14. Thank you so much for your help. You have been such a great source of advice for fantasy football and helping me in the fantasy basketball draft. I only wish I found you before making some rookie mistakes in fantasy football.

  15. What moves should I make to improve my team? Who should I trade? What positions needs do I need to address? Any starting lineup changes?

    PG John Wall
    SG Dwayne Wade
    SF Boris Diaw
    PF Brandon Bass
    C Demarcus Cousins
    G Jarret Jack
    F Dorrell Wright
    UTIL James Harden (SG)
    UTIL Mike Conley (PG)
    UTIL Glen Davis (PF)
    BE Chris Kaman (C)
    BE Jimmer Fredette (SG)
    BE Jonny Flynn (PG)

  16. Thanks!
    Also, would adding Jarrett Jack, Ryan Anderson, Ty Lawson, Andre Miller, Tyson Chandler, Marvin Williams be beneficial?

    In my fantasy league, the categories for points are FG%, FT%, 3PTM, PTS, REB, AST, ST, BLK, and TO. Is there any category that my team would be weak in?

  17. Chris Kaman should go in your lineup for Glen Davis. Davis is not solid, or consistent. 10-10 would be a great game for him, I don’t see it happening that often especially with Ryan Anderson playing well. He also can only jump one foot off the ground and will block hardly any shots.

    Kaman on the other hand is in a contract year. He is also the best post player the Hornets have, he should be in for a solid season.

    Dorrell Wright is good, but a decline could be expected with the depth the Warriors now have at his position. Him and Diaw have way higher trade value now than they will in a couple of weeks. Even if Wright shoots lights out, people will still value his presence the same as they do right now.

    Bass is solid, but not as a starter. His big games will not come as frequently as you can hope, and he won’t be consistent until an injury happens to KG or O’Neal.

    You should look to move Wright,Diaw, even Bass in a combo trade for a superstar (1st round pick) and some role player.

    Then as the season goes on there will be good waiver wire guys to fill in your vacancies.

    You can start by dropping Flynn, he should hold zero value this season, unless an injury occurs.

    Hope this helps.

  18. Jarret Jack, Andre Miller, Ty Lawson , are must owns. These guys will perform like elite guards and give you great numbers.

    Tyson Chandler , is okay but he will put up some bad games.

    Ryan Anderson, Marvin Williams, they are good, but they have not shown in the past that they can be reliable. Anderson is a little more attractive because he is a great shooter, Marvin Williams is someone to watch over the next week.

    It really depends on who is on your team.

  19. Update, just saw your previous question to that:

    I would drop Millsap for any of the 3 guards listed above.

    Jack should be solid. 15 points 7 assists on the reg.

    Ty Lawson has Hugeee potential. 22 points 8 assists could happen. He also makes 3s.

    Andre Miller you know what you are getting, assists, assists, assists.

  20. so I dropped Flynn for Spencer Hawes and Davis for James Johnson. Were these smart decisions?

  21. what do you think of my team in a 10-team, H2H league? could it win it all? who should/could i move?

    G-Jarrett Jack
    G-Ty Lawson
    F/C-Amare Stoudemire
    F/C-Ed Davis

    Also, should I drop Davis for Camby? And should I also drop Maggette for James Johnson? Thanks!

  22. what do you think of my team? who’s expendable?

    pg-Kyle Lowry
    pg-Kyrie Irving
    pg-Jameer Nelson
    pg/sg-Jarrett Jack
    sg/Rip Hamilton
    sg/sf-Joe Johnson
    pf-Zach Randolph
    pf-Dirk Nowitzki
    pf-Andray Blatche
    pf-Carlos Boozer
    pf/c-Amare Stoudemire
    c-Marcin Gortat
    c-Emeka Okafor

  23. Bayless should be great as the season rolls on.

    If you have the patience to wait, then make this trade.

  24. Whoever is getting Beasley is getting the better end of the deal.

    Diaw could see a drastic decrease when Tyrus Thomas comes back, or when he gets traded.

    Beasley is Beastly. He sometimes takes over 20 shots a game, that is a good fantasy guy to own.

  25. I like your 4 PG’s.

    All solid if not great.

    Rip will be nothing special, see if you can get any value from him. The Bulls do not need Hamilton to be a big contributor for them to win. Maybe a 20 point game here and there.

    Randolph is a great player, but the numbers he got last year will be hard to duplicate with Rudy Gay ready to take over the team. The Grizz also have other capable guys who are ready to take their game to the next level; Conley, Gasol, Mayo. Good sell high guy.

    Gortat and Okafor are not very exciting guys to own, but they will get the job done.

    Good team, your Forwards are all great.

    Your centers (exclude Amare) nor Hamilton do not scare me at all if I were an opponent.

  26. Nash/Kidd are player I would not touch with a 100 FT pole. If you can package these guys for a super star guard like CP3 and a role player, I would. These guys are not getting younger, and both are off to terrible starts this season. They do not look like the same players from a year ago, and it is a long season.

    Everything else is solid, I would Drop Davis for Camby. Players with his and James Johnson’s rebound/block/steal potential do not grow on trees. So yes drop Maggette also, Tyrus Thomas’s return could slightly hurt Maggettes Playing Time.

  27. do you think it’s a good idea to accept trade for (my) gerald wallace for (opponent’s) deron williams? my pg are westbrooks and nash, neither are giving me much assists. Thanks!

  28. For the forward position, should i get Brandon Rush, Boris Diaw, James Johnson, Metta World Pease, Wesley Matthew, Kris Humpries, or Al Harrington?

  29. If you have room in your lineup for Deron Williams and the other two PGs then yes.

    I have noted above that Gerald Wallace will have production problems when Wesley Matthews is healthy. Wallace is injury prone to begin with, and you have to imagine that Deron Williams will get it together at somepoint this season. He was a 1st round pick for a reason.

    Pull the trigger.

  30. Keep him

    He is a stud and will be a star when his knee gets healthy. The Hornets made the CP3 trade contingent on getting this beast. You will be happy you kept him as 25 points and 3’s will be coming nightly.

    Gordon has noted his knee is improving.

  31. Out of all those guys.

    Boris Diaw has the best value as far as trades go. Especially when he qualifies at center. So you can pick him up now and figure out a trade.

    But if I were to want to own one I really like James Johnson‘s potential he could be the next Gerald Wallace and win you your championship doing it all. Steals/Blocks/Rebounds, even has a 3PT shot.

    Wesley Matthews will be solid all season, he is a guy who should be owned in all leagues, and Kris Humphries could easily exceed his numbers from a year ago (10-10 with a block)

    Those 4 players should be owned in all leagues right now.

  32. Rudy Gay and Andrew Bynum come to mind.

    All 4 players (including Granger, and Jefferson) should have similar value by the time the season is over.

  33. My team.

    Steve Nash
    Gerald Henderson
    Russell Westbrook
    Dorell Wright
    Michael Beasley
    Hedo Turkoglu
    Pau Gasol
    Andrea Bargnani
    Luol Deng
    Rip Hamilton
    Lamar Odom
    James Johnson
    Samuel Dalembert

    Should I start James Johnson instead of Beasley for week 2?

  34. Who would you choose to start week 2? Also I forgot to mention Kyrie Irving is on my team..

    Line up is PG, SG, G, SF, PF, F, C, C, Util, Util.

    I was thinking..

    PG – Nash
    SG – Henderson
    G- Westbrook
    SF – Wright
    PF – Johnson
    F – Turkoglu
    C- P Gasol
    C – Andrea Bargnani
    Util – Luol Deng
    Util – Kyrie Irving

  35. Should I drop Tyler Hansbrough and pick up Marvin Williams, and should I drop Brandon Knight to pick up Ricky Rubio? Or are there other guards and forwards I should pick up instead?

  36. Stick with Tyler Hansbrough, he’s gona get you 10-15 points and around 10 rebounds just about every night, and marvin williams will only dissapoint you like he’s done to so many Hawks fans. It’s tough to judge Rubio on just a few NBA games so far but at this point I would say yes pick him up because he looks like a guy that can get you a lot of assists and Brandon Knight is on a really bad team that he doesn’t even start on.

  37. I would still stick with Beasley, he’s a better scorer and really just a better player. For the shooting guard slot I would also lean towards Rip Hamilton over Henderson. Rip can consistently give you double digit scoring efforts because of his knockdown mid-range shot. Henderson hasn’t developed that yet and is still more inconsistent.

  38. What about Al Harrington? I can drop either Hansbrough or James Johnson, but I like both of those guys.

    Also, what about dropping one of my centers for Spencer Hawes? The problem is that I already have some good centers in JaVale McGee and Andray Blatche. Should I drop one of them for Hawes?

  39. Hey should I drop any of these players to pick up Jared Dudley, Samuel Dalembert, Chris Kaman, Gerald Henderson, Ben Gordon?

    This is my team line-up:
    PG: Jrue Holiday
    SG: Monta Ellis
    G: Tony Parker
    SF: Kevin Durant
    PF: Serge Ibaka
    F: Carmelo Anthony
    C: Andray Blatche
    C: Tyson Chandler
    Util: Anderson Varejao

    BN: Paul George
    BN: Tony Allen
    BN: Andre Miller

  40. Hey whats going on man tell me in depth what you think about my roster right now because it seems like you know what your talking about. I’m in the Marines so I can only log on once a week because of Marine corps training so I want to know if it looks okay right now before I set up my roster for them to play this week, and then set up again next week and so on.

    PG Russell Westbrook
    PG Deron Williams
    PG Jarrett Jack
    SG Ray Allen
    SG Nick Young
    SG Marcus Thornton
    SF Gerald Wallace
    PF David Lee
    PF Andrea Bargnani
    PF Luis Scola
    PF Kris Humphries
    C Dwight Howard
    C Roy Hibbert

    just wanted to let you know in our league we can have up to two utility players that’s why I have a lot more players in same positions then others. Another thing who is better Hansborough or Humphries or should I pick up Beasley? another one who is better Hansbrough or Roy Hibbert?, and what should I do with Gerald Wallace is he going to be okay or bad this season? Thank you very much I appreciate this help.

  41. Here is my team currently:

    PG Tyreke Evans, Sac PG, SG

    SG Andre Iguodala, Phi SF, SG

    SF Kevin Durant, OKC SF

    PF Dirk Nowitzki, Dal PF

    C Andrea Bargnani, Tor C, PF

    G Jason Kidd, Dal PG

    F Carmelo Anthony, NY SF

    UTIL Nene, Den C

    UTIL Channing Frye, Pho PF, C

    UTIL Toney Douglas, NY PG, SG

    Bench Marc Gasol, Mem C

    Bench Marcus Thornton, Sac SG

    Bench Antawn Jamison, Cle PF

    I am in a H2H league with a small group of 8 teams. Furthermore, I am first place right now, and was wondering if I should make any more adjustments to my team prior to playing this next round January 2-8? Some good players are still available on free agents while the top elite are on other teams already. Should I make trades for some better players? Thanks!

  42. After today’s performance, I feel like Dorell Wright is a complete bust. Is he a lost hope that I should rid of as soon as possible?

  43. These are the trade options i have right now. Send Brandon Bass to recieve Micheal Beasly or send Boris Diaw to recieve Paul George. Are these good trades?

  44. Check out the new article

    As far as players on your team that are droppable, I would look to move Frye and Douglas. Jason Kidd also has very little value right now.

    In your lineup you should replace those 3 with your bench players. Jamison, Thornton and Gasol are having great seasons.

    Give me a list of Free Agents and I can help you, post on the next Daily Show article coming out later on Tuesday.

  45. Drop Tony Allen, Pick up either Kaman, Gordon, or Dudley.

    Dudley will score more points, make more 3’s, and get more rebounds.

    Kaman is a solid double-double threat and could easily replace Chandler in your lineup.

    Gordon is playing a ridiculous amount of minutes. He will help you out the most short term.

    Check out the new article

  46. Thank You Jay,

    I will help you with your team. I need to know what lineup spots I need to fill.

    How many guards, Forwards, Centers ETC.

    You can post in the new article

    To answer your other question.

    Beasley is the best player of the three. He should put up the best fantasy numbers, but he is slumping. I think he will break out of that slump and is a better player than Humphries. Hibbert’s center eligibility gives him the edge over Hansbrough. Roy is averaging a double-double and looks to be on his way to a good season.

    So you can drop Humphries for Beasley, and Keep Hibbert.

    Gerald Wallace on the other hand is in trouble, as his only good game came when Wesley Matthews was hurt. I would sell high on Wallace while I can, try targeting Demarcus Cousins. Tons of upside, and his owner will probably sell low on him.

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