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This article will rank all the players for people in daily fantasy leagues.  I will rank each player by position number and tier.

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Tuesday (1/31/12)


Tier 1- Must Start

1. Kobe Bryant vs. Charlotte- The only reason Kobe could have a bad game is the blowout is too big and he did not play much in the 2nd half.

2. Deron Williams @ Indiana- Deron Williams should be able to dominate Darren Collison.

3. Tyreke Evans @ Golden State- With no Marcus Thornton the Kings look for this guy to do it all.

4. Stephen Curry vs. Sacramento- The ankle complaint happened, but he is still playing which makes him safe enough.

5. Monta Ellis vs. Sacramento- This could be his breakout game with Curry battling the ankle injury again.  Both are going to play.

Tier 2- Good Start

6. Joe Johnson @ Toronto- Joe has been a bit inconsistent, but this matchup should be a good one.

7. Kyrie Irving vs. Boston- Kyrie will need to have a big game to keep the Cavs competitive.

8. Mike Conley vs. Denver- Conley is very consistent in the steals and assists department, can he add 15+ Points against Ty Lawson and Andre Miller.

9. Kemba Walker vs. Lakers- The Bobcats only hope of having a chance lies on the hands of the rookie.

10. Andre Miller @ Memphis- Mr. Assist has to deal with Ty Lawson active again, that should not prevent him from approaching a near double-double in assists.

11. Ty Lawson @ Memphis- The speedster is back, and he needs to make a statement after watching Andre Miller run the squad effectively in his absence.

Tier 3- Risky Start

12. Jeff Teague @ Toronto- Teague has been solid, but it is hard to trust him on a nightly basis.

13. Ray Allen @ Cleveland- The shot attempts should be there tonight, the problem is he could be sitting out the 4th quarter if it is a blowout.

14. Rodney Stuckey @ New York- No Ben Gordon, and Brandon Knight has been struggling.  The Pistons will look to their veteran to handle the pace of this game who is coming off a 19 Point performance last night.

15. Jerryd Bayless vs. Atlanta- Finally in the starting lineup, Bayless has to prove he belongs there.

16. Jose Calderon vs. Atlanta- Last few chance to show his true fantasy value as the Raptors get healthier, Calderon becomes less fantasy relevant.

17. Darren Collison vs. New Jersey- Collison has a tough matchup against Deron Williams, and it would be surprising to see him have a valuable game with how disappointing he has been all year.

18. Brandon Knight @ New York- Knight has to bounce back in a big way after last night’s embarrassing performance.


Tier 1- Must Start

1. Josh Smith @ Toronto- J. Smoove has been playing like an elite fantasy option since Al Horford went down.  Toronto should be a nice game for him.

2. Carmelo Anthony * vs. Detroit- Melo is questionable to play, if he does Detroit has nobody that can guard him.

3. Paul Pierce @ Cleveland- Pierce has taken his game to another level since Rajon Rondo got hurt.  Cleveland will have no answers for Pierce.

4. Amar’e Stoudemire vs. Detroit- IF Melo does not play, Amare should be bumped to the #2 spot as the Knicks will need him to have a big game.

5. David Lee vs. Sacaremento- This guy is as consistent as it gets.  He will be battling with some big bodies tonight, but usually Lee is the one that comes out on top.

6. DeMarcus Cousins @ Golden State- Foul Trouble is the only thing that can slow this guy down tonight.  Golden State is very weak when it comes to guarding big men.

Tier 2- Good Start

7. Danny Granger vs. New Jersey- Usually inconsistent, New Jersey has no answers for Granger defensively.

8. Rudy Gay vs. Denver- After last night’s 1 Point game, Rudy will have to get going in a big way.  If he starts dominating expect Corey Brewer to start guarding him all night.

9. Danilo Gallinari @ Memphis- Danilo needs to start showing more consistency if he wants to go higher on this list.  He has been starting to string together some nice games, we still want 20+ a night.

10. Kevin Garnett @ Cleveland- Garnett has been playing inspired basketball and he should have his way with the Cavs in this one.

11. Kris Humprhies @ Indiana- The Ex-Kardashian continues to hold great fantasy value with no Brook Lopez in the lineup.  Double-Double machine.

Tier 3- Risky Start

12. David West vs. New Jersey- West took the next step in becoming the player Indiana wanted last week.  Let’s see if it can translate one week to the next.

13. Antwan Jamison vs. Boston- The Professor is slowing down, but he will be needed to put on a show tonight.

14. Dorrell Wright vs. Sacramento- 6 3PTM in his last game, Dorrell has been the icon for inconsistency this season, and tonight he will try to prove us wrong.

15. James Johnson vs. Atlanta- With no Bargs in the lineup, James Johnson gets a lot of minutes which usually means a lot of blocks and steals.

16. Austin Daye @ Knicks- Daye is a vital part of the Pistons future, he played 37 Minutes last night and filled up the stat sheet.  He will be needed to put on a better offensive game for the Pistons to have a chance.

17. Tyrus Thomas @ Lakers- Tyrus is coming off his best week of the season, and will look to show he still has his mojo coming into LA tonight.

18. Brandon Bass @ Cleveland- Bass is looking at a potential dream matchup.  If the Celtics can build a big lead, Boston would love to give Bass some run time and get his confidence going.

19. Al Harrington @ Memphis- Al has been inconsistent this season, and his scoring was down last week.  Maybe there will be some change.

20. Tayshaun Prince @ Knicks- Tayshaun Prince is a couple bad games away from losing his job to Austin Dayte.  Tayshaun will do his best to make sure that does not happen.


Tier 1- Must Start

1. Marc Gasol vs. Denver- Marc will be needed to dominate against a team that lacks a true center.

2. Roy Hibbert vs. New Jersey- Hibbert should bounce back with a big game that relies on Mehmet Okur for production.

3. Greg Monroe @ New York- Monroe has been solid all season, Tyson Chandler is a tough matchup but Monroe is ready for anything.

4. Pau Gasol vs. Charlotte- Pau might not get enough minutes in the second half to guarantee double digit rebounds.  Due to the Lakers blowing out the Bobcats.

5. Andrew Bynum vs. Charlotte- When the Lakers blow teams out, they make sure to rest their prized big man so he is ready for the next one.

6. Nene Hilario @ Memphis- Nene his thrived all season in his PF spot and should have a big game as the Nuggets only inside presence.

Tier 2- Good Start

7. Tyson Chandler vs. Detroit- T.Chand has been very consistent with the Knicks for the past few weeks, Greg Monroe will be a great battle for Chandler who could be shooting the ball often if Carmelo does not play.

8. Anderson Varejao vs. Boston- Varejao will get his minutes and his rebounds, the question is will anything else come with it.

Tier 3- Risky Start

9. Zaza Pachulia @ Toronto- Zaza has been semi-hot lately.  It is too hard to trust him if you have better options.

10. Bryon Mullens @ Lakers- Mullens is coming off a huge game, and should have a terrible game against Bynum and Pau in LA who are just too big and strong for him.  Yes that is right, Byron Mullens makes Pau Gasol like the Incredible Hulk.


Wednesday (2/1/12)


Tier 1- Must Start

1. Russell Westbrook @ Dallas- Westbrook should be able to manhandle any guard the Mavericks throw on him.

2. Deron Williams vs. Detroit- Deron is the heart of the Nets offense and he will need to put on a show to lead the Nets to a victory against the lowly Pistons.

3. Derrick Rose @ Philadelphia- The reigning MVP has a tough matchup but he has been playing red hot lately.

4. Chris Paul @ Utah- CP3 should find a way to rack up a double-double with good steal numbers.

5. John Wall @ Orlando- As long as the game is competitive John Wall should put up big numbers.

6. Dwayne Wade @ Milwaukee- A blowout in the making could make Wade a huge disappointment.

7. Brandon Jennings vs. Miami- The only chance of the Bucs making it close is if Jennings explodes for 30+.

Tier 2- Good Start

8. Tony Parker vs. Houston- Tony P. puts up good fantasy numbers consistently when Manu Ginobili has been out.

9. Steve Nash @ New Orleans- Nash will return tonight to a game where the Suns have a good chance of winning.

10. Ricky Rubio vs. Indiana- Mr. Almost 3×2 should be able to have a nice game against Darren Collison who let Deron Williams do whatever he wanted last night.

11. Kyle Lowry @ San Antonio- Lowry has been struggling and now faces one of the toughest defenses on the road.

12. Andre Iguodala vs. Chicago- Iggy Mr. Low-end 3×2 has a tough matchup and could be in for a rough game.

13. Jarrett Jack vs. Phoenix – Jack attack has already had a big game against Phoenix earlier this season, he could repeat.

Tier 3- Risky Start

14. Kevin Martin @ San Antonio- Kev Mart has been on fire lately, however San Antonio’s defense is one of the best.

15. Jrue Holiday vs. Chicago- Huge matchup for Jrue who should get the minutes to do what he can against D.Rose.

16. James Harden @ Dallas- This could be a surprisingly huge game for Harden if the Thunder destroy the Mavericks.

17. Rodney Stuckey @ New Jersey- Stuckey has been their best guard and there is no reason to believe his success will not continue against NJ.

18. Paul George @ Minnesota- Coming off one of his best games, George will look to build against a Minnesota team that has a bunch of Paul George type players.

19. Roddy Beaubois vs. OKC- Roddy B. gets another chance to show what he’s got.  If Delonte West catches fire, it could be a bad game for Roddy.

20. Raymond Felton vs. Charlotte- Playing his former team, Raymond will look to get double digits in either points or assists.

21. Nick Young @ Orlando- Points, 3PTM, steals, is what you get with Nick Young who should find a way for 15+ in this one.

22. Chauncey Billups @ Utah- Billups has been very inconsistent, but always has the capabilities of a huge game.

23. Kemba Walker @ Portland- Kemba has a tough matchup, on the road.  The only way the Bobcats stand a chance is Kemba having a big game.

24. Ray Allen vs. Toronto- 8 Assists last night, Ray Allen will look to get near 30 Points like Joe Johnson did last night.

25. Jose Calderon @ Boston- Low scoring but high assists.  Either way he is a very risky fantasy option.

26. DeMar DeRozan @ Boston- Somebody will have to put up points for this team, and that most likely will be the guy who gets a lot of playing time regardless of his performance.



Tier 1- Must Start

1. Lebron James @ Milwaukee- LBJ should put up big numbers, however a blow out could leave him with little playing time in the second half.

2. Kevin Love vs. Indiana- Love will have his way with Indiana.

3. Kevin Durant @ Dallas- Durantchula should find 30+ Points as long as the game stays close.

4. Blake Griffin @ Utah- Blake has some bigs to jump over tonight, but nothing he cannot handle.

5. Paul Pierce vs. Toronto- Pierce will have to battle James Johnson who shut down Josh Smith last night.

6. LaMarcus Aldridge vs. Charlotte- Mr. Consistent may not get a double-double due to the game almost guaranteed a huge blow out.

7. Chris Bosh @ Milwaukee- Bosh could have a big game, however it all depends on how much he plays in the second half if this game is not close.

8. Paul Millsap vs. LAC- Millsap has been very consistent over the past few weeks, and he will need to have a big game though Al Jefferson will be back tonight.

Tier 2- Good Start

9. Danny Granger @ Minnesota- Granger had a big 2nd half last night, and there is no reason to think he can’t continue that against Minny.

10. Carlos Boozer @ Philadelphia- Booz is starting to show some consistency and is a good play tonight against a Philly team that lacks a lot of size.

11. Michael Beasley vs. Indiana- Beasley will shoot the ball often, as long as he hits them he is good in your fantasy lineup.

12. Kris Humphries vs. Detroit- Mr. Double-Double will battle Ben Wallace.  Who would of thought Humphries would be a better start than Ben Wallace 3 years ago.

13. Dirk Nowitzki vs. OKC- Captain Dirk will look to have his breakout performance tonight.  Chances are it will not happen, if it does his value will skyrocket.

14. Drew Gooden vs. Miami- Gooden needs to dominate down low for the Bucs to have a shot.

15. Ryan Anderson vs. Washington- Anderson is coming off a huge game, though inconsistency is a very common theme for him this season.

Tier 3- Risky Start

16. Gerald Wallace vs. Charlotte- Wallace against his old team should be a great game.  Especially because Batum is out.  However this should also be a blowout making him a bit risky.

17. Kevin Garnett vs. Toronto- KG will do what he can before this game gets out of control. KG losses a lot of value with Jermaine O’Neal returning.

18. Shawn Marion vs. OKC- Marion is playing his best basketball, but he will be needed more for his defense tonight to contain Durant.

19. Tim Duncan vs. Houston- Duncan’s minutes are inconsistent making him inconsistent.

20. Caron Butler @ Utah- Caron is coming off a nice game, it is not likely he will repeat 20+ games back-to-back.

21. Elton Brand vs. Chicago- EB is the only big the 76ers have, though they tend to rely on their guards.

22. Austin Daye @ New Jersey- Daye should get a lot of run time against New Jersey, and he is very capable of filling the stat sheet.

23. David West @ Minnesota- Kevin Love seems to be too tough of a matchup.

24. Serge Ibaka @ Dallas- Serge is too inconsistent to trust for more than 8 Rebounds and 2 Blocks.

25. Luis Scola @ San Antonio- Scola has a tough matchup and has been a huge fantasy disappointment all season with his low rebounding numbers.

26. Tyrus Thomas @ Portland- Tyrus has a tough matchup and without consistent minutes I do not like his chances in a blowout.



Tier 1- Must Start

1. Dwight Howard vs. Washington- D12 should be able to do whatever he wants against the skinny McGee.

2. Greg Monroe @ New Jersey- Roy Hibbert dominated the paint last night vs. New Jersey and Monroe should easily do the same.

3. Al Jefferson vs. Clippers- Big AL is returning tonight for a very physical game.  His ankle is a bit of a concern.

4. Joakim Noah @ Philadelphia- Double-Double in 5 straight and now faces a team without a center.  I like his chances.

5. Marcin Gortat @ New Orleans- Gortat is about as consistent as it gets at the center position.  Emeka isn’t easy, but Nash returning will help him out.

6. Roy Hibbert @ Minnesota- Big Hibbert plays a small Timberwolves team.

Tier 2- Good Start

7. Javale McGee @ Orlando- Tough matchup against D12, even though McGee is starting to play nice.

8. DeAndre Jordan @ Utah- Jordan will have a tough time with the bigs of Utah.

9. Samuel Dalembert @ San Antonio- This game could get ugly, but Samuel should do his usual rebound and block shot damage.

10. Emeka Okafor vs. Phoenix- Potential huge sleeper matchup for Mr. Consistent who is coming off his first bad game in a while.

Tier 3- Risky Start

11. Macrus Camby vs. Charlotte- Camby and his minutes will be a concern tonight in what should be a blowout.

12. Jermaine O’Neal vs. Toronto- A double-double would be great, not expected.

13. Nikola Pekovic vs. Indiana- The potential to be the next Marcin Gortat is there, the minutes however remain inconsistent.


Thursday (2/2/12)


Tier 1- Must Start

1. Chris Paul vs. Denver- CP3 is playing basketball at a whole other level right now.  He is as elite as they come and it should be a high scoring electric game in Denver.

2. Derrick Rose @ NY- This is a dream matchup for Derrick Rose in Madsion Square Garden.  Expect a monster performance.  He will remind Iman Shumpert that he is a rookie.

3. Monta Ellis vs. Utah- Ellis is a premier scorer who is in a slump.  Stephen Curry has been complaining about his ankle a little bit so I feel Monta is the safer start.

4. Stephen Curry vs. Utah- Steph is playing which automatically makes him an elite option.  He should have a nice game against the not so great front court defense of Utah.

5. Tyreke Evans vs. Portland- Good thing Tyreke is home, and it is a good thing Portland played last night.  That alone should give Tyreke some fresh legs against one of the toughest defenses in the NBA.  It will be interesting to see if they can contain the star.

Tier 2- Good Start

6. Tony Parker vs. NO- With no Ginobili T.Park is a good start every night.  Expect him to dominate Jarrett Jack or Vasquez.

7. Mike Conley @ Atlanta- Conley has been solid all season and gets a nice matchup against Jeff Teague.  Teague is an excellent defender so I would be surprised to see Conley put up a lot of points.

8. Joe Johnson vs. Memphis- Tony Allen will be all over Joe Johnson tonight which should make it a bit tougher.  Johnson is coming off a huge game against Toronto.

9. Andre Miller @ LAC- Andre has been playing amazing basketball and now gets to play his old team.  As long as Lawson does not break out too hard, Miller should get his 30+ minutes.

Tier 3- Risky Start

10. Jamal Crawford @ Sacremento- With no Nicolas Batum tonight, Crawford will get extra minutes off the bench as he fills in for Wallace, Felton, and Matthews.

11. Ty Lawson @ LAC- Lawson is going to get his minutes to perform, but this is a tough matchup and Lawson has not looked sharp lately.

12. Jeff Teague @ Memphis- Teague goes up against the #2 player in the NBA in steals Mike Conley.  This could be a rough game.

13. Chauncey Billups vs. Denver- Chauncey gets to battle his old squad in LA.  Chauncey should look for a big bounce back game after disappointing with less than 10 points.

14. Landry Fields vs. Chicago- Fields is coming off a great game, and now gets to face most likely Kyle Korver.  I would still not feel safe about a player who has shown no consistency over his NBA career.

15. Mo Williams vs. Denver- Mo could light up the points department quickly.  He could also have a cold shooting night and deserve to be on most fantasy benches.

16. Jarrett Jack @ San Antonio- Jack Attack had a terrible 2nd half last night and now looks over his should to see Vazquez playing amazing basketball.

17. Raymond Felton @ Sacramento- Felton will look to grab his assists, but his scoring and everything else is consistently on the low side.


Tier 1- Must Start

1. Blake Griffin vs. Denver- B.Griff is coming off a monster performance and is now playing against a team that has nobody that can guard him.  Nene is nearly not quick enough, nor agile like his old days.

2. LaMarcus Aldridge @ Sacremento- LaMarcus should have a huge game against a Kings team that will keep it close enough for Aldridge to rack up all the stats.

3. Josh Smith vs. Memphis- Josh Smith can fill up the stat sheet better than everyone and will look to bounce back from a poor performance.

4. Carmelo Anthony vs. Chicago- Melo at times can be the best player in the NBA, and it would hardly be surprising to see him show up with a monster performance in a big game like this

5. DeMarcus Cousins vs. Portland- Cousins is a double-double beast and as long as he stays out of foul trouble those numbers should be there.  Even against a tough Portland team.

6. David Lee vs. Utah- David Lee should have a good time running around the slower big men in Utah.  Lee’s agility could create a big advantage.

Tier 2- Good Start

7. Rudy Gay @ ATL- Rudy has been hot and cold, but is coming off a game that is hot so we will keep the momentum rolling.  Should be interesting to see if Josh Smith matches up on him.

8. Gerald Wallace @ Sac- Wallace played his old team Charlotte last night, and now he faces another old team in Sac town.  Expect Wallace to go off again with no Nicolas Batum in the lineup.

9. Paul Millsap @ GS- Millsap’s production definitely takes a hit when Al Jefferson is active.  Golden State however has nobody that can really guard Paul.

10. Amar’e Stoudemire vs. Chiacgo- Amar’e has been horrible this year no doubt.  But it is still Amar’e who can dominate any game at any point.  I would roll with the stud.

11. Carlos Boozer @ NY- Booz Crooz is playing more consistently now than he has at any point with the Bulls.  Even in bad games he will put up near double-doubles.  He should be a vital part of the Bulls game plan tonight.

12. Danilo Gallinari @ LAC- Danilo has been inconsistent, but you have to expect 17+ from the future Dirk Nowitzki.  Hopefully he gets his confidence up and starts to play like a tier 1 player.

Tier 3- Risky Start

13. Dorrell Wright vs. Utah- Wright could be the difference maker in fantasy leagues tonight.  But he could also be on your bench.

14. Jason Thompson vs. Portland- J.Thompson is a near double-double machine.  He should find a way to get close.

15. Luol Deng @ NY- It’s his first game back, but he will be out there to prove to everyone his non-shooting wrist will not be an issue going forward.

16. Trevor Ariza @ San Antonio- Ariza is incosnsitent and cannot be trusted.  However he gets enough minutes every night for the chance to perform.

17. Al Harrington @ LAC- Al will try to get 15+ Points off the bench, anything more than that is a bonus.

18. Richard Jefferson vs. New Orleans- R-Jeff should get his opportunity with no Tim Duncan tonight.  However Ariza will be guarding him so that may make it tough.



Tier 1- Must Start

1. Al Jefferson @ GS- Big Al should absolutely dominate against a team that has no center at all.

2. Marc Gasol @ ATL- The stronger Gasol should have a nice game against a team that starts Zaza Pachulia.

Tier 2- Good Start

3. DeAndre Jordan vs. Den- DeAndre could be a force in this one as he is easiliest the biggest man on the court at all times.

4. Nene Hilario @ LAC- Nene has been solid all year but faces a tough challenge against LA’s bigs.

Tier 3- Risky Start

5. Tyson Chandler vs. Chicago- T.Chand has been very consistent this season, but this seems to be a tough matchup and the shot attempts are never guaranteed with this guy.

6. Joakim Noah @ NY- Joakim broke his fantasy owners hearts putting up a poor game against a weak 76ers front court after putting 5 straight double-doubles.  This is not a good matchup either.

7. Dejuan Blair vs. New Orleans- With no Tim Duncan, Blair will get a rare game to show off what he can do in 30+ Minutes.  New Orleans will miss a lot of shots so there should be a lot of rebounds.

8. Macrus Camby @ Sacremento- The Camby man will get his blocks and rebounds, the only question is will the minutes.

9. Emeka Okafor @ San Antonio- Emeka has been very consistent this season, and gets to face a team where he is the biggest guy on the court at all times.  Should be interesting to see if he dominate a Tim Duncan less Spurs team.  Probably will not.

10. Zaza Pachulia vs. Memphis- Zaza is on this list because there just are not many options tonight.  I would not trust him.


Friday (2/3/12)


Tier 1- Must Start

1. Kobe Bryant @ Denver- Kobe usually puts up big games against Denver, and he will be needed tonight to avoid what happened to the Clippers last night.

2. Deron Williams vs. Minnesota- D.Will should put up a big game as this is more than winnable against a mediocre T-Wolves team.

3. Brandon Jennings @ Detroit- Jennings is red hot and every single night the Bucs need him to put up big points in order for them to win.

4. Russell Westbrook vs. Memphis- Westbrook is a lot bigger and stronger than Conley, though Conley is coming off a nice defensive game where he held Jeff Teague to 6 Points.

5. Dwayne Wade @ Philadelphia- D.Wade has a tough matchup defensively most likely facing Jrue Holiday.  Either way Wade will get his numbers as long as the game remains close.

6. John Wall @ Toronto- Wall is usually clutch as far as fantasy goes in games that the Wizards should compete in.  The Wizards should compete in this one.

Tier 2- Good Start

7. Rajon Rondo vs. NY- Rondo’s first game back is in the same scenario he had his opening day.  He is questionable, but if he plays he should put up all around good numbers.

8. Kyle Lowry vs. Phoenix- Lowry is starting to gain confidence back in his stroke.  The Rockets need him to be on his A game for them to be successful. 

9. Kyrie Irving @ Orlando- Kyrie should dominate a Jameer Nelson-less Magic backcourt.

10. Steve Nash @ Houston- Nash is reportedly playing at 70%, he is still fully capable of putting up monster performances.

11. Kevin Martin vs. Phoenix- Kevin Martin has been scoring 20+ with his eyes closed.  He usually adds steals and 3PTM.

12. Andre Iguodala @ Miami- Iggy is playing some inspired ball, and will look to continue his statement he is making after beating the Bulls in their last game.

13. Ricky Rubio @ NJ- MR. Almost 3×2 should find a way to get some good numbers against a New Jersey team that is not solid defensively.

14. Darren Collison @ Dallas- Collison is coming his best game in some time, George Hill is out, and Dallas is not a great defensive team.  Collison should continue to build his success.

Tier 3- Risky Start

15. Mike Conley @ OKC- Conley is always good for the assists, and steals.  A tough matchup with Russell Westbrook does not bode well for him.

16. Ty Lawson vs. LAL- Lawson should dominate whatever Laker guard decides to guard him.  He is too quick.

17. Jrue Holiday vs. Miami- Jrue has been inconsistent this season, but he will always get his minutes.  One of these days he’s going to breakout and every fantasy owner will want him in a trade.

18. Andre Miller vs. LAL- Miller gets around 30 minutes when he comes off the bench which is enough time for him to put up a solid fantasy game.

19. James Harden vs. Memphis- J.Hard will compete with O.J. Mayo tonight for 6th man of the year.  Two of the leagues finest.

20. Jordan Crawford @ Houston- Crawford comes off the bench and plays 30+ Minutes pretty consistently, and he shoots the 14+ times pretty consistently.  I would roll the dice on him.

21. Jared Dudley @ Houston- Dudley is 3/3 with good starts since being promoted back into the starting lineup.  His success should continue tonight.

22. Nick Young @ Houston- Nick Young will give you 15+ Points, Steals, and 3PTM.

23. O.J. Mayo @ OKC- The big matchup against James Harden awaits.

24. Tony Allen @ OKC- Allen is playing great offensively, if he can keep it up with his great defensive stats.  You are looking  at a great sleeper for your roster.

25. DeMar DeRozan vs. Washington- DeRozan has been inconsistent all season, but this is a good matchup where he can make some noise.

26. Jose Calderon vs. Washington- Calderon is on his way down, but he can still get some assists.

27. Louis Williams vs. Miami- Louuuu will either get you 15+ Points or you wish he was on your bench.

28. Jerryd Bayless vs. Washington- J. Bay Bay should be higher in these rankings by the end of the month.

29. Iman Shumpert @ Boston- Needs to have a big game to save his role as the PG for this offense.

30. Brandon Knight vs. MIL- As long as Knight plays decent he is always a threat for 35+ Minutes.


Tier 1- Must Start

1. Lebron James @ Philadelphia- Hard to not put Lebron #1 despite Andre Iguodala guarding him.

2. Kevin Love @ NJ- K.Love should get plenty of fantasy basketball love in New Jersey.

3. Kevin Durant vs. Memphis- Durant will be needed for a big  game against a good Memphis team.

4. Carmelo Anthony @ Boston- Melo will continue to shoot and should dominate Paul Pierce all game.

5. Amare Stoudemire @ Boston- Amare coming off a  huge performance now has to face KG on the road.  Not an easy matchup.

6. Paul Pierce vs. New York- Pierce will have the ball in his hands a lot less with Rondo returning.

7. Danny Granger @ Dallas- Granger has always been a bit inconsistent but he is an elite talent.

8. Rudy Gay @ OKC- Gay is already playing in his 3rd game this week and now faces a tough Kevin Durant.  He may be tired

Tier 2- Good Start

9. Chris Bosh @ Philadelphia- Bosh has fallen to a double-double candidate with Wade’s return.  He can always go off but it will not be frequent.

10. Danilo Gallinari vs. LAL- Gallinari is coming off a huge game and will look to continue the momentum.

11. Drew Gooden @ Detroit- Gooden has been playing great, and should continue his success against a weak Detroit team.

12. Kris Humphries vs. Minnesota- Humphries has been solid and consistent especially since MarShon Brooks has been out.

13. Shawn Marion vs. Indiana- Marion is maybe the most important player to the Mavs right now he is not a bad start.

14. Ryan Anderson vs. Cleveland- He has been playing a lot better as of late, and as long as this game does turn into a blowout Anderson should put up some nice stats.

Tier 3- Risky Start

15. David West @ Dallas- West has been inconstant but should dominate against Dirk.

16. Michael Beasley @ NJ- Beasley has a quick leash if he is not hitting his shots.  He will shot often.

17. Antwan Jamison @ Orlando- Jamison needs to have a big game with Thompson out, but he has not been a great fantasy player recently.

18. Ed Davis vs. Washington- Davis should have a solid game with no Amir Johnson or Bargs to compete with for playing time.

19. Luis Scola vs. Phoenix- Scola has been the bust of the season, but this is a good matchup for him to show he still has it.

20. James Johnson vs. Washington- No Amir. No Bargs.  James Johnson will need to be very active tonight.  Only 1 block and 1 steal in his last two games total.

21. Dirk Nowtizki vs. Indiana- Dirk’s knee is a concern and I would much rather have another fantasy owner take the risk on him.

22. Tayshaun Prince @ Mil- Tayshaun has been pretty solid all season, and gets a nice matchup against a weak Bucs team.

23. Serge Ibaka vs. Memphis- He will block shots, and get rebounds.  Anything else is just a bonus.

24. Channing Frye @ Houston- I know it has only been one good game, but this could be the start of something for Chan Chan.

25. Thaddeus Young vs. Miami- Thaddues is outplaying Brand easily, but the bench is where is home is for now.

26. Hedo Turkolgu vs. Cleveland- Hedo is coming off a nice game but is very inconsistent and two in a row would be asking for a lot.

27. Elton Brand vs. Miami- Brand is starting to show his age, a breakout game would be very surprising.

28. Brandon Bass vs. NY- Hard to ask for anything more than 10-10.  Even that would be great.

29. Austin Daye @ Mil- Daye has potential for a huge night, but he can also sit on the bench.  He will a Tier 2 player by the time this month is over.


Tier 1- Must Start

1. Dwight Howard vs. Cleveland- D12 will have a big game every night.  Nobody can guard him.

2. Andrew Bynum @ Denver- Bynum is a beast and Denver has nobody that can contain him.

3. Greg Monroe @ Mil- Monroe should have his way against a very small Bucks team.

4. Javale McGee @ Toronto- With no Bargs or Amir Johnson, McGee should dominate Aaron Gray and Ed Davis.

5. Marc Gasol @ OKC- Kendrick Perkins is never an easy matchup.

6. Marcin Gortat @ Houston- Samuel Dalembert is never an easy matchup.

7. Roy Hibbert @ Dallas- Hibbert should dominant whatever center Dallas throws out there.  The question is will he get consistent touches.

8. Pau Gasol @ Denver- Pau will lose in the battle against Nene who is far more physical.

Tier 2- Good Start

9. Nene Hilario vs. Lakers- Nene will have to be busy for the Nuggets to get the win.

10. Tyson Chandler @ Boston- T.Chand will consistently get your near double-double numbers.

11. Samuel Dalembert vs. Phoenix- Dalem should be able to dominate this game, his minutes have not been consistent lately.

12. Anderson Varejao @ Orlando- D12 will eat Varejao alive.  10 Points- 10 Rebounds would be a great game.

13. Nikola Pekovic @ NJ- Darko may not play so the next Marcin Gortat should get a chance against a team that lacks a center.


Saturday (2/4/12)


Tier 1- Must Start

1. Kobe Bryant @ Utah- No Guards on Utah have a chance to slow down Kobe.

2. Derrick Rose @ Milwaukee- Rose looked great in his last game and should dominate the Bucks.

3. Deron Williams @ NY- Williams is playing like a 1st round pick so he should be treated like one.

4. Russell Westbrook @ San Antonio- San Antonio is  a tough defensive team, but Westbrook is a tough player to contain.

5. Stephen Curry @ Sacramento- Steph looked amazing last game, and that success should continue.

6. Brandon Jennings vs. Chicago- Jennings will take around 20 shots which will at least give you consistency.

7. Monta Ellis @ Sacramento- Monta scored 30+ Points in his last game and will look to continue his success.

8. Kyle Lowry @ Minnesota- Lowry is back to looking like Jason Kidd 2.0.  This game should be competitive.

9. Chris Paul @ Washington- CP3 could dominate in this one, but it could also be a blowout since Washington is a bad team.

Tier 2- Good Start

10. Tyreke Evans vs. Golden State- Tyreke losses some consistency with Marcus Thornton back.

11. Ricky Rubio vs. Houston- Ricky had a big night last night and is almost there with the elites.

12. John Wall vs. LAC- This could be a blowout which usually results in bad games for Wall.  He could also get a 3×2 which leaves him ranked this high.

13. Kevin Martin @ Dallas- This guy is scoring at will, expect 20+ tonight easily.

14. Steve Nash @ Charlotte- As good of a matchup this is, you have to be worried about his age and declining team around him.

15. Tony Parker vs. OKC- Tony P has a tough challenge of Westbrook, I would avoid it.

16. Joe Johnson @ Philadelphia- Hawks are 9-1 when J.J scores 20+ Points in a game.

17. Andre Iguodala @ ATL- Mr. Almost 3×2 should be at it again tonight.

18. Kemba Walker @ Phoenix- Should be a busy guy now that he is by far their best offensive player with Henderson getting hurt.

19. Kyrie Irving vs. Dallas- This is a tougher matchup than it seems.

Tier 3- Risky Start

20. Ty Lawson @ Portland- Lawson is playing strong, but this is not a good matchup.

21. Brandon Knight vs. New Orleans- Knightman fighter of the Dayman.  Champion of the inconsistency.

22. James Harden @ San Antonio- Harden has a tough matchup but the minutes will be there.

23. Andre Miller @ Portland- 30+ Minutes but who knows what he puts up against Portland in Portland.

24. Paul George vs. Orlando- Broke out last night, it would be a surprise to see him do it again.

25. Marcus Thornton vs. Golden State- Could easily score 20+ Points tonight.

26. Anthony Morrow @ NY- 3PT Mirage will try to keep it going after scoring 40+ Last night.

27. Jrue Holiday @ ATL- Jrue has to face Teague which is never an easy matchup.

28. Jared Dudley vs. Charlotte- Dudley is 3/3 as a starter.  This matchup should be easy enough for 4/4.

29. Darren Collison vs. Orlando- Collison still has no George Hill to compete with and should dominate Duhon.

30. Raymond Felton vs. Denver- Felton will look to get near double-digit assists, anything else is just a bonus.

31. Jarrett Jack @ Detroit- Jack may not play, if he doesn’t Vasquez would be a nice start.

32. Nick Young vs. LAC- Young should get near 20+ Points, with steals and 3PTM.


Tier 1- Must Start

1. Kevin Durant @ San Antonio- K.Dirty had a huge game last night and should continue his success against a tough San Antonio team.

2. LaMarcus Aldridge vs. Denver- Aldrdige is as consistent as they come and against Denver he will be needed.

3. Kevin Love vs. Houston- Love should have a great performance, Nikola does worry me about his rebounding potential.

4. Carmelo Anthony vs. New Jersey- Melo should destroy New Jersey anytime he wants to.

5. Blake Griffin @ Washington- Blake will sky out of the gym tonight, but playing the 4th quarter may not happen.

6. Amar’e Stoudemire vs. New Jersey- Stoudemire is on fire and is a great fantasy option.

7. Josh Smith vs. Philadelphia- Smith has been inconsistent, but he can be a fantasy MVP when he is on his game.

Tier 2- Good Start

8. Danny Granger vs. Orlando- Granger usually bounces back with big games after low scoring ones.

9. David Lee vs. Sacramento- David Lee is the big man of his team, he will be needed.

10. DeMarcus Cousins vs. GS- Cousins has to stay out of foul trouble, otherwise he could dominate tonight.

11. Paul Millsap vs. Lakers- Millsap should out physical Gasol all night.

12. Carlos Boozer vs. Milwaukee- Booz has been very consistent as of late, and I like his chance to continue that.

13. Kris Humphries @ NY- Humphries is playing great and should get his double-double with no Brook Lopez.

14. Ryan Anderson vs. Indiana- Anderson who is known for inconsistency has now put together some nice good games in a row.

15. Tim Duncan vs. OKC- Duncan gets to face Ibaka, the Big Fundamental has what it takes for a solid game.

16. Dirk Nowitzki @ Cleveland- In Dirk we trust?  Tonight will show us if that was for real.

Tier 3- Risky Start

17. Gerald Wallace vs. Denver- Nicolas Batum is back, I don’t like Wallace after last game.

18. Antwan Jamison vs. Dallas- Jamison had a double-double and will look to build.

19. Danilo Gallinari @ Portland- Danilo is questionable for tonight.  Otherwise tough matchup.

20. Caron Butler @ Washington- Caron against his old team usually disappears after the 1st quarter.

21. Luis Scola @ Minnesota- Scola had a good game last night, but this is not an easy matchup for him.

22. Dorrell Wright @ Sacramento- Dorrell will make it rain with 3PTM.  Or he will be on the bench.

23. Drew Gooden vs. Chicago- Gooden against his old team has some revenge built up in him.

24. Michael Beasley vs. Houston- He will shoot the ball a lot, it may not always go in.

25. Tayshaun Prince vs. New Orleans- Prince has been playing well and getting a lot of minutes.  Holding Austin Daye on the bench.

26. Shawn Marion @ Cleveland- Marion is not a great fantasy option if Dirk finds his stroke again.

27. David West vs. Orlando- West has been inconsistent but could take advantage of Ryan Anderson.

28. Serge Ibaka @ San Antonio- Ibaka against Duncan, hopefully 4 Blocks.

29. Hedo Turkolgu @ Indiana- Turk is playing well, I still would not trust him.

30. Thaddeus Young @ ATL- Young might as well start for Brand, either way inconsistent player.


Tier 1- Must Start

1. Dwight Howard @ Indiana- D12 will dominate any center.

2. Al Jefferson vs. LAL- Tough matchup but he usually shows up when the Jazz need him to.

3. Tyson Chandler vs. NJ- Chandler will dominate a team with no true center.

4. Marcin Gortat vs. Charlotte- Gortat faces Biyombo who is 19.

5. Andrew Bynum @ Utah- Bynum is a beast but has a tough matchup.

6. Greg Monroe vs. New Orleans- Monroe and his silky ways goes up against a smaller Okafor.

7. Pau Gasol @ Utah- Gasol has been a nice player lately, but this game may be too physical for him.

8. Anderson Varejao vs. Dallas- Varejao has been a star and will look to build off of a great performance against Dwight Howard.

Tier 2- Good Start

9. Joakim Noah @ Milwaukee- Noah should dominate against the Bucks, but he is not the most trustworthy player.

10. Roy Hibbert vs. Orlando- Tough matchup a double-double would be great.

11. Nene Hilario @ Portland- Tough matchup and he has been playing bad as of late.

12. Samuel Dalembert @ Minnesota- He should get his minutes tonight in what should be a close game.

13. Nikola Pekovic vs. Houston- This guy is a force and will challenge Dalembert tonight.

14. Marcus Camby vs. Detroit- Camby should get his blocks and rebounds tonight.

15. Javale McGee vs. LAC- Bad matchup as he faces a similar player.

16. DeAndre Jordan @ Washington- Bad matchup as he faces a similar player.

Tier 3- Risky Start

17. Emeka Okafor @ Detroit- He has been very shaky as of late.

18. Zaza Pachulia vs. Philadelphia- Best left for benches.


Sunday (2/5/12)-Monday(2/6/12)

Ask any Questions and check out the upcoming articles.

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  1. Muntra,

    Should I drop Wesley Matthews for Austin Daye? Wesley has had a rough couple of games lately.

    P.S. in my league its 2pts for blocks and steals.

  2. Yes make that move.

    Austin Daye fills up the stat sheet consistently when he gets the minutes, while Wesley Matthews struggles to do anything besides score around 15 Points a game. Matthews however should have a nice game tomorrow with the news that Nicolas Batum will be out.

    I like Austin Daye and his upside for the long term way more than Wesley Matthews.

  3. Hey Muntra,

    My team is as follows. Someone offered me their Lowry for my Stoudemire. Would this be a good trade? This is for a ten team H2H 10 cat league. Also, any other advice in terms of my strengths/weakness/ideal moves would be greatly appreciated!

    Jrue Holiday
    Monta Ellis
    Paul George
    Kemba Walker
    Stephen Jackson
    Andre Miller
    Carmelo Anthony
    Jared Dudley
    Kevin Durant
    Andrew Bynum
    Anderson Varejao
    Emeka Okafor
    Amare Stoudemire

  4. I would make the trade.

    Lowry and Amar’e have been both doing terrible lately. Amar’e however has a deeper problem as it seems he cannot co-exist as an elite fantasy option with Melo in NY. Kyle Lowry was Jason Kidd 2.0 last week, and now is shooting the ball like Jason Kidd of today. Lowry could make a bigger impact on your team as it appears you already have a lot of size, and besides Andre Miller you lack a great assist guard.

    Besides that your team looks great as the combo of, Durant/Melo/Bynum/Lowry/Ellis should be enough to get the job done with all your great role players pitching in.

  5. If there is a special player on the waiver wire like Austin Daye you can grab him. However Hawes should give you decent #2 center numbers, it will be interesting to see how he blends with the team since they have found their style of play with him absent. If you want to wait until Spencer plays this week I wouldn’t blame you.

  6. What do you think of this trade?

    I give L Deng up, and get Tyreke Evans in return. Is Tyreke Evans too inconsistent? Do you think Deng’s value will go down with his wrist injury?

  7. Hey Muntra,

    Should I drop Dejuan Blair and stash spencer hawes? I also think I’m ready to part with Richard Jefferson: Other notable free agents: Austin daye, Trevor booker, Jordan Crawford, Barbosa, Ed Davis

    Rajon Rondo
    DeMar DeRozan
    Paul Pierce
    Andre Iguodala
    James Johnson
    Kevin Love
    Dejuan Blair
    Marc Gasol
    Kris Humphries (couldn’t get tyreke for him after all)
    Marcus Camby
    Chauncey Billups
    D.J. Augustin
    Richard Jefferson

    Thanks, great site.

  8. DEAL.

    You are getting a 2nd/3rd round value player for a Luol Deng who has yet to prove he has any worth with this wrist injury. Even if Deng puts up the numbers we are accustom to, you are getting a much better deal with Tyreke Evans and his high scoring, and 3×2 potential.

  9. Thank you for the compliment Eliot.

    You should part with Dejuan Blair, he could have a big game tonight if Tim Duncan does not play. But that is the only reason to explain his good performance. Richard Jefferson is also counting down the days before he has zero fantasy value left as well.

    Austin Daye, Jordan Crawford, and Ed Davis. Are must own-players for the future. Jordan Crawford now.

    Leave Ed Davis on your waiver wire out of the three, but be ready to pick him up if D.J. Augustin gets some bad news updating his foot injury.

  10. Hey Muntradamus,

    After some FA pickups the complexion of my team has changed a bit and I’m getting killed in the last two weekly matchups (10 team H2H), because of inconsistent play (or non-play). I’m now only 2 games ahead in my division and losing my current matchup 9-4 to the guy in 2nd place. How would you go about upgrading my current roster (below)? I feel that I need a stud pg or another star, but don’t have the right pieces to trade for one without creating a deficiency elsewhere in the lineup. Kemba Walker could be traded for, but I’d prefer a better prospect, though people in my league are trade resistant. The guy holding Kyle Lowry is willing to talk if there is a decent center involved. I thought about moving Okafor or Dalembert after the next big game they have. Chris Kaman and Austin Daye (whom I dropped for matchup purposes) are floating in free agency as well as Ed Davis, Amir Johnson, Greivis Vasquez etc. Thanks as always.

    PG – Jrue Holiday
    SG – Joe Johnson
    SF – Carmelo Anthony
    PF – Kevin Love
    C – Samuel Dalembert
    U – Jeff Teague
    U – Demar DeRozen
    U – Marcus Thornton
    U – Josh Smith
    U – Nikola Pekivic
    B – Jerryd Bayless
    B – Jordan Crawford
    B – MarShon Brooks
    B – Luol Deng
    B – Emeka Okafor

  11. I’ve also considered offering Dalembert, Thornton, and Teague for Kemba Walker and LeMarcus Alrdridge. Thoughts?

  12. Your team is solid for the most part.

    Your Weak Spots.

    Jrue Holiday- He should break out at some point.
    Samuel Dalembert- Is losing value quickly, he needs a couple 30+ Minute performances to really get his trade value up.
    DeMar DeRozan- Inconsistent.
    Jeff Teague- Inconsistent.

    Since your league is trade resistant, but you could possibly get Lowry. It would not hurt to offer Pekovic and Teague for Lowry. The owner may fall in love with Pekovic who could be a two week stand or the real deal. Either way you are getting an elite/Safe Guard in return. Lowry should be over his struggles after reportedly saying his confidence is back.

    Or you can just wait and see if your team breaks to a higher level since the talent is there.

  13. That would be a great trade for you if you can land one stud and an elite, for two role players and an inconsistent stud.

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