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For those teams that are still fighting for your Fantasy Basketball Championship, you can use these daily rankings as a guide for your Daily Leagues.

Let me know if you have any questions on the bottom.

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Saturday (4/21/12)



  • Grant Hill OUT.
  • Deron Williams done for season.
  • Skipped Nuggets @ Suns to get everything as up to date as possible

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Tier 1- Elite

1. Dwayne Wade vs. Was

Tier 2- Good Start

2. Klay Thompson @ Hou

3. Jordan Crawford @ Mia

4. Goran Dragic vs. GS

5. Brandon Jennings vs. NJ

6. John Wall @ Mia

7. Monta Ellis vs. NJ

Tier 3- Risky Start

8. Jameer Nelson @ Uta

9. Devin Harris vs. Orl

10. Gordon Hayward vs. Orl

11. Mike Conley vs. Por

12. George Hill vs. Phi

13. Courtney Lee vs. GS

14. Jrue Holiday @ Ind

15. Paul George vs. Phi

16. Jason Richardson @ Uta

17. Vince Carter @ Chi

18. J.J. Redick @ Uta

19. Louis Williams @ Ind

20. C.J. Watson vs. Dal

21. Jamal Crawford @ Mem

22. MarShon Brooks @ Mil

23. Nolan Smith @ Mem

24. Evan Turner @ Ind

25. Jason Terry @ Chi

26. O.J. Mayo vs. Por

27. Jason Kidd @ Chi

28. Mario Chalmers vs. Was

29. Sundiata Gaines @ Mil

30. Mike Dunleavy vs. NJ



Tier 1- Elite

1. Lebron James @ Was

2. Dirk Nowitzki @ Chi

Tier 2- Good Start

3. Kris Humphries @ Mil

4. Rudy Gay vs. Por

5. Danny Granger vs. Phi

6. Paul Millsap vs. Orl

7. Andre Iguodala @ Ind

8. Chris Bosh @ Was

9. Gerald Wallace @ Mil

10. JJ Hickson @ Mem

Tier 3- Risky Start

11. Ryan Anderson @ Uta

12. Dorrel Wright @ Hou

13. David West vs. Phi

14. Carlos Boozer vs. Dal

15. Luol Deng vs. Dal

16. Luis Scola vs. GS

17. Zach Randolph vs. Por

18. *Ersan Ilysova vs. NJ

19. Thaddeus Young @ Ind

20. Elton Brand @ Ind

21. *Luc Richard Mbah a Moute vs. NJ

22. Luke Babbitt @ Mem

23. Brandon Rush @ Hou

24. Chandler Parsons vs. GS

25. Shawn Marion @ Chi

26. Brandan Wright @ Chi



Tier 1- Elite

1. Al Jefferson vs. Orl

2. Glen Davis @ Uta

Tier 2- Good Start

3. Marc Gasol vs. Por

4. Drew Gooden vs. NJ

5. Joakim Noah vs. Dal

6. Roy Hbbert vs. Phi

7. *Marcus Camby vs. GS

8. Kevin Seraphin @ Mia

Tier 3- Risky Start


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