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For those teams that are still fighting for your Fantasy Basketball Championship, you can use these daily rankings as a guide for your Daily Leagues.

Let me know if you have any questions on the bottom.

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Monday (4/16/12)

(I will be off and on the Live Chat to answer your lineup questions for the championship)


  • Deron Williams Out. Throat.
  • Glen Davis Out Monday.  Could be back soon.
  • Nicolas Batum Out Monday.
  • Gerald Wallace Out.
  • Ridnour Out.
  • Nene & Booker Out.
  • Raymond Felton Out.

SLEEPER OF THE DAY: Jason Richardson



Tier 1- Elite

1. Derrick Rose vs. Was

2. Chris Paul vs. OKC

3. Russell Westbrook @ LAC

4. Dwayne Wade @ NJ

Tier 2- Good Start

5. J.J. Barea @ Ind

6. Goran Dragic vs. Den


8. Jordan Crawford @ Chi

9. John Wall @ Chi

10. Steve Nash vs. Por

11. Klay Thompson vs. SA

Tier 3- Risky Start

12. Jameer Nelson vs. Phi

13. Greivis Vasquez @ Cha

14. Jason Richardson vs. Phi

15. Eric Gordon @ Cha

16. Ty Lawson @ Hou

17. Jeff Teague @ Tor

18. Devin Harris vs. Dal

19. Tony Parker @ GS

20. Gordon Hayward vs. Dal

21. James Harden @ LAC

22. George Hill vs. Min

23. Manu Ginobili @ GS

24. Wesley Matthews @ Phx

25. DeMar DeRozan vs. Atl

26. J.J. Redick vs. Phi

27. Jrue Holiday @ Orl

28. Kyle Lowry vs. Den

29. Randy Foye @ OKC

30. Paul George vs. Min

31. Kemba Walker vs. NO

32. Gerald Henderson vs. NO

33. Jason Terry @ Uta

34. Louis Williams @ Orl

35. MarShon Brooks vs. Mia

36. Anthony Morrow vs. Mia

37. Aaron Afflalo @ Hou

38. Nate Robinson vs. SA

39. Jason Kidd @ Uta

40. Shannon Brown vs. Por

41. D.J. Augustin vs. NO

42. Mario Chalmers @ NJ

43. Andre Miller @ Hou

44. Evan Turner @ Orl


Tier 1- Elite

1. Lebron James @ NJ

2. Kevin Durant @ LAC

3. Josh Smith @ Tor

4. Blake Griffin vs. OKC

Tier 2- Good Start

5. Kris Humprhies vs. Mia

6. Danny Granger vs. Min

7. Dirk Nowitzki @ Uta

8. Paul Millsap vs. Dal

9. J.J. Hickson @ Phx

10. Chris Bosh @ NJ

11. Tim Duncan @ GS

12. Carlos Boozer vs. Was

13. Serge Ibaka @ LAC

14. Joe Johnson @ Tor

Tier 3- Risky Start

15. Andre Iguodala @ Orl

16. Michael Beasley @ Ind

17. Kenneth Faried @ Hou

18. Thaddeus Young @ Orl

19. Bradon Rush vs. SA

20. Danilo Gallinari @ Hou

21. Shawn Marion @ Uta

22. Dorrell Wright vs. SA

23. Elton Brand @ Orl

24. Luol Deng vs. Was

25. Derrick Brown vs. NO

26. Gerald Green vs. Mia

27. Chandler Parsons vs. Den

28. David West vs. Min

29. Al Harrington @ Hou

30. Amir Johnson vs. Atl

31. Derrick Williams @ Ind

32. Ryan Anderson vs. Phi

33. Jason Smith @ Cha



Tier 1- Elite

1. Al Jefferson vs. Dal

2. Marcin Gortat vs. Por

Tier 2- Good Start

3. Chris Kaman @ Cha

4. Nikola Pekovic @ Ind

5. Joakim Noah vs. Was

6. Roy Hibbert vs. Min

7. Channing Frye vs. Por

Tier 3- Risky Start

8. Bismack Biyombo vs. NO

9. Kevin Seraphin @ Chi

10. DeAndre Jordan vs. OKC

11. Anthony Randolph @ Ind

12. Daniel Orton vs. Phi

13. Javale McGee @ Hou

14. *Marcus Camby vs. Den

15. Samuel Dalembert vs. Den

16. Spencer Hawes @ Orl

17. Ed Davis vs. Atl


  1. Hello Muntradamus and the Beastdome community,
    As my championship finals are closing to an end, I am looking for the best possible lineup progressing forward on a daily basis. Without a doubt, I do not mind the risk of dropping players for one day, then waiver wiring them as long as I can garner that victory. As some of you may know, I had to drop LeMarcus Aldridge, Dwight Howard, and Kevin Love all this last week due to detrimental season ending injuries that will bring down my team. If they were healthy, I honestly would not be as time crunched to achieve those last minute raw fantasy points for my team :( . Anyway, continuing on with my team, here is whom and what is currently going on in my lineup and displays my competition as well. This is a H2H raw scoring fantasy team league in which every nice statistic (reb, stl, free-throw percentage, field goal percentage, pts, etc.) accounts for points while turnovers and miss shots decrease this score. My current team is as follows (with my best lineup which changes daily):
    PG DeRon Williams
    SG Dwyane Wade
    SF LeBron James
    PF Dirk Nowitzki
    C Nikola Pekovic
    G Ty Lawson
    F Carmelo Anthony
    UTIL Antawn Jamison, Danny Granger, and Greg Monroe
    Bench: Jordan Crawford, Anthony Randolph, and Klay Thompson

    UPDATES will occur with this link:

    As seen throw the above link, I am down currently by a hefty 42 points, but with the right moves for tomorrow (when he has only Tony Parker playing), I could potentially bypass his score.
    Free Agents for tomorrow, the 17th, may be viewed in the Players tab above within link. Some in consideration at the moment are: Ramon Sessions (if Kobe doesn’t come back), Brandon Knight, Brandon Bass, Rodney Stuckley, Jose Juan Barea (that is if Luke Rinour doesn’t return), Michael Beasley, Iman Shumpert, Derrick Williams, Alonzo Gee, Ben Gordon, Kawhi Leonard, Metta World Peace or Matt Barnes (if Kobe is not in the game), Tiago Splitter, Anthony Parker, and Donald Sloan. I am considering replacing Klay Thompson (maybe), Jordan Crawford (he’s bugging me at the moment), improve Anthony Randolph and Nikola Pekovic as well. The other team Corpus Christi Pelicans has too many elite players to even consider dropping one for one of my dropped players, thus, I do not believe he will care whom I drop unless it was Dwade or some other elite talent.Thanks everyone for the help!
    Scream aka Garrett

  2. I dont see Kobe coming back for a few days. I like Sessions the most from all those players. If you can fit him in, you should do it.

  3. If it’s for one day I would go with dropping Klay Thompson for Rodney Stuckey/Ramon Sessions.
    Crawford is definitely more valuable to hold on to Klay for now and as you said, if your opponent will not even consider picking up your players, you should be fine.

    Brandon has score 20+ in 2 of his last 3 games but that’s because Rodney’s been limited. Stuckey had 35 minutes last game and went for 32 points while Brandon Knight only had 13 points.

    I would drop Klay for Stuckey if you want to gamble for a big game though he should be solid for tomorrow. Go with Sessions if you want the safer option as Kobe isn’t expected back anytime soon.

  4. Garrett,




    The Warriors season is over, and with David Lee officially done. It is Klay Thompson’s offense to close out the season. The inconsistency was there earlier, but he will be golden to close out the year, 20 Points every game.

    I would drop Anthony Randolph. He blew his opportunity tonight going 1/7 from the field, which means Beasley and D-Will will take over from there.

    Randolph and Pekovic are two players you can drop. Since they both play tomorrow, you probably want to keep Pekovic. I would drop Randolph for J.J. Barea. Luke Ridnour is still not with the team, and Barea should be able to do enough damage around his 10 Assists.

    IF the Big 3 continue to sit for Boston, I would add Brandon Bass who has 20-10 potential when that happens.

    After this game for Pek, you can drop him for the next best option.

    If you want to drop Jordan Crawford, you can. I would not recommend it, but he only has two more games left this week. You could use that spot to get a daily sleeper who will really help you go to the next level. Either Bass or Sessions for tomorrow since Kobe is already doubtful. As Harry stated, Sessions is a safe play.

    Then from there you drop Sessions and Pek and get two new players.

    Good Luck and keep the BEAST DOME NATION updated.


  5. Thanks everyone for the generous feedback. UPDATE: I just dropped Jordan Crawford for Ramon Sessions, and dropped Anthony Randolph for J.J. Barea, otherwise known as my Mavericks homeboy in spirit. Do you think DeRon Williams will also be shut down for the season with his Calf injury? He is already not playing on Wednesday? Should I consider dropping for someone tonight?

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