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For those teams that are still fighting for your Fantasy Basketball Championship, you can use these daily rankings as a guide for your Daily Leagues.

Let me know if you have any questions on the bottom.

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Wednesday (4/11/12)


  • Andrea Bargnani is OUT.
  • Eric Gordon is GT Decision. Practiced Tuesday, Coach still unsure if he’s ready.
  • LaMarcus Aldridge could be shut down soon. Nicolas Batum is GT-Decision.
  • Kobe Bryant is OUT.
  • Derrick Rose is practicing, should be ready for Thursday.
  • Dwight Howard expected to be ready Friday.

SLEEPER OF THE DAY: Greivis Vasquez



Tier 1- Elite

1. Rajon Rondo vs. Atl

2. Chris Paul @ OKC

3. Russell Westbrook vs. LAC

Tier 2- Good Start

4. Lester Hudson vs. Ind

5. Steve Nash @ Mem

6. Greivis Vasquez vs. Sac

7. Jose Calderon @ Phi

8. Monta Ellis vs. NY

9. Shannon Brown @ Mem

10. Ramon Sessions @ SA

11. Tony Parker vs. LAL

12. Brandon Jennings vs. NY

Tier 3- Risky Start

13. Goran Dragic vs. Uta

14. Marcus Thornton @ NO

15. *Eric Gordon vs. Sac

16. Raymond Felton vs. GS

17. J.J. Barea @ Den

18. DeMar DeRozan @ Phi

19. Jeff Teague @ Bos

20. Mike Conley vs. Phx

21. Isaiah Thomas @ NO

22. Randy Foye @ OKC

23. Manu Ginobili vs. LAL

24. Devin Harris @ Hou

25. Kyle Lowry vs. Uta

26. Paul George @ Cle

27. Wesley Matthews vs. GS

28. James Harden vs. LAC

29. Ty Lawson vs. Min

30. Jamal Crawford vs. GS

31. George Hill @ Cle

32. Klay Thompson @ Por

33. Gordon Hayward @ Hou

34. J.R. Smith @ Mil

35. Aaron Afflalo vs. Min

36. O.J. Mayo vs. Phx

37. Andre Miller vs. Min

38. Iman Shumpert @ Mil

39. Donald Sloan vs. Ind

40. Louis Williams vs. Tor

41. Jrue Holiday vs. Tor

42. Ray Allen vs. Atl

43. Courtney Lee vs. Uta

44. Charles Jeninks @ Por

45. Mike Dunleavy vs. NY

46. Jared Dudley @ Mem

47. Evan Turner vs. Tor



Tier 1- Elite

1. Kevin Love @ Den

2. Kevin Durant vs. LAC

3. Josh Smith @ Bos

4. Carmelo Anthony @ Mil

5. Blake Griffin @ OKC

6. Paul Pierce vs. Atl

7. David Lee @ Por

8. Antawn Jamison vs. Ind

9. Joe Johnson @ Bos

Tier 2- Good Start

10. Danny Granger @ Cle

11. Rudy Gay vs. Phx

12. Ersan Ilysova vs. NY

13. Zach Randolph vs. Phx

14. Serge Ibaka vs. LAC

15. Danilo Gallinari vs. Min

16. Tim Duncan vs. LAL

17. Paul Millsap @ Hou

Tier 3- Risky Start

18. JJ Hickson vs. GS

19. Tyreke Evans @ NO

20. Kenneth Faried vs. Min

21. *Nicolas Batum vs. GS

22. Luis Scola vs. Uta

23. Andre Iguodala vs. Tor

24. Amir Johnson @ Phi

25. Elton Brand vs. Tor

26. Thaddeus Young vs. Tor

27. Al Harrington vs. Min

28. Stephen Jackson vs. LAL

29. Carl Landry vs. Sac

30. Michael Beasley @ Den

31. Alonzo Gee vs. Ind

32. Chandler Parsons vs. Uta

33. Brandon Bass vs. Atl

34. Jason Smith vs. Sac

35. Brandon Rush @ Por

36. Dorrell Wright @ Por

37. Caron Butler @ OKC

38. David West @ Cle



Tier 1- Elite

1. Andrew Bynum @ SA

2. DeMarcus Cousins @ NO

3. Al Jefferson @ Hou

4. Pau Gasol @ SA

5. Kevin Garnett vs. Atl

6. Marcin Gortat @ Mem

7. Marc Gasol vs. Phx

Tier 2- Good Start

8. Tyson Chandler @ Mil

9. Chris Kaman vs. Sac

10. Marcus Camby vs. Uta

11. Roy Hibbert @ Cle

12. Nikola Pekovic @ Den

13. Drew Gooden vs. NY

Tier 3- Risky Start

14. DeAndre Jordan @ OKC

15. Spencer Hawes vs. Tor

16. Channing Frye @ Mem

17. Zaza Pachulia @ Bos

18. Javale McGee vs. Min

19. Dejuan Blair vs. LAL

20. Tristan Thompson vs. Ind


  1. Hello Muntradamus and the Beastdome community,
    At the current moment, I am in a state of quandary… My team is strong when healthy and confident, but seeing Kevin Love going down today with a concussion and hospitalization does not excite me (hope he is alright, keeping him in prayers). Furthermore, LeMarcus Aldridge might be shut down for the season; Greg Monroe declining due to inaccuracy problems; Ty Lawson being outplayed by Andre Miller at times; Dwight is being aggravating; DeRon Williams not playing at full potential… sorry for my rant. Digressing, if you guys have the time, of course, could you check out my team and current situation progressing forward in this finals matchup? I’m down by 100 points in a H2H league against a person whom got extremely lucky from waiver wire. (I am The Divine Legends facing the Corpus Christi Pelicans)
    Thanks, if y’all could suggest any free agents I could pick up from the players menu that would be incredible (depending if I should drop doubtful players). I appreciate everyone’s word of advice and thanking everyone in advance.
    Scream aka Garrett

  2. Wow don’t really know who to drop that’s really a tough call. But you should try to squeeze points out of Granger and Barea

  3. I personally like Derrick Williams more. D-Will go into the PF spot, while Randolph mostly plays center. If Nikola is weak again tomorrow, then look for Randolph to have a big game.

    D-Will is the much safer selection.

  4. Garrett your team needs a makeover. Quick, and I am here to help.

    Ramon Sessions is Waiver Wire material in this league as he is not being a consistent option.

    I would drop him for Granger who will be an immediate upgrade.

    I would also drop Greg Monroe who is far too inconsistent as of late, I would add Goran Dragic who is still playing 40+ Minutes and being an elite fantasy option. Once you notice that Kyle Lowry is getting more minutes than Dragic, then add Lowry.

    Then once you hear LaMarcus Aldridge is out for the season, you can pick up the red hot Jamal Crawford. He is starting to tear it up.

    D-12 should be back to man handle your center position, and knowing K-Love he will be back after this Thursday game.



    If you need a one game Sub, go for Derrick Williams Thursday night and drop Ramon Sessions since you cannot pick up Granger until Friday.

    If you like what Williams brings you, and Greg Monroe disappoints while K-Love will be out multiple games. Then Drop Monroe and add Granger. Keep Williams.

    Then once you hear about Aldridge, you can make the move for Crawford, or Dragic. If Dragic is still playing 35+ Minutes, then he is the guy to add.

    Keep me updated, WIN THIS CHAMPIONSHIP!


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