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For those teams that are still fighting for your Fantasy Basketball Championship, you can use these daily rankings as a guide for your Daily Leagues.

Let me know if you have any questions on the bottom.


Tuesday (4/10/12)


  • Marcus Thornton is PROBABLE.
  • Eric Gordon is a GT decision.
  • Kobe Bryant will miss a 3rd straight game.
  • Derrick Rose is GT-Decision.  *5:23pm
  • Gerald Wallace is OUT.
  • D-Wade will play.
  • Darren Collison is OUT for a while.  As well as Luke Ridnour.
  • Nene and Booker are OUT.
  • LaMarcus Aldridge could be SHUT DOWN with a Hip Injury. Stay tuned.
  • Jason Kidd will play tonight.




Tier 1- Elite

1. Deron Williams vs. Phi

2. Dwayne Wade vs. Bos

3. Rajon Rondo @ Mia

*Derrick Rose vs. NY

Tier 2- Good Start

4. John Wall vs. Orl

5. Jordan Crawford vs. Orl

6. Kemba Walker @ Cle

Tier 3- Risky Start

7. J.R. Smith @ Chi

8. Marcus Thornton @ Dal

9. Jameer Nelson @ Was

10. Jason Terry vs. Sac

11. Jason Richardson @ Was

12. J.J. Redick @ Was

13. Lester Hudson vs. Cha

14. Tyreke Evans @ Dal

15. Donald Sloan vs. Cha

16. Isaiah Thomas @ Dal

17. Ray Allen @ Mia

18. Louis Williams @ NJ

19. C.J. Watson vs. NY

20. Iman Shumpert @ Chi

21. Anthony Morrow vs. Phi

22. Jrue Holiday @ NJ

23. Gerald Henderson @ Cle

24. Rip Hamilton vs. NY

25. Mario Chalmers vs. Bos

26. Evan Turner @ NJ

27. Baron Davis @ Chi

28. Jason Kidd vs. Sac

29. MarShon Brooks vs. Phi



Tier 1- Elite

1. Lebron James vs. Bos

2. Carmelo Anthony @ Chi

3. Antawn Jamison vs. Cha

4. Paul Pierce @ Mia

5. Dirk Nowitzki vs. Sac

Tier 2- Good Start

6. Kris Humphries vs. Phi

7. Luol Deng vs. NY

8. Ryan Anderson @ Was

9. Chris Bosh vs. Bos

Tier 3- Risky Start

10. Carlos Boozer vs. NY

11. Andre Iguodala @ NJ

12. Elton Brand @ NJ

13. Brandon Bass @ Mia

14. Thaddeus Young @ NJ

15. Alonzo Gee vs. Cha

16. Shawn Marion vs. Sac

17. Jason Thompson @ Dal

18. Gerald Green vs. Phi

19. Corey Maggette @ Cle



Tier 1- Elite

1. Kevin Garnett @ Mia

2. DeMarcus Cousins @ Dal

Tier 2- Good Start

3. Glen Davis @ Was

4. Joakim Noah vs. NY

5. Tyson Chandler @ Chi

6. Kevin Seraphin vs. Orl

Tier 3- Risky Start

7. Byron Mullens @ Cle

8. Tristan Thompson vs. Cha

9. Spencer Hawes @ NJ

10. Shelden Williams vs. Phi

11. Bismack Biyombo @ Cle


  1. Also do you think anthony parker is a good start for wednesday or could i find somone better?

  2. Wassup again Munt, I’m currently winning in my H2H championship matchup. It’s close though and I’m only ahead by like 60 pt (about Drose’s perfmonance on Sunday)
    Both of us have full lineups tmrw so I’m not going to add or drop tonight. I do have a few questions though.

    How do you feel about Drose’s ankle injury?
    Should I pick up Nicolas Batum?
    Charles Jenkins or Nate Robinson?

  3. Wipergreaser, I like the name, and..

    I would go with Iman Shumpert.

    Courtney Lee is a bit risky now that Kyle Lowry is healthy. The Rockets appear to want both Lowry and Dragic on the court at the same time, and that leave Lee fighting for minutes with Chandler Parsons.

    I would stay away from Anthony Parker as Lester Hudson, Antawn Jamsion, and Alonzo Gee are the guys who are taking all the shots on the team. With Shumpert you know you are going to get 30+ Minutes which should result in double digit points, while everything else is a bonus.

  4. Harry Welcome back,

    Good to hear you are winning your championship and I will do all I can to help.

    D-Rose. I believer there is a strong chance he plays in the Bulls next game, he went from doubtful to game-time decision which is always a good sign.

    I would stay away from Nicolas Batum. The Blazers season appears to be over, and Batum has a serious knee injury. The Blazers are too deep of a fantasy team to trust, and Batum was struggling too often to be considered a safe start.

    If I had to pick Charles Jenkins or Nate Robinson, I think you are really limiting your chances of winning. I would rather have a PG like D.J. Augustin. If I had to choose one it would be Charles Jenkins because he starts, but I would not be surprised if Nate Robinson outplayed him every game. The safer choice is still Jenkins who gets the first shot of being fantasy worthy.

    Out of those three Courtney Lee would be the first one I would drop. The Rockets appear to like Dragic and Lowry on the court at the same time leaving Lee fighting for Minutes with Parsons. Seraphin is too valuable while Booker and Nene are out, and Mullens was too strong last week to just completely throw away now. Though he is one game away from being at that status.

    Keep me updated, and..

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  5. Well I was thinking the same thing about Lee fighting for minutes, and thought that Jenkins/Robinson would be better. I’ll leave Batum alone and hold on to Lee for now to see how this is going to work out. Thanks!

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