Fantasy Basketball Beast Or Bust: Wasted On The Booz Crooz (Week 5)

Fantasy Basketball Beast Or Bust:

Wasted On The Booz Crooz (Week 5) 

By Muntradamus



Fantasy Basketball Nation. There will be much more Fantasy Basketball content once Football season is over, the Chat will also be live then.  For now here is what is important to remember about Fantasy Basketball to start the season.

– Remain patient.
– Pickup any stars that were dropped on the Waiver Wire.

If Ricky Rubio is a FA in your league, he is a Must-Own Tier 2 PG who should start on a majority of Fantasy teams. 

Don’t forget to help each other out BEAST DOME NATION: FANTASY BASKETBALL Beast Trek Vol. II.

To see a Recap on every Fantasy relevant player heading into this week.  Check out the Haiku. We All Need Somebody To Love.





Last season David West was very similar to this years version of Carlos Boozer. Some nights he would get strong double-doubles, others he would be terrible.

The difference between last season and this season is one player.  Danny Granger.  With Granger out, David West put it on himself to be the go-to-guy in the Pacers offense.  When all else fails, Indiana throws it to the former All-Star who is completely past his terrible ACL surgery from a couple years back. Ride him with confidence.



For all the Fantasy Owners that panicked when Batum went through his two week cold streak.  You just traded the MVP of Fantasy Basketball.

3PTM. Steals. Blocks. Rebounds. Assists. Points.  All of those stat categories is what Batum can give you a lot of on any given night.  Batum can make it rain with the best of them, and right now he is starting to look better after battling his flu.  Wesley Matthews will take a more secondary role as Batum gets right back in the spotlight.  The Blazers need him to be their man.



Nothing flashy about this guy’s game.  He does not even look like a good player when you watch him on TV, but he gets rebounds.  The Rockets are fine going with Patrick “Box Out” Patterson and watching Omer collect 10+ Rebounds a game like it’s just another night.  He this years Anderson Varejao. Anderson is in another category and could be the best Center in Fantasy Basketball right now.



Dion Waiters is exactly what you want in your Fantasy Guard.

He has the ball in his hands at all times. He knocks down 3’s. He’s aggressive with the ball. Waiters is here to serve you and as long as Kyrie Irving is out. He will be a BEAST.  When Irving returns, a big digression is expected, for now ride out these hot stats or trade  him for Jameer Nelson.






Want a player that will play games with your heart.

Meet Carlos Boozer.  This guy has been putting up 20/10 games mixed with 5/5 games more than any PF.  All-in-All, you got yourself a guy who thinks he can score whenever he wants.  Then won’t play any defense at all.

The Bulls are a much better team when Taj Gibson is in there making a defensive threat, and the Bulls know this.  Boozer could be traded this season, but right how he will be as inconsistent as they come.



This off-season the Suns went on a journey to look for a go-to scorer.  They ended up with Michael Beasley, a player who at times showed he could score 40 Points in back-to-back games when he was hot.

One month into the season, the Suns are abandoning the project.  Coach Gentry toys with his lineup too frequently making Beasley an inconsistent option until he comes out with a 30 Point game.  Until then, just hope to see moderate improvement.  For now ride him on your bench if you have the space.



While it is very easy to get excited about MKG and his versatile block/steals.  They are not worth the price of his very low-scoring output.

This had to be the time for MKG to shine with Gerald Henderson out.  He has scored only 15 Points once this season, and that was when Henderson was back.  With MKG not even rebounding consistently and the occasional 2 Block/2 Steal game.  He is just not worth the price and it is not going to get much prettier.



If there is a player that would let off-court issues ruin his game.  Pau is by far that player.

He is playing terrible right now in a D’Antoni offense that makes you run. run. and RUN.  Rumors are the off-season 4 hour practices Pau went through to learn the Mike Brown, “Princeton Offense” took a huge toll on his knees.

Flash forward today, and he can barely handle more than 30 Minutes a game on back-to-back nights at this pace.  It will get better when Nash returns, but right now is a very dark cloudy time for Pau owners.  Antawn is the player who is best fitted for this offense as I mentioned from Day 1.



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  1. Hey Muntradamus, firstly I’m headed to the playoffs (possible first round bye in one league) in both my leagues. Thank you for the expertise. I couldn’t have done it without the dome. I’ll let you know how it all shakes out. My fantasy basketball draft didn’t pan out the way I’d have liked. Can you have a look at my roster and tell me what you think? Thanks for everything.

    PG – Ty Lawson
    SG – OJ Mayo
    SF – Nicolas Batum
    PF – Kevin Love
    C – Serge Ibaka
    G – Jameer Nelson
    F – Thadeus Young
    U – Roy Hibbert
    U – Klay Thompson
    U – Carl Landry
    B – Ramon Sessions
    B – Nikola Pekovic
    B – Kevin Seraphin
    B – Ricky Rubio

    Waiver: Aminu, Gee, Billups, R. Lopez

  2. Your team looks pretty solid for a 10 team league. Once your stars get on a roll, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

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