Fantasy Basketball Beast or Bust: Waiver Wire Flavors Of The (Week 13)

Fantasy Basketball Beast or Bust:

Waiver Wire Flavors (Week 13)


By Muntradamus



Once again, BEAST DOME beat the other websites to the post as the popular Waiver Wire adds for the upcoming Week 13 were the players mentioned in the Waiver Wire Week 12 (Tyler Zeller, Amir Johnson, Earl Clark & More).




If you are not familiar with what BEAST or BUST is by now, it is the Waiver Wire section.  Below I will go over players that are trending in leagues, and I will offer my analysis to tell you if they have BEAST or BUST in their future.  Daily Rankings coming out in the early afternoon, and the articles become un-private after first tip.

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The Jazz have the next Kevin Garnett in his prime from a statistical perspective if Favors can get enough PT.  While Utah wants to throw Favors on the court, it is hard to find consistent excuses to bench Paul Millsap or Al Jefferson.  The only way Al goes to the bench is Foul Trouble.

Both Jefferson and Millsap are Free Agent’s next season, which means one of them at the least is going to be with a different team next season.  Utah may want to beat them to the punch and trade Millsap to a contender.  Every championship team needs a Paul Millsap, and Utah wants to free Favors.

Verdict: BEAST. If you want a player with 1st round value towards the stretch run of the season, and Favors is on the Wire.  No reason to let another take him and beat you in the playoffs.





With Louis Williams out for the season, Devin Harris becomes an instant Stud.  He has great assist/steal potential, and will occasional breakout with his scoring.  While the threat of Zaza Pachulia starting could mean Deshawn Stevenson and Anthony Morrow come in to replace Harris, there should be enough opportunities for Devin to be a great guard to own.

Verdict: more BEAST than BUST.  There will be some rough patches, but the path looks good for Harris to have a nice season.




The T-Wolves are so thin at the SG position with Alexey Shved banged up, that Luke and his less than athletic PG body is now going up against WEAPONS at the SG position.  When Ricky Rubio comes into the game, Ridnour slides over the two spot.  The T-Wolves need his scoring badly this season with Kevin Love out.  However his leash is thin as the Wolves may turn to J.J. Barea if he gets red hot.

Verdict: more BEAST than BUST.  He will give you a good scoring numbers which resembles an average SG, but then when you throw in those assists.  He will be a valuable tool for any team to have.  Once Rubio get’s healthier, Ridnour can take a huge decline.


The Nuggets love Corey Brewer.  If you need Steals you probably will too.

The downfall with Brewer is the fact that Andre Iguodala and Danilo Gallinari are key starters who demand minutes.  Andre Miller, Javale McGee, and Wilson Chandler are key reserves who need PT.  There are going to be nights you wish Brewer was not in your lineup, but he will give you more steals than your average guard.  Not a Must-Grab off the Waiver Wire.

Verdict: more BUST than BEAST. He will give you steals and random offensive performances that make you feel smarter than the average owner.




Whenever David Lee misses a game.  Carl Landry has 14 Points/8 Rebounds with upside written all over it.  When David Lee is healthy, Landry is closer to a low-end double double player than your average star.  David Lee is expected to be just fine, but Landry may be good this week until David Lee is closer to 100%.  Long-Term, Landry has a terrible situation coming when Andrew Bogut returns.

Verdict: more BUST than BEAST.  When Golden State gets Bogut back, the Decline of consistency begins.


Bledsoe got a lot of PT this week with Chris Paul down.  What we learned, is what we thought.  Bledsoe has semi-Russell Westbrook potential bottled up on the bench.  As good as he was, there is no room for Bledsoe to get consistent minutes.  Especially when Chauncey Billups returns.  You can enjoy random good games in blowout situations, but nothing worth making room on your roster for when there are better options.

Verdict: more BUST than BEAST.  With Billups healthy, Bledsoe becomes very inconsistent.


While you may not be able to pronounce his name, Aminu does offer upside in the intangible categories that you cannot get from many forwards.

While the upside in intangibles are nice, the chance of this lasting longer than a few weeks is not likely.  Anthony Davis first of all needs to be playing more minutes as he will put up HUGE numbers than sit an entire quarter.  Ryan Anderson is more of a SF than a PF in reality.  But Aminu and Robin Lopez are two players that are taking up too much PT.  Robin Lopez is too important to bench for his defense, and Eric Gordon is only getting healthier.  Soon the Hornets will see Aminu can be flexible with his minutes from night-to-night.

Verdict: more BUST than BEAST.  There will be good nights, but there will be nights he disappears.


Derrick Williams is getting his best shot to prove to the world how good of a player he is.  He has had these chances before, but now he is ready for it.  Williams has been known to be inconsistent with his production, some nights he will score 23.  The next night he ends up with 7.  Now that he is more experienced and gaining momentum.  Pekovic is injured, Cunningham is sick.  The Derrick Williams show is coming to a Fantasy Theater near you.

Verdict: BEAST.  Look for D-Will to start putting up Monster Fantasy numbers.


Vinsanity is back.  He is a player that comes off the bench, and throws up 13+ shots with a mixture of vintage Vince Carter that made you buy his Nike Shox.  While it is exciting to have Vinsanity on your fantasy roster in 2013, you are getting a player who will throw up more duds than studs.  Think of Vince Carter like Mike Dunleavy, but Dunleavy will knock down more 3’s.  Still, no reason to build depth if you can and Vince Carter is an injury away from being a solid starter in all leagues.

Verdict: more BEAST than BUST.  Short-term this move will not look great, but the long-term results could be crucial later in the year.


No matter if Steph Curry is playing or not, Jarrett Jack holds enough value where he should be owned in all 10 Team Leagues.

IF he is not, then you should add a PG who has shown that he can play at a PG #1 value when Curry/Thompson/ or Barnes misses any game.  Even when all three are healthy, Jarrett Jack is a nice PG for assists.

Verdict: more BEAST than BUST.  Not a Must-Start Player, but a Must-Own in 10 Team Leagues and above.


Kyle Singler offers some nice upside in the intangible categories.  But as far as Fantasy value goes, think Andre Iguodala on a bad night.  That would be considered a nice night for Singler.  He will be consistent with low-end numbers, if you need some extra steals but also want a guy who can give you rebounds and 3PTM.  If Brandon Knight misses time,  Singler is your nice sleeper to go instantly in your lineup.  He also made this video in college.

Verdict: more BUST than BEAST.  There are much better options than Singler.  Kyle does not score over 15 very often, he does not get more than 5 in Reb/Assist category very often.  But when injuries occur, Singler gets a small boost.

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  1. Hello, I’m looking for advice on my fantasy basketball team and I’m guessing that leaving a comment here could work.This is my roster: PG: Nash, Jack and Vasquez. SG: Batum, Turner and Paul George. SF: Andrei Kirilenko, Rudy Gay, and Melo. PF: Glen Davis C: J.J. Hickson, Demarcus Cousins, and Nikola Vucevic. I’m in a 10 team league my record is 7-2-3 and third in the standings. Pretty good chance I make the playoffs since 6 teams make it and the 6th seed right now is 3 games behind me. It’s an 8 category league. I was just wondering if I could get some advice on what to do with my team. I don’t think I’m good enough to win the championship but I seem pretty close. I recently got some advice saying I should try to try some of my average players for stars. For example trade Glen Davis and Vucevic for a star. Bynum and Granger are still free agents in my league but don’t think anyone on my team is worth dropping. I consistently lose in FG% and Blocks and FT% and points is always close when I go against a good team. Overall I love my team but if i could trade Davis, Vucevic and/or AK47 for a stud then pick up Bynum and/or Granger I think I could win my league. If anyone else has anything they think I should do to improve my team it will be greatly appreciated. Either using waivers or trades. Thank you!

  2. I think you’re on the right track. See if you cam target a team who has lost players to injury and may have to trade a star to gain more quality depth. For example, I lost Love and Varejao recently. Now I’m toast in rebounds. Kobe used to be off limits, but now I’m willing to deal him for the right price. Not sure what kind of star you’d get for the 3 you have to offer though. But if you feel you won’t win if you stay put, then you have nothing to lose. You should try to do a 2 for 1 to give you room to stash Bynum and/or Granger. If Bynum can return to health, he should be able to give you an edge in FG & Blocks.

  3. Hello everybody

    I’m trying/contemplating some moves to get me back in the playoffs/championship hunt. Here’s my team and some free agents, see any worth adding, or who do I drop to get additional players? Been throwing out trades, but getting no bites, so either I’m not offering enough or the right players or the whole league just ain’t into trading, I don’t know. But got to make some moves now, to get things rolling, so I’m listening. I was thinking of dropping Love for Bynum but that’s like trading one situation for the same thing. Any thoughts on that?

    Team 1: 12 team roto points 9 cat.
    Pg: Lowry, Collison, Dragic
    Sg: Fpye, Jack, Reddick
    F: West, Vucevic, Millsap, Love
    C: Tyson Chandler, McGee, Tristan Thompson


    Bynum, Wilson Chandler, Waiters, Jordan Crawford, Dunleavy, Andre Miller, Stuckey, Derrick Williams, Belinnelli, Ed Davis, Henderson, Drummond, just a few I’m interested in. I had Davis, want pick him back up, but who to let go of?

    I’ll post my other team in another post



  4. Brendan seems like you have the same issues I have, who to target and who to trade or drop to pick up. Have you gotten any responses to you trade offers, if you made any? Why not try George and Davis and target a player you want and one you really don’t care a lot for. Who r u interested in? What’s the condition of the team with LA, Harden, DWill, Paul, Noah, who I think can be a beast, IMO. What team is in the middle of the pack and more likely to make a trade? Target that team too because just like you, they’re trying or wanting to make a move too.

  5. I personally hate holding on to hurt players so I wouldn’t hesitate to drop KLove. Ed Davis looks like your best option while that frontcourt is hurting. What stats do you need the most?

  6. 8-cat, 12-team roto league:

    I’m already dominating the league, but I still don’t want to let go of the gas pedal.. Any ideas of what players I should swap to move some AST for STL? I’ve been trying to move Anderson for someone like Conley, but I can’t seem to package a good a trade.

    I landed a blockbuster trade early in the year (DWill, Monroe, Thad Young, Hayward for Durant, Holiday [he was hurt at the time]) and now most managers are hesitant to trade me.. I might have to rip myself off a little.

  7. Move some of your hot players like Aminu/Amir Johnson. If you package those two in a trade, you can end up with an ELITE guard, someone in the ball park of Ty Lawson.

    You will learn more candidates in the next “Buy” Trade Market article. coming soon…

    Nice landing Durant and Holiday, two fantasy BEASTS.

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