Fantasy Basketball Beast Or Bust: Don’t Be A Grinch (Week 9)

Fantasy Basketball Beast Or Bust:

Don’t Be A Grinch (Week 9)


By Muntradamus



Happy Holidays!

Fantasy Football only has one week left.  One more week until this site is dedicated to Fantasy Basketball everyday for the rest of 2012-2013 season.  BEAST DOME will also be bringing back the CHAT where I will be on and other BEAST DOME members to talk Fantasy Basketball at all odd hours of the night.


I was going to do a Waiver Wire article, but you can check out the past Daily Rankings to see if any of the players I suggested in Good Plays are still sitting on your Wire.  If they are, and you starting a Risky Play.  Then make the move.






Everything was put in front of Raymond to have a BREAKOUT season.  A high-tempo offense, with a pick & Roll master, and no other Guards to take any time away.  Well that may all change sooner than later.  After injuring his hand, Jason Kidd has really emerged himself as a 30+ Minute/game guard who still can put up low-end Triple Double numbers.  J.R. Smith is having a HUGE season off the bench, and he will need to play his 30+ Minutes.

Okay so then what’s the problem, because Raymond is still putting up numbers?

The problem is, Iman Shumpert.  While you may have a laugh or smile after reading that sentence.  He is still a candidate to get at least 20+ Minutes a game.  Throw that in with Jason Kidd showing he can take over the PG spot at any time the Knicks need him to.  We are looking at the last days of Raymond and his 20 Points/7 Assist games.  Once Amare returns, those 15 FG attempts Raymond has been putting up.  Should dwindle back down to 10. Leaving him as a player where 15 Points/8 Assists would be consisderd an ELITE game.

You know who you can get in a trade who offers the same value every night with more upside?  Jameer Nelson.

VERDICT: BUST. While Raymond is definitely a starting caliber PG in Fantasy Basketball Leagues, and will continue to be all season.  He will not be the BEAST you hope you drafted.




No way in the world Thaddues is a BUST.  The guy has superstar written all over him for the past 2 seasons.  He may be the most talented PF in the league but there could be a potential problem once Andrew Bynum returns.  When that happens, the paint will be clogged, and Thaddeus will also be seeing less touches.  The entire 76ers offense will be seeing less touches, but Thaddues is a player who really stands to lose a lot of consistency through that.  While the 20 Point/7 Rebound games have been coming nearly every night, the 15 Point/6 Rebound games seems more realistic, with the occasional breakout.

VERDICT: BEAST. But, If you hold onto Thaddues for the long-haul, instead of trading him now for Paul Millsap.  You are heading into dangerous territory.



The Magic have no choice.  With Glen Davis out, Nikola is the only thing the Magic can lean on as far as big men goes.  While Gustavo Ayon will always be a threat to take some of Vucevic’s rebounds, Nikola is the present and future.  He is surrounded by good guards who can set him up often in the corner for a jump shot, and the Magic have no problem relying on him to get 15+ Points every game.

If there was ever a time to Buy Nikola now for a couple of weeks, and then sell once Big Baby comes back.  Now would be that time.  As far as long-term success goes, Nikola has a one month window to be a BEAST.  But since one month won’t do anything come Fantasy Basketball time.

VERDICT: Long-Term BUST. He is not worth holding onto.  Treat him like a stock, once Big Baby returns, reality returns with more 10/10 games than anything else.  Not these 15/15.  Now is the time to get DeMarcus Cousins or possibly Greg Monroe.



As a Lakers fan (Born and Raised in LA) I love Jodie.  He is perfect for the D’Antoni offense, and he can RAIN when he is hot.  The problem is, Jodie may be less important as the games go by.  With Steve Nash healthy, with Pau Gasol healthy, with Metta World Peace playing well off the bench, while Kobe jacks up 40+ shots, and D12 who needs more touches.  It is not looking good for Jodie to stay as a MAJOR part of the rotation.

The reason he got so many minutes against the Warriors was Foul Trouble to Dwight, now that Nash has proved his conditioning is more than ELITE.  Jodie is an excellent candidate to sell now.




Cousins is a special talent.  There are not many big men today who can get 40 Points/20 Rebounds in one game.  Especially now that Dwight is with the Lakers.  While Cousins is nothing short of ruining your life with his inconsistent play.  You still must KEEP the BEAST.

Cousins can go through a stretch of being the #1 player in Fantasy Basketball for as long as he wants, maybe his latest discipline will help him keep his head straight.  I see that being the case, and you would be crazy to give up for anything short of a 1st round pick.




Marion had the green light all season to be the MVP of the Mavericks with no Dirk Nowitzki.  Now that Dirk is back to being engraved in our hearts, Marion is going to go back to being a very inconsistent forward who will give you a good performance ever so often.  With Vince Carter demanding more minutes, with Brandan Wright demanding more minutes, and with O.J. Mayo firmly planted at the SG spot.  This is going to cause some problems for Marion and his PT. 

VERDICT: BUST. Marion will have to get off to quick starts if he wants to see 30+ Minutes a game.  That will not be the case as often as it was.



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  1. What do you think about trading O.J. Mayo to get Jeremy Lin? Could see Mayo doing less damage now that Nowitzki is back, and Lin seems to be finding his groove a bit with the Bearded One.

  2. i would keep eric gordon for sure

    gordon is an elite level talent whereas i find kawhi just a good option

  3. gordon is elite whereas i would consider kawhi just a good option. make sure you hold on to gordon for a while and see how he does

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