Fantasy Basketball Beast or Bust: Andray The Giant & The Waiver Wire (Week 12)

Fantasy Basketball Beast or Bust:

Andray The Giant & The Waiver Wire (Week 12)


By Muntradamus



If you are not familiar with what BEAST or BUST is by now, it is the Waiver Wire section.  Below I will go over players that are trending in leagues, and I will offer my analysis to tell you if they have BEAST or BUST in their future.  Daily Rankings coming out in the early afternoon.

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“Andray The Giant” is looking great this season.  His fantasy value becomes a Must-Start player when Brook Lopez is OUT, and a good option when Gerald Wallace is out.  When both Lopez and Wallace are healthy.  As well as the Humphries/Reggie Evans combination.  Andray will have to do as much as he can in 20 Minutes to be a Fantasy Factor.

While some nights he will perform in that time-span, most nights he will not.  He is a great bench stash in-case there is an injury, as you do not want anyone to pick him up.

VERDICT: BUST. With BEAST potential.  If Lopez is out, he is a Top 10 Center.  When everyone is healthy, he is dicey #4 Forward.




While I have always been an Antawn Jamison fan.  His long-term success may continue in this D’Antoni offense.  When Pau Gasol returns, we can expect a rotation of Earl Clark and Antawn Jamison being the first players off the bench for Metta World Peace/Pau Gasol/and Dwight Howard.  With the way this Lakers offense is about to lite it up, Jamison and Clark can both put up respectable numbers.  When Pau returns..

Earl Clark should see 20-30 Minutes any given night  with Jordan Hill being out for the season.  Easily a candidate who can end up with double-double potential and then some every single night off the bench once Gasol returns.  He will also be playing some SF/C.

Antawn Jamsion will be camping at the 3PT line all season, and a 3PT shooter on this Lakers team is needed in a D’Antoni offense.  Tawn should be able knock down a few threes a game.  Making him a great sleeper forward to own.  20+ Minutes a game is in his future as well when Gasol returns.

VERDICT. BEAST. Both players will offer you some variables you cannot get from other players at the forward position.  Neither are Must-Start, but they are both Must-Own in 12 Team Leagues.



If there was one player in the NBA whose jump-shot may be the most underrated.  Ben Gordon takes the cake by a long shot.  This guy use to drop 30+ Points consistently when he was the man with the Bulls.  Since the outbreak and lack of defense, and wanting a lot of money.  Ben found his way to a 6th man role with the Pistons.

Rodney Stuckey and Brandon Knight were inconsistent more often than not, which would invite the games where Ben Gordon would make it rain.  Including a few 40+ Point performances off the bench.

Now he finds himself on a Charlotte Bobcat team that is starving for consistent offense.  Ben Gordon is that weapon, and although he competes with Kemba Walker/Ramon Sessions/Gerald Henderson/Michael Kidd-Gilchrist/Jeff Taylor for PT.  He is simply too good to not leave in the game like he is a starter.  Expect Ben Gordon to continue to make it rain as a player who can consistently approach 20 Points per game.





Anderson Varejao is out, which means the skinny version of Pau Gasol is now going to have to play big minutes all season.  Tyler may be too weak to compare to most centers, but he does do enough in his 25-30+ Minutes of action per game.  The Cavs are going to roll with their future this season, and Tyler is a big part of that.

If you want low-end double/double potential every night with good block/steal/assist numbers.  Zeller is your man.  He is definitely worth starting as a low-end C#2.

VERDICT. BEAST. Not a game changer, but he does make injuries to your starters less of a burden.



Amir is turning it up and playing like a Top 3 Fantasy Center.  Should we be surprised?  Yes, just because it took him so many attempts to finally get it.  The Raptors do have Bargs coming back, as well as the infamous Jonas Brother.  They also recently committed to playing Ed Davis more minutes, simply because he is now a BEAST getting 20/10 games like it’s nothing.

Despite all the concern, Amir is not only good enough to own right now.  He is MUST-START until he cools off from this pace.  While I would not go out of my way to trade for him.  I would own him and play him religiously.

VERDICT. BEAST. With Long-Term Bust potential.



While Landry does offer nice rebounding numbers from the guard position.  He is simply not a necessary player for the Raptors.

Alan Anderson coming off the bench is a much better shooter.  Terrence Ross can blow up for 20+ Points on any given night.  That leaves Fields with not as much playing time as his owners want.  There is no way he takes enough time away from DeRozan who is a 30+ Minute player every single night, and the face of their franchise.

VERDICT: BUST. Fields will give you some good nights, but not enough to make him a must-start player on your fantasy roster all season.


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  1. I’m still rostering K. Love. Should I drop him for Davis or Zeller? I am pretty certain to squeak into the playoffs, so I would hate to have to face Love should someone else pick him up.

  2. If you want to run with Ed Davis for a week or two while other teams contemplate picking up Love you can do that.

    But if you have a chance to make the playoffs without K.Love and you can stash him. I would definitely stash him.

    More on Love this week.

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