Fantasy Basketball Beast Feast: DUI For Booz Croozin (Week 12)

Fantasy Basketball Beast Feast:

DUI For Booz Croozin (Week 12)

 By Muntradamus



This article is here to recap some of the hottest players around the NBA, who are eating like BEASTS, but are really not.

While your player may be hot Today, they can go in an ice cold funk the next 4 games.  Basketball is a game where it’s hard to be productive every night, unless you are a superstar in the Kobe Bryant/LeBron James category.  As well as offering my analysis, I will tell you if the player will continue to FEAST or FAMINE in a long-term perspective.






Last 6 Games: 93 Points. 59 Rebounds. 9 Steals. 10 Blocks.

Amir who was just in the Sell-High article to start this week is now very close to the point of no return.  Amir was one of the top Fantasy Centers a week ago, and now he is coming off the bench.  Amazing how much can change in a few days, and his rotation situation will not get much better when Bargnani returns.  If you still own Amir Johnson, you are holding onto a sinking ship.

Verdict: FAMINE.



Last 4 Games: 62 Points. 19 Assists.

Isiah was making his name well know among fantasy circles after his 34 Point performance over the weekend.  While you noticed I did not make of the situation, and it did not even include his name in the Waiver Wire section.  This is not a good long-term situation.  Last season Isiah Thomas thrived when Marcus Thornton or Tyreke Evans were out.  This season the same situation occurred.  With DeMarcus Cousins playing like a new BEAST this season, and the now better looking Tyreke Evans near 100%.  Isiah is seeing his last days of being a fantasy starter.

Verdict: FAMINE.



Last 7 Games: 86 Points. 24 Assists.

Sessions has been playing a lot of minutes all season, but with Kemba Walker struggling and the Bobcats seeing blowout after blowout, Sessions is getting G#3 quality numbers.  While these double-digit points and assists games should continue, the Bobcats know they will not win a lot of games with Sessions being the lead man.  Just ask the 2011-2012 Lakers.  Sessions is a flashy player who will get you solid backup numbers, but to depend on him as a fantasy starter all season is not a good idea.

 Verdict: FAMINE.



Last 9 Games: 155 Points. 48 Rebounds. 87 Assists. 

Greivis was a Fantasy star when Eric Gordon was out.  Similar to Jarrett Jack last season with the Hornets.  Similar is an understatement, as Vasquez has taken the PG position to the Rajon Rondo stage.  He is rebounds, he is getting assists, he is scoring baskets.  Will this success continue all season, most likely yes.  Will it stay at the level it is at now, most likely no.  Either way you look at it, he will be a Fantasy starter on your squad the R.O.S.

Verdict: FEAST.



Last 8 Games: 182 Points. 86 Rebounds.  

Carlos Boozer.  The man will play with your heart like an 8th grade crush.  One moment hot, the next moment ice cold.  Over the past two weeks, Boozer has been on a terror and literally tore the Raptors apart with 36 Points/12 Rebounds in an OT win.  IN Toronto.  The man does get cold, but this season with no Derrick Rose as of now, he will continue to dominate.  Except with intangibles.  If Rose definitely comes back, I would say FAMINE.  If Rose stays out, we have BEAST Potential.  For now.

Verdict: FEAST.



Last 4 Games: 80 Points. 13 3PTM. 6 Steals.

Beal continues to make it rain.  He will score 20+ consistently, and he will make you wish he was on your fantasy team.  While this is all nice now, his long-term value is going to go down with the return of Jordan Crawford.  Between Crawford and Beal, we are looking at a timeshare that will want to be avoided on most nights.

Verdict: FAMINE.



Last 3 Games: 61 Points. 16 3PTM. 11 Assists. 6 Steals.

Every now and then you will get spurts of 15 Point/6 Assist potential from Super Mario.  He always comes with steals, but more often than not he fails to come up big for more than two weeks in a row.  While he definitely deserves being added as depth, he is not a player to rely on consistently.  This Heat Offense supports 3 stars (LeBron, Wade, Bosh) and then the occasional role player.

Verdict: FAMINE.

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  1. Love & Varejao owners:

    I’m in a league that will have playoffs. Has anyone dropped either of these guys yet? Are you holding? I was gonna stash both, but now with Curry out, I think I need to drop one.

  2. I’m in a ten team league and I dropped Love once he re injured himself. Theres a chance that he plays the last 15 games or so, but that might not be enough to keep him on your bench until then. Also Curry’s back now so if your team has a good chance of making the playoffs you could still stash him

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