Fantasy Basketball Beast or Bust: The Waiver Wire Is Looking Green (Week 15)

Fantasy Basketball Beast or Bust:

The Waiver Wire Is Looking Green (Week 15)


By Muntradamus



If you have been following my Waiver Wire articles all season long, you have probably been 10 steps ahead of the game in your league.  Players like Earl Clark, Antawn Jamison, Vince Carter, and anyone else you can think of has already been mentioned in the Waiver Wire article.



2nd Half Predictions and Player- By – Player Analysis

Fantasy Basketball WAIVER WIRE




Jimmy continues to show that he can do the things the Bulls need to stay a dangerous team in the EAST.  Butler will get steals and rebounds when he’s playing at the Small Forward spot, but you have to imagine that when this team is healthy.  Butler will be the starting SG for the Bulls.  He’s the most athletic thing they have at the position, and the Bulls are more than desperate for the type of player he is.

Verdict: more BEAST than BUST.  There will be nights his scoring disappears, for the most part he should be a dangerous X-Factor on Fantasy Teams.




The Warriors now have a legitimate chance to win the Championship with the news that Andrew Bogut is healthy.  The team is self-less, and the team has talent all-around.  Andrew Bogut is not going to be the consistent 20/10 player he once was with the Bucks.  But he does have a great chance to be a consistent 10/10 guy with plenty of blocks.  He is only going to get better as the season progresses, and the Warriors are ready for his success.

Verdict: BEAST.  You don’t just find double-doubles off the waiver wire that will last a whole season.  Grab him.




The Court is in session now that Jason Terry sounds like a very likely candidate to be traded.

With Courtney Lee you will get more steals and intangibles than Manu Ginobili.  Courtney Lee is not only Must-Own moving forward, but his value is really going to take off when the trades start to take place in Boston.  You never know what the Celtics lineup will look after the trades, but grabbing Lee now could be a huge difference.

Verdict: more BEAST than BUST. Chances are there will be a starting spot for Courtney Lee once the dust settles in Boston.  If that is the case, his potential is up there with 20+ Point games and intangibles.




Joakim Noah is dealing with a foot injury that knocks some Running Backs out of the NFL for the season.  Cedric Benson injured his foot in Week 7, he never returned from the injury.

Taj will have to step up and likely be the Center for the Bulls the R.O.S if not for another Month+.  With Carlos Boozer likely battling a bad hamstring the R.O.S as well, Taj is going to be asked to be the man down low as Nazr Mohammed is the last line of defense the Bulls have.

Verdict: BEAST. He will be starting a lot of games down the stretch.  If you need rebounds, Taj is your man.  19 on Saturday Night is just a sample of what he has been doing as a starter all season.




The Celtics are selling out.  Which means Jeff Green is one of the core Future players for the Celtics as we progress to the end of 2013.  When Paul Pierce gets traded, Jeff Green is going to take off and he won’t stop.  When he was with OKC Jeff Green had the potential of a #3 Forward.  With Kevin Durant playing in front of him.

Now on a Celtics team that could be without Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, Green is looking at constant 20/10 games.

Verdict: BEAST. He will be the man for Boston when all the dust clears from these trade talks.




The Cleveland Cavaliers are far from a playoff team with Tyler Zeller as the starting Center.  While Tyler will continue to start, Marreese will now be the anchor off the bench who can see 25+ Minutes every night.  When he’s hot, he can see 32+.  Speights has a great offensive skill set and he’s a BIG guy that takes up a lot of space down low.

Consistency has been a problem in his career, Cleveland should give him the opportunities to get those good nights more often than not.

Verdict: more BEAST than BUST.  To call him a full BEAST would be to expect this production nightly, which won’t happen. He is better than Zeller.


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  1. Looking at this situation now it is close to even. I like Granger, but Green can be Fantasy Dynamite. Go with the upside pick in Green.

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