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These rankings include everything from Turnover, to FT%.  Only listed are the positive stats.  Everything is a bit rounded.


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(Mid-Season Report Part 1)
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  • ISAIAH THOMAS. has big game and is a  must-add.
  • JORDAN CRAWFORD. Red Hot going into ASB.
  • KEVIN GARNETT. Gained Center Eligibility.
  • JAMES HARDEN. 17 Points, 7 Assists.  Looks healthy.
  • GREG MONROE. Explodes for 32 Points, 14 Rebounds.
  • JAMES JOHNSON. Plays 40 Minutes, 3 Blocks, 1 Steal.
  • JARRETT JACK. Outplays Vasquez again.
  • ANTWAN JAMISON. Stays hot with 22-12 Game.
  • ROY HIBBERT. Comes back to life with 9-8 Game.
  • BISMACK BIYOMBO. MUST-ADD. 6 Blocks, 10 Rebounds.  Read the Waiver Wire article above.
  • DWIGHT HOWARD. 20-17.
  • BROOK LOPEZ. Returning plays 27 Minutes, scores 15 Points.
  • JEFF TEAGUE. 18 Points, 3 Steals, no Joe Johnson.
  • CARMELO ANTHONY. 16 Shot Attempts in 27 Minutes.  Leads team.
  • BRANDON JENNINGS. 20 Points, 20 Shot Attempts.
  • JOAKIM NOAH. 13-13-10 Assists. 3×2.
  • DEVIN HARRIS. 10 Points, 8 Assists. Starting to bounce back.
  • DERRICK WILLIAMS. 20 Minutes, 13 Points, 9 Rebounds.
  • NIKOLA VUCEVIC. 18 Points, 7 Rebounds.  Good bye Hawes?
  • STEPHEN CURRY.  Foot Injury..
  • CHANNING FRYE. 38 Minutes vs. Markieff Morris 9 Minutes.
  • KOBE BRYANT. 4/15 Shooting, 15 Points.
  • VINCE CARTER. 20 Points, 5 Rebounds.
  • JORDAN HAMILTON. 18 Points, 7 Rebounds.  Nuggets have too much depth.
  • CHRIS PAUL. 36 Points, 9 Assists. Finally a huge game.




PG: KYLE LOWRY (36 Minutes. 16 Points. 7.6 Assists. 5.5 Rebounds. 57 3PTM. 2 Steals. 0.4 Blocks)
SG: KOBE BRYANT (38 Minutes. 28.50 Points. 6 Rebounds. 5 Assists. 47 3PTM. 1.33 Steals. 0.4 Blocks)
SF: KEVIN DURANT (38 Minutes. 28 Points. 8 Rebounds. 56 3PTM. 1.5 Steals. 1.25 Blocks)
PF: KEVIN LOVE (40 Minutes. 25 Points. 14 Rebounds. 49 3PTM. 1 Steal. 0.5 Blocks)
C: MARC GASOL (38 Minutes. 15 Points. 10 Rebounds. 1 Steal. 2.09 Blocks)

PG: CHRIS PAUL (36 Minutes. 19 Points. 8.75 Assists. 3.75 Rebounds. 37 3PTM. 2.25 Steals)
SG: MONTA ELLIS (38 Minutes. 22.5 Points. 6 Assists. 3.5 Rebounds. 40 3PTM. 1.5 Steals)
SF: RUDY GAY (38 Minutes. 19 Points. 6.75 Rebounds. 28 3PTM. 1.6 Steals. 1 Block)
PF: SERGE IBAKA (27 Minutes. 8 Points. 7.5 Rebounds. 0.5 Steals. 3.25 Blocks)
C: MARCIN GORTAT (34 Minutes. 16 Points. 10.5 Rebounds. 0.75 Steals. 1.5 Blocks)

G: RUSSELL WESTBROOK (35 Minutes. 24 Points. 5 Rebounds. 5.5 Assists. 25 3PTM. 2 Steals. 0.4 Blocks)
F: PAU GASOL (37 Minutes. 17 Points. 11 Rebounds. 3 Assists. 0.5 Steals. 1.25 Blocks)
C: LAMARCUS ALDRIDGE (36 Minutes. 22 Points. 8.25 Rebounds. 1 Steal. 0.75 Blocks)



PG: DERON WILLIAMS (37 Minutes. 22.25 Points. 8 Assists. 3.5 Rebounds. 82 3PTM, 1 Steal. 0.5 Blocks)
SG: DWAYNE WADE (32 Minutes. 22.5 Points. 4.5 Assists. 5 Rebounds. 1 3PTM. 1.75 Steals. 1.5 Blocks)
SF: LEBRON JAMES (37 Minutes. 28 Points. 8 Rebounds. 7 Assists. 26 3PTM. 1.75 Steals. 0.7 Blocks)
PF: JOSH SMITH (35 Minutes. 16 Points. 9.5 Rebounds. 3.75 Assists. 9 3PTM. 1.58 Steals. 2.09 Blocks)
C: DWIGHT HOWARD (38 Minutes. 21 Points. 15 Rebounds. 2 Blocks. 1.5 Steals)

PG: BRANDON JENNINGS (35 Minutes. 18 Points. 5 Assists. 3.5 Rebounds. 68 3PTM. 1.5 Steals)
SG: PAUL GEORGE (31 Minutes. 12 Points. 5.5 Rebounds. 55 3PTM. 1.5 Steals. 0.7 Blocks)
SF: ANDRE IGUODALA (35 Minutes. 12.5 Points. 6.5 Rebounds. 5.5 Assists. 37 3PTM. 2 Steals. 0.5 Blocks)
PF: RYAN ANDERSON (31 Minutes. 16 Points. 7.5 Rebounds. 97 3PTM. 1 Steal. 0.25 Blocks)
C: JAVALE MCGEE (28 Minutes. 12 Points. 9 Rebounds. 0.75 Steals. 2.75 Blocks)

G: JOHN WALL (37 Minutes. 17 Points. 7.6 Assists. 5 Rebounds. 2 3PTM. 1.30 Steals. 0.5 Blocks)
F: ANTWAN JAMISON (33 Minutes. 17.5 Points. 7 Rebounds. 45 3PTM. 1 Steal. 1 Block)
C: GREG MONROE (32 Minutes. 17 Points. 10 Rebounds. 1.5 Steals. 0.7 Blocks)



PG: RICKY RUBIO (35 Minutes. 11.5 Points. 8.5 Assists. 4.25 Rebounds. 29 3PTM. 2.35 Steals)
SG: TYREKE EVANS (36 Minutes. 17.5 Points. 5 Rebounds. 5.5 Assists. 17 3PTM. 1.5 Steals. 0.5 Blocks)
SF: PAUL PIERCE (35 Minutes. 17.75 Points. 5 Rebounds. 5.5 Assists. 45 3PTM. 1.25 Steals. 0.5 Blocks)
PF: BLAKE GRIFFIN (37 Minutes. 21.5 Points. 11.5 Rebounds. 0.8 Steals. 0.7 Blocks)
C: AL JEFFERSON (33 Minutes. 19 Points. 9.5 Rebounds. 1 Steal. 1.6 Blocks)

*Last 21 Days

PG: JEREMY LIN (35 Minutes. 22 Points. 8.5 Assists. 13 3PTM. 2 Steals)
SG: ISAIAH THOMAS (25 Minutes. 11.75 Points. 3 Rebounds. 4 Assists. 16 3PTM. 0.5 Steals)
SF: CARLOS DELFINO (31 Minutes. 11.5 Points. 4 Rebounds. 3 Assists. 25 3PTM. 2 Steals)
PF: ERSAN ILLYSOVA (30 Minutes. 15 Points. 11 Rebounds. 9 3PTM. 0.75 Steals. 1 Block)
C: NIKOLA PEKOVIC (33 Minutes. 17.50 Points. 10.25 Rebounds. 1 Steal. 1.25 Blocks)


  1. yo muntra my team in 10 team 7 cat league

    G – cp3, lowry, jennings, jack, k mart, knight

    F – rudy, george, manu, gooden, deandre, nene

    C – gortat, pekovic, lopez, dalembert

    1 – drop dalembert for biyombo?

    2 – trying to trade nene in a package for a sg/sf, i threw him and k mart at someone for monta but i doubt he’ll take it, any suggestions?

  2. Haha nice lists.

    Hey, who do you think is a better pickup option at PF/C considering (consistency, guaranteed minutes, long-term for the playoffs, injury return)?
    I would want someone that will most likely keep up consistency in rebound and blocks. I am punting FT%, and do not need points as much. I currently have Marreese, but I feel his value may take a step back with Zach’s return, and his rebounds have taken a small dip.

    Bismack Biyombo, Marreese Speights, Gustavo Ayon, Spencer Hawes, Kenneth Faried, Jermaine O’Neal, Jason Thompson, Andray Blatche? My gut feeling is Biyombo, but consistency may be a problem.


  3. Hey Muntradamus,

    I’m currently in a H2H 10 man/10 cat league with no FT% but instead FTM. So the ten cats are FG%, FTM, PTS, ASTS, O.REB, REB, 3PT, TO, STL, BLKS

    My current team is

    Isaiah Thomas, Jason Kidd, Jrue Holiday, Monta Ellis, Jarrett Jack

    Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Paul George, Ersan Illyasova, Tony Allen

    Amare Stoudemire, Andrew Bynum

    We start 3 guards, 3 forwards, 2 centers, and 1 utility player.

    My top “watch listed” players are:

    Biyombo, Wilson Chandler, Jeff Teague, Mo Will, Jameer Nelson, Jason Richardson, Vasquez, Dudley, Boris Diaw, Emeka Okafor, Andray Blatche, O.J. Mayo, Jordan Crawford, Marco Belinelli

    Sorry for the extensive question but this is my first time with fantasy ball and my draft didn’t go too well (lost Varejao, Blatche, and Gordon) and my grasp on focusing on certain categories and punting others effectively is weak.

    With the team I have now, what categories should I focus/punt and what waiver wire adds/trades do you think I should target? A thing to note is my league is somewhat averse with trades.

    Thanks for hosting this greatly informative site!

  4. im giving andre iguodala and al harrington for ryan anderson and james harden. im lacking in the 3s,pts and ft% department. good trade?

  5. Yes that is a great trade.

    Iggy for Anderson is fair.

    But for you to get Harden for Harrington on top of that gives you the huge advantage.

    Make the trade and don’t look back. Harrington is going to be very inconsistent on a very deep Nuggets squad.

  6. Thanks for the compliments Roger.

    Your team has a bit of everything, I would not say you should punt any category. With all your talent, Turnovers and FG% are two categories I would not think about as the good will come with the bad.

    You can drop Tony Allen for a much more talented player.

    Mo- Will. Teague. Biyombo. Chandler. J-Rich.

    I think Williams will help you the most since he can be a huge gamechanger in the 3PTM category. If you want another forward go with Biyombo as he can also make a HUGE impact in the blocks department.

    For Trades check out the trade analyzer and see if you come up with anything and I will give you my opinion.

  7. Before I read a sentence I knew your answer right away.

    Biyombo is your man. I have been pumping him up for a while, and now with the Bobcats sure to be eliminated from the playoffs very soon. The Bobcats will have no choice but to run Biyombo 25+ Minutes at least every game to see what he’s got. So far he has been their best center option since Emeka Okafor.

  8. i just traded tony parker and monta ellis for kyle lowry and manu ginobli. I hope it will be a good trade. My team is:

    Jose Calderon
    Chris Paul
    Tony Parker
    Monta Ellis
    Paul George
    Danny Granger
    Josh Smith
    Ryan Anderson
    Dirk Nowitzki
    Andrea Bargnani
    Al Jefferson
    Marc Gasol
    Andrew Bynum

    lowry is a fantasy beast. hoping that manu will be a fantasy beast. hope this is a good trade…

  9. the trade is still in the works so please let me know soon, if u think otherwise then i will veto the trade. i am currently in good stride to make the playoffs with this team but i need to get rid of monta ellis and make space for a playoff player. I think tony parker will not post the stats he did in the first half as manu comes back and lowry seems a good swap for monta….

  10. Parker and Ellis


    Lowry and Ginobili.

    Lowry will bring a lot more to the table than Parker will. So you gain a big edge there.

    Ginobili when healthy will bring you some good numbers, but not Monta Ellis quality when Ellis is on his A game.

    Do I think you’re giving up too much? Maybe a little.

    But in order to win fantasy championships, players like Kyle Lowry are needed on your team. I expect Manu to have an impact on Parkers fantasy value when healthy. I also expect Monta Ellis to continue to play like a 2nd round talent all season.

    In the long run you should be fine if Manu stays healthy. That is a big “IF”

  11. Alright. Thanks so much for the response. I just added Biyombo and dropped Marreese…however, I am now in a pending trade to give away my Blake Griffin for Steve Nash (because I really needed assists).

    Because I am getting Nash, I will for sure drop Devin Harris and pick up another PF/C to make up some lost rebounds. Going back to that list, who would you recommend after Biyombo?

    PG-Brandon Jennings, SG-Ray Allen, G-Marcus Thornton,
    SF-Nick Young, PF-Blake Griffin (pending trade for Steve Nash), F-Luis Scola,
    C-Dwight Howard, C-Javale McGee,
    Bench-Louis Williams, DJ Augustin, Marco Belinelli, Devin Harris, Bismack Biyombo


  12. Btw, I really appreciate the advice on this site. I usually seek advice on my transactions between 4 or 5 sites. This and rotoworld are the most helpful.

  13. Not a bad trade. Nash will definitely give you the assists you need, on top of that you lose a terrible FT shooter who was ruining your teams %.

    I would not be so quick to drop Devin Harris. He has been playing pretty hot recently, if he keeps it up for another week and Watson continues to struggle he could earn the job outright.

    However if the struggles continue for Devin Harris I would drop him and pick up Andray “The Giant” Blatche and his very high upside. Two seasons ago he was putting up 30 Point 15 Rebound games with ease. He is too good to be a bench option for long when he comes back from injury. Which should be shortly.

  14. I am going to make the playoffs and the trade window closes by March 8th. So need to ship Ellis. But thanks for the info. Hope ginobili will get his ft%, 3PTS and maybe some steals.///

  15. Also it seems Big Al is not going to make the playoffs. I am going to waive him if he does not. I have Al Horford and Zach Randolph in FA. Who do you think is better fit for my team, keeping in mind I have Marc Gasol in my team. Thanks again….

  16. Big Al’s blocks and TO’s are a bonus for me. I am leading my league in FT%, the least TOs and BLKS. Dont care about FG% and Points…

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