I Want to be Like Mike. (Week 3-4)

By Muntradamus

The Free Agents that are on this list, are players that you should add now in your fantasy baseball league off of the waiver wire for the long run.  The season is still young as we approach week 3, so now is the time to grab these guys before they take off for good.

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So far no player from the 1st waiver wire is in the garbage pile.  You can scroll to the bottom to see the first batch of adds.



* A lot of these players were on my SLEEPER LIST to start the season.  Check out how it is looking so far.


2B.SS.3B. Mike Aviles – Prediction (.285 Average. 15 HRs. 72 RBIs. 14 SBs. 97 Runs)

Not only does he qualify at nearly every INF position.  He has solid power with the potential for 15+ HRs, he also has some speed and can possibly steal 15 bags.  Aviles also hits for a good average, and now is the leadoff hitter for the Red Sox while Jacoby Ellsbury is out for 6 weeks.  So far Mike has hit 2 HRs in that spot and even when Carl Crawford returns, it could still be Mike hitting #1.

1B. Adam LaRoche – Prediction (.255 Average. 27 HRs. 87 RBIs. 0 SB. 72 Runs)

No 1B option is getting RBI’s as consistently as Adam LaRoche.  This could be the hottest he gets all season, but he has not even begun to reach his power stroke potential.  Hitting .350 with 10 RBIs is just the beginning for what should be a solid season.

SS. Ian Desmond – Prediction (.266 Average. 12 HRs. 65 RBIs. 25 SBs. 85 Runs)

Desmond is off to a solid start this season, hitting .326 with a HR, 2 RBIs, and a SB.  He has potential to be a 10 HR/30 SB type of fantasy performer, but 10 HR/25 SB is more of the reality.  Either way you  look at it, he is proving he is for real and you should add him while you still can.

RP. SP. Alfredo Aceves – Prediction (3.25 ERA. 3 Wins. 18 Saves. 67 Ks)

The Red Sox are going to win games this season.  Jonathan Papelbon made a living as the Red Sox closer, Andrew Bailey was originally drafted as a top 10 closer, and now Alredo Aceves is their closer.  The Red Sox have been saving Aceves for the 9th INN role all season long which appears to show the Sox are committed in making him their man.  He is not Mr. Reliable, but he is Mr. Get the Job Done.

SP. Ricky Porcello – Prediction (3.77 ERA. 16 Wins. 107 Ks)

Ricky is one of those pitchers that can easily win 16+ Games just because he pitches on a great offense.  We already expected the low K numbers, but we did not anticipate his ERA being at 1.84 after games against the D-Rays, and White Sox.  The fact that his ERA is this low, and the fact that he will be facing easier oppponents, makes Porcello have a lot of winnable games in his future.  Add him now before it is too late.

OF. Josh Willingham – Prediction (.274 Average. 31 HRs. 103 RBIs. 5 SBs. 88 Runs)

Josh was a recommended fantasy option in a earlier version of the DAILY WAIVER WIRE article this week.  Now that he has kept it up and sports a batting average at .419 with a SB, 4 HRs,  and 7 RBIs.  He easily has the potential for 30 HRs and 100 RBIs this season.  DO NOT let him sit on the wire if he is still there.

RP. SP. Lance Lynn – Prediction (3.66 ERA. 14 Wins. 140 Ks)

If you are in weekly roto leagues, Lane Lynn is an amazing add.  He qualifies at RP, which give you the flexibility to put him in your lineup to get a boost of Wins and Ks.  It also helps that so far on the season he is 2-0 with a 1.50 ERA and 13 Ks in 12 INN.  Add him before it is too late.

SP. Matt Harrison – Prediction (3.87 ERA. 15 Wins. 107 Ks)

Yes he is 2-0, yes his ERA is .063, and yes he plays on a team that will give him a lot of run support every game.  So yes, go ahead and add him if you want a nice quality pitcher that can give you solid win totals.  The AL West is pretty weak offensively outside of his Rangers and the Angels, so yes there is a lot of positive in Harrison’s direction.

OF. Austin Jackson – Prediction (.267 Average. 12 HRs. 55 RBIs. 29 SBs. 110 Runs)

Jackson got his opportunity to be the everyday CF when the Tigers decided it was time to trade away Curtis Granderson.  Jackson has already accomplished the 10 HR/22 SB season, and his career high is 27 SBs in a season.  So far he is hitting .412 with a HR, 3 RBIs, and a SB.  But the thing that makes him very attractive is the fact he bats leadoff on the best team in baseball.  So far through 9 games he has 9 runs.  That run count will not slow down anytime soon, and the other stats besides the batting average will continue to grow.

SS. Alex S. Gonzalez – Prediction (.245 Average. 21 HRs. 69 RBIs. 2 SBs. 65 Runs)

Alex is showing the power stroke early, and he is a candidate to easily hit 20 HRs this season.  Already with 2, the Brewers power hitting SS has no competition to be raking the ball all season.

SP. Jake Westbrook – Prediction (3.85 ERA. 15 Wins. 105 Ks)

The Cardinals are looking like the beasts of the NL Central.  No team can compete with that offense, and Westbrook has two elite starts in a row.  Lohse was recommended last week, and now Westbrook and Lynn are recommended this week.  Do not expect Ks with Westbrook, but it is possible for him to have an ERA under 3.50 by the time the season ends.  So far in two starts, 2-0 with a .064 ERA.  Things are looking good for Cardinal pitchers.



SNEAK PEAK AT NEXT WEEK ADDS: Players to scout during the week.

OF. J.D. Martinez – Great week with 3 HRs, but is this for real?  25+ HRs seems like the ceiling for him with 0 SBs.  He is a good add while he is hot, but not a long-term player that will be in your everyday lineup yet.

OF. Luke Scott – Scott has huge power potential and could possibly hit 30+ this season.  However he has to prove he is healthy, and if he has a big week next week then you can add him safely.

DH. Travis Hafner – Travis may have his power stick.  With 2 HRs and 5 RBIs he is a player to scout before consider adding.  We all know of his historic power, but we also know that he has always been slown by injuries.  This season there are no injuries to report of and he should be all systems go.

RP. Fernando Rodney – Rodney has looked like a lock down closer this season, but then again it is Fernando Rodney.  You can add him now since he has the closer job, but long-term he will not be your guy.  He is a car rental right now, and his car rental agreement could come to an end either when Farnsworth returns, or Rodney returns from earth and his 0.00 ERA.

OF. Jordan Schafer – He has 5 SBs in two separate games this season.  The only reason he is not must-add right now is because all of his SB’s have come in those 2 games.  If he continues to prove his speed is for real, then you can make the add.

OF. Alejandro De Aza – De Aza is off to a brilliant start with 2 HRs, 5 RBIs, and a SB.  He has potential for 15 HRs and 20 SBs one season, but he has to show consistency in order to be must-add for the long term.  You can ride out this recent hot streak now, but keep in mind he is only batting .250, and he is not exactly “proven” with 4 HRs in 54 games as his career high.

RP. Henry Rodriguez– Rodriguez is the closer for Washington right now, sort of.  For some reason the Nationals are keeping Brad Lidge in the  mix despite the fact that Rodriguez has yet to allow an ER while Lidge is sporting a 3.00 ERA.  If Rodriguez gets all the save opportunities this upcoming week, then it is time to add him.

RP. Hector Santiago– Santiago is not the best RP on the White Sox roster.  Matt Thornton and Addison Reed both have perfect ERAs, and one or two blown saves from Santiago will have manager Robin Ventura switching the closer.  For now if you need a one week replacement, Santiago is good.  But he could lose that job sooner than he gains full-trust for the long haul.




FANTASY BASEBALL WAIVER WIRE: Don’t Pena with my Heart. (Week 1-2)


1B. Carlos Pena- Prediction: (.230 BA. 34 HRs. 101 RBIs. 1 SB. 78 Runs)

Pena is starting the season hot, and he easily has the potential to hit 40 HRs.  I would take him on my fantasy team no doubt as his power will compete with the big sluggers at 1B such as Hosmer, Morse, Morales, and Dunn.  He could even break into the upper tier, but for now his power is among the best.  He will kill you in batting average, though you should ride him during a hot streak like he is on now.

SS. Zack Cozart- Prediction: (.313 BA.  14 HRs. 65 RBIs. 16 SBs. 84 Runs)

Cozart is a must-add player as he is the #2 hitter in this Reds lineup for good, and he should be a lock to hover the .300 batting average range.  The only question with him is, how many HRs and RBIs are you going to have this season?  The answer to that question is, anything over 15 in each department would be a great season.  He is capable of doing it.

3B. Chone Figgins- Prediction: (.278 BA. 1 HR. 42 RBIs. 38 SBs. 102 Runs)

If you let Figgins slip now, you will never get another chance with him.  He has back-to-back 3 Hit games.  He already has a SB, and he has 4 RBIs.  The Mariners are dedicated to giving him the leadoff spot with no competition.  They are paying him enough money, and he should get back to his 40 SB plateau that we once expected from him.  Take the flier now before it is too late, he should be over last year’s terrible nightmare.

SP.RP. Daniel Bard- Prediction: (Becomes closer. 3.46 ERA. 75 Ks. 21 Saves. 1.15 WHIP)

There is rumors swirling around that Daniel Bard will move back to the closer role after Alfredo Aceves and Mark Melancon have proved to be terrible options in the bullpen.  Even if Bard stays as a starter, he is still the Starting Pitcher for one of the best offensive teams in baseball.  If you need pitching help, Bard is the first guy to go after.

SP. Chad Billingsley- Prediction: (3.78 ERA. 172 Ks. 14 Wins. 1.20 WHIP)

I do not care if it was against the Padres.  11 Ks, with 0 ER deserves to be added in  all leagues.  Especially with a pitcher who was once as dominant as Chad Billingsley once was.  You can expect him to be on his way to a 165+ K season, if his ERA stays under 4.00 and his win totals break 14, then you got yourself a solid season.

SS. Rafael Furcal- Prediction: (.265 BA. 8 HRs. 45 RBIs. 26 SBs. 96 Runs)

Furcal is playing at his vintage form right now.   Usually with Furcal, the second he gets hot, the second he lands on the DL.  It is worth taking the early gamble that he will be healthy and it is not entirely impossible for him to end up with 10 HRs, and 25 SBs.  At this rate he is looking for real.

SP. Kyle Lohse- Prediction: (3.80 ERA. 130 Ks. 15 Wins. 1.20 WHIP)

Lohse usually has an ERA under 3.00 the first two months of the season.  He started out hot, and there is no reason to believe he will not keep it going.  The Cardinals offense is on fire and there is good reason to believe Lohse will be one of the highest ranked pitchers by the end April.  At least he is worth the gamble to find out.

SP. Edinson Volquez- Prediction: (4.10 ERA. 170 Ks. 13 Wins. 1.30 WHIP)

Volquez is looking primed for a big comeback season.  His control is back, but most importantly his K rate is back.  After racking up 7 Ks in 5 INN, you should give him a chance to prove he at his throwback form.  I will take my chances with Volquez if I need pitching help now.  Those Wins may not come easy though pitching for the Padres.

RP. Aroldis Chapman- Prediction: (Becomes Starting Pitcher.  3.20 ERA. 155 Ks. 11 Wins. 1.10 WHIP)

Chapman is still a MR option for the Reds.  However he was the best pitcher for them this Spring as a starter, and would have been starting most likely if Ryan Madson was not out for the season.  I will take my chances with him and wait it out as he will soon turn into MUST-START material.  For now he can ride your pine, or be an elite RP in daily leagues.



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  1. I am desperate. I went 0-10 last week. I’m with Bobby Valentine – I blame this all on Youkilis. I traded away Texiera and Morse for Austin Jackson and Trumbo. I think I have too many 1st Basemen. I would take another Middle Infielder if I could. Here’s my team. Help me Muntra!

    C – JP Arencibia
    1B – Adam LaRoche
    2B – Michael Cuddyer
    3B – Kevin Youkilis

  2. C – JP Arencibia (C)
    1B – Adam LaRoche (1B)
    2B – Michael Cuddyer (1B, 2B, OF)
    3B – Kevin Youkilis (1B, 3B)
    SS – Troy Tulowitzki (SS)
    MI – Mike Aviles (2B, 3B, SS)
    OF – Nick Swisher (1B, OF)
    OF – Austin Jackson (OF)
    OF – Mark Trumbo (1B, OF)
    Util – Adam Dunn (1B)
    BN – Chone Figgins (3B, OF)
    BN – Alfonso Soriano (OF)

    SP – Felix Hernandez
    SP – John Danks
    SP – Ricky Romero
    SP – Hiroki Kuroda
    SP – Dan Haren
    SP – Jonathon Niese
    SP – Ryan Vogelsong
    RP – Addison Reed
    RP – Matt Thornton
    RP – Glen Perkins
    RP – Heath Bell
    DL – Drew Storen
    DL – Andrew Bailey

  3. J how’s that Garlic Ice Cream going?

    I personally think you gave up too much in your trade with Tex. But that is okay, I am here to help.

    Give me a list of some FA’s in your league and I will be glad to advise you on how to fix your roster.

    Your team does not look ELITE, but it does have the potential to win some games. J.P. needs to snap out of his funk for your team to get going.

    We can definitely improve your pitching with FAs.

    Join us on the Live Chat to get quicker responses, it has been a while since I’ve seen you on there.

  4. FA’s:
    Alex Rios, Jason Kubel, Brennan Boesch, Matt Joyce, Bryan LaHair, Raul Ibanez (all OF, which I don’t need)
    Stephen Drew (SS), Chase Headley (3B), A.J. Pierzynski (C), Chris Iannetta (C), Maicer Izturis (2B, 3B, SS)

    FA SP’s:
    Zito, Drabek, Arrieta, Porcello, Jurjens, Mike Minor, Gavin Floyd, Homer Bailey

  5. If you do not need to start all those RP’s, I would drop Glen Perkins for Ricky Porcello. Porcello is a solid pitcher to easily win 15+ Games this season, and is continuing to look good off of his hot spring.

    I would rather own him than John Danks if you need to drop a SP.

    If you can drop Perkins and Danks, the second pitcher I would pickup is Kyle Drabek who is looking solid to start the season, and should only get more run support when the Blue Jays offense heats up.

    Keep me updated on your season, for now continue to ride out your team.

    Chone Figgins is a candidate who can be dropped if he has a bad week entirely, for now hold onto him and hope he can get on base again.

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