Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Houston We Have Power (Week 3)

Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire:

Houston We Have Power (Week 3)


By Muntradamus



It is still very early in the Fantasy Baseball season, which means now is the time to take some risks and find some new young hot talent.  While a week ago the Astro’s could not buy a hit, they now simply cannot hit the ball hard enough.  Whether it is Angels/Seattle Pitching, or the fact that it just took time for this team to mesh, the Stros are looking good in the AL West.

The V.I.P. #3 is purchase is having me at your Fingertips whenever you turn on a computer.  The Testimonials from Baseball last season speak for themselves.




“I just want to say thanks Muntradamus, you will never know how much you’ve helped me all season long. When I first came to this site, it was just to gather some help and move on. I never knew I would stay around all season. Every week, there was new info for me to use in all 5 of the leagues I played in. Then there were those timeless one on one times when you suggested a player that turned out to be a beast all season long. And even when you didn’t answer my question, your suggestions to others helped me. You know your stuff man, lol. I also want to thank all the members, Beast Dome Nation, namely Blue, who also helped me a lot. And now that my baseball season is or has come to a end, it’s on to Football, and you’ve haven’t missed a beat there either. So, thanks again. I ended the season with 2 Championship teams and 3 – 2nd place teams. In one league I was in first place since week 5 and stayed there all season long. That’s how much you info helped me. Not to many people can go through a season like that, IMO. So, thanks dude, you are the man. May you continue to be successful and I’ll definitely be here soaking up all your wisdom. God Bless you, and thanks again.”


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*Players to Add Off The Waiver Wire From Week 2*



Stats as of 4/15: .324/4 HR/10 RBI

The Braves needed an answer for Brian McCann and his shoulder.  Evan Gattis has been all that and more as he is frequently finding himself at the cleanup spot.  With Freddie Freeman going down as well, Gattis is finding PT at 1B on days they want to give him a break on catching.

It is always nice to find that Buster Posey waiver claim back in 2010, with 3 HR/9 RBI in Week 2, Gattis should be owned in all leagues.



Stats as of 4/15: .317/6 HR/19 RBI

What the Buck is going on here.  John is hitting HRs like he’s going to possibly reach the 30 range.  The sad reality, and happy truth, is Buck will eventually be traded this season.  If a team is looking for that catcher to bring them to the playoffs, the Mets will happily sell high on Buck so they can bring Travis d’Arnaud.

Ride out the hot bat of John Buck however long it lasts.  Baseball is a game of streaks, his streak could be over.



Stats as of 4/15: .214/0 HR/3 RBI

The power surge of Houston does not start or end with Carlos Pena.  But if Pena gets hot, this offense could go to the next level as he can hit a HR just as easily as Lindsay Lohan can steal jewelry from your local house party.

Point is, Pena is on the verge of getting hot in Fantasy Baseball leagues, and now is a good time to ride out the 5 HR streak before he racks up 15 Ks in a row.




Stats as of 4/15: .381/2 HR/11 RBI/0 SB 

I will start out the analysis of Daniel Murphy with the stat being, 5 of his last 6 games have had multiple hits.  While we all know Murphy as a .275 hitter who will be lucky to break double digit in HRs.  He is still an attractive name if you need a player for production now.  A good time to sell him if you own him.




Stats as of 4/15: .260/2 HR/7 RBI 

Donaldson is one of the hottest 3B hitters in the game as he is tied for 2nd in HRs at the position over this past week.  Josh has always had a live bat, and he fits right into the Billy Beane “Money Ball” style of play.  If you’re looking for a solid all-around 3B player with some pop, but most importantly will be consistently on base.  Josh Donaldson is your man.




Stats as of 4/15: .333/2 HR/5 RBI/0 SB

Marwin is 1 of 4 Shortstops to have 2 HRs in the last week plus.  The Astros are all hitting right now, and Marwin has definitely been part of the party.  He does not add much in the speed department, and his power will likely not approach 13 HRs.  But Marwin is a great low-end bench option to keep around if you need SS depth.




Stats as of 4/15: .347/1 HR/7 RBI/2 SB

Marte is red-hot out of the gates with a .347 batting average with a nice early HR and 2 SB’s.  While those numbers are not big now, his potential over a full season could easily make him a 20 HR/20 SB threat.  I would not sleep on Marte and leave him on the waiver wire at all, he could be what owners of Carlos Gomez are looking for.



Stats as of 4/15: .277/4 HR/7 RBI/0 SB

I was one of the very few Fantasy Experts to have Chris Carter Ranked inside the Top 30.  Which was 13 Spots lower than all the other experts.  So far this season, Chris Carter is proving that he should of been a full-time player with the Athletics.  He got hot this week and crushed 4 Bombs.  He could easily do that every week with his power and that tiny ball park.



Stats as of 4/15: .255/0 HR/0 RBI/1 SB

People will have to learn the hard way if they leave Alfonso Soriano on the Waiver Wire any longer.  We all know he is going to hit 30 HRs and drive in over 80 RBIs.  Yes he goes through cold streaks, being owned in less than 60% of leagues is too small for Alfonso.  Pick him up now before he gets going.





Stats as of 4/15: 1-1/2.45 ERA/19 K

Santana has always been a pitcher in his history that has a bad year, then follows it up with a great year, then follows it up with a bad year.  Last season Ervin Santana made fantasy owners want to puke every time he pitched for the Angels.  This season, fantasy owners cannot get enough as he is back to the 7 INN/2 ER/7 K potential pitcher he once was.

Time to add him in all leagues.


Stats as of 4/15:  2-0/0.00 ERA/8 K

I had Barry Zito Ranked higher than every expert in my Preseason Rankings.  So far at 2-0 with a 0.00 ERA, it’s hard to complain with those numbers.  Zito had an amazing Spring Training and we all know he is a better pitcher than he has been over the past few Giants seasons.  Despite that they still are winning World Series rings, now with Zito being dominant, the Giants are dominant.



Stats as of 4/15:  Minors.

Johnny “Rockets” Cueto will hit the 15 Day DL and miss his gimme start against the Marlins.  Picking up that start is Minor league superstar Tony Cingrani.  He struck out 273 Batters in 209 2/3 INN in his minor league career.  In his last stat in the minors today, he struck out 5 in 2 INN.  Add him for his spot start.



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  1. Once Carlos Gomez gets it going, the train will not stop and it will be too late.

    At this point I would personally wait for Gomez and the entire Brewers team to get Healthy and Heat up for a big summer.

    Baseball season is a long one.

  2. both great players, carlos gomez has already proven his 30/30 sleeper potential with his eyes closed last year

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