Fantasy Baseball: Trade Market Week 5 (BUY & SELL)

Fantasy Baseball: Trade Market Week 5 (BUY & SELL)

By Muntradamus

Let me start out by saying.  Take a look at the very same article you are going to read today that I posted back on April 15th.  If you took most to if not all of that information, your team would be in much better shape than it is now.

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Derek Jeter (.400 Average. 4 HR. 13 RBI. 1 SB)

I think Jeter is for real this season.  With that being said, I think you can fool a lot of owners into giving you the most elite at the position for an aging player who is no lock to stay healthy.  Jeter should have a great season, but if you can get a superstar, I would take the upgrade.

Seek Out: Jose Reyes. Starlin Castro.



Carlos Beltran (.263 Average. 5 HR. 11 RBI. 5 SB)

Beltran started out last season exactly like this, and then slowed down once we got to the All-Star Break.  I would personally sell high and get a solid name player who is not reaching his potential.  Beltran should be a top 40 option no doubt by the end of the season, but right now I would look for those big names in the top 40 now.

Seek Out: Giancarlo Stanton. Hunter Pence. Shane Victorino. Justin Upton



Yoenis Cespedes (.253 Average. 5 HR. 18 RBI. 4 SB)

Everyone went from 20/20 to 30/30.  That HR/SB potential in Yoenis makes him a baby Matt Kemp.  Right now is a great time to get the most value you can out of the OF option who should be a top 20 player.  But right now you can grab a top 10.

Seek Out: Jose Bautista. Gincarlo Stanton. Hunter Pence. Justin Upton.



Edwin Encarnacion (.289 Average. 5 HR. 13 RBI. 3 SB)

Edwin no doubt has 30 HR potential.  But he is also a very streaky player on a team that has too many weapons on the bench.  Rajai Davis, Travis Snider, Eric Thames are just a few of the not everyday players.  Encarnacion will keep his bat in the lineup now, but that huge slump will push him outside of the top 10 when the season is over.

Seek Out: Brett Lawrie. Michael Young.


Jose Altuve (.378 Average. 1 HR. 10 RBI. 4 SB)

Altuve is on fire, and it must be something in that Astro water.  I think this one of his few hot streaks all season, you can continue to ride it out or look to get something good out of it.  Below I gave you a range of players to grab, find the right suitor for Jose and you got yourself a nice deal.

Seek Out: Howie Kendrick. Brandon Phillips.



David Freese (.385 Average. 4 HR. 19 RBI)


Freese is giving all of his owners one last time to sell very high.  One last time only.  You can get an elite 3B option like Brett Lawrie who will hit 20 HRs and steal 20 Bases, or keep a 22 HR 80 RBI 3B option.

Seek Out: Brett Lawrie.


Omar Infante (.314 Average. 5 HR. 7 RBI)

If Infante tops 15 HRs this season, he gets best sleeper pick of the season.  Then again if he only gets 15 HRs, then his pace really slowed down.  Now is a time to deal him for a quality name.

Seek Out: Jemile Weeks. Howard Kendrick.







Hunter Pence (.253 Average. 3 HR. 11 RBI. 2 SB)

You know what you’re going to get from Pence when the season is over.  20-27 HRs with 90 RBIs, and most likely double digit SBs.  He is rock solid, and now is a good time to get him before his numbers start catching up to the leaders.

GIVE UP: Carlos Beltran



Jimmy Rollins (.216 Average. 3 RBI. 4 SB)

Rollins started out hot, but now the Phillies offense is Ice Cold.  I like Jimmy to be a top 7 maybe even higher SS when he is healthy.  So far he is 100%, and you can get him for #15 SS value.

GIVE UP: Rafael Furcal.



Mark Trumbo (.345 Average. 3 HR. 8 RBI. 1 SB)

The Angels are finding everyday PT for Trumbo, and that can easily mean 30 HRs.  His owners are frustrated that he does not play everyday, and now is a good time to swoop him at a low enough price.  His power potential is game-changer like and he may qualify at 3B, and OF by the time the season is over.

GIVE UP: Mike Moustakas.


Joey Votto (.275 Average. 1 HR. 11 RBI)

Votto owners have to be worried about lack of motivation after the massive contract.  Votto is a player that wants to reach his full potential, but right now he is just not there.  This is the cheapest he will be all season.

GIVE UP: Carlos Pena. Edwin Encarnacion. Pablo Sandoval.



Kendry Morales (.268 Average. 1 HR. 5 RBI)

Morales is currently pennies to the dollar.  He is not playing everyday, and he is not hitting well.  Two great recipes to come in and take him for nothing.  He has 30 HR potential in him, and he was good enough this Spring to earn the 5th spot in the order on opening day.  I would Buy very very low for him.

GIVE UP: Adam LaRoche. Chris Davis.



Jemile Weeks (.193 Average. 2 HR. 3 RBI. 3 SB)

Weeks is one of those spark plugs that can get your entire team going.  Almost like Mike Aviles is doing right now.  I would use this opportunity to buy on a guy who can steal 40 bases, and potentially hit 10 HRs.  This is the cheapest he will go.

GIVE UP: Dustin Ackley. Omar Infante.



Coco Crisp (.176 Average. 3 RBI. 3 SB)

Coco is healthy again from his flu, and is starting to get it going.  You already know he can steal 40 bases in a season, and he is starting to like that version of himself again.  The slow start is going to be gone quickly.

GIVE UP: Jordan Schafer. Dexter Fowler



Jose Reyes (.205 Average. 2 RBI. 4 SB)

Jose is just off to a slow start, that is all this is.  You can get potentially the #2 SS in all pre-draft rankings for a huge discount.  Soon the Marlins will be a hot team, and Reyes will be a MVP quality player on your team.

GIVE UP: Derek Jeter. Rafael Furcal.


Mark Reynolds (.157 Average. 3 RBI)

Reynolds is about as streaky as Adam Dunn.  Right now Reynolds has been fighting a cold, and he is fighting a terrible season.  We all know that he once was a 1st round pick with his 40 HR/40 SB potential, and this season we can easily still see 30 HRs and 10 SBs.  Once he gets hot, his value will be very very high.

GIVE UP: Bryan LaHair


Cameron Maybin (.194 Average. 1 HR. 6 RBI. 4 SB)

Maybin is a potenital 10 HR/40 SB guy.  Everyone knows it, he just needs to start hitting better.  Last season he did not have such a hot start and still easily stole 40 Bases.  I would get this guy now.

GIVE UP: Jordan Schafer. Dexter Fowler



Asking Price Got Cheaper:

 *Guys who have been on the list, and are still Buy Low.

Albert Pujols (.225 Average. 0 HR. 4 RBI)

Can you believe that Pujols is still without a HR.  In fact last season at this point, he was at 6 HRs.  But then he only hit 2 HRs from the end of April through all of May.  Albert still ended up with 37 HRs and 99 RBIs.  The slow start is discouraging, but his bat can make up for lost time quicker than anyone’s.

WAS GIVE UP: Joey Votto. Adrian Gonzalez. Prince Fielder.

NOW GIVE UP: Eric Hosmer. Paul Konerko




Brett Lawrie (.287 Average. 2 HR. 11 RBI. 2 SB)

Lawrie is playing great, but he is still not playing to his potential.  This would be the best time to trade for him before he steals 3 bases, or hits 3 HRs in a week.  Once that happens, his value will be at the Adrian Beltre level.

WAS GIVE UP: Edwin Encarnacion. David Freese

NOW GIVE UP:Edwin Encarnacion. David Freese



Aramis Ramirez (.211 Average. 1 HR. 8 RBI. 2 SB)

Ramirez usually does better when it hits summer time.  He is batting cleanup on a solid Milwaukee team, I am not worried about the slow start.  Once he gets going, he will be playing like a top 5 option.

WAS GIVE UP: Edwin Encarnacion

NOW GIVE UP: Mike Moustakas



Giancarlo Stanton (.234 Average. 0 HR. 5 RBI)

The Knee injury is real.  No doubt about it.  But what is not real is his 0 HRs.  Right now he has to be figuring out a way to get his power, and numbers back so he can be the elite option we know he is.  I still expect 25+ HRs and that is why Beltran is a great asking price.  If he is homerless by the time I do this again in two weeks, his value will be a lot cheaper.

WAS GIVE UP: Nelson Cruz. Shane Victorino. Corey Hart

NOW GIVE UP: Carlos Beltran.




Justin Upton (.241 Average. 1 HR. 3 RBI. 1 SB)

Upton is slowly starting to get it going.  I am not worried about the slow start as he is one of the NATURAL players we have in the Bigs today.  His raw talent will come back to get his numbers blasting again.

WAS GIVE UP: Matt Holliday. Hunter Pence. Shane Victorino

NOW GIVE UP: Carlos Beltran. Yoenis Cespedes. Nick Swisher



Jose Bautista (.181 Average. 3 HR. 9 RBI. 1 SB)

Bautista will soon go back to normal, which means MVP type numbers.  You can already see he is not doing so bad in power to the point where you should be discouraged.  Jose is a machine.

WAS GIVE UP: Any OF option besides Matt Kemp.

NOW GIVE UP: Jay Bruce. Yoenis Cespedes. Carlos Beltran. Andre Ethier



  1. Hello Muntradamus,
    Thanks again for assisting in my great seasons during Fantasy Football and Fantasy Basketball, which allowed me to win both with your gratifying knowledge. Now, it is time to take that Championship in Fantasy Baseball as well! Here is my current lineup:
    If their is anything to change, I will make the move instantaneously, and if you believe I should attempt a trade, I will work my magic.
    Im very worried with Delmon Young’s arrest, and Cliff Lee’s prolonged injury affecting my team.

    Your awesome M, keep the amazing articles coming and looking forward to how this season treats me in my weakest sport.
    Scream, known as Garrett

  2. Hello Big Dog

    thanks for all the advise. In just trade Beltran away for Stanton. I think is a really good deal and evidently the person I traded with did too. I know he’ll pay off as the season goes on. At least to the potential of Beltran. And now on to Justin, which I could have probably gotten for Beltran too. Had two offers to the guy so he took the Stanton one. I’ offered Encarnacion, hopefully he’ll bite. He also has Stanton, I want to put together a 2 for 2. Who should I package Encarnacion with to get both? Here are some of my options I guess:

    Willingham, Duda, Big Papi, Prado, or he needs a pitcher would you recommend that?

  3. Garrett first of all let me start by saying I really appreciate the time you took into the testimonial. I value that you would take the time to do that, so here is your FINAL ENCOUNTER analysis to win the title.

    Lets complete the hat-trick right here.

    Looking at your lineup it is solid all the way through. A lot of key players like Bautista are slumping, yet you still have a winning record. I think your offense is fine, and I believe Delmon Young comes back more focused. He had a great Spring, and I still expect 20+ HRs easily.

    Pitching there are changes that can be made.

    You should grab Ivan Nova as someone who will be a SP option all season long.

    I would drop Estrada for him. This is a long-term move.

    I give Buchholz one more week to prove himself. If there is no improvement, I would drop him for a closer. Capps/Casilla/Downs are all solid options to get cheap points daily. If they all seem to be gone, then you can add either Burnett or Porcello. Burnett has been electric this season and is almost worth the add now.

    If Clay pitches bad Monday, drop him for Burnett.

    If he pitches well, then drop Bruce Chen for Doubront, and add Burnett for Buchholz for his Wednesday start. You should ween yourself into a team that has a horse ranch of aces, and you just pick and choose who you want to throw out there.

    I would not trade any of your guys, I would ride this team out for another week. If you have one position to be concerned about it is OF. You can start seeing what offers you get from Mauer if you want to work your GM magic. Make sure to reiterate how weak the waiver wire catcher position is, and Mauer would be an everyday star. You just may be able to land Curtis Granderson…

  4. Getting Stanton paid off already as he finally blasted a HR. Way to pull the trade off before it happened.

    I am a bit confused by your 2nd question, if I read it correctly it states who should you trade Encarnacion with to get Stanton and Upton?

    If I was the other owner I would ask for Big Papi, and it may take that. Trade does not sound good now, but long-term that will work out.

    First I would offer Prado or a solid pitcher. Those will probably be rejected, give me a list of your pitchers and also correct me if I am offering you the wrong trade offer advice.

  5. Sorry if I confused you.

    What I was trying to say is that the same guy I made that trade with also has Upton. And what should I offer him for Upton and Stanton. I had sent him 2 offers and he took the one for Stanton. And yes it was great to get him just before he hit that homer. I think he’ll be really getting in the groove in a week or so, so thanks for the advise.

    Now as for Upton, who can I offer for Upton? I’m trying to pick him up in 2 leagues. In one I offered Encarnacion and the guy took it as a joke, that’s putting his response mildly. This whole weekend I had to put him in check over it. But let me move on, I don’t think I’ll be getting anymore responses from him. And he can keep him. As for the other league/offer, I don’t know who to offer him.

    Here’s my team:

    Wilson Ramos, LaHair, Neil Walker, A-Ram, Asdrubal, Zobrist, Braun, Beltran (Stanton), Joyce,
    Markakis, J-Weeks, Trout, Berkman, Chris Young, Hamels, Bumgarner, Beachy, Buehrle, R-Betancourt, Lincecum, Lohse, Scherzer, Wandy.

    What would you suggest?

  6. Im in a 8 team points league. this is how my team looks as of now after some trades… what do you think? Pitchers are favored because they can get lots more points in one game.
    C – Yadier Molina
    1B – Joey Votto
    2B – Brandon Phillips
    3B – Adrian Beltre
    SS – Jimmy Rollins
    OF – Shane Victorino
    OF – Carlos Beltran
    OF – Justin Upton
    UTIL – Paul Konerko
    UTIL – Aramis Ramirez
    BN- Melkey Cabrera
    SP – Cliff Lee
    SP – Roy Halladay
    RP – Craig Kimbrel
    RP – Brandon League
    P – Ricky Romero
    P – Ardolis Chapman
    P – Kyle Lohse
    P – Colby Lewis
    BN- Vance Worley
    BN – Jaime Garcia
    BN- Ted Lily
    BN- Max Scherzer
    DL – Daniel Hudson

    Theres not to many good people available so if im looking to upgrade it would be through trade…
    Would Beltran, Brandon Phillips, and konerko be good to trade and get Kinsler and Texeira? then I could pick up another pitcher because its pointless to have bench hitters in our league cuz they all pretty much play everyday…and their not as valuable. thanks for all the help in advance!! :)

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