Fantasy Baseball Trade Market: Don’t Be A Puig (Week 10)

Fantasy Baseball Trade Market:

Don’t Be A Puig (Week 10)


By Muntradamus



It is Week 10 of the Fantasy Baseball season.  Which means the season is still young and there is plenty of time for those struggling stars to turn their season around.  Just ask Albert Pujols circa 2012.


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– TIM W.

4 reasons Why I won my league thanks to Muntradamus

1) In a year where Rbs were seemingly hot or cold (unless you grabbed AP) I went with Muntra’s advice on WRs he was high on: Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, and Percy Harvin.

Johnson and Marshall finished tied in my league for first in Wrs with 216 pts, Harvin was a top 5 WR (I think at some point I had 1-2-3 Wrs) until he got injured. CJ and Marshall were extremely consistent for me.

2) Drafting Matt Ryan in the 7th round. Sure he was the 7th best all around QB, but his Average of 18.3 was only 3.1 behind first round pick Drew Brees, and he beat out other Qbs who were drafted ahead of him like Tony Romo, Andrew Luck, Matt Stafford, Joe Flacco, Eli Manning, Big Ben, Mike Vick, and Phillip Rivers. Now that’s value. Coupled with taking Matt Bryant in the final rounds for my kicker, I was able to nail Muntra’s breakout Qb pick of the year with the QB/kicker Strategy and have solid results from them all year.

3) Streaming Defenses in the last must win weeks and playoffs.

Breakdown of Streaming Defenses, picked with Help by Muntra:

Week 12: Rams 22

Week 13- Bills 9

Week 14- Bills 6

Week 15- Bengals 24

Week 16- Packers 17

Week 17- Bills 16

Average Defense score in Must Win Games at end of season: 15.66

Unquestionably this led me to roll off 6 straight weekly wins.

4) I didn’t waste a high draft pick on a Tight End. I rolled with a combo of Heath Miller (3rd TE overall), Kyle Rudolph, and Brandon Myers for most of the year. Those guys all beat high drafted players like Antonio Gates, Vernon Davis, Aaron Hernandez. It’s all about value, and those guys gave it to me.





LAST HR: May 18th

Wilin Rosario is not only lacking in the power department.  He only has two multi-hit games since his last HR.  Wilin has a couple advantages for him that make him a special player.

1) He plays in Coors Field.

2) He is a pure power hitter.

Both of those factors should easily translate in 30 HRs for a slugger at the caliber Rosario is.  In Baseball and Daily Fantasy Baseball, you go through streaks.  Hot & Cold.  You never know when your cold streak comes to an end, but eventually it does.  Once Rosario gets hot, his Fantasy Stock will be through the roof.  Buy Low while you still can.



LAST HR: May 18th

Something about May 18th seems to be the common theme.  Rizzo like Rosario, is a big-time young power hitting prospect that should be clubbing 30 HRs in a season.  Right now Rizzo is going through a slump where he cannot seem to find the fences.  The difference between Rizzo and Rosario right now is, Rizzo is finding the gaps while racking up doubles and multi-hit games fairly consistently.

Once it becomes summer time in Chicago and the weather heats up, the balls going flying out.  Just ask Sammy Sosa.  It also does not help that Castro is doing nothing to protect Rizzo this season.  So much so that Castro has dropped to the bottom half of the order.

Do not fear, Rizzo will get his power stroke back and be one the most feared 1B option once again.


1 HR Since May 18th

Keeping the May 18th theme which I marked as a hitters cycle.  Kipnis is really falling off the charts as a Top 5 2B option.  He no doubt is a Top 5 player at his position.  With Robinson Cano slumping, Ian Kinsler/Chase Utley injured.  Kipnis is currently ranked #20 on my players I would play today at the 2B position.

Jason is really slumping and now would be a great time to buy-low for a player who is an automatic 20/20 option.  Right now the entire Indians lineup is Ice Cold.  Including Carlos Santana who I did not even mention at the catcher position.

With Asdrubal injured, everyone slumping, Kipnis has to be the fire to get this Indians team going again.


3 for 17 since coming off the DL.

With the news that Alex Rodriguez could possibly be suspended for the rest of the MLB season.  Youkilis better step up and bring the Yankees a consistent 3B option.  A-Rod cannot come back until July at the earliest, which gives Pukilis one month to shape and revert back to that .290 Average/20 HR/90 RBI potential he has built up inside of him.

Youkilis was well on his way to having a solid season before getting injured, which means now is a good time to Buy-Low or claim him off the Waiver Wire if you need his position.  Youkilis has hit rock bottom before, only to bounce back.  This looks to be a very similar situation.


LAST HR: April 30th

Yes you read that right.  0 HRs in all of May.  0 HRs so far in June.

Starlin Castro is easily the #2 SS in Fantasy Baseball.  He is currently playing like the #28 Option at the position.  Starlin Castro is at the best Buy-Low value you will get all season.  Likely the owner of Castro will not be willing to deal him for any player, but Jimmy Rollins straight up, or maybe even Erik Aybar will get the job done.

Starlin Castro is too good to be slumping the entire season like this.  If you want a player that can change your team around, Castro is the man.  I have called out Starlin Castro before, only to see him hit a HR that weekend.

Grab Starlin this low, it could be the answer to your season.


8 Multi-Hit games all season

Josh Hamilton was no doubt a candidate to get 40+ HRs and knock in 120 RBIs.  Especially with Mike Trout/Albert Pujols/Mark Trumbo all surrounding the slugging left handed hammer.

So far this season, Hamilton is barely looking like a more powerful version of Jon Jay.  Hamilton has 8 HRs on the same season, which is very low for a player of his caliber.  Keep in mind though, Hamilton is one of the few players that can hit 20 HRs in one month of a season.  While that number is beyond ridiculous, would you really be surprised if he approached that number.

Josh Hamilton is hitting below .220, and his power numbers are well below average.  This is a prime to Buy-Low on the 1st Round Pick who will still get his 35 HRs one way or another.



Last HR: May 17th

Once Upton a time, Justin was the leading the MLB in HRs as he crushed 12 HRs in April.  In May he only hit 2.  So far in June, Justin has yet to get a double.  Players go through streaks, and streaks happen to all.  Superstars usually keep streaks going throughout the season, and Justin failed to do this.

Last season Justin struggled with Arizona putting up career worst numbers.  Those days are long gone, but owners may be worried that a similar trend could be continuing.  Go ahead and figure out a trade to land Justin and bring home that potential bat that could carry you in the Fantasy Playoffs single handily.

Justin will end up with 35+ HRs in 2013.



LAST HR: May 20th

On the DL.  Puig has stole his thunder.  Hamstring injury could mean the end of his SB potential.

So why should you go after Matt Kemp?  Because you can get him for so cheap, you really are not risking a lot.  Nick Swisher straight-up may get the job done.  Dexter Fowler straight-up will get the job done.

Regardless, Matt Kemp is at 2 HRs.  He will return, and he will be the everyday #3/#4/#5 Hitter.   Who knows, Dodgers can even push him to the #1 hitter to get him going.  The Dodgers offense once full strength will be an exciting one.  Grab Matt Kemp now for a fraction of the price and hope to see a glimpse of the Drama King get his head together.





What is there not to like about Puig.  He has 2 HRs in his first three games.  Yoenis Cespedes said Puig is better than he is.

The reason you should sell high on Puig is because of the talent you can get in return.  It is not often a rookie brings you top caliber players in return, and if you can land any INF superstar that will make a difference to your roster.  Now is the time.  You can always find talent in the OF on any given week.  You cannot find talent in the INF off the waiver wires unless you play in shallow leagues.



Does the name Kevin Mench mean anything to you.

Mench was a power hitting OF option for the Texas Rangers who hit a HR in 7 Consecutive games in April.  He finished the season with 13 HRs.  Now Dom Brown is a different caliber prospect than Mench ever was.  The point is, players go through streaks.  Look at Justin Upton above.

Players go through streaks, superstars have more streaks than normal players.  We have not seen Dom Brown have multiple streaks like this throughout his career.  In fact, we have not seen any streak like this from him.

So why turn down the chance to get Justin Upton/Josh Hamilton for a young superstar slugger?  The answer is you do not.   Trade Brown while you can.


Matt Carpenter is maybe the best 2B option in Fantasy Baseball right now.  In fact he is so good, you could consider him the best INF option in Fantasy Baseball right now next to Troy Tulowitzki.  While I would not go that far, his batting average at .333 is amazing and his run potential as the lead-off hitter for the Cardinals would make Ian Kinsler owners jealous.

Carpenter is on a 14 game hitting streak, and coming off of a 4 Hit performance he does not look to be slowing down.  However if you can get a more proven power hitting 2B option like Jason Kipnis or Starlin Castro above, I would pull the trigger and never look back.  How good Carpenter is, he still does not have 20 HR potential in him.


Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his second season as a Pro on FantasyPros coming off of an impressive Rookie Campaign where he landed the #8 Overall In-Season Fantasy Football Rankings Expert.  Which also included #1 WR of all Expert Sites.  He is also one of two people to qualify for all DRAFTSTREET CHAMPIONSHIPS (MLB/NFL/NBA) in 2012. Most Historically, Muntradamus was the #1 Fantasy Football Expert of IDP & Overall Rankings in One Week, first and only time in Fantasy Sports History.

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  1. You just listed my Team.

    Rosario, Rizzo, Castro, Kemp, Youk, and Kipnis.

    Luckily my pitching has been solid.

    Trade of Utley, CJ Wilson, and Castro for Puig and Beltre?

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