Fantasy Baseball Trade Market: Prince Drama (Week 9)

Fantasy Baseball Trade Market:

Prince Drama (Week 9)


By Muntradamus



It has been a while since I have shown my love for the BEAST NATION.  Starting today I am going on a Feed The Beast Diet.  The Beast needs to get stronger, and I will be feeding it constant content as we head towards the start of Baseball season.  This article will give you plenty of struggling players to target who you can get at nearly half the Price.

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Early Sunday morning I got his email, he told me to drop Ubaldo Jimenez and add Bartolo Colon.  Sunday Colon threw a 7 INN shutout and had 9 Ks as well as picking up the Win.  The Win was a huge plus because my opponent picked up a cheap one from his RP. Needless to say my Memorial Day Weekend got that much better, not only did I get the Win but I almost took every category.  Thank you for taking time out of your Holiday weekend to get back to me so soon.

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Stats as of 5/29: .225/2 HR/24 RBI


Will the real Victor Martinez please stand up.

V-Mart is looking like a contact hitter this season coming off ACL surgery.  Sometimes when a player misses that amount of time, confidence is shaky in the power department until he starts getting on a roll.

The roll has not come yet, but it will come eventually.  Once it does those numbers will start coming up in a hurry batting behind Miguel Cabrera/Prince Fielder, the most lethal duo in Baseball.  Speaking of Prince..



Stats as of 5/29: .273/9 HR/42 RBI

Prince has now gone without a HR in 17 games.  Last time was May 10th.

That is not acceptable for a player of Prince’s ability.   Especially when he goes up against Jeanmar Gomez who was known for throwing batting pratice to lefties in 2012.   Prince is not getting the job done, meanwhile Miguel Cabrera is playing the best Baseball of his career.

Soon Prince will get it going, and one way or another Prince ends up with 40 HRs.  He’s too big and powerful not to, we have not even completed two months.




Stats as of 5/29: .179/3 HR/10 RBI/4 SB

If there is a player whose stock has nowhere to go but straight up, Rickie Weeks is the perfect example of that.

Rickie is always a 2nd Half player, and he is always a player that ends up as a Top 10 Option at the 2B position when the season is over.  If he is on the Waiver Wire, go ahead and trade your star 2B for a superstar if you can.  Or stash Rickie until he is hot.  Weeks is too good not to hit around 20 HRs and steal around 15 Bags.  Those numbers put him near the top.



Stats as of 5/29: .259/4 HR/15 RBI/3 SB

Chase is really struggling, all while his Padres are playing amazing Baseball.

If there is a 3B option who has the potential to play as a Top 5 Option, that is nowhere near that range right now.  Chase is that player.  He offers a rare commodity of 10+ SB potential to go with 30+ HR potential.  While those numbers are far from fantasy owners minds right now, this is a good time to take a small risk in finding out if his broken finger is really ruining 2013.  Headley will keep improving and soon those numbers could finish at 22 HR/8 SB, all while hitting in the .275-.300 range.  We all know Headley has it in him, season is still young.




Stats as of 5/29: .259/6 HR/20 RBI/5 SB

The Nationals offense has been off track nearly the whole season.  If Desmond is doing anything, nobody else is.  It seems the Nationals can only get 1 guy hot at a time, but eventually it will all click for Ian who is an easy 20 HR/20 SB SS.  He can play like a Top 5 option, and right now you can get him at a Bottom 15 price as his batting average has dropped from .300 to .259 in the pass two weeks.  Try to do a 2-4-1 trade to see what you can come up with if you are lacking at SS.

A good example trade could be, Jimmy Rollins for Ian Desmond and Chris Tillman.



Stats as of 5/29: .246/5 HR/19 RBI/7  SB

Desmond Jennings is a rare Fantasy Player who can steal 40 Bases, while hitting 15-20 HRs.  So far this season, we have barely seen enough of both to convince us anything is going to happen.

Don’t give up.  Young hitters like Desmond Jennings can change the game in heart beat and his fantasy potential puts him in a class that only few can reach.

Now is the time to throw a solid position player for Desmond who is very replaceable.



Stats as of 5/29: .255/2 HR/17 RBI/7 SB


No matter how good games Matt Kemp puts up in a row, he very quickly falls back to his cold streak that has been season long.

The Dodgers offense has not found their groove all season.  While that is no excuse for the player I ranked #1 Preseason, it is a determining factor that could easily turn his season around.  That X-Factor is Hanley Ramirez who could right when June gets going.

Kemp is the best player in Fantasy Baseball when he gets going.  Last season in April he hit .417 with 12 HR/25 RBI/2 SB.  If Kemp puts up a month like that in June, you are going to feel very dumb for not reaching out for the superstar.

I would trade just about any respectable player you could to get him.  Carlos Gomez and a throw-in for Kemp would be a steal.



Stats as of 5/29: .148/4 HR/8 RBI/3 SB


B.J. and Desmond are the same type of player.  20 HR/40 SB.  Those players do not grow on trees, and right now you have a chance to get one for just about any player on your roster.

Owners are starting to give up on B.J. because of his slow-start, but lets look back at 2010.  The season when B.J. went for 18 HR/42 SB.

In the month of May, B.J. went for a solid .179/2 HR/6 RBI/10 SB.  While B.J.s numbers are down across the board from that May, it just goes to show that he can quickly rebound with his SBs.  It does not take a high batting average to get those going again.

You can trade Melky Cabrera and receive B.J. and another player if you wanted to.   You will be happy you did.


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  1. Giving up CarGo-2 not to mention a throw-in at this point in the season is a little much considering nobody is sure as to what is attributing to Kemp’s struggles especially if the main reason is his shoulder.

  2. Are you serious on Kemp? His shoulder has went Agon. His power is gone until next year… if ever.

  3. Kemps problem is more mental than physical.

    He has the talent to be a Top Fantasy Option, but right now his confidence is non existent. Just give it time, his value continues to be cheaper by the day. Once he gets hot, owners will covet him again.

    The hamstring injury is another reason to buy super low. Asking Price is a good starting pitcher like Justin Masterson. You could even offer Nick Swisher and maybe pull off the trade.

  4. buy low…sell high – isn’t that the name of the game.

    I like the Kemp move and tried to get him. (Couldn’t get the owner to bite). Not so much to end the season with Kemp on my team, but rather move him during his hot streak.

    Figured I’d be able to land a nice SP for the playoffs, since my pitching is lacking at the moment.

    Sometimes the name helps sell the trade

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