Fantasy Baseball Trade Market: Pitchers Week 7 (Buy/Sell)

Fantasy Baseball Trade Market: Pitchers Week 7 (Buy/Sell)

By Muntradamus
Not only is this article a Buy/Sell piece, it also ranks the top 135 pitchers for the rest of the season.  I hope you have been enjoying the new and improved Daily Pitchers Rankings, and on behalf of BEAST TECH we thank you for your patience as we continue to build the site.  Hopefully everything is done by this weekend.


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Feel Free to ask any trade questions at the bottom, and as soon as BEAST DOME NATION chat is up.  I will be sure to let everyone know.




*The numbers next to the players is their ranking which can be found on the bottom.


Stephen Strasburg (#10)

Stats as of 5/10: 2-0. 1.66 ERA. 38 K. 0.84 WHIP.

Strasburg is still pitching at an elite level.  With his INN limit still uncertain, now would be a great time to sell high.  Read all about it in an earlier article I wrote.


Prediction: 8-1. 2.11 ERA. 166 K. 1.00 WHIP.

Seek Out: Star Hitter (Granderson, Braun, Cano, Pedroia) or any pitcher ranked below him (10-20) on rankings at the bottom of the article.



Lance Lynn (#32)

Stats as of 5/10: 6-0. 1.40 ERA. 37 K. 0.85 WHIP.

Lynn-Sanity, no doubt about it Lynn is maybe the best pitcher in the NL right now.  He should be great, and continue to improve but there is something to be afraid of.  Actually three things to be afraid of.  Number one, if the Cardinals decide to go after Roy Oswalt he will most certainly push Lynn to the bullpen so he can preserve his arm.  Number two, once Chris Carpenter returns there is a good chance Lynn moves back to the bullpen, to preserve his arm.  Number three, he is still very young as this is his 2nd year in the MLB, which means he will most certainly be on an INN limit even if he does stay the whole season.

Prediction: 11-1. 2.66 ERA. 135 K. 1.12 WHIP.

Seek Out: Albert Pujols.  Good stock move.



Neftali Feliz (#48)

Stats as of 5/10: 2-1. 3.37 ERA. 26 K. 1.16 WHIP.

Feliz has been solid with 3 of his first 5 starts being of quality.  His numbers look great so far, but keep in mind he too will be on an INN limit.  Now would be a good time to sell him as he is coming off a 8 K game with 1 ER in 6 INN.  The Rangers are easily the best team in baseball, and now is the time to get all the value you can.

Prediction: 8-3. 3.88 ERA. 125 K. 1.32 WHIP.

Seek Out: Just an upgrade of a quality position player for a Feliz taker.  Andy Pettite would be a good FA add on the waiver wire to replace him.




*The Numbers next to the players is their ranking which can be found on the bottom.



Derek Holland (#39)

Stats as of 5/10: 2-2. 4.39 ERA. 35 K. 1.23 WHIP.

Holland has not looked consistent so far to start the season.  In 6 starts this season, 3 of them have been to his original elite caliber.  Holland seems like a pitcher who will only get better as the season rolls on, and now is the time to overpay to get him.  The Rangers offense will give him run support, and Holland is the type of pitcher that can rack up the 7 INN, 1 ER, 9 K games.

Prediction: 17-6. 3.48 ERA. 180 K. 1.11 WHIP.



Ivan Nova (#40)

Stats as of 5/10: 4-1. 5.02 ERA. 36 K. 1.65 WHIP.

With Michael Pineda out for the season, and Freddy Garcia just flat out awful.  Nova is guaranteed a start in the Yankee rotation the rest of the season.  So far not only is he hitting his spots when pitching, he somehow has 4 Wins with an ERA at 5.02.  In his 6 starts, 3 of them have been quality.  I expect him to get better as the season continues, and the Yankees will start winning more games.  Tex, A-Rod, and Cano have not even begun to reach their potential.

Prediction: 18-4. 3.88 ERA. 165 K. 1.25 WHIP.





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  1. Hey Muntradamus,

    Great article! I was wondering what would be the maximum you would give up for Holland or Nova? I’ve been trying to acquire Holland for awhile but the current deal on the table being offered to me has been Willingham/Holland for Matt Cain. Too high? What are some alternative type of deals I could offer for these guys.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks for the article!
    Here is my team
    C – Yadier Molina
    1B – Joey Votto
    2B – Brandon Phillips
    3B – Adrian Beltre
    SS – Jimmy Rollins
    OF – Shane Victorino
    OF – Carlos Beltran
    OF – Justin Upton
    UTIL – Paul Konerko
    UTIL – Aramis Ramirez
    BN- Rafael Furcal
    SP – Cliff Lee
    SP – Roy Halladay
    RP – Craig Kimbrel
    RP – Brandon League
    P – Ricky Romero
    P – Ardolis Chapman
    P – Kyle Lohse
    P – Colby Lewis
    BN- Vance Worley
    BN – Jaime Garcia
    BN- Ted Lily
    BN- Ervin Santana
    DL – Daniel hudson

    I am trying to get Curtis Granderson, C.J. Wilson and giving up Beltre, Beltran and Ted Lily.
    Its a point league where points favor pitchers so i like the huge upgrade at pitcher im getting and i already have aramis ramirez at third base. but what do you think?

  3. I would add Brandon McCarthy after this trade goes through.. thanks for all your advice

  4. Joey great Questions. I was waiting for someone to ask.

    For Derek Holland a lot of owners treat him differently. Some see him with ace capabilities, some have no clue. They are starting to get the hint after last night, and I would offer a package of an overachieving hitter such as Willingham and a solid pitcher ranked in the top 50.

    For Ivan Nova I would give up a solid player at a weak position, and possibly throw in a pitcher if they want one. I.E. if the team is weak at catcher, give them Pierzynski and Bud Norris to get Nova.

    For your trade offer, I feel giving up Cain might be too much. I do like Willingham a lot, but Cain is an elite pitcher with no worries at all. If you feel you need to switch things up and get another power bat in your lineup this is not a terrible trade.

    However for Cain, you could get a top 20 slugger easily. Even Jose Bautista straight-up with how poor he is doing.

    Thanks for the comments on the article, and keep me updated if you have any questions!

  5. JTO,

    I like the trade especially with you adding McCarthy.

    Beltran is a prime sell-high candidate. Wilson could be a surprise CY Young Winner. Granderson is still elite. Lilly will not last like this all season. Beltre will continue to play like a MVP.

    Your team looks great and when everyone gets going you will be unstoppable. Furcal is RED-HOT right now and should be in your lineup for Rollins until he cools down.

    Good Luck and keep me updated.

  6. Please analyze for 10-team, H2H, Points league which really favors SP.

    C – Arencibia
    1B – Votto
    2B – Kendrick
    3B – Lawrie
    SS – Aviles
    OF – Bruce
    OF – CarGo
    OF – Ethier
    U – Dunn
    SP – Halladay
    SP – Grienke
    SP – Bumgarner
    SP – Gio
    RP – Samardja (nice advantage since heavy points for IP, K, W)
    RP – Paulino

    Bench – Morse (on DL and 1B/OF qualified)
    Bench – Trout
    Bench – De Aza (16th in OF points to date)
    Bench – Allen Craig
    Bench – Hardy
    Bench – Beachy
    Bench – Morrow
    Bench – Latos
    Bench – Kenley Jansen

    Too many OF? I have a backup at every IF position covered since Aviles qualifies at 2B, SS, and 3B. I was considering dropping 1 or 2 OF to ad SP, but that’s mostly swapping bench for bench. Trout gets the hype and I saw him live at Rangers Ballpark twice this weekend, but I’m not sure he scores more points than De Aza at the end of the year. I’m strongly considereing dropping one to add: McCarthy, Norris, Smiley, or Moore.

  7. Chris Welcome to Beast Dome,

    First of all you have a great team.

    I like your OF, and your infield has solid potential all-around. Plus I am a huge J.P.believer.

    Your starters are all solid, no weakness expect for Paulino. If you need a RP/SP, I would highly reccomend Felix Doubront if he is on your wire. I have had him all season, very solid guy who gets plenty of run support.

    Trout is not necessary on your team like you stated.

    He will never enter your lineup if everyone is playing, and both Morse, De Aza, and Craig are better options. Your bench starting pitching is ELITE btw.

    The move I would make is to add Brandon McCarthy who is WunderChad’s Pre-Season AL CY Young Winner. If you miss out on McCarthy aim for Smiley, and then Moore (in that order).

    Good luck and keep me updated.

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