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While Opening Thursday Night of Preseason may be the attention of the Daily Fantasy Sports World, the smart money is to go on Fantasy Baseball and attack when everyone’s guard is weak. Yes there are great values in Daily Fantasy Football, but the smart money is on Baseball. Below should help you BEAST. You can signup for a Baseball Package below for as little as $10.


Ariel Jurado has no business pitching in Yankee Stadium. Look for the Yankees to figure out how to generate runs all game in this matchup. Jurado is only pitching in the majors because the Rangers have no arms left and this is the time where they can see everyone in their minor league system.

J.A. Happ has been nice with the Yankees so far, and this is a matchup where he could run into trouble. However if I had to pick a lefty pitcher or a righty pitcher against this Texas lineup, I would much rather throw the lefty to try to slow down Choo/Odor/Gallo. Happ should be able to get the job done and the Yankees should get the win.


Rick Porcello is pitching against a Blue Jays squad that is basically counting down the days until this season is over. Yes there is talent with Smoak/Solarte and veterans like Granderson/Morales with some good talent as well, however Porcello has figuered it out as of late, including a Complete Game against the Yankees, and I can see him continuing his success against the Jays.

Ryan Borucki will see what he can do against a Red Sox team that was the first team to expose him after an amazing start. Red Sox offense has been on fire as of late, mostly Pearce who was possessed last week. JD Martinez/Betts and plenty of others can do damage.


David Hess pitching for the Orioles, and he will be a name that you forget in a few seasons. Tampa will do what they can do to generate some run support. The Rays are trending in the wrong direction and have almost given up on a season where they could have made the run if they did not give up during the trade deadline. Hess should be in trouble.

Tampa will likely throw in a long list of pitchers, or Chirinos will take the mound. Someone who has pitched better than his numbers show, Chirinos had trouble against the Orioles a couple weeks ago but revenge is a dish best served in a dome. Where they will be playing this one.


James Paxton pitching against a beatup Astros squad. Paxton has been great all year besides a few shaky starts early. A BEAST DOME classic, Action Paxton.

George Springer and the middle of the lineup may be able to do some damage, but most likely that is not the case.

Pitching for Houston is none other than Justin Verlander. After watching him dominate the Dodgers the night after the Dodgers scored 21 Runs. Verlander is officially in CY Young form. Seattle bats do have talent, but counting on them to hit Verlander is not guaranteed.


Anytime this Dodgers offense can play in Colorado, best to get seats in the outfield. The Dodgers offense will go up against the hard throwing Tyler Anderson. Anderson will be a stud no matter where he goes after Colorado. The guy throws heat, hes got good movement, and it is amazing he owns an ERA of only 4.05. The Dodgers do have some strong bats that can hit, throw that hearty fastball to Matt Kemp, HR is there.

Pitching for the Dodgers is Ross Stripling. Usually the HR derby is the kiss of death for a hitter, well the kiss of death for Stripling was pitching the All-Star Game. Ross going to Colorado is not going to help anyone, throw the white flag, Rockies are hitting.


Ivan Nova pitching against the Giants. Years ago as a Yankee, Nova showed promise that he could be a great consistent starting pitcher. The only problem was the AL East Bats are too big and too strong, and that is what is happening to pitchers like Sonny Gray and Drew Pomeranz who once showed promise, but cannot hang with the big boys. Even Luis Severino is starting to unwind a bit.

The Giants bats are the type of team that Nova showed he can always be good against. Nova will not get the strikeouts, but he will get you the numbers that help the ERA. Win is potential, but a Quality Start should be there.

Andrew Suarez is going up against a solid hitting Pirates squad that all has confidence. They just had a nice series in Colorado winning a handful of games and Suarez is a pitcher that should not overpower the Giants hitters.


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