Fantasy Baseball Strategy: Top 300 (2013)

Fantasy Baseball Strategy:

Top 300 (2013)


By Muntradamus



This Draft Guide that will be here Wednesday is the most crucial Draft Guide of them all as it will give you insight on the way to go about your draft heading into 2013 to end up with the Ultimate Teams.  Of course if you want the Ultimate Team, don’t look any further then the V.I.P Packages.  You can win a V.I.P. Package just by participating in the BEAST DOME MARCH MADNESS BRACKET CHALLENGE.


Enjoy The Top 300 Rankings and stay tuned for an in depth look on how to dominate your draft in 2013 coming to you soon.

Feel Free to ask questions on the bottom.


Top 300


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Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his second season as a Pro on FantasyPros coming off of an impressive Rookie Campaign where he landed the #10 Overall In-Season Fantasy Football Rankings Expert.  Which also included #1 WR of all Expert Sites.  He is also one of two people to qualify for allDRAFTSTREET CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2012. Most Historically, Muntradamus was the #1 Fantasy Football Expert of IDP & Overall Rankings in One Week, first and only time in Fantasy Sports History.



  1. Hey Munstras, Nation

    this is one of my teams, have 6.

    lucroy, craig, zobrist, longoria, asdrubal. stanton, j-upton, plouffe, r weeks, aramis, everth, m. young,

    lincecum, fiers, romo, betancourt, vogelsong,
    perez, axford, lohse, Samardzija, storen,

    What do you think of it, what moves, additions, drops should I make? I can get several players from your top 300 list, some in the top 75, make a move? Who should I drop, I see Samardjiza as one player to drop. Keep any of the reliefs pitchers or let go, thinking of picking up Jansen.

  2. Rev 6 teams this year!! Going really big I see.

    This must be a deep league because your team is good, but there are some players on it I would not look forward to having in 2013.

    You have some risky pitchers in Lincecum being your Ace, and your bullpen has a lot of guys that could lose the closer job like Romo and Betancourt in 2013.

    Your power is amazing, which is the good news. Your speed is fine as long as Everth does his thing. The moves I would look to make now is find a way to improve your pitching without touching your hitting too much.

    Neimann can be dropped for just about anyone. Romo and Betancourt are dicey IMO, but not much you can do now but jump on the next big closer. Michael Young does not get me excited, Travis Hafner is going to be a bigger impact player in Fantasy who was probably not drafted.

    Good Luck this year and we will get the chat up and running soon to bring everyone together.

  3. Cool.

    I thought that too. I will work on improving it, can’t win without pitching. I wasn’t planning on lincecum being my ace, auto picked team. I had all my bats lined up and my pitching got picked before I could get them, a bad trade off IMO. But I’ll take it and make it work. Thanks for the advice. And yeah 6 teams, a lot of invites, couldn’t say no.

  4. How far would you drop David Ortiz and Hanley Ramirez, each having injuries Hanley out 2 months, David more than likely starting the season on the DL? Thanks

  5. Beast Nation… Great Draft this morning thought I’d share some of my research. Team – Cano, Reyes, Adrian Gonzalez, Ellsbury, Cespedes, Ortiz, Trumbo, Rosario, Gomez, Utley, Nelson Cruz, Chris Davis, Middlebrooks, Frazier, Cuddyer. RP’s Rivera, Hanrahan, Street, Wilhelmen, Pitcher’s…well went with the strategy playing weekly matchups.
    League is ESPN, rankings compared to Muntz’s top 300. First number is Muntz’s draft round, second is when they would come up on ESPN, Ellsbury M2 – E5, Gonzalez M3-E4, Trumbo M3-E11, Ortiz M5-E14, Cespedes M4-E6, Desmond Jennings M4-E7, Granderson M6-E11, Rosario M6-E19, Carlos Gomez M6-E11, Utley M7-E16, Nelson Cruz M7-E17, Chris Davis M7-E17, Middlebrooks M8-E19, Frazier M8-E18, Reddick M8-E18, Plouffe M12-E25, Allen Craig M8-E14, Aybar M9-E13.
    Hope it helps if you haven’t drafted yet!!

  6. oops forgot about Ian Desmond being on the Team. I worked him along with the RP’s in the rounds they would be coming up during the Autodraft.

  7. David Ortiz I am not very worried about. Even if he misses the first few weeks of the season I would expect 40+ HRs.

    Hanley is a big deal, but he still is good enough for 20 HR/20 SB season at a huge discount. Both players will be updated in the Next Rankings Update coming at the end of the weekend.

  8. Should you draft based on need or stack the best available?…….

    My dilemma…

    12 Team 5×5 roto league…each team keeps 6 with no CI/MI slot, 3 OF and one UTIL…

    I kept: Harper, J.Upton, Ellsbury, HanRam, Lawrie and Rizzo.

    I have Second overall pick and another in the first round.

    The following are available:

    Cespedes, Trumbo, Freeman, Scherzer, Sale, Cueto, Hill or Goldschmidt with my first pick….all but one will probably be available…

    I’m leaning towards Cespedes and if he gets taken first, I think Sale would be the best bet to land a solid number one starter.

  9. Mike welcome to the BEAST DOME NATION.

    Since you do not have any pitchers, I would go with Chris Sales in this group. Yoenis does carry some nice value as a Roto Player, but it is more important at this point to lock up that Ace in your pitching staff.

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