Fantasy Baseball Strategy: I Got 99 Problems, But A Closer Ain’t One (2013)

Fantasy Baseball Strategy:

I Got 99 Problems, But A Closer Ain’t One (2013)


By Muntradamus



The days are ticking by ever so slowly as we get closer to Day 1 of the 2013 Fantasy Baseball Season.  The article today will talk about the advantages of having closers, and the amount of closers that are right for your Fantasy Baseball team in 2013 depending on the situation of your league.

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Weekly Lineup Roto Leagues

If you are in a Weekly Lineup rotisserie league, there is such a thing as too many closers.  Just think about, if you have 5 Closers who combine for 150 Saves, what good is that going to do when you give up so much ground in Wins and Ks?  Yes you will have a lower ERA and WHIP, but do you really want to Punt two categories in Wins and Strikeouts?  The answer is no.  You cannot Punt 40% of Pitching to come on Top of Three Categories.  Out of a possible 12 Roto Points in each category, assuming it is a 12 team league, with a possible 5 Pitching Categories, which means 60 Total Roto Points.  It is important to eat up at least 40 Pitching Roto Points.  Which is barely cutting it.

Verdict: You can have too many closers.



Weekly Lineup H-2-H Leagues

In a H-2-H league, everything resets each week.  Brandon League could save 4 games the first week, then 0 games the next.  Since Total Saves for the entire season does not matter in H-2-H leagues, and you are only competing against one opponent each week.  Then why not do a nice trade off of winning Saves/ERA/WHIP, while losing in K’s and Wins.  Yes you will lose 2 Categories, but you will win in 3.  In Fantasy Baseball or even in life, if you could trade 2 Equal Things, for 3 Equal Things.  You want to be the person on the side who receives 3 equal things.  Keep in mind though, you must fully commit to the plan of going with all closers and zero starters.  There is no point in going after 1-2 wins and ruining your WHIP or ERA, when you will definitely get those categories on lockdown, as well as the Save situation.

Verdict: Get as many closers as you can.

Daily Lineup H-2-H/Roto Leagues

If you can switch your lineup everyday.  Having too many closers is never a problem.  There will always be days where your starters will not pitch, and there will always be days where your closers could get saves on any day of the week.

Therefore if you can have a balance of great starting pitchers, as well as great relievers.  Your team will be nearly unbeatable every week as you can clobber all 5 Pitching Categories with your eyes closed.  On top of that there will always be teams that are desperate for Saves.  Unlike every other position in Fantasy Baseball where you can plug-n-play a player to get stats that help in all categories.  There are very few times you will ever find a closer on your waiver wire, unless you are on top of the Fantasy Baseball game every single night of the week.  There have been times where I traded Matt Capps when he closed for the Twins for Paul Konerko back in 2011.  Capps ended up losing his job, Konerko ended up playing like a Top 15 1B option.  The only reason that team made that trade was because of their desperate need of saves.

Verdict: You can never have too many closers.


Closers are a rare breed.  While you can always find a 3B option on your wire who may or may not get a HR during the week, or pickup a starting pitcher any day of the week who may get a win.  There are very few opportunities all season long to add any closer who has the chance of locking down any save situations since there are only 32 in the game.  Of those 32 closers, only 17 of them are Rock Solid.  If you find yourself on the wrong end of that 17, saves will be a struggle all season and you may end up giving up a great hitters for a Closer who is on the cusp of losing his job.

Or you could find yourself with a plethora of closers in the Top 17, which could lead to some very nice trade negotiations in your favor.  As Jay-Z continues to tell us everyday.  You may have 99 Problems, but A Closer Ain’t One.  That is unless you forgot to grab a few quality ones.  I aim for 3 on Draft Day in a Weekly Roto League.


Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his second season as a Pro on FantasyPros coming off of an impressive Rookie Campaign where he landed the #10 Overall In-Season Fantasy Football Rankings Expert.  Which also included #1 WR of all Expert Sites.  He is also one of two people to qualify for all DRAFTSTREET CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2012. Most Historically, Muntradamus was the #1 Fantasy Football Expert of IDP & Overall Rankings in One Week, first time in Fantasy Sports History.


  1. H2H League…. For the draft I went batters and RP’s claiming pitchers the last 5 rounds. Thinking being I would play pitching matchups all season. Looks like the Team can be inline to do the RP strategy. If that’s the direction would it be a good idea to pick up the set-up guys, two you have ranked high still avail are Storen and Robertson.

  2. I got a draft tomorrow night, i was wondering if you knew when the updated rankings would be available? Or if you could give me a few names moving up and down the rankings..

    Thanks again!

  3. Should I make a move at SP… I have K.Medlan, B.Anderson, J.Neise, T.Cahill, J.McDonald available on Waivers…. M.Fiers, A.J. Griffn, Shelby Miller, C.Tillman, D.Smyly… I am worried about my SP this season debating if I should drop one/two for those on waivers H2h points league W,L, Era, K, WHIP, BB

  4. Set up men make the worlds of difference I did the same thing in my draft went batter heavy and sp in the last five… I was sure to pick up RP to eat up some inngs.. 35 inng requirement… I picked up Storen, Robertson and Jensen… I feel happy with my choices and its insurance on bad match ups…

  5. I’m in a 12-person Rotisserie league and I guess I didn’t realize how many pitcher spots I had to fill. I have two RP spots but only two relief pitchers and then an SP/RP. Should I ditch some of my late round hitter picks to pick up more pitchers?

    SP Jered Weaver
    SP Max Scherzer
    RP Lance Lynn (SP/RP)
    RP Casey Janssen
    P Ian Kennedy (SP)
    P C.J. Wilson (SP)
    P Ryan Madson (RP)
    P Tim Hudson (SP)
    BN Chris Capuano (SP)

    My bench right now for hitters is this:

    Ryan Ludwick (OF)
    Trevor Plouffe (3B, OF)
    J.P. Arencibia (C)
    Chris Johnson (3B)

    In addition to the 2 OF I have on the bench, I have 5 other players that qualify for OF but only play 3 at a time so I might have too many at that position.

  6. Pitcher Rankings have been updated. Cahill and McDonald are both weak pitchers to own.

    For now I would add Fiers and drop Cahill. Keep McDonald for now, if he falters go after Chris Tillman. Once he is healthy, he offers low-end Must-Start potential.

  7. Chris Capuano will not begin the season as a starter. You can drop him for a RP.

    Chris Johnson can also be put on the Waiver Wire as there is no reason you would play him over Plouffe, unless Plouffe was not playing.

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