FANTASY BASEBALL: The Stephen Strasburg Strategy

Fantasy Baseball: The Stephen Strasburg Strategy

By Muntradamus

Before we dig into the article.  First Headlines..

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  • Santiago Casilla gives up a hit, but that is all as he locks down save #1.  I would not be surprised to see Romo get a shot very soon as well.
  • Justin Masterson was elite in his 1st start against the Blue Jays, but now has had two flops in a row, and the last one was against Seattle.  Zero consistency expected the remainder of the season.
  • Dan Haren remains winless as the bullpen blows it for him for the second straight game.  A ND against Oakland does not feel good to his owners.
  • Ian Kennedy gives up 4 ER in 6 INN against Pittsburgh to take the ND.  This is something that will leave the fantasy community shocked as Garrett Jones had a breakout 1 HR, 3 Hit, 3 RBI game.
  • Nick Hundley is heating up as he has 1 HR, and 4 RBIs in the last two games.  He has potential, but I would wait for him to keep this going before adding him.
  • Kyle Lohse remains elite with 7 shutout INN to lower his ERA to 0.89 with a WHIP of 0.59.  He should not be on any waiver wire.
  • Bruce Chen continues his impressive start of the season despite the loss.  7 INN, 2 ER, 7 Ks to have an ERA at 2.00 when he has already faced the Angels and now Tigers.  He has some nice potential and is very close to be adding to the waiver wire list for next week.
  • Javy Guerra finally blew a save.  2 ER in 0.1 INN while Kenley Jansen has 12 Ks in his last 7 INN with 2 ER.  Guerra should get another opportunity, but he better convert.
  • Nolan Reimold has HRs in back-to-back-to-back-to-back games.  He is red hot, and now is a good time to throw him in your lineup as this will be the hottest anyone will be all season for a while.  Not a long term player in my eyes yet.
  • Michael Bourn is starting to go on a SB spree as he has 4 SB’s in the last three games.  He is running aggressive right now, and 60 SBs is possible for the season.
  • Hanley Ramirez is hot as he has HRs in back-to-back games.  He will reach the fantasy potential all his owners were hoping for when they drafted him.  Heath Bell also locked down his 1st save in an 8 pitch INN.
  • Ian Kinsler is the only legitimate fantasy option on Texas who did not get a RBI in the 15 run game.  Jon Lester got bombed for 7 ER in 2 INN which shows he is not matchup proof elite yet.  Mike Napoli hit 2 HRs.
  • Brett Lawrie is getting his bat going as he has HRs in back-to-back games.  Jose Bautista also finally hit HR #2, while Adam Lind got HR #1 before his owners got too worried.
  • Josh Willingham hit HR #5 and is a must-add before this even happened.  If he is still on your waiver wires grab him as 30 HRs and 100 RBIs are more than possible.
  • Brad Lidge got the save instead of Henry Rodriguez.  Neither player is a consistent closer to own.  Gio Gonzalez continues his elite season with 8 Ks, 0 ER, in 7 INN.


The Stephen Strasburg Strategy

Now is the time you MUST TRADE Stephen Strasburg as he has had 3 elite starts against 3 easy teams.

  • @ CHICAGO CUBS (7 INN, 1 ER, 5 Ks, ND)
  • @ NEW YORK METS (6 INN, 0 ER, 9 Ks, W)
  • vs. HOUSTON (6 INN, 2 ER, 5 Ks, W)

There are also rumors that his INN limit will be ignored, but that will probably not be the case if Washington is not in contention for a playoff run.

Strasburg should be a great pitcher for the rest of the season, but he realistically only has 21 more starts which will leave you short during the fantasy baseball playoffs.
Here is a way I will convince you how good he really is.


“Right now when you think of the top pitchers in fantasy baseball you think:

Justin Verlander (1-1, 23 Ks, 2.13 ERA)

Roy Halladay (3-0, 14 Ks, 1.17 ERA)

Clayton Kershaw (0-0, 13 Ks, 2.34 ERA)

Cliff Lee (0-1, 11 Ks, 3.42 ERA)

Jered Weaver (2-0, 23 Ks, 2.17 ERA)


But you know who is right there with them if not better..

Stephen Strasburg (2-0, 19 Ks, 2.41 ERA)”


“Word is that the Nationals will not watch Strasburg’s pitch limit later in the season.”

(What we all know is if the Nationals are not in the playoff race, there is no way they overextend their future franchise pitcher.)

“Even if Stras does hit the media driven INN limit this season of 160, he is a lock for over 160 Ks which is better than most pitchers do in a season.”

(If the other owner says, “I am not buying the INN limit” then show this proof.)

Here is another way of looking at it if he still does not buy the INN limit.

“So far he has 19 INN in 3 Starts.  Even based off of this fictional pace, you are going to get 21 more starts from Stras.  That basically gives you an elite pitcher to boost you in the standing entirely.  Most starting pitchers only make about 28 total starts in a season to begin with.”

(What we know at BEASTDOME, is that Strasburg will not be on your fantasy team when it counts the most.  The Fantasy Playoffs.)

“So look this is what I am going to offer you.”

(Target a superstar that is struggling)

Some Ideas:

  • Justin Upton
  • Carlos Gonzalez
  • Robinson Cano
  • Jose Reyes
  • Even Jacoby Ellsbury who will be a fantasy beast once healthy.

The other owner will hesitate or buy what you are saying.  If the other owner rejects, then you throw in the curve ball.  Or the 100 MPH Strasburg fast ball.

“Okay fine, maybe Stras is not worth your best player.  But we can both agree that Stras is definitely an elite pitcher that can take your team to the next level, am I right?  How about I grab a quality player and a quality pitcher for Stras, such as.”

A Combo of some players like:

  • Tommy Hanson & Corey Hart.
  • Buster Posey & Ricky Romero.
  • Even grab a pair of hitters.  Adam Jones & Emilio Bonifacio.

You can get two great players, that will make an impact on your roster the rest of the season.  For a pitcher who will not win you a FANTASY BASEBALL CHAMPIONSHIP.

Strasburg could very well get you to the playoffs, but I would rather have two guys who can get hot at the end of the season and carry me to the championship…Then one guy who is just a short-term stud.

Plus if Strasburg has one or two bad starts now that he is done with his cupcake schedule.  His trade value will plummet if/when he gets rocked.  Next up he has Hanley Ramirez and the, “Getting Hot” Marlins.


while his value is at the top of his game.  Once the official announcement of him being shut down becomes real.  His trade value will fall to Derek Holland straight up..

If you are lucky.

*Want me to look over trade proposals?  Feel free to send them in the comment box below and I will respond.


  1. I need a 1B or 3B bad… Youk is killing me there and my other 3B eligible player is Prado. My other 1B eligibility is Carlos Lee. I have a dominate pitching staff which includes Gallardo, King Felix, Jered Weaver, and Strasburg, so i can afford to let one of these guys go. I am being offered Pablo Sandoval for Strasburg. Sandoval fits what my team needs position eligibility wise, but I feel like i should get more than Sandoval for a guy like Strasburg.

    What are your thoughts on this trade offer?

  2. If you are trying to win it this year, then you should Stras now as his keeper league value is at an all-time high. Who would not want a top 5 pitcher now that is only 23 Years Old.

    Stras is an amazing option in all keeper leagues, if you want to win it this year. Now is a solid time to trade him. If you are building to win it next season, then keep him.

  3. I think you are giving up way too much for Pablo. I would hold onto Youk and see if he can get going. It was nice to see the HR in his last game. Keep rolling with Youk and Prado for now.

    If you were to trade Strasburg for a 1B/3B option, I would ask for Mark Tiexeira, who is still not in elite form. You might be a little late. Or you can ask for Adrian Beltre and hope to get him.

  4. Great Trade! You definitely won in that deal.

    Let me know if you have any questions as the season rolls on.

  5. Might as well go for it now.

    Granderson is cold, and Strasburg is still pitching like an elite.

    Personally if I owned Granderson I would decline.

  6. I know I’m a little late on the bandwagon here, but Strasburg is still hot so I’m going to try and pull the trigger on a trade.
    Would trading Strasburg and Chapman for Verlander be giving up too much?
    My relief pitchers are: Lynn, Chapman, Frieri, Rodney, and Papelborn, so I have some depth there.
    What do you think?

  7. Adam I wanted to wait until after Starsburg’s start to answer this question.

    Now that we have seen his value take a bit of a hit going into the ASB with two of his worst starts of the season. I would definitely make the move to trade him now.

    The INN limit is something that is very real. Verlander is the best pitcher to own during the Fantasy Playoffs. He is clutch when the Tigers need it the most.

    Giving up Chapman is too much. Keep Lance Lynn for his RP/SP eligibility. I would give up Ernesto Frieri who is dynamite in the 9th INN. I would ask for more than Verlander and see if I can get it. But seeing how poor he has pitched, it is not likely you will get more.

    Regardless, unload Strasburg and get the best pitcher in the game.

    Good Luck!

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