Fantasy Baseball: Starting Pitcher Power Rankings III (Current Value)

Fantasy Baseball: Starting Pitcher Power Rankings III (Current Value)

By Muntradamus


I hope everyone is having a great ASB.  Stay tuned for more articles including RP Rankings soon.


Before you get into the rankings.


I am putting out a second ALERT to SELL Strasburg now.  Your time-frame is ending.  To learn more, here is an article I wrote earlier in the season.


*You can also use these rankings below to see the trade value of your pitchers, and the pitchers around to execute great trades.



(To see rankings from earlier this season, follow the link.)


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  1. Love the article again, so helpful! I was thinking about grabbing Phil Hughes.. why is he so low? His ERA is 4.33 but i calculated the Yanks score about 5.5 runs per game, and I love wins! Thanks

  2. Thanks Muntz for the updated SP article. As always, huge help. What is your take on Ben Sheets who just got called up for the Braves? Worth a look?

  3. GW thank you once again for all the love during this fantasy baseball season.

    Phil Hughes may get you Wins, but he will hurt your WHIP, and Hurt your ERA. His 92 Ks in 99 INN is not a pace I see him keeping, and Hughes will be facing the AL East a lot to close out the year. For a pitcher like Hughes to face so many teams that have a deep scouting report on him with the quality hitters of those teams. It could get ugly and he turns into a matchup pitcher at best to close out the season.

    The Wins will be there.

  4. Glad I could help out LastMile.

    Ben Sheets reminds of Roy Oswalt at first glance. A veteran pitcher that you are not sure of, but his potential sounds solid. Right now a lot of people are having trouble trusting Roy Oswalt, even after a nice debut performance where he got a W allowing 1 ER in 6.2 INN.

    Sheets could have some good starts, but he could also be an unpredictable liability on your roster. If you have the bench space, you can take a flier as his upside could outweigh pitchers ranked 90+.

  5. Thanks Muntz! I was only looking at Phil Hughes for a very deep league where I slept through the draft -_-

    Time to vent some major frustration! I have 3 ESPN teams that I care about and monitor semi-daily. Your football mock draft made me want to re-visit my picks. When I say “fail” – I mean they have failed so far and may be great in the second half.

    Team 1 – Ellsbury fail, Kinsler great, Lincecum fail, Sandoval decent, Pence good, Kennedy fail, Romero fail
    Steal of the 12 team draft- Gio in the 11th round
    11 of the 13 picks after Gio = dropped

    Team 2 – Tulo fail, Kinsler great, Reyes not happy, Sandoval OK, Hosmer fail, Zobrist not happy
    Again got Gio late but every single other player drafter after Gio (except Joe Nathan) has been dropped

    Team 3 – HanRam fine, CarGo good, Lincecum fail, Uggla fail (second half coming!)
    Gio in the 11th, Hanson in the 12th, everyone after besides Nathan and Desmond = dropped

    Same story for all 3 teams. 2 of my first 4 picks let me down. And from the second half of the draft I only kept Nathan and Desmond. None of the first selections have been Elite. Pretty sad. Of course I got good stuff from the wire. Sure I was never one of the first few guys to pick (i was usually picking 8th) but I could have done a lot better!

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