Fantasy Baseball – Spotlight: Aroldis Chapman

Fantasy Baseball

Spotlight: Aroldis Chapman

By WunderChad


Aroldis Chapman – Reds – RP

Stats as of 5/15: 3 W, 32 K, 0.00 ERA, 0.60 WHIP in 18 1/3 innings

This could not have been what the Reds had planned when they signed Aroldis Chapman to a $25.5 million contract, could it? Middle relief? I suppose he’s better off than if he were closing, where he’d be throwing even less innings. But what exactly does the Cuban Missile need to do to earn his place in the starting rotation? He’s given up exactly ZERO runs in 18 1/3 innings so far this year, cut his BB/9 rate to a very respectable 2.45, and even ramped up his K/9 to an eye-popping 15.71. I know, I know, I’m asking too much for Dusty Baker (and the front office that hired him) to behave rationally. This is the same man who ruined the careers of Mark Prior and Kerry Wood, thought Corey “Allergic to Getting On-Base” Patterson would make a good leadoff hitter, and still won’t start Devin Mesoraco on an everyday basis so he can instead get Ryan “Meh” Hanigan into the lineup. But seriously, what does Chapman need to do? Lead the Rebel Alliance to Victory against the Empire? Recover the Ark of the Covenant? And how bad does Mike Leake have to be before Dusty realizes it’s just not working out? LET THE MAN DO WHAT YOU PAID HIM FOR. Before we all go insane. </rant>

As it’s been pointed out to me, this is a fantasy baseball advice website. So while I thank you for reading my rant, here’s some advice: DON’T DROP CHAPMAN. Even if he never gets that starting job he so deserves, he’s still easily a top 20 relief pitcher. His ERA, WHIP, and K’s will be elite, and he’s still going to be getting wins because of how he’s being used. And if he does get moved to the rotation, look out: you’ll have a monster on your hands.


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