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The first round of a Fantasy Baseball Draft. It is important, but over the course of a full season, your first round pick will not win you your league no matter how well they do. With that being said, it is still important to draft the best of the best to give your team all the help it can get to dominate your league. Here is my Top 10 Picks.


Trea is an absolute BEAST and was the first article of this MLB preseason, you can find the whole article here on why Trea is #1. After this WBC, it is easy to say, Trea is definitely the #1 Pick.


Playing in Yankee Stadium is such a huge advantage to the HR Champ. Judge should have had a more monster season if he did not completely choke the last month plus after getting near the record. With no pressure besides just playing his best baseball, Judge should definitely be the #1 OF picked in all leagues. 50+ HRs seems to be automatic.


Acuna will give you the potential 30/30 season, if not 40/40 season. Acuna may lack in the RBI department as he is going to be batting leadoff, but he will be so dynamic that he will easily give you Hall of Fame numbers that really only Julio Rodriguez can compare with.


If you draft Ohtani, you are getting the best pitcher, but you are also getting a monster hitter. It will be frustfrating owning him, as he will likely have monster weeks both pitching and hitting and you can only use him as one of the two, but his offensive numbers are so HUGE that it will be okay to forfeit the pitching numbers if he has a tough matchup, like against Houston. You are going to use him as a hitter more than a pitcher, because you do not want to miss out on those amazing hitting stats, but you also will miss out on those amazing pitching stats. Not a bad problem to have, but a bit annoying.


J-Rod is the next Acuna, and we should see it happen this season. J-Rod can steal 30+ Bases and he can hit 40+ HRs. Only reason why he is not ahead of Acuna is because Acuna has showed he can do it year after year, while J-Rod definitely should be able to do it again after an amazing Rookie season. However Acuna is probably better. Cannot go wrong with this pick, guy is a stud.


Soto can easily lead the MLB in RBIs batting in a stacked Padres lineup. Soto might be the best hitter there is in the game, but Petco Park is definitely not a hitter friendly ball park. Does not matter too much as Soto will give you MONSTAR numbers every game. Assuming the oblique injury is nothing, Soto is definitely the pick here.


Mookie no longer runs like he used to, but maybe that will change as the Dodgers need him to generate more runs. The big risk with Mookie is he may not qualify at 2B this year, he might, but he also may not. Regardless of qualifying at 2B, Mookie will be a contender for the league leader in runs, as well as 30+ HRs. If he qualifies at 2B he is arguably the second pick in all Fantasy Baseball drafts. For now he is here.


Nobody is better than Trout, only thing that keeps him down is his health. Angels are stacked this season and there is no reason to believe Trout will be short of 30+ HRs and 100+ RBIs. The speed is gone for Trout, but he will still put up solid numbers all season long with no concerns at all as long as he is healthy. Trout goes in the late 2nd Round, so grabbing him late in the 1st Round should not be an issue.


J-Ram is as consistent as they come. Ramirez may be the most talented hitter in all of the infield in baseball. 100+ RBIs, 30+ HRs is almost guaranteed with a solid batting average. Indians have a great offense to put ducks on the pond for the slugger. Problem is not a lot of talent behind him to definitely hit him in, but J-Ram can produce big numbers all on his own without any concern.


Devers is a superstar and the heart and soul of the Red Sox. The team is not as talented as they have been in the past, but Devers potential can easily put him at 40+ HRs if he does his thing. Expect Devers to hit well in the easy AL East ball parks and Pesky Pole will be his best friend. Best part about Devers, he usually goes around late Round 2 so he will definitely be available late in the 1st Round.



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