Fantasy Baseball: Playoff Strategy #1 (Pitching)

Fantasy Baseball: Playoff Strategy #1

By Muntradamus


It is #NowOrNever for most of you in your fantasy baseball league.  This is a strategy to use if you need to make up ground in your Week 1 matchup.  Let me paint you a picture..

IT is Thursday.  You are losing in Ks/Ws/and your ERA is hit or miss at this point.  Your offense is fine, but it looks like your pitching is going to ruin your season.  You cannot drop any of your hitters because they are all ELITE quality, and the pitchers on my roster who have already pitched this week will surely be picked up by another owner…

It does not matter.  The theme of the playoffs is #NowOrNever. If you have a pitcher that is at the AJ Burnett/Ryan Vogelsong status or worst, and they are only pitching once this week.  Once they are done send them to the waiver wire and use a streaming pitcher spot.  You have to play each week like it is the championship.  New ELITE surprise pitching performances emerge out of nowhere everyday, and I am on top of Fantasy Baseball like a HAWK to give you the edge you need to win your championship.

So today’s Playoff Strategy Lesson.  Drop your weakest pitchers on your roster once they are done for the week, to acquire new ones who can give you a boost in all the pitching categories.  If you see a pitcher on your team who is done for the week, and the wire does not have any attractive options for the following day.  Grab a great relief pitcher, if he gets saves.  That’s great!  If he is a middle reliever, it is better than a bench option, but only if every K/WHIP counts.  Each day could be closer to the last..

Leave lineup questions in each daily pitcher rankings article, ask others in the BEAST CHAT.  I will be sure to get to all them before the opening pitch everyday.



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